Tsuyokute New Saga

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Kail and his team of suicide makers had a goal. They wanted to penetrate to a Maou’s Castle to destroy him. Kail became disabled in a bloody battle. Though he overcame Maou, he lost his friends and the second half. When the final fight ended, and Kail was in one step to death, he noticed a dark crystal and touched it. It shined and… Kail suddenly woke up in a familiar place. He realized the Diablo King hired soldiers to kill people. Now Kail, Hero and their followers grab weapons and surround the Diablo King’s residence. They stand against a human race menace, and Kail wins the combat. Is this victory worthy if to mention that Kail is the only one who survived? Kail lost both family members and troops. When he was bleeding and about to pass away, he saw a magical gem that the Diablo King aspired to reach so bad.

Tsuyokute New Saga

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