World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 2 Chapter 9: Conclusion

“M-my name is Freya Draculae Lytton. I am the only surviving Vampire Lord of the pure-blooded vampire race. Pleased to meet you all.”

Freya announced after being prompted by the Arch-bishop.

To this, Lucas can only be confused.

He’s read about the name Draculae, that was the family name of the first slave, the princess of the Vampire Lord bloodline.

Since he had guessed that the Vampire Lords had probably already died at that war from 100 000 years ago, he thought that there won’t be any more Vampire Lords among the pure-blooded vampires.

Sebastian himself isn’t a Vampire Lord, if he was, then fighting Denneth should have been easy.

But he is still royalty he said. And the proof of that is the silver hair and red eyes.

So how come Sebastian’s daughter, Freya, was a Vampire Lord?

Noticing the confused Lucas, Freya explained further.

“A hundred thousand years ago, Helene Draculae, was kidnapped by the man known as King Litordar Danessad III, whom was once the King of this very kingdom.”

Then started Freya’s story which she told Lucas before. The story of a mad King driven by power and caused ruin to his own kingdom and the story of a princess that was turned into a slave.

But there was one difference.

“Years went by and the fight was at a stalemate. Helene began to calm herself down and noticed her own wrong doings. Driven by guilt, she fled.”

Freya glanced at Lucas and continued her story.

“As she fled, she happened upon a pure-blooded vampire of royalty, my father, Sebastian Lytton. They fell in love and gave birth to a child. That was me.”

“Huh? I thought Emma was Sebastian’s wife? And is Lilith also a Vampire Lord?”

While Lucas was still confused, Freya continued.

“The pure-blooded vampires has also forgiven her at that time, however, her own children, the demi-vampires cannot. They were mad about the betrayal of their own Queen and mother.”

Lucas noticed a tear trailed down Freya’s cheeks.

“They launched an attack with all their forces, and killed my mother.”

Freya, being drowned by her own emotions, paused for a while before continuing.

“But since they cannot reproduce on their own, they tied up everyone that’s left and imprisoned them. Later being sold off to nobles or peoples of other races that has money.”

Looking at the crowd, Lucas noticed some of the masses tearing up.

“I was still a child when it happened, I have no idea what was happening around me until I was told by my father when I grew up. They separated us, the rest of my clan was brought to different continents around the world, trapped in their own prison. All of this happened just because of a mad King’s whim! Everything that has happened to us was because of his greed in power!”

Freya continued to shout.

“Since he’s already dead, I cannot even take my revenge! Later, I found out that there was still someone of his bloodline…I was ready to forgive him if he handed over the contract but-!…He bought me! He tried to turn me into his own slave! Even though he wasn’t the King from 100 000 years ago…even though 100 000 years had already passed…they were still the same!”

Freya stopped in order to calm herself down and again looked at Lucas.

“But thanks to Lucas…I was able to take my revenge…outside of my clan, he was the only one that believed in me and helped me…because of him, I can believe in humanity again.”

Next, Freya looked at the crowd and bowed.

“So please! Please trust me as well! I promise you that we pure-blooded vampires will not hurt you if you do the same! Unlike the demi-vampires, we don’t thirst for blood. Even though we find it delicious, we never drink without the consent of the ones we drink from. So please, please help me regain my clan’s honor!”

For a while, there was silence.

It seems that the crowd is still having a hard time accepting everything so fast.

Though it looks like the players are ready to help, they didn’t say anything since they know that the people of this world have to be the ones that accept it. After all, they were the victims of the demi-vampires’ terrorizing, not them. They were only visitors here.

Looking at the NPC’s, Lucas decided to step up.

“I know I said that I’m not of this world so I cannot understand you, but I know the pure-blooded vampires, I’ve met them. They’re stubborn, proud, and noble, they treated me like a family and welcomed me.”


Lucas ignored Freya and continued.

“When I was trapped in that cave all alone, by some sort of fate, I was led to them. They fed me, they gave clothes, they gave me a weapon…When they asked me to defeat the gatekeeper that was a dragon guarding the entrance of the cave to prevent them from escaping…I thought that they were the same as everyone else. In the end, they push their problems to me and if I fail, they blame me.”

