World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 3 Chapter 1: Hero

Let’s turn back time.

After suddenly being summoned by Lucas, Freya did her best to comply with his order and protected his mother and the other students.

“Please come this way m-mother…….”

Being embarrassed on calling Lucas’ mother as mother as well, she quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her in a safe place.

“Everyone! Please don’t panic! Lucas will definitely defeat him!”

Though the surrounding students are still bewildered, they knew that she can give them safe protection so they complied and moved towards her.

“[Water Pillar]!”

While moving about, Freya used her magic to extinguish the fires that were in the way.

“W-who…are you?”

Lucas’ mother asked from behind her.

“A-ah, I’m sorry for not introducing myself earlier. My name is Freya Draculae Lytton. L-Lucas’ sl…fami….wif………….friend….”

Being confused as to what to call herself, Freya stuttered until she finally settled with being Lucas’ friend.

“A-anyway, please trust me. I’m told to keep you safe together with everyone.”

Students began to gather around her for protection.

“H-hey, her name’s Freya she said.”

“Yeah…the one in the TV. The vampire Princess.”

“Then the white haired person over there is…”

“Lucas! The White Haired Adventurer!”

Since almost all the student body knew of the game [World Gate Online], they all naturally knew the hottest topic of all.

Also, the event yesterday was all over the news about how Lucas managed to reveal the King’s corruption as well as his attempt in assassinating the Queen and the Prince.

Starting as pure-blooded vampires is also thanks to him proving his innocence so it’s no wonder if there isn’t anyone who hardly knew him.

“…But how come he’s in real life…the Princess as well.”

“They’re using magic too.”

“…Did Lucas discover a way to transfer worlds? Some kind of skill?”

“Then that fire bastard also knew that skill?”

“…Or is this what they call mass hallucination…am I dreaming?”

“I wish. Then I want a kiss from the vampire Princess.”

When one student tried to move towards Freya, she inadvertently used her skill.

“K-kyaa! [Dragon’s Roar]!”


Using [Dragon’s Roar] as she shouted made the student flinch in fear.

“Idiot, you just saw she used a skill while extinguishing the flames and you’re sexual harassing her?”

While comforted by the fact that they’re safe around Freya, they began to make such conversations without tension.

“U-umm…can someone please explain to me what’s happening?”

Feeling left out, Lucas’ mother asked everyone since they seemed to have accepted what’s happening as reality.

“? Oh, are you a student’s mother?…Or a professor? Anyway, heard about [World Gate Online]?”

“Y-yes…apparently my son plays it without my knowing…”

“Oh, then get this. There’s this one player that’s famous all around the world! He even had his movie a few days ago!”

“A gamer? Worldwide famous? And has a movie? Is that even possible?”

To Lucas’ mother, such a thing is impossible.

To her, being a gamer has no future at all and will only cause trouble to everyone around him.

“Please don’t look down on gamers. They’re not always lame, or unsociable, or whatever terrible things your imagining. Try watching this fight and see for yourself.”

“…But what does this situation has anything to do with a game?”

“That’s what we want to know too. How these characters are now in real life.”

The other students also nodded and Freya just tilted her head not understanding what they were talking about.

“But you see the white haired guy? He’s the one I was talking about earlier.”

“T-the one who has a movie? Worldwide famous? H-how?”

Now, Lucas’ mother is even more confused.

To think that her own son is that famous without her knowing…she can only be confused as to why and how such a thing happened.

“I’m telling you to watch the movie…but that doesn’t explain why he’s famous worldwide. You see, there’s this event recently. And Lucas, he, was at the very center of it. After completing a quest no one can ever think about, he made a ripple. He started something. Something that even affected every country there is.”

“He made his name known throughout the world.”

Another person added.

It would seem that they were all praising him.

“I know how you feel. I was in [Drachedge] when it happened and guess what!? I was one of the players that chose to help them escape! Because of that, I got +100 popularity with the vampires! Haha, the Prince also just announced where the village of the vampires are. Within 3 days, I’ll be doing exclusive quests already!”

“Tch- should’ve stayed in [Drachedge], right now, that village you just said is still the only known village where vampires reside right?”

“Ugghh damn! You get to see the sexy vampires before me!”

Right now, the students are talking to themselves in excitement about the event which left both Freya and Lucas’ mother dumbfounded.

