World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 3 Prologue: World Summoning

Chapter 0: Summoning 

Let’s calm down. 

My name is Lucas Lauwers, I am an IT student at Mapua Institute of Technology in Philippines. 

This year, I just turned into 2nd year this year. 

I live alone in a condo just a few blocks from school. 

I joined a lottery to win one of the [Portal] out of whim. 

Character name: Lucas. 

I turned up trapped in a cave with a dragon as its gatekeeper. 

I met the pure-blooded vampires and lead them to battle Denneth…which ended with me being swallowed whole. 

Then I found out about the demi-vampire controlling Denneth, attained [Dragon’s Wrath], and killed him. 

After finally being free of the cave, I met Freya by chance and helped her take revenge. 

Everything ended with the trash King’s excommunication and being cursed. 

Afterwards, a troublesome [World Key] holder appeared in real life who wanted to destroy our school. 

Good good, looks like I still have my memories. And I can think clearly as well so this is not a dream. 

Remembering them calmed me down as well. 

So what situation is this exactly? 

I am now surrounded by a bunch of people in white robes which suggested they were priests of sorts. 

Not only that, but I am on the floor, lying, on top of some kind of magic circle, with 4 pedestals surrounding me. 

This atmosphere…this type of situation…there can only be one explanation. 

“Sir Hero! I know you may be confused, but please help us defeat the Demon Lord!” 

Right…I was summoned as a Hero… 


Author’s Notes 

Finally here at Volume 3! 

3 more chaps to go to catch up in Japtem!!! 

And oh yeah, I started using 1st person POV on Lucas from now on :p 

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