Lucas glanced at Freya and gave a wry smile.

“But I was wrong. They asked to fight by my side. Even though we from another world can resurrect in 3 days once we died, to you guys, dying here means the end. No retries, no redoes, no resurrection…But they still wanted to fight with me.”

Lucas pause a while to glance at the crowd and also to give them time to sink in.

“But the dragon was stronger than expected. With just one breath attack, a number of them already died. When I looked at them, they were all shaking in fear and wanted to stop fighting. I was afraid too, even if I will resurrect, dying still hurts after all. But since I’ll resurrect anyways, I ignored my own fear and attacked alone for them to run away.”

At the end of Lucas’ sentence, he revealed a chuckle.

“Even though I was giving them time to run away, they still followed me to prevent my own death. In the end, I was swallowed whole and they were forced to retreat. With no arms and a leg, I continued my fight inside the dragon’s stomach. Reaching the heart, there was another individual. A demi-vampire.”

The NPCs were surprised but Lucas ignored them and continued his story.

“Then I noticed, the dragon was also a victim. A victim of the demi-vampires. Controlled to kill anyone that tries to escape. I even thought that just maybe, just maybe, the demi-vampire was also forced to do this, but he attacked me while smiling. He  truly enjoyed torturing me. So I killed him.”

Lucas can hear someone gulping from the side, which was probably Noir.

“With that, the dragon and the pure-blooded vampires has also become free. But despite being free, they still cannot go out. They fear that they will be feared and out casted by other races. They fear of being treated as monsters so they chose to stay. Locked up in their own prisons.”

Lucas glared at the crowd watching him and bowed as well.

“I also ask of this to everyone, I want to free them, but I cannot do it alone. Please help them.”


Seeing him bow, the Prince also bowed beside him.

“I am not yet the King, therefore, I can only ask you as well, I want to support them. Please help them.”


“Your Majesty!”

The soldiers tried to stand him up but the Prince did not budge.

Seeing this, Fawkes can only sigh and support him by also bowing.

But it did not end with that.

The Arch-bishop as well, bowed beside them.

“I apologize to all of you, in truth, this was the church’s own misunderstanding and it influenced all of you. We thought of vampires as a whole but it wasn’t. Therefore, please help them.”


The priests behind them also flustered when the Arch-bishop joined them.

Seeing all this important people bow in front of them, the crowd was left with no choice.

“Haaah…Can’t be helped then. I’ll help.”

“Me as well.”

“Yeah, me too.”

One after the other, the NPCs started to agree and soon, all of them cheered.

After standing up, the Arch-bishop declared.

“With the power given to me as Arch-bishop, I hereby declare, the pure-blooded vampires friendly! And the demi-vampires hostile! As the young Vampire Lord Princess has said, pure-blooded vampires are imprisoned all around the world! Free them and punish the demi-vampires!”

A window appeared to all players.

NoticeThe pure-blooded vampires’ innocence has been proven!

[Pure-blooded Vampires] has been unlocked as a starter race!

For 1 month, players are allowed to restart their account and change their race! Keep in mind that by resetting your account will erase all stats, experience, levels, and items in your inventory. Also, pure-blooded vampires still has a penalty in light and holy attribute so decide carefully!

Next, was a window that also appeared to the NPCs.

NoticePure-blooded vampires are still trapped in different locations all around the world!

For every pure-blooded vampire you save: +100 in popularity towards pure-blooded vampires.

To those that helped Freya Draculae Lytton: +200 in popularity towards pure-blooded vampires.

Lucas + 50000

Freya + 40000

Prince Lanslet + 20000

Warren + 10000

However, to Lucas and Noir, there was another window.

NoticeFor solving the mysteries surrounding King Thrarsh Danessad Drachedge, the future King Lanslet Drachedge and Arch-bishop Agerad has a favorable opinion towards you.

Further rewards: Consult Prince Lanslet Drachedge and Arch-bishop Agerad

+500 Fame

+10000 Popularity with the Church

“P-p-p-plus 10000!!! To think I’ll get +10000 to the pure-blooded vampires, Drachedge, and the Church! This is amazing! Lucas look look! Are you seeing this!? Even +500 Fame!!! And I leveled up 3 times!”

