The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 161

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Arge Chapter 161: What sinks in hot water

『…Nice to meet you, Aobsan. My name is Argento Vampyr』(Arge)

Even though I thought of various things, I chose not to change my expression at all.
That’s my strength.
Without moving my eyebrows and say hello with my usual sleepy voice.
I didn’t expect that the skill I had learned to calm the crying girl during the time I was living in prison would be useful like this.



My performance was perfect as usual. Or so I think.
My facial expressions didn’t move at all even when I was talking.
Because this is my unique skill, I have confidence in it.
And somehow she was staring at me so intense right now.

…It’s Aobsan, isn’t it?

Her appearance has changed drastically, the colors of her skin and eyes are not of a human being in the first place.
I don’t think I can be wrong about the girl in front of me is my acquaintance before I was incarnated.
The color of her hair is still the same, and her trademark bell is still attached.
And just like her flashy kimono, her body is colored with the myriad of flowers and the atmosphere is the same.

She had a somewhat fascinating charm because she became a race named Arlaune.
As she gazes at me she sprinkles a magical atmosphere and somewhat sweet smell more than before.

Human beings at the house of Kuon are somewhat extraordinary in something.
And Aobsan had passed through the talent of flower arrangement.
She always has it with her.
It wouldn’t be strange for her to be reincarnated in a plant family race called Arlaune.
Or rather, it feels more like Aobsan.

However, I do not know how she was incarnated.
According to Miko-san, reincarnation seems to be kind of apology, given to the person after their death at a world which their soul didn’t match.
Unlike me, she was admitted into the house of Kuon.
Nevertheless, I wonder if the original world and her soul didn’t match.

『…as if, people like you are such a bud』(Aoba)


I was replied with the same words as I was told before.
Whether it’s due to the flower blooming like decorating her body, the bath is full of sweet smell.
While compassionate to the smell touching my nose, I was like mixed with nature.

『 …the talk was disturbed.
Arge, take your time leisurely.
We will talk about it again later』(Subaru)

『…you didn’t give up』(Arge)

『I’m not lying. Please think about it seriously. But I apologize for being hasty.
Aoba, Arge is the goodwill ambassador from another country, I will ask you to treat her politely』(Subaru)

『Yes, my king… I will politely treat her like a flower…』(Aoba)

Aobsan bowed and waved her hand to Subaru-san who went out off the bath.
We were left behind and we started looking at each other…

『long time no see, Ginshi-san』(Aoba)

Isn’t it too early?


『Oh my, Gin-shi-san. Geez… Gin-shi-san.
Gin~ shi~ san~』(Aoba)

『… Aobsan, it’s been a long time』(Arge)

『Ah ha. As expected, it’s really Gin~shi-san』(Aoba)

『That’s right, but… well, I am now calling Arge, so I’d appreciate it if you can call me so if possible』(Arge)

The name Ginshi is certainly my name, but I am now calling Argento Vampyr after reincarnated.
(T.N: 『Gin』here means Silver, and Arge use 『Argento』which also means Silver)

Above all, my body is now of a girl, so when I was called by the name of a man.
I have a subtle feeling.
Aobsan nodded while narrowed her eyes in a good spirit.
Whether she felt comfortable with my reaction or her expectation was spotted on.

『Huhu, I understand, Arge-san, you are pretty cute…』(Aoba)

『Well… (FYI) this appearance wasn’t set by me so I don’t care too much…』(Arge)

『… as usual, you are still like a bud before blooming』(Aoba)

I don’t understand well, but I think I was told the same thing before incarnating. It seems such an evaluation is good in her sense.
Aobsan laughed, the bells on her head ringed and she sat down next to me.
As she was sitting, she kept her head on my shoulder without breaking a smile.