“E-eh? So you say that people from other races would start visiting our village? That’s no good, we haven’t prepared to welcome guests yet…and it’s otherworlders like Lucas…”

“I-it’s fine Princess! There’s no need to get out of your way to welcome us! We’re fine with being welcomed with your smiles!”

“You have pretty boys as well right!? Smiles are definitely fine with us too! Rather, your father looks dreamy…”

Freya was being barraged by their questions and suggestions while Lucas’ mother can only watch them in daze.

Then, she shifted her gaze to Lucas who was still fighting the other player.

“It’s really like a fantasy…”

Looking at Lucas’ opponent with bright red name floating on top of him as well as the winds, water, and fire magics that came out of nowhere…she was forced to believe that this is now reality.

The reality her son lives.

She herself was a member of the anti-virtual world faction that were rallying to stop the production of these virtual reality games so she was hurt when she found out her own son plays them.

He’s already in 2nd year collage and still plays a game, of course she would be worried about her son’s future.

Also, in the virtual world where they learn and practice how to kill, she was also worried that it may affect her son somehow but watching him fight now, she can’t be more proud.

Right now, he is fighting for their sakes.

The other students also spoke fondly of him.

“I must definitely watch that movie together with him later. We’ll bring his two younger siblings as well.”

They were a family of five. A father, a mother, a male elder brother, of which is Lucas, a younger male brother, and another younger sister.

While smiling as she imagines the scene where they would all watch together, her ear picked up on the other student’s conversation.

“Princess Freya, that ring you’re wearing…are you perhaps engaged?”

One of the female students asked to the silver haired young lady who helped them.

Looking closely, she was wearing a golden ring on her left ring finger.

“E-eh!? A-ah!…T-t-that is….umm….uuuu…….”

Not sure how to answer, she kept glancing at her ring and towards the battle.

No, it wasn’t the battle that she’s looking.

It was Lucas.

“…Don’t tell me my son…”

Lucas’ mother concentrated her eyes towards Lucas’ hand. Since he held the sword on his right arm, the left arm doesn’t move a lot and there, a golden light was repeatedly being reflected from his finger.

It was the same golden ring.

“Kyaaaa! So that’s how it is! The Hero that saved the Princess and lived happily ever after! I wish my Hero would come as well!”

“Kyaaaaa! It must be nice. Being with the person that only believed in you till the end when nobody else did and saved you from the treacherous King!”

“M-men! T-there’s still many pure-blooded vampires out there that needed to be saved! No matter what, we will find them all and save them!”

“Let’s save them!!!”

“I-it’s nothing like that! N-not like that at all! Uuuu…”

Though Freya tried to refute, her voice sounded small and was lacking confidence.

Truthfully, she still did not understand what she feels towards Lucas.

Seeing this, Lucas’ mother just nodded as if coming to an understanding and patted Freya’s shoulder.

“Freya…was it? My son may have a few…complications, but I’ll be leaving him in your care.”

“F-fuee!? Y-yes!?…eh!?”

Freya, whose mind cannot catch up, let out a weird sound and answered vaguely.

+ + +

After the battle ended, Lucas’ mother congratulated him and thanks him.

The other students as well showed their gratitude and were questioning him in rapid fire.

“U-uuuu…Explaining everything now would be hard…and I guess the better way to explain them is to announce them later. For now, there may still be other students trapped in the classrooms and the building that caught on fire recently isn’t exactly the right place for leisure talk. Who knows when this building would

+ + +

Reaching the company building that made [Portal] and [World Gate Online], there were loads of reporters that surrounded the entrance asking for answers.

It seems that news of game characters appearing in the real world have already spread despite the incident being only a few minutes ago.

Guess you can’t underestimate the power of media.

How am I going to get inside without them knowing my identity…no choice then.

“…Mom, I think you should go home first. I still need to talk to the guy on top for answers.”

“I see…Alright, call me when it’s all over. Good luck.”

I nodded and hid inside an alleyway.

“Well…here goes nothing. [Character Switch]!”

After being surrounded by light, I once again transformed into [Lucas].

If it’s this [Lucas] then it’s fine if they only know about this one. No matter what, they can’t know my real name…otherwise, it would be hard living without a care in the world.