On Lucas’ side, Noir excitedly celebrated upon seeing the notice windows.

At this, Lucas can only smile wryly at him. But he didn’t celebrate just yet, since there were still a couple windows for Lucas.

NoticeYou have completed the Pure-blooded Vampires’ Innocence quest!

Even though you were not asked, you initiated on your own and helped anyway! This kind of person is rarely seen nowadays, not minding whether there will be a reward or not, you still chose to help!

Reward: Consult with Sebastian

+5000 Popularity with the pure-blooded vampires

NoticeBy doing actions that caused an international effect, the world will never be the same!

+100000 Fame

NoticeYou have levelled up!

You have levelled up!

You have levelled up!

You have levelled up!

Notice+2000 Charisma

“Th-this is ridiculous…”

Lucas cannot help but think that. In fact, that’s all he can think.

Lucas got too much in just this event. What’s more, he has yet to receive the actual reward.

“Ugh…and I was even thinking of playing discreetly in the first place… I’m known internationally…”

Rubbing his eyes, Lucas decided not to pay attention to it too much, or else he might go mad.

“For now…let’s just see how things play out…thinking too much will only stress me out…”

Even now, the crowd has yet to finish cheering.

“Haha! I’ve gained popularity with the pure-blooded vampires just by helping!”

“Hehe, I wonder if a sexy vampire might even fall in love with me…”

“Damn, +50000 to the white haired adventurer…no, to Lucas!?”

“Ughh…it’s good that I didn’t receive penalty for interfering…”

“Yeah, but with this, we can start fresh!”

“Tsk-! If I knew it’s going to be like this, I should’ve helped as well! Damn that trash King!”

“Hey hey! I’m going to reset my account and change into a vampire! Hold onto my items will you!”

“Hey! I also want to change! You hold my items first!”

“Uwahh…I want to become a vampire as well but…I’ve worked hard to reach this level…”

Such voices were heard from the crowd.

Some were excited, some regretted, some had complicated faces, it was a mix of all sorts of emotions.

“Now then, let’s wrap this up! As said before, the coronation will be held in a later date, for now, rest up. I’m sure you’re all tired processing everything that has happened here.”

With the Arch-bishop’s conclusion, Lucas and the rest went back inside the Church.

+ + +


“こ-これは何ですか!?” (W-what is this!?)

“純血吸血鬼?” (Pure-blooded vampire?)

“え?イベントは、どこかにありましたか?” (Eh? was there an event somewhere?)

“この[Lucas]は誰ですか?” (Who’s this [Lucas]?)

“いいえアイデアはありません。しかし、疑いが…彼はこの背後にあるものをだ…” (No idea. But no doubt…he’s the one behind this…)

The whole of Japan is in an uproar due to the notice windows they received without them knowing.

Among them, was one called [Sakura].

As her name suggests her hair was colored pink and definitely one of the unique beauties among the players.

She’s a [Thief] and a [Sage] that’s without a doubt, one of the top players in Japan.

Seeing these windows in front of her, she can’t help but reveal a slight smile.

“興味深い…[Lucas]でしょ?私は彼を満たすことができるか疑問?” (Interesting…[Lucas] huh? I wonder how I can meet him?)

+ + +


“咦?一个事件?” (Huh? An event?)

“纯血吸血鬼……听起来很有趣!” (Pure-blooded vampires…sounds interesting!)

“爱说,在这里你可以重新启动您的帐户!想做到这一点?” (Oi, says here you can restart your account! wanna do it?)

“嘿,没办法。虽然身为吸血鬼听起来很有趣,我不想水平了一遍……” (Heh, no way. Though being a vampire sounds interesting, I don’t want to level up all over again…)

Everyone in China was also confused.

There, one player was looking curiously at the windows.

“[Lucas]……究竟是谁,或者你是什么?” ([Lucas]…just who, or what are you?)

[Lin] stared at the name of the player that achieved the most points as a key person.

He was a [Gladiator] and a [Martial Artist], a man that’s within the top 10 in China.

+ + +



“Where did this happen?”

