World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 1 Chapter 10: Sense of Accomplishment

Let’s start over again.

A certain player had just finished the character creation and appeared in the square plaza of [Drachedge], the starting town of [Etrano] the Southern Kingdom.

The player had short black hair and a physique which suggest a fragile woman making every male player around stare in beauty. However, the sad truth isn’t so nice.

The player’s name is [Geeves], and he’s a boy.

To those that knew him, they can only look at the other male players in pity, to those that doesn’t, they can only see a beautiful woman.

“…Somehow, I’m getting a lot of stares…are they sizing me out?”

Normally, he is a new player, that’s why he thought that the stares around him means that they are checking whether Geeves was someone worth to party or not.

Well, he was obviously wrong but soon enough, one person did ask him.

He noticed a silver wolf werebeast make his way towards him.

“Hey there, do you want to form a party with me? Since we both just started playing, I think it will be helpful to help each other out.”

“Hmm…well, first of all, connections are important. He might turn useful later on.”

Geeves thought calmly as he size up the werebeast.

“Well…alright then. The name’s Geeves”

The werebeast revealed a complex facial expression, though it seemed that he tried not to let it show.

“My name’s Rice. It’s nice to meet you Geeves.”

“Rice!? As in Kanin?….wait….”

At first, Geeves was weirded out by his name. After all, someone naming themselves as rice seemed rather stupid but then suddenly remembered someone having the same name.

Kanin Fried, a classmate of his in college as well as a close friend.

He quickly asked if he was right and it turns out that he is!

Geeves then introduced himself as Gavin Fastmark to the bewildered Rice.

After chatting for a while, the two of them partied up and decided to look around first.

Though, because of Geeves’ getting bored already and wanted to hunt monsters, they decided to stop and head for the east gate to hunt.

For some reason, Geeves felt like talking to the guard stationed at the east gate.

Geeves has a rather talkative nature and kept talking to someone he didn’t know even in the real world.

To this, most of his friends would be surprised when they found him already befriending someone completely stranger the moment they looked away from him.

Though, even Geeves was surprised that he activated a quest just by talking to the guard.

“There is a village nearby outside the wall that is being troubled by monsters. Though the monsters may be weak and the guards can usually take care of it, it is still best to help them as you hunt.”

Do you want to accept the quest?YESNO


It was too sudden that he accepted it immediately due to his excitement.

“Oh no, maybe I should’ve discussed it with Rice first?”

As if to confirm his thoughts, Rice complained.

“W-what are you accepting it immediately for idiot! Why didn’t you ask me first?”

“Are you gonna decline?”

For some reason, the voice Geeves let out was deeper than imagined.

Geeves also stared anticipating Rice answer while wishing “Please don’t mind. Please don’t mind. Please don’t mind. Please don’t mind. Please don’t mind.”

Since it could get troublesome later on if Rice actually wanted to decline it.

Though, it seems Rice misunderstood and stepped back a little with a bead of sweat trailing down his temple.

“N-no…anyway, at least ask for my opinion first next time!”


He really swore to himself to do so next time and went back to his easy going attitude.

NameGeevesLevel1GenderMaleMoney1 G 20 S 50 CJobNoviceRaceHumanHealth100Mana190STR0INT18SPD10DEX30VIT0LUK2Passive SkillsActive Skills

“Haah….0 STR and 0 VIT…how am I supposed to deal a damage”

Affirming his status, Geeves sighed as he stares at the 0s in his status.

Though he had an extremely high DEX for someone of his level, it cost his STR and VIT to 0.

“And a 2 LUK…..guess I’m really unlucky….”

Well, the luck really had no connection to it, as proof, Rice’s LUK was also 2 but isn’t as unfortunate. Though maybe the luck itself differs from person to person, like, what could be considered as lucky for them or the like.

With a sullen mood, Geeves followed Rice towards the village.

+ + +

“Well, that was rather quick.”

“Yeah, though I was getting worried when slicing attacks won’t work, simple punches and kicks would do it anyway.”

At first, Geeves was entirely leeching off on Rice.

Since his slicing and piercing attacks won’t work, the [Beginner’s Dagger] was useless and so they relied on their fists and kicks.

However, to Geeves who has no attack power, he can only leech off on Rice and gain EXP through him like that.

After levelling up once, Geeves allocated all of his stat points to STR and was finally able to join the hunt.