With that in mind, I silently walked back behind the crowd and released a small [Dragon’s Wrath].

If it’s only at this level, then I don’t think I’ll lose control.

Because of the [Dragon’s Wrath] the air became chilly and the noisy reporter mobs fell silent.


With that one word, the crowd split into two like mosses split the ocean.

“Oh? Maybe living like this isn’t so bad?”

Though it did feel nice, it was really awkward to walk at the center so I walked fast.

The guards as well didn’t question me and opened the door so I quickly got on the elevator.

…Somehow, I feel weird using the elevator…

It’s like…how do you say this?

It’s like seeing Superman using an elevator…somehow I found it amusing yet embarrassed.

+ + +

Leith Tyson is a new reporter that was assigned to gather stories about the recent news that immediately hit top priority.

A game character in real life…or so they say.

To be frank, even Leith cannot believe such a thing to be true and thought that she was assigned to a job that will make her fail.

“Is this bullying? Am I being bullied because I’m new?”

Though it is interesting, it was really far from reality.

But in the end, a job is still a job.

She has to cover this story so she went to the company that made the game to ask for answers. However, there were a lot of reporters that had already gathered there also hoping to ask some answers.

Not only reporters, even civilians were there also hoping to get the news firsthand.

“Just how credible is this story…there is that video but that’s definitely edited.”

But then she heard the other reporter’s screams.

“Please allow us to see the superior of the company!”

“Is it true that the person responsible of burning Mapua was a game character!?”

“Did you know of the person that saved the college from burning!?”

“Is he also a game character!?”

“Victims says he used magic in real world, do you know anything about it!?”

“Is [Lucas] real or not!?”

They kept asking the guards since there were no officials that were present hoping they at least have small information they can use.

“E-excuse me sir, are you free for an interview?”

“A-an interview!? Yes! Absolutely!”

“I see, then what can you tell us about a college school being burned? What are your thoughts on this?”

Leith’s objective was to learn what the other reporters meant about Mapua being burned.

Though she is a reporter, she is a new one and a greenhorn when it comes to speed gathering of information.

In truth, she has no idea what they meant when they said it was burned and she can’t have other know of her faults so she asked someone with an interview as cover up.

With this, she can gather information and keep her face at the same time.

In this battlefield of reporters, she is always being observed by other reporters and sizing her as competition.

“Yes, around 4:30pm ago, an incident occurred in Mapua Institute of Technology.”

“By incident you mean the fire?”

“Yes, witnesses says that the fire started on the third floor and almost all students escaped immediately. However, there are still those trapped in the third floor and had difficulties in escaping.”

“What do you mean by difficulties? You mean by debris and the fire blocking the stairs?”

“That too, however, there is another reason. A red player.”

A red player, in the game, criminals are called as red players.

Why? Because criminals have their name exposed in red above them hence, the red players.

“So you mean a criminal? Was it a male or a female?”

“Male, a friend of mine was actually one of the students that was trapped. He said the red player displayed skills of a [Magician] and a [Scout] class.”

“Can you elaborate?”

Leith was confused as to why he kept using game terms in calling the criminal, however, now he definitely used a game term that has no equivalent meaning in the real world so she became more confused.

“Yes, he used the skills [Fire Wall], [Flame Shot], [Fire Pillar], [Blink], and [Assassinate]. He probably has more but even with only these, I can tell he is at least a Lvl 70 or more [Magician] and a [Scout] of at least Lvl…..30 give or take.”

“…So you’re saying that the criminal…actually used magic? In the real world?”

“Yep, my friend just sent me a video of it. It was damn awesome.”

“Can I see the video?”

Looking at the video, it was quite the same as the one that was leaked, however, this one had a different angle and point of view.

This means only one thing.

The video is nothing but real.

There’s no chance that they were edited this finely.

Editing one video is one thing, but having 2 or more with different perspective, that would take a lot of time and the time the school burned was just recently.

“This other person in the video. They say it is the recently popular hero Lucas. What are your thoughts about this?”

“Well, the vampire Princess was also present so that is definitely him. Though it is the first time I saw him used magic, I doubt there’s a different white haired red eyed with the same face that is together with the Princess.”

“I see, thank you for your time. Is it alright for you to fill out this form?”

