World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 2 Chapter 8: Announcement

“I wonder what Lucas is doing right now?…”

Lilianne sighed as she relaxed on her chair.

She works at a night shift for the company that made the [Portal] and [World Gate Online].

As for why nightshift, that is because most players play during their sleep.

Her job is simple. To guide new players through creating their characters and when asked for the tutorial.

Though at first she was working almost nonstop, now, there is only a few couple of new players every day so she’s really not needed to keep attending.

Other than that, she monitors the statuses of a range of players in case someone calls for a bug.

Well, considering how no one has asked for that yet since the game launched, you can say that a bug is very very rare to happen and thus, she really does not need to monitor them.

But still, she still chose to attend work simply because she’s having fun monitoring a certain boy’s status.


This white-haired boy has piqued her interest ever since the start.

After all, this boy did something that no one has ever done before, to raise the stats before even playing.

To be able to see that loophole when even the creator managed to miss, who cannot say he is not interesting?

She thought it was really a shame that he picked [Drachedge] as the starting town which was located at the southern kingdom whereas she was in the northern.

When his level spiked by a margin, she immediately reported it to her boss Trask who wanted to find the interesting players.

Then Pearce joined, which being his blabber mouth character made almost everyone in the building know of Lucas, all of them became interested at the boy who was able to be the first player to see a dragon.

It was a shame that he didn’t manage to defeat it though, but still, the outcome is still very much amazing.

The rewards he got were also high rank.

A few days later, Lucas’ adventure turned into a movie which made most of the people take interest in him.

Though he probably didn’t know, but Trask also released the movie to other countries so he should also be well known in the world now.

To be able to be the first to notice Lucas, Lilianne was very proud at herself and probably started to have a complicated feeling towards him.

Then, a few days after he got out of the cave and started his journey to [Drachedge], he finally got a hold of [Skill Tree Books] where he surprised all of them.

After all, he didn’t choose any offensive skills, rather, he chose appraisal and mastery skills who knows where he needs all of them. As for magic, he only chose the very basic magic which is also the one in the tutorial.

Of course Lilianne also has them, but not all of them, since this magic unlocks the stat for proficiency in the element, she only chose one to focus on and didn’t really focused on levelling it up.

Not only that, but his other job is a [Painter].

At that point, Lilianne stopped trying to understand his intentions, next time, she’ll just ask directly. Thinking about it will only tire herself after all.

Then suddenly, news of the [White Haired Adventurer] was seen in almost all gaming forums.

There were a lot of different views on it but they all have one thing in common, the [White Haired Adventurer] has turned into a criminal and is being chased.

Whether it was a quest or not, they didn’t know so Lilianne brought this info to Trask to check whether Lucas got the quest or not.

The answer, he didn’t.

That means there’s either a misunderstanding, or he really did become a criminal.

Believing in Lucas, Lilianne and the rest tried to find out the cause.

It would seem that Lucas protected a slave who tried to break in the palace.

There was also a picture attached.

Looking closely, even though the slave was wearing a hooded robe, the bodylines revealed when running resembles a girl.

At that point, for some reason, Lilianne felt a slight discomfort in her heart.

With that discomfort, Lilianne felt more unease and nervously waited for news to come.

However, since they managed to get away, there has been no use so far.

Thus, she can only wait.

After a few minutes, finally, there was news.

They say there was a monster’s roar inside the town so many players and NPCs checked them.

There, in the alleyway, was Lucas collapsed together with the slave holding him up and a mass of flesh on the other side.

The buildings on the sides were also destroyed and the alleyway reeked of blood or so they described.

Though Lilianne was relieved that Lucas was finally found, she became even more anxious seeing him collapsed.

It seems that the Arch-bishop also showed himself and was able to mediate.

From his words, the players judged that Lucas was no criminal and was even invited inside the church.

However, since they did not know the whole picture, they gathered in front of the church waiting to be the first ones to get news.

Soon, the gaming networks and even some news networks has also got wind of the situation and moved their own staffs in order to show it live in the real world.

There are also a few of their own staffs located in [Drachege] but was still low level so they were no able to send them to help Lucas with the dragon fight before.

But now, they can have them meet Lucas personally to get news ahead of time.

They just told them to tell the guards stationed to meet with Lucas with Trask as their referral.

At this situation, the guards would ask Lucas himself if he knew the person but for some reason, they didn’t and just flat out refused.

