World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 3 Chapter 6: Dorville

Chapter 6: Dorville

“[Dorville]…” (Euomun)

Eu weakly muttered as she trembled in place.

I readied myself for the worst and readied my stance.

Lowering my center of gravity with the mithril sword at hand, I prepare to run as fast as I can the moment I see a way.

In all honesty, I want to run away now. But I can’t leave Eu here like this. And I wanted to know how big this monster is and gauge his speed and strength so I can get a better grasp as to how to escape it so I waited.

The bushes in front of us shook slowly.

It felt like hours passed by just staring and waiting for the monster to come.

While the whole atmosphere was clouded in silence, finally, the monster showed itself.

“-!” (Lucas)

I took Eu’s hand and prepared to run as soon as I see the monster but…I stopped.

What can I say…

What was in front of us…was a small fluffy creature with a single horn on its forehead. A horned rabbit so to say.

“W-wha? Geez, you sure know how to scare someone huh?” (Lucas)

Haah…I thought a huge monster would appear but…well, I guess since the bush was short to begin with, the monster would be small since I can’t see it.

Now I felt like an idiot for getting so tense over a rabbit.

Come to think of it, I should’ve used [Enemy Appraisal] before to make sure…oh well, no use fretting over it now. Let’s just be glad we’re alive.

“Come on Eu, it’s a false alarm…Eu?” (Lucas)

I tried to prompt Eu to move but she’s still shaken.

…Somehow, I have a feeling what’s going to happen…well, I have 2 theories but the most probable one is…

“Cute…” (Euomun)

Right…this kind development…

When I looked back at the horned rabbit for confirmation, it would seem that this was indeed the creature known as [Dorville].

NameDorvilleLevel13GenderFemaleRaceMonsterDescriptionA horned rabbit that appears to be cute and fluffy. But don’t let appearances fool you for this is a monster with incredible speed and leg power.

I sighed deeply as I read the monster’s description.

So the reason why this forest is called [Dorville Forest]…is probably because this place is abundant of [Dorvilles]. It’s actually surprising that we didn’t see one until now.

Maybe Eu’s actually avoiding them on purpose.

But the poison immunity does pique my interest. All the monsters we’ve met so far has the same description of poison immunity…I wonder…If I stayed here for a long time, will I also gain the immunity?

Nevertheless, that would take a long time…no choice then, should I try eating the poisoned herbs as we travel?

I have [Zoidentro’s Amulet] anyway so recovering shouldn’t be that hard.

It’s settled, I’ll start doing it as we travel. Hopefully, I’ll gain a poison resistance as well.

“Right, right. Come on Eu, stop harassing the bunny and let’s go.” (Lucas)

I beckoned Eu to let go of the [Dorville] that she’s currently hugging and caressing in her chest.

Though the [Dorville] is still a monster, it probably realized Eu’s power just from seeing her so it kept quiet as it let Eu do whatever she wants.

“Aw…can’t we keep him?” (Euomun)

Eu looks at me with upturned eyes.

Don’t look at me like that, it’s annoying. Makes me want to take her home…what am I thinking!?

I shook my head to force my inner thoughts back down.

“It’s a girl. And no, we’re going to the [Human Kingdom] so we can’t take a monster with us.” (Lucas)

“O-oh? So it’s a girl. I didn’t realize, sorry about that, Vil.” (Euomun)

“You already named it!? I just said we can’t keep it!” (Lucas)


“Hm? You just said we’re going to the [Human Kingdom] a while ago, why?” (Euomun)

I was ignored!

“Ughh…change of plans. Your castle is too far. Don’t worry, I have a plan for getting you in.” (Lucas)

“No, I mean, why are we going there?” (Euomun)

“You said you wanted peace right? Well, that’s my only ticket home. So first, we need to convince to the humans, not to me as I am not from this world, that you’re harmless…well, maybe not, but at least get across to them that the monster attacks are Slazore’s doing.” (Lucas)

“But…” (Euomun)

“…If things go wrong, then I’ll at least make sure you get out alive.” (Lucas)

“Then that would brand you a traitor.” (Euomun)

Eu looked at me with eyes that clearly say she’s worried.