“Check this guy out! He’s probably the one that caused this!”

“[Lucas]…Does anyone know him?”

[Bram] asked around to see whether there’s anyone that knows him.

Currently, he leads the top guild in America. With a [Gunslinger] and [Berserker], he’s a fearsome man that also had made a movie.

“No one huh? If he did this…then he should be part of the top players displayed in the game website.”

“Ah, let me check for a sec. [Log Out].”

One of [Bram’s] subordinate in his guild logged out to check the website.

After a few minutes, the player came back.

“How is it?”

“Nope, no one by the name of [Lucas].”

The player shrugged.

“Hmm…then there are only 2 possibilities.”

[Bram] raised one finger.

“One, that this [Lucas] is a low level player that somehow managed to trigger an amazing quest and complete it…which I think is unlikely.”

Next, he raised another finger.

“Or two, because [Lucas] is not in America…He’s in a different country which would explain why he’s not in the top players in the America and somehow…somehow managed to complete a quest that affected the whole world…”

Little did he know, that those 2 possibilities that he raised, was actually both true at the moment.

+ + +


Lucas sneezed in one of the rooms in the church.

It wasn’t just those countries where this happened, needless to say, those windows traveled the whole world.

Countless of people are beginning to grow interest in this [Lucas].

The player that affected the whole world. It was only natural that everyone wanted to know about him.

“? Did you catch a cold Lucas?”

“It’s nothing. Someone’s probably talking about me.”


Well of course she won’t get it.

Anyway, ignoring Freya’s questioning gaze, Lucas looked at the Prince and Arch-bishop in front of him.

“Now then. I’m sure you’re quite excited about it, your rewards.”

“Haha, you got me.”

Lucas laughed when the Prince pointed out what he wanted.

Though it needs to be said that Lucas didn’t mind not having any rewards, since the Prince already promised before, of course anyone would be excited.

“The title of a Marquis. Will you accept it?”


Lucas was shocked.

After turning down the request of being a King before, now they want him to become a Marquis!?

In the first place, Lucas turned being a King down because he had no idea how to run a Kingdom, much less a city. And now he’s again being asked to be a Marquis and manage a city.

“No, sorry. That…I said it before, I have no idea how to run a city. So I can’t accept it. I also want to travel the world so…”

“Yes, I understand. However, due to the previous’ King’s influence, we have to fire the nobles that were…working for him. I’ve only know a few people who can take their place. But it’s not enough. Therefore, I wanted to ask you if you can take one.”

So there were actually a lot of corrupts deep within the Kingdom and the Prince wanted to get rid of that by replacing them with people he trusts.

“I’m really happy that you trust me, but still. Being a Marquis is too much for me.”

“I understand that, however, there isn’t really anything that you have to do. And…here.”

The Prince handed over a ring to Lucas.

NameWatervliet RingRankAEffectTeleportDurabilityN/ADescriptionWith this ring, you can teleport to and back from [Watervliet].

You can take up to 5 people with you during the transport.Keywords[Teleport]

“The city I want you to rule is [Watervliet], it’s a beautiful city on the southern part of [Etrano] with the ocean at its back. This ring is given to all Marquis and Counts who manage their own city or village so that they can teleport back to their own city and back in the case of crisis. With this, you can travel as much as you want and only come back when necessary.”

“Eh? But still…I’m afraid that I might fail and let you down.”

“There’s no problem with that, most of your work can be done by a trustworthy person that I know who will act as your Regent and assistant.”

“Then how about having him as the Marquis instead?

After all, if that person is going to do everything by himself, then there is no need for him to be there.

“Yes, I have considered that. However, that person lacks the Charisma of a Marquis.”

The Prince smiled wryly.

“So in the end, I’m some sort of mascot?”

“Yes, something like that?”

“And I still get paid as the Marquis?”

“Naturally so.”

“I’m in!”


Freya let out a surprised expression when she heard Lucas accept immediately.

“Hehehe, with this, I can travel as much as I like, and earn money by showing up from time to time in my city! Now this is the life!”

“Good, then next, for Noir.”


Since he was suddenly called, Noir was surprised.

