World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 1 Prologue: World Gate Opening

Prologue: Alone


You have been kicked out of the party.
You are the first to discover this dungeon!

For 1 week, you will have double EXP in this dungeon.

+500 Fame
Since you have rested for 12 hours without setting a town or village as a resurrection point, this place will serve as a temporary resurrection point. Note that you will decrease a level and have 1 point deducted to all recent stats and will be unable to log in for 24 hours if you die.


As Lucas opened his eyes, he was greeted with misfortune as he stares at the 2 notice windows in front of him.

“To think that I was abandoned, Feredir, Ravi…I’ll make sure you both pay for this”

Lucas gritted his teeth hard as he cursed about his 2 former party members and finally noticed his surroundings.

“…Where…am I?”

While holding back his anger, the white-haired boy around 17-18 years old looked at his surroundings as he got up from the ground while holding his head to make sure it’s still intact.

Everywhere he looked was darkness which seemed that he was inside a cave, he looked up and saw the clear blue sky on a small opening which a person can enter which suggested that he must have fell from there.

He looked at the upper rightmost of his vison and ascertained his [Health Points] otherwise known as HP, followed by his name, job and level [LVL 1 Novice Lucas] on top of it, and the [Mana Points] otherwise known as MP bar below it.

“Uwaah….I can’t believe I have only 1 HP left…talk about cutting it close…”

That’s right his HP bar showed that he only has [1/100] left as he was still a Level 1 novice. However, even if there’s still 1 left, due to the [Bleeding] status that displayed red in below the MP bar, he will lose that 1 HP in a few seconds.


A familiar blue plate with even tiles showed his inventory accompanied with a *ting* sound. He chose the [Beginner Health Potion] and a flask with red liquid appeared in his hand. [Beginner Health Potion] has the ability to recover 100 HP to the user. Since a Level 1 has at least of 100 HP, most beginners use it to save money.

He quickly drank it as he observed his HP bar.

“Haah…made it. Now…how do I get out of here?”

As he calmed down seeing his full HP bar, he checked his surroundings again.

Seeing as there was no difference from before, he started walking along the darkness hoping to see a way out.

He equipped his [Beginner’s Dagger] as well since he might encounter some monsters along the way.

“…It’s too dark to fight in here…”

Everywhere he looked, he was only greeted with darkness. There was no way in telling when an enemy will appear, although he was glad that he was the first person to discover this dungeon, he is still at Level 1. No matter what, this dungeon is still too much for a jobless person, much less, a newbie. He has no one to rely on, his own party abandoned him, he kept playing the game a secret to every one of his friends in the real world, and as a beginner he has no friends in the game.

He was alone in this darkness.

As he continued to rely on his own instinct, he carefully walked through the darkness after slowly checking whether his next step is safe or not.

15 minutes since he started walking an enemy finally appeared, and it wasn’t just one.

*ki ki kikiki kiki ki kiki*

Lucas heard something similar to bat sounds all around him.

Seeing his own death in the future, he desperately ran backward without hesitation. However, the bats were still in pursuit behind him.

Being faster than Lucas, the bats quickly caught on to him and started attacking.

One bat bit Lucas on his arm and managed to reduce 30% of his HP.

Seeing this, Lucas’ face quickly paled and continued to run until he met his familiar resurrection spot where there was sunlight from the gap on the ceiling.

Standing in the middle below the gap, he turned around and finally got a glimpse of the attacker which made him pale even more.

[LVL 31 Dracula Bat]

“A WHOLE 30 LEVEL GAP!!!???”

Sure enough as soon as he thought that, he experienced his first death. Not.

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