This made Lillianne even more uneasy.

Worst case, Lucas was actually a criminal and was locked up in some kind of prison inside the church.

Another case, it might be that Lucas is still unconscious and since the guards know he cannot answer, they refused.

Keeping optimistic, Lillianne continued to wait.

Then, 2 hours later, the news channel on the TV inside the office changed.

There showed a large crowd and a church.

Being familiar with the scene, they noticed that the news is actually in game.

Even though they say it’s live, since they slowed it down 3 times because of the time difference, it can be cannot be called a complete live but more like a semi-live one.

“Oh! It’s finally here!”

“Finally! Hurry up and tell us what’s happening already!”

Everyone was excited and was intently watching the news.

In front of the church were 3 figures.

The Arch-bishop, the slave, a familiar white hair.


Lilianne inadvertently exclaimed.

[[The King has betrayed his own kingdom by killing his wife the Queen and his stepson the Prince!]]

Everyone was shocked to hear this, even Lilianne.

But after hearing that, she was more relieved. If that was true, then chances Lucas being a criminal was a misunderstanding after all was high.

Now there would be a lot of problems, like which noble to side and what to do.

Everyone was excited since the noble they will side might turn into the new King and that there’s a high chance that their rewards will be good.

A handsome red-haired knight in red armour appeared with a man in chains.

Following that, the Arch-bishop explained the sequence of events.

How the King killed his wife and stepson, who he contracted, about the Black Hand being a proof that it was not a fake and so on.

Everyone was already assured that the King is in the wrong here.

But the King didn’t give up.

[[Lies! Everyone! This is the work of that brat’s brainwashing! Those contracts are forged! I would never harm my wife and my stepson!]]

It was a really unsightly resistance and even Lilianne frowned at it.

[[Everyone! Please! Believe in this King of yours!]]

[[Shut up.]]

There, Lucas finally spoke. But it was a lot lower and seemed cold that everyone grew silent.

Not just those in the game, but those in real life as well.

[[As explained by sir Arch-bishop Agerad, the contract with the Black Hand seal is impossible to forge. If you’re still unsatisfied, we could even do a blood test and see whether the blood matches.]]

[[W-wha-!? Lies! There is no such artifact like that!]]

The King continued to refuse.

To the King and the NPCs of the game, this was very confusing.

But to the players and everyone watching in their television, they were even more confused.

After all, that technology only exists in the real world and there is no way you can pass the blood in the real world to check it or vice versa so they kept silent since they all thought that Lucas was only bluffing to corner the King.

However, that proved to be wrong.

[[In this world yes, there is probably no such thing. However, I am not from this world and in our world, there exists a convenient tool like that.]]

Even though the players has no real reason to hide it. They didn’t really just go around telling it as well.

Since this is only a game to them.

But Lucas’ next actions was far more unbelievable.

[[What you don’t believe it? Fine, see this? It’s called [Cellphone], we use this to call others far away or send messages but I mostly use it to play games.]]

As he said that, he revealed a rectangular glossy black box which was very familiar to the players and showed a certain game app on it.

At these words, as expected, everyone can only be wide eyed and slacked mouth as response.

However, Trask, who was watching from the back, was smiling as if finding it amusing. No, it was as if he accepted it all like he knows it already.

But since everyone was focused on the TV, no one saw him.

“…Oi…is that thing for real!? Hey! I’m not the only one seeing that right!?”

Pearce was shouting at everyone seemingly confused at what just happened.

[[Interesting…there are pictures moving here…and there seems to be interaction if you touch it too…]]

Before anyone had noticed it, the Arch-bishop had taken the cellphone and played with it.

At this point, some people had probably thought what he’s playing.

[[Can I keep it?]]


Lucas took the cellphone back and the Arch-bishop backed away with a slightly tearing up sad face.

With that friendly exchange, most have already calmed down.

[[A-anyway! There is still a better option if you want to know whether the contract is real or not.]]


At Lucas’ words, he held the [Black Hand Contracts] and the King stiffened.

[[If this is real, then if I tear it, you will be cursed.]]

[[N-no! Please! Anything but that!]]

[[Then confess. Confess to your own people how much of a trash you are.]]


Too stuborn, this King is seriously stubborn.

Then, probably irritated, Lucas silently tore the contracts.


Immediately afterwards, the trash King’s body turned purple, his eyeballs melted, his voice went coarse, countless wrinkles appeared on his face, lastly, his body deformed into that of a monster.