“Do you also want to travel like Lucas? Or are you willing to stay in one city as a merchant?”

“Hmm…yes, unlike Lucas, I am a merchant. I enjoy myself by making a business and earning lots of money! So there is no need for me to travel.”

Noir looked proud as he declared that.

“I see, good. I want you to stay here in Drachedge as my Treasurer. Is that alright with you?”

A treasurer, it means to be the chief financial officer of the realm and senior officer of the Exchequer. And also one of the four main officers of the court.

“T-treasurer!? I-is that alright with your highness? I’m still not a full-fledged merchant so I might disappoint you.”

“Well, there is still a treasurer and I can’t really fire him as he is not involved with the previous King. But I can appoint you as his apprentice. He is getting old and I want the next treasurer to be someone I can trust. Is that alright with you?”

“Y-yes! Thank you for your kindness!”

Noir bowed deeply expressing his gratitude.

“There’s no need for formalities when it’s just us here. You’ve searched for a long time just to confirm that I was alive. We’re also around of the same age so I consider us as friends.”

“I-I see! I am honored to be your friend!”

Well, players aren’t the type to practice formalities in the first place so it was hard for them to be so stiff like that.

“Next are my rewards to you two.”

The Arch-bishop then moved forward and handed the two of them a bracelet.

“With this, the Church will allow you two to use their services for free. Whether it is healing, curing, or teleporting between Churches, they’re free for you to use. However, in the case that you became a criminal, the Church will hide you for the time being and they will call me so I can question your circumstance. If I judged that there was a misunderstanding like today or that you were in the right, I will free you of your criminal status. If not, then I will have to cut my ties with you. Is that fine?”

“Y-yes, thank you.”

“G-got it.”

Lucas and Noir was a bit overwhelmed by the Arch-bishop’s lecture reminding them not to cause trouble.

“Good, I wish you all the luck.”

NameArch-bishop’s BraceletRankAEffect+10 to all statsDurabilityN/ADescriptionWith this bracelet, the Church’s services will be free of charge and will welcome you.

+ + +

“I-I’m flying!!!!!!!!”

Lucas shouted while being surrounded by clouds.

How? That’s because they’re now being carried by wyverns to travel.

“Haha, this is awesome!”

“I know right!? It isn’t fantasy if we can’t ride a dragon!”

“It’s a wyvern but what the hell! We’re still riding it!”

Noir and Lucas happily laughed while on top of the wyvern.

Though Freya was also excited, seeing the two like that, she held back and just smiled as she enjoyed the flight.

With the help of the Arch-bishop’s magic, Freya was also able to be under the sun for a limited amount of time.

The magic is called [Temporary Apostle] which cancels out the penalties in light and holy attribute for a limited amount of time.

“Haha, do you not have wyverns in your world?”

“No way, though we have a machine called an [Airplane] which we ride to fly, but in the end, it’s just a machine and we can’t feel the wind as we are inside of it. Having a living being to fly is still more amazing!”

Lucas replied as he recalls how different it is to ride a plane than a wyvern.

“A machine to fly!? Is that true!?”

“Ah, speaking of machines. That, Lucas, the black box thing you brought out before, can I borrow it?”

“Ah! Young Princess! I was about to ask that myself!”

“Speaking of which, how the hell do you have that here!?”

Lucas can’t help but be amused of the Arch-bishop acting like a kid wanting to borrow a toy. But since Freya asked first, Lucas decided to let her borrow it for a while. Oh yeah, Noir was ignored.

“Oh? Hm? Where’s the light and pictures from before? It’s all black now…did I break it?”

Seeing Freya about to tear up, Lucas immediately taught her how to open it in a panic.

“Ah, there it is! Haha, it’s moving it’s moving!”

Looking at Freya like that, Lucas and probably Noir as well can’t help but think of her as really cute.

“Ah that’s right! Let’s take a picture!”

“Ooh! A picture on top of a wyvern! Not bad Noir!”

“Hehe, you better send me a copy later! I’ll give you my e-mail as well!”

Well, this type of thing, you can just do a screenshot and you can immediately take a picture so a cellphone isn’t really needed.

But at the moment, those two didn’t think about that and just did it as they would in real life.

