The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 177



…I can’t sleep!!

I hold it in my heart instead of crying out .

Alraune is a race that doesn’t need to sleep .
However, even if I became another race that can sleep, it would have been impossible to go to bed in this situation .
Ginshi-san is sleeping right in front of my eyes .
Under such circumstances, I can not sleep .

Just like me, who was reincarnated as Alraune, Ginshi-san was reincarnated as a Vampire .
Besides, he is now living in this world as a girl, which makes it’s more right to call him as 『she』now .




Now she has a different face, different voice, and different gender .
But she has the same look, the same atmosphere, and the same heart as Ginshi-san .


『She is too defenseless …』(Aoba)


I’m really happy to be so close to her so that I can easily watch or touch her sleeping face .




While exhaling, I remembered the time when I was about to be incarnated .
At that time I was against the angel of the reincarnation .


『Because my feelings will never come true,
It’s meaningless to do something like reincarnation』(Aoba)


That’s why I refused to be reincarnated .
At that time, the angel in charge of reincarnation just smiled a little and forced me into a reincarnation .
At that time, the angel would have already known .
That there is Ginshi-san in this world .

I didn’t know it and I had no idea what to do when I was incarcerated . I didn’t have the vigor to live seriously, I wanted a space that could just love flowers without being disturbed by anyone .
So I chose the option of ruling a territory and staying there .


『It’s no good, right…』(Aoba)


When I already gave up, I met my beloved person once more .
It was such a miracle that dead flowers would bloom again and it meant a lot to me .

I was like a fool, who has aged and fell in love with a younger relative . But for me, he was my loved one .


『Ginji-san, I … I couldn’t stay by your side when you died . 』(Aoba)


In the first place, he was already judged to be unnecessary by the family .
So, even when he died, hí funeral was held secretly without anyone knowing .
I knew his death only after everything had gone and his prison cell had become empty .


『I told you that “I will come to have flower view with you again” and that “again” didn’t come, Forever…!』(Aoba)


When I remember it, I was so frustrated that my tears are about to come out .
Instead of fulfilling my promise with him, I couldn’t even say goodbye . And his life as Ginshi-san lost in the dark world .

I was thinking of helping him to get out someday and I did the trick little by little for that purpose but it ended before I could do it .  I couldn’t even know it .

Such a world . There was no way I could stay in a world where I couldn’t save the one I fell in love with .


『Your face has changed, but you don’t look like a different person …』(Aoba)


You are my loved one .
Even if your face has changed, you have a voice I have never heard, you have a different gender, Even if you have been reborn to something other than a vampire .

Even without a heart, the feeling inside my chest will never change .
This love of the heart can’t disappear .



『…you slept defenselessly』(Aoba)


She is just moaning (sleep talking) without knowing anything .
She slept so comfortably .

It’s a situation that I can’t be helped but remind of the past,
My love is much bigger than that, my face starts to get burnt .

I want to live without being disturbed by anyone, being wrapped in a flower with her as it is .
I am so upset that I am likely to follow such feelings .

I wanted to see her again .

I had wished that he was all right and shed tears . In the end, I shed her blood and abandoned my life .
However, even when I meet her again, my heart only screams selfish things .
It makes such a noise when I want to be closer to this person .
What a confused woman I am .


『… I’m glad I didn’t have a heart』(Aoba)


Alraune doesn’t have a viscera and this body has sweet nectar instead of blood .
So my heart doesn’t beat .
If it was, it might have been bursting by this time .
That’s why I was glad to share a bed with Ginshi-san .

Still, I can feel that my body temperature is clearly rising .
It’s because my sweet nectar is moving around my body at high speed with my excitement .


『I love you so much, I won’t let you go this time …』(Aoba)


Even though I realized that I was selfish, I didn’t want to stop it .
I gave up once but she is so close to me now .
I don’t even hide my feelings that I would never want to lose him again and I cuddle on him .


『… Someday, I’ll make your heart beating like crazy so that you won’t be able to sleep like this』(Aoba)


I closed my eyes saying those words in a situation where only I was thrilled .
I have become a race that no longer need to sleep .
But when I kept looking at her face like this, it seems like I became more and more selfish .
Just like the loved one who is immersed in her sweet time,
For now, I will just be quiet like a flower next to her .

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