Walking back to the village, they found a guard and quickly took their reward.

After thanking the guard, they were about to leave and continue to hunt when they were stopped by the guard’s next words.

“Actually, there has been sighting of a bear loitering about around here. Can I trouble you again by confirming it? And if it’s true, I want you to eliminate it if possible.”


Do you want to accept the quest?YESNO

“”A chain quest!!!””

Geeves and Rice’s mind were in sync.

This time, Geeves made sure to wait until Rice’s decision before carelessly accepting.

In the end, the two decided to give it a try and accepted.

Walking deeper into the [Pliht Forest], they continued to search for signs of the [Young Bear].

“10 Silvers, 10 Silvers, 10 Silvers, 10 Silvers, 10 Silvers, 10 Silvers.”

As they walk, Geeves eyes turned silver as he continued to think about the reward this time. Though, it soon died out and he was completely bored.

10 minutes later, there’s finally a clue.

A tree in front of them has a branch broken away, looking more closely, there’s a slight footmark that resembled a bear beneath it as well as claw marks on the broken branch.

“Looks like it’s real.”

“Yeah, be on your guard.”

The two switched to serious mode and drew their [Beginner’s Dagger].

However, with nothing going on for a while, Geeves was about to get bored again when Rice shuuted him up.

“Shhh! I can hear something…”

“…What’s he talking about? It’s too peaceful here…”

Geeves wondered if Rice really did hear something, or just some rustling of the leaves from the wind when Rice immediately shouted.


“Wha- hey, wait for me!”

Rice immediately sprinted to the direction he thinks he heard something almost leaving behind Geeves.

Geeves can only sigh inwardly at Rice’s behavior.

“Geez, I know you want to find the bear, but don’t be too excited about hearing the rustling of the leaves thinking the bear is there…”

Is what Geeves thought when they finally reached a small clearing in the forest where Rice suddenly stopped.

“Hey! I said wait up!………………….eh?”

“You idiot! Do you have to shout!?”

Geeves eyes were wide. He was shocked by the fact that there is a bear and that the sound that Rice meant earlier was it’s breathing as it slept.

“He heard that!!!???”

When suddenly, a large shadow covered them, when they look up, the bear had already stood.

The bear had a size thrice that from an average male’s height, shiny black fur, bulky limbs that seemed fat yet firm as well.

Geeves’ and Rice’s face twitched as they look up.

“H-heeyyy….l-l-let’s t-talk about this yeah?”

For starters, Geeves wanted to end this peacefully

Needless to say, the bear didn’t respond, instead, it raised its humongous arm overhead and glared at the two of them.



The arm swung down towards the two and repelled them by roughly three meters back while leaving a dust cloud behind.

“D-damn, no choice for it. Geeves, let’s bolt!”

“T-tch! Fine!”

Since the blow from before just reduced both their HPs by 70% due to the STR difference, DEF difference, and having beginner armor, they had left with no choice but to run and think of a strategy.

+ + +

“Haah haah…..haah….”

“Damn….if that thing is a young bear…..just how big is a full grown one!?”

It was selfish to think that all of the animal mobs are based entirely on their real life counterparts. This is a game, so of course they will be different.

Though some aren’t, unfortunately for them, this one is.

The bear was too big for them to handle using their knowledge in real life. That’s why they need to disregard thinking that the animals here are the same as the animals in the real and start thinking of it as a [Monster].

“How are we going to deal with this, Rice?”

Geeves really has no idea how to tale on such a huge enemy.

“Well…first of all, we need new weapons…”

“Agreed. There’s no way these daggers will do any damage on that thing.”

Though they can just tell the guard that there is a bear, they wanted the higher reward, hence, they didn’t tell them about it and wanted to kill it themselves.

Not only that, they both refused to grind until both their levels are way higher that the [Young Bear] because they thought it was a cowardly way and that it would no longer be an adventure. They’re that stubborn.

With that in mind, they both went towards the town to buy better equipment.

Though, as they were still a [Novice], the weapon they can choose are very limited.

In the end, they chose a short sword as it has the highest damage. They didn’t plan to become a swordsman, but since they can’t choose they’re preferred weapons, they’re left to choose which has the highest damage over usability.

After which, they hunted slimes until they got used to they’re new weapons which leveled them up by 1.