“A picture? What’s that?”

“Here, I’ll show you.”

Lucas took back the phone and manipulated it.

Then, he moved to the furthest back of the wyvern so he can take a picture with everyone in it.

Since the wyvern they’re riding is pretty big, but not as big as Denneth, just enough for 6 people to ride comfortable, Lucas was able to frame the picture so that everyone, including the head of the dragon is seen.

“Fawkes! Turn your head around for a bit will you!?”

As Fawkes was driving the wyvern, he was facing the other way so Lucas had him turn around at the moment.

“? What’s that?”

“Ohh, Is that a miniature me?”

“? A mirror? But I’m small…”

Lucas ignored all the talks behind him and pressed the start button for the timer shot.

“All right! Everybody smile!”

Though they were still confused, they still followed and smiled.

Then, a sound came out of the cellphone.

“There, now see.”

Lucas showed them the display of the picture.

In there, was the 6 of them smiling well, Fawkes tried to but it was rather stiff. In any case, he was able to capture all of them.

“Oohh! This is amazing! That’s me right!?”

“I see, this [Picture] is a portrait of sorts is it?”

After that, Lucas gave it back to them so they can have fun with it.

They also kept taking picture of themselves and the scenery. And Noir seemed to have taught them the games downloaded in the phone so they were always laughing.

Before anyone knew it, they reached the cave.

+ + +

“How can we ever repay you…Lucas, to think that even after you freed us from the demi-vampires, you still continued to help us!”

After hearing their story, Sebastian and his family was happily embracing Freya and is now facing Lucas again.

“I-It’s fine really, I already received a lot so there’s no need. Also, there are still other pure-blood vampires out there imprisoned or enslaved right? There’s still a lot of work to do.”

“It’s not fine at all! Even after this, you will still continue to help us! How can we not repay you!?”

Even though Lucas was the one that did the saving, somehow, he’s the one being scolded at.

At the corner of his eyes, Freya’s little sister and step-mother are still hugging each other.

It would seem that there were no hatred between the step-mother Emma and Freya so Lucas was relieved.

Noticing Lucas’ gaze, Sebastian also looked that way.

“That’s it. I’ve decided your reward!”


Hearing Sebastian suddenly declaring, Lucas’ attention went back to him only to find out that he’s off to somewhere.

Since Lucas was familiar with this place, he knows that the direction Sebastian went off to would be his house so he waited.

“Hm? Oh yeah, where’s Denneth?”

There should have been a huge dragon on the entrance, suddenly realizing this, Lucas turned his head around to look for him.

There was no familiar dragon at sight, only the vampires and some guy with black hair which was pretty unusual for a pure-blooded vampire but there was no dragon?

“Huh? Did he already leave because I still haven’t accomplished his revenge? Seriously? That guy’s too impatient.”

“Who’re you calling impatient brat?”


All of a sudden, the black haired guy from before appeared on his side.

“Huh? Wait…Denneth?”

“Oh, I guess this is your first time seeing me in this form huh? That’s right, this one is the dragon you fought before, Denneth the Nocturnal.”

Well, there are a lot of light novels, anime, and mangas where they represent dragons as humanoid beings so Lucas thought that Denneth might be the same.

“…Does it have to be a handsome guy?”

Like Lucas said, the Denneth in humanoid form was quite handsome, actually, this guy was not wearing a top and revealed a well-proportioned body, coupled with the delinquent-handsome type of face, there’s sure to be many girls falling for him.

Actually, most of the population here are either beautiful or handsome people, only a few people can you call as ugly.

Also, this person was missing his left arm from the elbow down.

“Guess it’s really fantasy huh?”

“So, what did you want with me boy?”

“Nothing really. Just curious since I didn’t see a huge dragon.”

Well, there was really nothing that he wanted from him.

A few seconds later, Sebastian came running back.

“Here Lucas, take it.”

What was on his hands was a pair of golden rings.

“? What is this?”

“These are the [Rings of Connection]. The person who wears the other end of the ring will be able to use the skills and magic of the other. I figured you might want to have it.”

