The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 193

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Arge Chapter 193: Things that are tied even if they are separated

(T.N: Now that I think about it. “Igu Jitsuta” from Katakana is weird for a name. I will change “Jitsuta” to “zista”, “Iguzista“, I thought there’s a kind of similar word “iGuzzini”)

『Okay… Something like this』(Zeno)

Zeno-kun, the traveling merchant had a satisfying sigh of relief.
When he confirmed that he had loaded the last package into the carriage, he looked back to me.

『This is enough to prepare for the trip. Arge-san will store everything other than meat』(Zeno)

『Yes, this side is also finished』(Arge)

As a vampire, I have the storage, blood-box that can’t store anything that contains blood.
Therefore, meat is inevitably carried by the carriage.
I can hunt and now I have Aobsan, so I think the food situation has become quite easy, but it won’t hurt to be prepared.

I stored everything without blood and sighed.

『It’s such a handy ability』(Zeno)

『Hahaha, it’s so enviable for a merchant. It’s just like a dream that you can carry infinite of products』(Not sure who)

『You can use it while we are traveling together』(Zeno)

Zeno-kun is the first one I met when I came to this world, I was in his care. We rode the same carriage together twice already.
This is my third trip with him. I was helped a lot by his knowledge as a peddler and his caring personality.

『…That’s about it, Arge-san』(Zeno)

What’s wrong?』(Arge)

『I can’t follow you to the empire』(Zeno)

『……Is that so?』(Arge)

Well, that’s true.
We will definitely have a big battle at the Empire.
It’s different from a leisurely trip or a transportation trip like before.

For a merchant like Zeno-kun, the fight isn’t what he wants.
I can’t forge him to go with me.

『Well, Zeno is a merchant-san. It’s dangerous, so I think it’s better』(Arge)

『Ah… uhm, that’s not the case.
I will follow until we reach the mountains.
I will at least follow for a few days』(Zeno)


『They seemed to target the Commerce Guild, I planned to visit the Cyril Bank.
I want to do what I can do』(Zeno)

『……Is that so?』(Arge)

I seemed to have misunderstood him a little.
I thought I should apologize for the misunderstanding, but before I could, Zeno-kun smiled.

『I don’t know how it will happen, but I’m sure it will be helpful Arge-san.
Please leave it to me』(Zeno)

『…I don’t have money, you know?』(Arge)

『It’s a credit purchase.
Money is important but I intend to search and understand what is more important than that.
For me, Arge-san is a friend I want to help』(Zeno)

『Is that so? Then please…』(Arge)

『Yes, leave it to me.
I promise that it will be useful for Arge-san』(Zeno)

In the past, I thought that I wouldn’t want to take care of someone without any consideration.
I am sure that thanks to the words Iris-san told me, I can speak the word “Please” honestly.
I don’t know how much meaning this word has.
However, Zeno-kun seemed to be smiling honestly that he wanted me to rely on him.

『Incidentally, when you are given a lot, you must pay handsomely as well.』(Zeno)

(T.N: I don’t know any English proverb for this)

『It was just Zeno-kun… Is that a promise again?』(Arge)

『Yes, it’s the same as when we parted.』(Zeno)

At the port town Arlesha, I promised that I would return his favor when we met again.

Then we met again in the Republic, traveled together.
And now just like this, he tried to make another promise again.

『Ah, if you are going to the Cyril Bank, I would like to write a letter to Iguzista…』(Arge)

『I understand. I’ll definitely give it to the main bank』(Zeno)

『Thank you, Zeno-kun』(Arge)

My connections grow larger in time, compared to when I was in Kuon Family,
I am involved with many people now.

With that in mind, I made a new promise with Zeno-kun.

He will surely fulfill his promise. I think so.


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