The form was formalities. To ensure that the interviewee gave permission for the information he gave and for him to be credited as well.

Immediately after he finished filling out the form, a chill was felt in everybody’s spine.

Everybody fell silent.

Then, a cold voice rang out very clearly.


No questions asked, everybody did as ‘he’ ordered.

It was none other than the White Haired Adventurer, Lucas.

Many gulps could be heard around Leith, even the civilian she interviewed was also stiff yet excited all the same.

After confirming he’s out of sight, everyone sighed in relief.

“…He’s real…”

“No doubt about it…”

“Did you see that black aura around him?”

“Yeah…that was really scary…yet awesome…”

These kinds of conversation were heard from the crowd.

“So cool…”


Leith agreed when the civilian beside her muttered.


+ + +

I already canceled out [Dragon’s Wrath] just to be safe.

I don’t want to wreak havoc inside a building.

When the elevator door opened, I immediately walked towards Trask’s office while the surrounding workers were whispering about.

“I-it’s him…”

“The character [Lucas]…”

“How is this possible?”

“I heard he became a Marquis!”

“Damn, so badass…”

Ughhh….let’s get this over with.

I opened the door of Trask’s office and there, Lilianne, Pearce, and Trask was waiting inside.

Why are Lily and Pearce here as well? Are they actually important people or something?

Though I thought that, Trask immediately refuted them.

“Sorry about this two here…they’re too eager to see you…”

“I see…”


“Anyway…You knew about it right? You knew this was gonna happen?”

“Well…I certainly knew it will someday. I didn’t expect it to happen so fast.”

“…Then why did you let me keep this? This [World Key].”

I dangled the golden key in front of him.

“Because I knew you can be the [Hero].”

“Enough riddles please. I’m already tired of it.”

“It’s not really a riddle. I meant it literally. I cannot stop players from getting a hold of those keys. And there is no human on [Earth] that can stop them if they wreak havoc like the one you fought today.”

Certainly…if there aren’t just two but more [World Keys] out there…then naturally, criminals can also have one and have their way here, where every human will be powerless to stop them.

Crimes would also get much easier to do and harder to stop.

“These [Villains], the only thing that can stop them are of the same kind. Another [World Key Holder], a [Hero].”

“…And you mean me?”

“Yes. I’ve watch your battles from the start and I trust that you will not use that key to become a criminal…to be a [Villain].”

Well…I certainly won’t do it, but the fact that I’m too readable somehow irritates me.

“…And if I turned? How are you going to stop me?”

By turned, I meant the effect of [Dragon’s Wrath] or maybe, just maybe, I became a criminal.

“Then by then, I hope I can find another person to trust that can deal with you. But finding someone stronger might a bit hard so please don’t.”

In short, I’m replaceable.

Just thinking about it annoys me.

“Look. I am not a superhero. I’m just a college brat that has a [World Key]. If you want it, take it and leave me be. [Disconnect].”

I disconnected and unequipped the [World Key].


“Because being a superhero means burdening every hope and dreams these guys have on me.”

I opened the blinders by the window to show them the crowd gathered beneath.

“And I’m not sure I can live with that.”

This was his honest feelings.

I can’t just answer their every call and hurry to them just to save them.

There’s like hundreds of crimes everyday happening everywhere and some of them are even the kind the government turns a blind eye to.

I can’t just involve myself in everybody’s business.

And most importantly, my free time!

Even if I did somehow manage to help everyone, I won’t have any time to play!

I want to play!

“You don’t have to answer to every call.”

“Then there’s no point.”

“Look, you’re not the only [World Key Holder] that had found one, though certainly the first, but you’re not alone.”

Trask held out the key I gave him towards me.

“Think about it. If your mind still hasn’t change by tomorrow, then it’s a pity. If it did…then you’ll thank me.”

Think about it…what’s there to think about?

I doubt my mind will change in a day.

But whatever, I’ll at least take Freya out tomorrow morning and show her around. Then it’s goodbye.

“Fine, but I won’t make any promises. And I’ll definitely come back for the payment. I’m not in the mood today.”

I turn around and left just like that.

“You’ve made a ripple Lucas…And nothing can stop it.”

This time, I didn’t switch to [Lucas] and left the building through the back gate to avoid attention.

+ + +

Tired, I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes while listening to the TV I turned on.