NameRing of ConnectionRankSEffectN/ADurabilityN/ADescriptionWith this ring, you will be able to use the skills and magic of the person wearing the other pair. This symbolizes the connection of the two wearers and their deep trust towards the other.

“This…this is awesome!”

“It’s given to me by Helene. When Freya was born, she gave me the other end of the ring to commemorate Freya’s birth. The other end, she gave me when she was dying…Even with the borrowed power of a Vampire Lord, I was still unable to stop her death…”

Sebastian looked as if he’s remembering the day that she was killed.

“…You really don’t have to give this to me you know?”

“No, take it. I have my own family now. And I also love them.”

Sebastian said as he glance at Emma and the rest.

“So take it. For me.”

Lucas once again looked at the 2 rings in his hands.

If he were to give the other ring to someone…who will it be?

It has to be someone that has unique skills. Someone that specializes in magic should be the right choice.

But who can it be.

Thinking that he’ll just give it to someone once he encounters them, Lucas sighed and glanced back to the three vampires hugging at each other.

Then he realized.

Once he realized, he walked silently towards them.

Noticing Lucas coming towards them, Freya let go and was about to ask Lucas what’s wrong when he suddenly grabbed her hand.

“Freya, the other end of the ring. Will you wear it?”


Freya let out a weird sound at the sudden proposal.

For a while, Lucas continued to stare at Freya waiting for an answer.

“If she doesn’t want to then I’ll just have to search for another person…How about Denneth? I might even turn into a dragon?”

Just when Lucas started to think of replacements, Freya answered while blushing.

“I-if you’re alright with me…I don’t mind.”

Well, since she accepted, it was useless to think of a replacement.

As he was about to simply hand over the ring and wear the other himself, Sebastian intersected.

“Stop! That’s no good Lucas, not good at all!”


“You can’t just hand it over like that! You have to be the one that places it to her finger! Tell him Master Arch-bishop!”

“That’s right Lucas, there are proper procedures for this to work.”

“But there wasn’t anything that said something like that at the description…”

Though Lucas thought of that, he still followed them anyways.

“Good, now kneel and you say something appropriate to her.”

“Appropriate? What, like a spell? Even if you say that…hmm, well let’s just try it. I can always just redo it if it doesn’t work. I’m seriously tired and I want to [Log Out] now to rest…”

As Lucas thought of what to say, he kneeled in front of Freya while holding her hand.

“Freya, I entrust my everything to you.”

After all, skills are everything and by letting her wear the ring, she will also have the same skills.

“I wonder if that’s right? Whatever, let’s get this over with.”

As he said those lines, Lucas inserted the ring on Freya’s left ring finger.

“Hm? Why did I place it there? Well whatever.”

At this actions, Freya’s face is now beet red in embarrassment.

“I-I as well…entrust my everything to you…”

Freya as well inserted the ring at Lucas’ left ring finger.

“Fufufu, now I have those useful magics that she kept using before!”

“Next! A blood contract!”


“Blood contract? What’s that?”

Lucas was curious by this sudden new term.

“It will let you summon Freya as your familiar! So wherever you are, when the time comes when you want to see my daughter again, you can just summon her!”

“Hoooh, so like a summoner?”

“Hehe, I’ve already prepared the necessary tools! Just drop your blood here and the ritual is complete!”

Sebastian said as he handed over a paper to Lucas.

There, Lucas dropped a blood on the [Master] field and he handed the contract to Freya.

Though he had complicated feelings about the Master-Slave thing, he figured that this will certainly be useful in the future.

Noticing Freya seemingly reluctant to drop her blood, Lucas followed.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to. Like I thought, you wouldn’t want to be a slave again right? Well…this one is a familiar so I guess it’s different?”

Hearing this, Freya shook her head.

“No, I’m fine. I will be your familiar! With this, I can repay everything that I owe you for helping me!”

“You don’t really have to repay anything…”

As Lucas thought that, Freya had already dropped her own blood on the contract.

With the drop of the blood, a bright red light emerged from the contract.

NoticeYou have entered a blood contract with Freya Draculae Lytton as her master.

From now on, you can summon her once a day! If, during the summon, she dies, she will be recalled back from her summon and will be unable to re-summon until a day passed.

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