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VRMMO, the Demondal version was a famous but cruel gaming object. It absorbed people’s minds seducing them to play it without stopping. But in the beginning, nobody took VRMMO seriously. The system was fresh and without a qualified promotion. Could anyone praise it for uniqueness, titles, distinctive features, or benefits? Probably, no though VRMMO looked bright and realistic.

VRMMO specializes in ammunitions and its assignment to gamers together with authority. There was a function of obtaining magic but only 1% of the users could win it.

Here in the Demondal version, the main character named Kei who spent much time with a Russian guy was sent to a different universe with his bestie. Well, Kei at least knows how to shoot from a bow!

Now they should find a shelter where they can rest and hide from dangerous monsters. The worst thing is that the dangerous and severe game is now real and the friends can hardly flee.


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