The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 190

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Arge Chapter 190: To the destination of the promise

『……Fuu~』 (Elsie)

After completing blood-sucking, I exhale.
The one I sucked blood was the female vampire, who has become a mindless servant by the hands of the empire just like the Earl. Stocking some of them is useful.

『Blood Reading』 (Elsie)

I sucked her blood wasn’t just for recovery.
Blood Reading, a skill that pulls memories from the other person’s blood. At my skill level, I can get a glimpse of her memories from the last few days.

『This is… a big crystal tube… strange liquid… tentacles…?』 (Elsie)

The image I saw was something I didn’t understand.
I don’t know how to express it in words. It’s just like a large crystal tube, it is filled with a mysteriously colored liquid.
They laid out in a row of towers, countless of them were floated connected to something like a silver tube.
And among them, I spotted the figure of the Count, the source of my hatred…

『…!!』 (Elsie)

I tolerate my urge to shoot magic from hatred.
Don’t, don’t do it. I’m still in the building where Argento is indebted.
It’s the space for storage in the attic. In a place that could never be said to be large, I applied self-control and exhaled.

『… Thank you, Bandersnatch』 (Elsie)

He looked up to me with anxiety. I thanked him for letting me rub his fur to calm my anger.

… I only have this child left.

The Chimeras I made were also killed by the Earl, except for Bandersnatch.
My wounds somewhat healed but the magic that I had accumulated was greatly shaved.
By the time Argento reaches the imperial capital, I still will not be able to replenish my full strength.

I have no choice but to scrape the materials left in some places and prepare as much as I can.

『…promise, isn’t it?』 (Elsie)

When I repeated the word I said to Argento in my mouth again, I was surprised with myself.

『It’s been a few hundreds of years since I last promised』 (Elsie)

The face of my most important person appears from my memory appeared for a moment and vanished.
I wonder how many promises I had made and fulfilled with her.

『…But I couldn’t keep the most important promise with her』(Elsie)

I promised to protect her and I couldn’t do it.
I was robbed of my important person in the most unreasonable way by the Black Earl.
So, I became unreasonable myself. In order not to be robbed, I decided to rob.

But there are still things I can’t leave behind.
The face of my most important “friend” who laughed and confronted before any unreasonableness.

That’s why I like things that are strong enough to resist. If she is as beautiful as Argento, it will be even better. Still… that girl is nice. She really is.

『… fufufu』 (Elsie)

I lost my most important friend in his hands.
That’s why I hate men.
I think that I have become distorted that I only like to enjoy with girls now.
But I don’t feel like stopping it.

『Next time is… I will break it next time… This time, I will take everything away from you… Earl』 (Elsie)

I couldn’t keep my promise that day but I’m looking forward to my current promise.
Breaking the past unreasonableness, this time I will be the side to rob in a true sense.
I’m no longer a weak princess like that time.

『I’ll sleep until night, Bandersnatch. Wake me up when the sun goes down』 (Elsie)

As I stroke his fur, Bandersnatch lay down in front of my eyes to sleep as well.

『…I know it. As expected, the floor is a bit hard here!』(Elsie)

I’m borrowing this place with care. But it’s dusty and cramped.
If it was the normal me, I would just suck the blood of the employees of this store and made them my followers.

『However… that would be a problem』 (Elsie)

Aside from my weakening condition, this coffee shop employees seem to have a strangely strong power.
To be honest, I think it’s a shame because there are many favorite children, but I will put up with it.

『…promise, isn’t it?』 (Elsie)

After reciting the words that I used for the first time in a long time, I decided to fall asleep with the Bandersnatch.

That day, the feeling that had been smoldering in my heart since my most important person was taken away from me,
I wonder where did it go?

I still don’t know the answer.

(T.N: I know a lot of readers would not forgive Elsie.

Don’t worry, everyone in this world includes Arge didn’t forgive Elsie even until the last chapter.

Arge just doesn’t hostile against Elsie, she doesn’t like Elsie.

But Elsie is needed. To fight against that Earl. The strongest of this world. That fight is the craziest and most epic battle.

I repeat. Arge stood no chance against him. Quit saying things like Arge should open her eyes and start to act. She already slashed countess of mindless vampire soldiers. She just isn’t good at fighting.

Her skill is level 10, the strongest of this world. Yes. But skills don’t decide everything.

Just like Shino has no skill/ability but she could solo with 3 hounds, who have their abilities modified to the limit of humans

Give a child a max level character in a fighting game against a level 1 controlled by the world champion player to see who win. The level 1 character controlled by world champion player sure can PERFECT block all hit and counter with -1HP each hit until the child with max level character running out of HP)


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