[[…Do we kill him?]]

[[No, that would be too generous. He will be excommunicated from [Drachedge].]]

On the Arch-bishop’s cruel response, they strapped the King on one of the catapults and fired.

[[You brat! I’ll make you regret this! Mark my words! I will definitely get my reveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenge!!!!!!!!!!!!]]

Or so he shouted when he was launched into the air.

It was rather an unbelievable spectacle.

Seeing the King strapped into a catapult and firing it out of the town.

Everyone would think it’s insane but nevertheless, as they are all fed up of the King, no one felt pity and simply ignored him.

[[Now then, as you are all aware. Now that there are no one left in the royal family to take the throne, nobles will start to fight for it soon. So I propose a solution.]]

Saying that, the Arch-bishop patted Lucas on the back while pushing him forward.

[[This here is the Hero from the prophecy, his name is Lucas.]]

Finally, Lucas’ name is known to the world.

Lucas himself looked like he didn’t mind it but still confused.

“Oh, finally his rewards huh?”

“So envious…to be rewarded by the Arch-bishop…”

“…the Arch-bishop looks really cute…”

Everyone on the office began making assumptions, with an exception of few who just admired the Arch-bishop, Lucas, or the slave.

“Huh? Hero from the prophecy?”

Lilianne however, was confused on that part so she decided to look at Lucas’ status again.

There, clearly said on the Title: Light Hero shrouded by Darkness.

Just as she was going to report it to Trask, the Arch-bishop’s next words stopped all of their thoughts.

+ + +

Turning back time a little, Freya was anxiously watching over Lucas as he slept unconscious in the church’s clinic.

After the outrage earlier and defeating the Black Hand assassin, they were brought toward the church after clearing the misunderstanding and it has already been almost 6 hours since he collapsed.

Still, Freya continued to watch over him.

This boy that helped her from the beginning and believed in her without any solid reason.

Though it would seem that he knew her family and said to have met them recently, Freya didn’t fully trust those words before and didn’t interact with him that much.

However, that changed when the Black Hand was about to kill her.

When the poison laced needle was inches away from her, Lucas protected her.

Even though protecting her would mean throwing himself in the middle of Freya and the needle.

Even though protecting her would mean doubling the pain inside him.

But he still did it.

Looking back on it, that was the point where Freya started to look differently on Lucas.

He’s a friend.

“My first friend…”

To this friend of hers that she finally had, she wanted to express her thanks in helping her without asking anything.


After a few more minutes, Lucas finally woke up.

“Ah, you finally woke up.”

“…Hn? What…is this heaven Ms. Angel?”

He seemed to be still half-asleep but as expected, Freya immediately blushed for being embarrassed.

“A-angel!? I-I-I-I’m not…!!!”

“Ah…What, it’s just Freya…”

“W-why did you suddenly sound disappointed!?”

Freya inadvertently retorted.

There was also a lingering feeling of sadness beneath her heart when he heard Lucas sound disappointed but she ignored it thinking it was nothing.

In any case, after explaining what happened after he collapsed, Freya told herself to definitely thank him.

When she told him about how he killed the assassin, Freya was a bit uncomfortable about it since Lucas was in a rampage at that time and might cause him needless worries.

In the end, she decided not to keep anything from him and told him the truth.

“Again huh?…”

Again…that means that it had already happened before?

Hearing that, Freya became more worried and was just about to ask it when the Arch-bishop entered the room.

After their exchange, the Arch-bishop left the room and Lucas seemed to focus on something.

Again, Freya noticed his constant mood swings.

From excited, to surprised, to confused, to sighing as if giving up.

Freya has no idea what he’s seeing.

Anyway, after he is done on whatever he’s doing, Freya will definitely say thank you.

Thank you…thank you….say thank you…

At some point, Freya was staring at Lucas intently which seemed to be noticed.

“Wh-what is it?”

“E-eh? N-no, it’s nothing…”

Since Lucas suddenly talked to her, Freya unconsciously negated him.

Since the awkward silence that followed was suffocating, she decided to be the one to break it and confess.

“Hm…Confess? Why did I think that?”

After correcting herself saying she will thank him in her mind, she started.

“…U-umm…that is…”

“Y-you don’t have to force it if you don’t want to.”

“T-thank you very much!!!”

“A-ahh…you’re welcome…”

Lucas seemed to have said something in between but she wasn’t able to hear it clearly as she was completely focused on thanking him.

