The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 166

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Arge Chapter 166: The city of Sakura flower again

『Ginji… no, Arge-san. I knew you can sleep well.
However, I have never thought that you could sleep well while riding a horse』(Aoba)

『Sleeping anywhere is my special skill』(Arge)

Even though Aobsan was amazed about it and raised her voice but for me, it’s normal.

The two-people trip with Aobsan was more comfortable than I thought.
Especially the special ability of Alraune is surprisingly convenient.

When it rains, she can shelter from the rain with big leaves like in a movie.
When we sleep at night, she can make something like a house with woven ivy.
I was able to relax and sleep at a leisurely pace.

The ivy which she knits up to sleep is almost as good as a residential space.
It was very convenient to avoid monsters and animals attacking.

We spent a few days moving.

During the meantime, I contacted Neguseou about our meeting destination, reported Oswald about the promise with the king.
And I also had some old talks about flowers Aobsan.

It wasn’t a boring trip.
Nevertheless, I was getting sleepy all the time when I was in the sunlight.
So, I often took a nap while riding the horse…

『Unless I sleep 30 hours a day, I won’t feel so good』(Arge)

『Although I had already put Tsukkomi to that in our past life, it’s also impossible with the law of the world』(Aoba)

I have also been sleeping through my whole life in my previous life.
I was dead half-way but I didn’t mind.

And right now, I don’t have anything to do anyway, I can just sleep.

『Here we are…
Sakuranomiya, it has been a long time』(Arge)

The first time I came here was January.
Or was it February?
However, I came here by carriage at that time.
By the time I woke up, it was quite dark, it felt like this is the first time I came here.

But it seems nostalgic with the row of travelers lined up before the gate checking point.
Since I was sleeping at the carriage at that time, I didn’t know what kind of inspections we needed before entering the capital.

Perhaps they needed to check whether we have dangerous or banning goods etc.

『If we have the King’s certificate, we can easily pass these checkpoint.
Like “Hey move aside, we have the Shogun’s crest”… or something like that』(Aoba)

『For now, we are supposed to be some individuals who aren’t related to the kingdom』(Arge)

Even if something happens, we won’t receive any support from the kingdom.

Which means we must pass without exposing our identity.
Even if we don’t plan to kill the Emperor, our job is pretty the same thing as assassins.
Knowing the truth would leave a bad impression on us.
Government is so hard.

『Even though I’m the queen of Sherwood, but my land wasn’t recognized as a country yet.
If I announce myself here, they may see me as a suspicious person…
Well, then let us wait for the flowers to open, shall we get loose?』(Aoba)

As Aoba said that, she crossed her arm and took a waiting posture.

All of her movement is beautiful, she is also spreading sweet smell. And as the matter of course, we gather attention.
Everyone, especially men, was staring at us.

… Aoba is really beautiful and my body is also of a beautiful girl.

It can’t be helped that everyone is looking at us.
Besides, Aobsan has a sweet smell as if “a flower garden”
As much as to say that she would lure “insects” in.

『…Wafu~ Wahufu~…
Hmmmm~ … Onee-san, you smell nice!』(A certain werewolf girl)

『Oh, you are such a nice child to praise the smell of the flower.
So, who are you?』(Aoba)

When I was thinking so, a dog-person came near me.
No, not exactly a dog, but a wolf.

Her ears move with *Pikopiko*, it’s is definitely the one of a beastkin.
She has a lovely figure and she looks somewhat familiar when she shakes her hair…

I remember…


『Wafu~! Ah, Arge-chan!』(Kuro)

Werewolf, Kuro Inui-san
The female employee of Mei coffee shop, who once took care of me in Sakuranomiya.

As usual, Kuro-san sniffs around and behaves like a dog even though she is a wolf.
It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s hard to refuse because she doesn’t have bad intention.

Although we had a long journey, our body is clean by magic every time, so I don’t think it will smell.

『U~n (yes), you smell nice as ever!』(Kuro)

『Hahaa, thank you』(Arge)

『Onee-san smells nice just like flowers.
Amazing. It looks like your head is a flower garden!』(Kuro)

『… Indeed, there are flowers blooming on Aobsan’s head.
But didn’t what you just said have a different meaning?』(Arge)

It has been a while since I last saw here, Kuro-san is still “my pace” as usual
This is the first time Kuro meets Aobsan, she is circling around and checking for Aobsan’s smell.
Is she actually a god instead of a wolf…?

『….Uhm, Arge-san.
Are you acquainted with this… how can I say this… an energetic dog?』(Aoba)

Ah, as expected, Aoba treated Kuro-san as a dog…

『Ah… there were various things happened and I have been in her care before.』(Arge)

『Oh yes. Like we were locked up in prison together』(Kuro)

『A great and innovative explanation…
Or rather Arge-san, were you locked in the prison again?』(Aoba)

It was the information that was hard to correct because it wasn’t wrong.
And it was mostly Kuro-san’s fault that I was locked in prison.
Anyways, after knowing Kuro-san is an acquaintance, Aobsan told that it’s okay without pursuit further.

Aobsan’s confused face returned to normal and heaved a sigh.

『Well, now that you meet your acquaintance, it’s fine to talk for a while.
There is still time before the row of checking moves』(Aoba)

『That’s right,
Kuro is too busy that Kuro may die…
You can also climb the wall if you are seriously in a hurry.
But you are better not to do that or you will make others angry.
I don’t want her to confiscate my sweet portion again』(Kuro)

『You are worrying about the sweets rather than the rule…?』(Aoba)

She must be talking about sweets from Satsuki-san, the manager of Mei coffee shop.
For Kuro-san, it’s no doubt that sweet is a serious problem.

『… By the way, why is Kuro-san here?』(Arge)

『Uu, I was going up for a walk because the “tension” was too high. (tension in EN)
I have jumped over the wall.
But then I thought I should behave by returning through the gate on the way home』(Kuro)

『…Arge, just as I thought, this girl is actually a little dog, isn’t she?』(Aoba)

I thought that no one would get hurt if I remained silent, so I didn’t say anything.


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