『Anyway, the days that I can sit next to you are also worthwhile for me.
After the snow melting, it’s a pleasure that the plants in a long wait for spring spread its bud』(Aoba)


『Yes… Do you remember?
Before you were taken to the cell of Kuon, I have sometimes sat up next to you』(Aoba)

『…There was such a thing, too』(Arge)

The house Kuon, our predecessor, will not recognize useless things.
If someone was judged that he isn’t necessary for the house, that person is deemed to be dead, and it gets buried.
And I am the man who was made to be a dead man under the brand name of being useless.
Aobsan came to see me again and again after that.
Even before that, she was talking to me quite often.

『…That’s nostalgic』(Aoba)

For some reason, I didn’t dislike such words leaking out from her naturally.
It’s strange. When I saw Kuon’s family crest before, I was terribly upset.

However, right now, even though she is next to me, it’s the same as being a stakeholder in Kuon family, but I feel relieved.

『… Although you are still a bud, you got softer than before』(Aoba)

『Is that so……?』(Arge)

『Yes. You seem to be much more natural than how you used to be.
It seems that my feeling when I thought that 【If you aren’t here, you will bloom somewhere else】back in that world wasn’t a mistake』(Aoba)

『Certainly, I don’t think my soul suits in that world.
However, why is Aobsan also reincarnated…?』(Arge)

『Easy thing.
I also didn’t match the soil and water of that world, that’s the only story』(Aoba)

『… At least, I didn’t see it like that』(Arge)

The condition to reincarnate is that the said person’s soul does not match the world.
In that words, Aobsan who was recognized as a human being of Kuon’s house, who is excellent in flower arrangement.
Her soul still wasn’t compatible with that world.

Aobsan’s word made me think again about it.
Then a sound like a bell tolls in the bathroom and it’s sucked into the steam.
In response to the sound which disappeared into the moist silence, the response came.

『…Because, it can’t it be helped』(Aoba)

Her appearance of inflating the cheeks and puffs seemed to be a girl who was reluctant.
It’s different from her cool beauty imagine which always wore luxurious kimonos

『A world in which someone who made an important appointment with me disappears…
A world where bud which I wanted to see blossoming someday is withered…
for me it’s not worth anything』(Aoba)


『So I broke up with that world because my life is worthless』(Aoba)

If I understood right from her words, Aobsan seemed to have cut off her own life.
And the reason was that she couldn’t fulfill our appointment to view flower one day.
With such a small promise to go to see the cherry blossoms together.

『… Please don’t look like that.
Because right now, neither of us is dead and neither of us is living beings』(Aoba)

『But… because of such a small thing…』(Arge)

『… as usual, you are as dull as a bud』(Aoba)


At that moment, the other side became more and more swollen, my leg was pulled and I fell down on the bath.
Although I didn’t get drowned, I was now in a lower position.
When I looked at my feet, there was a green rounded thing there.

『An ivy …?』(Arge)

『I’m an Arlaune now. It’s easy as there are flowers.
Although, I don’t have any other features』(Aoba)

『Ah…, Aobsan…?』(Arge)

And then she came on top of me who was cover with hot water.
Her eyes which are staring at me are burning red.
Her green cheeks were dyed in Vermillion, and Aobsan talked to me.

『Apparently, it seems you won’t understand unless I say it seriously.
So I will tell you… from a long time ago… since we were in that world…(Anata no Koto ga [suki?]) about you, I have been always in [love with you?]…』(Aoba)

『… …?』(Arge)



As she talked, Aobsan stopped halfway and collapsed.
I reflectively hug her body, which is really hot.

『Maybe because she is an Arlaune?』(Arge)

Arlaune is, in fact, a plant family.
There is no wonder if she was weak against high fever.

Well, I wonder why she came in a bath, but she was originally a human being.
She probably came in with the intention like in her previous life, and she burned out suicide.
I am curious about what she was about to say, but right now it’s not the case that you I should care about.
Even if I apply recovery magic here, when she stays at the same place, she will soon collapse again.

I picked her up and decided to leave the bath.
Aobsan in my arms is really light, she is almost like a circle of flowers.


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