In any case, after hearing him say ‘you’re welcome’, Freya was greatly relieved that she started to tear up.

“I never thought saying thank you would be this relaxing.”

And then, for some reason, Lucas went to a corner and drew circles on the ground.

Since Freya’s eyes were still watery, she wasn’t able to see it clearly and thus, ignored it.

“Excuse me, since the Prince is yet to be found and we can’t keep this secret forever, we would have to annou-…”

The Arch-bishop entered again to tell them to prepare but for some reason, he froze midway.

“W-what seems to be the problem?”


“…It’s nothing…I’ll get ready…”

While the Arch-bishop was confused and Freya tilting her head wondering what happened, Lucas listlessly picked himself up and began walking outside.

Since outside was pretty cloudy, there was no real harm to her by the sunlight, though maybe it was just a coincidence that it was cloudy, but it seems that when she looked at the Arch-bishop, he revealed a faint smile.

During the announcement, everything went well at first, but because the King kept denying everything, Lucas stepped forward.

“Everyone! Please! Believe in this King of yours!”

“Shut up.”

Though it would seem that Lucas released a cold voice, to Freya, it seems completely normal.

Perhaps because she already saw that [Monster] and she can no longer be afraid of him or that because she started treating him as her friend, in any case, everyone went silent and continued to listen.

“As explained by sir Arch-bishop Agerad, the contract with the Black Hand seal is impossible to forge. If you’re still unsatisfied, we could even do a blood test and see whether the blood matches.”

“W-wha-!? Lies! There is no such artifact like that!”

Here, even Freya was surprised.

Though she had been imprisoned for years and had barely a few contacts with anyone outside of the cave, even she would think that such technology does not exist yet.

But this is Lucas, she had already seen him do weird yet interesting things a number of times so maybe he found one or he’s bluffing. Either way, she decided to just see how things play out.

“In this world yes, there is probably no such thing. However, I am not from this world and in our world, there exists a convenient tool like that.”

Now this had definitely surpassed anything that’s possible.

During her time as a slave, she would constantly hear how special beings keep on appearing all over the world.

These special beings can use a very unique spell [Log Out] which makes their body disappear.

It was said that an expert in finding invisible or hidden objects told everyone that they definitely disappear and didn’t simply become invisible.

Even experts in teleportation were unable to make heads or tails about it.

But they still managed to confirm that it was a form of teleportation.

Only, they have no idea where they went.

After a while, they lost interest and just accepted it as normal.

But after Lucas’ declaration, most of them had most likely guessed, the [Log Out] spell allows them to teleport to their own world.

However, thinking that anything Lucas would say can no longer surprise them, they were wrong.

“What you don’t believe it? Fine, see this? It’s called [Cellphone], we use this to call others far away or send messages but I mostly use it to play games.”

Revealing a black shiny box, Freya cannot help but be amazed.

At some point in time, the Arch-bishop had already taken ahold of this [Cellphone] and fiddled with it.

Since Freya was just beside him, she was able to see very clearly.

Again, she was amazed.

On one side of the black box, there were pictures moving.

When the Arch-bishop touched something, the picture changes and follows his finger!

When he used two fingers and stretched it, the picture grew bigger!

When he rotated his fingers like turning a key, the picture rotated!

“Can I keep it?”


As expected, even the Arch-bishop was tempted by the interesting black box.

In fact, Freya also wanted to say that but since Lucas already took the phone, she refrained herself.

“I’ll ask him if I can borrow it later.”

Anyway, even after that, the King refuses to confess even after being threatened to be cursed so Lucas cursed him.

On the Arch-bishop’s commands, the King was strapped onto a catapult and fired off in the distance.

Seeing the King fly away like that, Freya made a relieved expression.

“Now then, as you are all aware. Now that there are no one left in the royal family to take the throne, nobles will start to fight for it soon. So I propose a solution.”

Now that the fake King was dealt with, the Arch-bishop turned the announcement to the next problem. The upcoming civil war.

Saying that, the Arch-bishop patted Lucas on the back while pushing him forward.

“This here is the Hero from the prophecy, his name is Lucas.”

“Hero?…come to think of it, he did mention making the Hero-….can’t be right?”

Even Lucas seemed confused at being suddenly introduced as a Hero.

“I nominate him King!”

“My first friend just became a King!!!???”


+ + +

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