The news were pretty much all related to the burning of Mapua and game characters fighting in real life.

Mapua suspended class for a week because of the incident.

Lucky me.

I get to play all day long for a week.

Best news I’ve heard so far.

Oh yeah, I leveled up 2 times after killing Brandon…guess he’s pretty high level huh?

“[Character Switch]”

I got up and looked at the mirror as I switch back to [Lucas].

[Hero] huh?…

Should I consider his offer?

Haah…what am I thinking? I don’t have the time to save people I don’t know…

…Why did I sudennly remember Freya and Sebastian?

Is it because I don’t know them but still saved them?

No, that was different.

Sebastian’s request had the same objective as my goal.

And Freya…Freya…….why did I help her?

At that time, no one would blame me if I walked away…pretend that I didn’t notice…But I still moved.

I still helped her.

It wasn’t even a quest.

I had nothing to gain if I helped her…just the attitude of the pure-blooded vampires towards me…I really doubt that Sebastian has anything to reward me in that cave other than the rings. I’m lucky that the prince and Arch-bishop was involved.

Thanks to them, I got more than what I deserve.

I also saved those guys in the school…no, that’s because my mom’s there.

That’s definitely it.

Haaah….really…I don’t understand how [Heroes] think…what drives them to save people.

Unlike most of them, I haven’t had any misfortunes in the past.

No tragedies.

No dramas.

No motive.

It’s just not in me to be a [Hero].

Honestly, it’s too troublesome.

The Arch-bishop also called me a [Hero]…but am I really one?

I don’t know what prophecy that guy meant but I’m sure I just happen to do the same as the real [Hero].

I’m sure I’ll make a mistake in the future.

Haaah…enough of this.

Let’s just go back to bed.

…Is what I say but I can’t move.


What’s happening here?

I look up below the MP display at the upper left most of my vision to see if there’s any curse or status but there’s none.

It doesn’t display that I’m paralyzed, or stunned, or poisoned, or what.

But I still can’t move.

Is there an invisible rope or something that ties me? But I also can’t speak and I don’t feel anything that’s preventing me to.

I switch on my [Dragon Eyes] my appraisal skills too but there’s nothing around me that bounds me.

Really, just what is happening?

Finally, something abnormal occurred.

Bright blue light surrounded me, it’s different than the light from switching characters or teleporting in game.

Being engulfed in light…the next thing I know, I am in another world.


NameLucasLevel17GenderMaleMoney10 G 54 S 50 CJobWanderer LVL 18

Marquis of WatervlietFame102770Charisma3000Art Sense18Rage0Fire12Water12Earth11Wind12Light11Dark11Passive Skills

[Play Dead] Beginner LVL 6(12.23%)

[One Foot Walk] Beginner LVL 9 (12.35%)

[Photographic Memory] Beginner LVL 9 (45.35%)

[Potion Appraisal] Beginner LVL 3 (45.65%)

[Wood Appraisal] Beginner LVL 4 (21.12%)

[Cloth Appraisal] Beginner LVL 8 (39.41%)

[Item Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 3 (3.74%)

[Food Appraisal] Beginner LVL 6 (45.65%)

[Enemy Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 1 (45.35%)

[Staff Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Bow Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Katar Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Whip Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Mace Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Axe Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Dominant Arm Mastery] Intermediate LVL 3 (72.52%)

[Sword Mastery] Intermediate LVL 7 (45.85%)

[Warrior’s Presence] Beginner LVL 7 (74.35%)

Active Skills

[Bash] Master LVL 10(100.00%)

[Dragon’s Wrath] Beginner LVL 9 (32.12%)

[Dragon Roar] Beginner LVL 3 (45.35%)

[Color Mix] Beginner LVL 8 (97.52%)

[Neró] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)

[Mien] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)

[Skotádi] Beginner LVL 2 (82.45%)

[Cloth Repair] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Summon Freya] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)


Pure-blooded Vampires +57000

Church +10000


Author’s Notes

I bolded out the change in stats from the previous chapter :p……though it’s actually not noticable so I changed the font color instead :3

Why LUK? well……I have no idea -_- haha I was rolling a dice for that and I said I’ll apply 5 stats to whichever number it is, 6 was LUK and when I rolled it, it displayed 6 2 times soo…….yeah haha

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