They were still lower that the Lvl 10 [Young Bear] at Lvl 8 so it was still fine to grind, is what they convinced themselves.

Thinking that, they decided to face the bear again.

“Ack! Hey! Watch where you’re going to hit!”

“You too! Whaa- do you want to kill me!?”

The result, they were perfectly uncoordinated.

Before their lives were drained to 0, the two retreated again with sour emotions.

“Tch- I could’ve killed him if you were to pay more attention to your surroundings Geeves.”

“Hah? Oi, don’t blame others for your own mistakes! You’re the one that kept getting in the way!”

“Oh yeah!? Then why don’t we stop this and take that guy separately!”

“Fine! I don’t need you!”

Their teamwork was falling apart at a rapid rate. Like that, the two decided to separate.

10 minutes after.

The two of them failed miserably.

Though they both managed to retreat before dying, they still failed again and again and most likely reached the same conclusion.



However, even if they both know how to deal with it, actually saying it was really hard and awkward to do.

After much awkward silence in the air, Geeves finally decided to be the one to break the silence.



“…So you failed?…”





+ + +

“Then, let’s summarize our plan. I’ll slash the feet since I’m faster, after that you divert its attention to yourself by throwing rocks or whatever you can think of. Then finally, I’ll go for the kill.”

“Understood. I just hope it goes smoothly.”

“Hey, don’t jinx it!”

After Rice summarized the plan, Geeves nodded and they started to confront the bear again.

“Alright, there it is. I’ll start.”

With a short battle cry, Rice dashed for the bear’s legs.

Since it was too sudden, the bear was distracted and let him slash its right leg making him fall halfway.

The bear tried to launch an attack and raised its paw but was stopped by a rock hitting him.

When he looked at the direction where it came from, there was Geeves holding a number of rocks with one arm and one rock on his right hand.

Geeves continued to do this to distract him, in the meantime, Rice went for the other leg.

“Please hit!”

Rice shouted in his mind as he swung the short sword at the leg. However, reality refused to go easy on them.


Enraged by the two’s annoying attacks, the bear pounded on the ground with both its arms which made the ground slightly shake. However, this was enough to make Rice lose his footing for a slight moment and made him miss the slash.

Not only him, Geeves tripped himself and fell down, thereby stopping the barrage of flying rocks heading towards the bear.

Taking this opportunity, the bear attacked Rice first as he was nearby.

Rice flew for more than 3 meters away and hit a nearby boulder which made it crack slightly as a result, and his HP was now down to around 20%.


The bear immediately followed through by smashing the now fallen Rice to kill him.

However, before it could deal the blow, Geeves had already stood up and attacked the bear from the side by stabbing it.


The bear made a cry and his HP was now only 40% left. It turned around thinking of dealing with Geeves now instead of Rice.

Standing up, Rice slashed the other leg from behind which was their plan in the beginning. With both legs gone, the bear kneeled and can no longer move.

“Go! Hit him in the flank!”



A dry sound could be heard as Geeves tackled the Lvl 10 [Young Bear] on its left side.

The bear staggered for a while due to the sudden impact. Using this opportunity, Rice stabbed the bear from the front and pushed it back.

Tripping as it fell backwards, the bear landed on a boulder behind him. As it couldn’t bear its weight, the boulder crumbled and filled a hole beside it which seemed to lead to a certain cave.


The two players excitedly shouted as they had finally won against the bear that they kept losing to ever since they started playing.

Though they wondered why the boulder crumbled with just that, but actually, that boulder is where the bear constantly leans on and sometimes treated as a punching bag by the bear so it was already pretty much weakened.

Well, that resulted why the hole Lucas fell in being closed but the two of them didn’t know that but can’t help but worry that they did something wrong.

For a while, Geeves stared at his shaking hands feeling his excitement.

“Man, we were really lucky to be able to get one of these for free…I wonder about the rest?”

“Haha, if they also got one then it’s no longer a coincidence but fate, is it?”

They were both really thankful that they had gotten the [Portal] after finally feeling a sense of accomplishment.

“Maybe, haha. Well, let’s go grab and sell the drops so we can finally buy some armor.”

Not only that, but they finally reached Lvl 10 so now they can finally choose their jobs.

+ + +

Turns out that they received 20 Silvers for killing the bear, just an additional 10 Silvers from the reward without killing the bear. Well, because of that, they activated another quest and continued the Monster Extermination

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