Geez, this Demon Queen is too caring…

“I’m not from this world anyway so I couldn’t care less. Worst case, I’ll kill the King myself in order to get home.” (Lucas)

That’s right, there’s still that option. But I really don’t want to resort to that.

It would be a different story if he’s the same as Thrarsh but…he’s only annoying. Not to the point that I want to kill him for it.

“…Why are you doing this much…for someone you just met. I could be lying you know?” (Euomun)

“…I did consider that but…I guess I just trust my gut.” (Lucas)

That wasn’t true at all…this is a gamble.

If I’m wrong, then damn. But if I’m right, then I can prevent more deaths.

And besides, she clearly showed that she doesn’t care if she dies when I met her. In fact, she was encouraging me to do so.

Also…those words she uttered before.

“…I understand. Please help me.”

They were clearly not lies.

That, I can be sure of.

And that’s all the lead I need.

Right, Eu likes sweets, so maybe I can show her around in my world and visit a sweets shop when I get back. I wonder if this world is also sealed like [Harus]?

Well, I was able to travel here without the [Portal] but through summoning so there’s a high chance that it’s not.

“In any case, let’s hurry up. I want to get this over and done with.” (Lucas)

“But…Vil…” (Euomun)

…She still wants to keep her!?

I look at the [Dorville] in her hands. It’s scared. Clearly pleading me to let it go…

Since it can’t convince Eu, she wants to convince me huh?

Well now…what to do?

I feel sorry for the [Dorville] but taking her away from Eu will only take more time.

And Eu’s pleading eyes are more painful for me to bear than the [Dorville’s].

Wait…what if I tame it? If it’s a tamed monster then there’s no problem in bringing her to the [Human Kingdom] right?

And my [Skill Points] are perfect. It’s the exact number I need for this.

Allocating 5 points to the passive tamer skill [Tamer’s Order] and 25 points to the [Tame] active skill, I became a beginner [Tamer].


I held out my hand to the [Dorville] and uttered the keyword to tame the monster.

Taming a monster requires only a little of LUK so I can’t expect my high LUK to do that much. What gives a higher chance in taming is how the monster views you.

If it wants you to be its master then it will allow itself to be tamed immediately.

If it’s reluctant, then there’s close to 50% chance that it will succeed, but even then, in the long run, after it has made up its mind and judged that you aren’t worthy, it frees itself.

If it hates you, abhors you, or just doesn’t want to be with you, then there’s 98% chance you will fail. The 2% depends on LUK.

Not only that, but their judgement is mostly based on your personality and skill proficiency.

As I am still a Beginner, I would try to repeatedly [Tame] it till I succeed.

NoticeYou have successfully tamed a [Dorville]!

But contrary to my thoughts, I succeeded on my first try!

I guess there’s also that factor huh?

It’s scared.

Scared that it might die if it didn’t accept to be tamed…

The Demon Queen sure is a frightful existence huh?

I can clearly see the shaking [Dorville] nod its head as if hearing my thoughts. Maybe since I tamed it, it can understand me?

Oh well. It’s good that it didn’t take much time.

“O-oh! I didn’t realize you are also capable of taming. Normally, a person can only choose one profession but…clearly you have multiple ones. Just what are you?” (Euomun)

“Hm? What’s preventing them to choose multiple professions?” (Lucas)

Yeah, as long as they want it, they should also be able to learn whatever skill they want.

This isn’t a game, but a free world.

“? Is it like that in your world? I see…Well you see. Us beings in this world has what we call [Class Slot] inside us. We fill them in different temples that will give us a [Class] and once it’s filled, you can’t take another class again much less replace it.” (Euomun)

I imagine a square shaped slot inside a human…what a weird body.

I guess this really is a different world. Not like I didn’t know about that already…

I bet there would be people from my world that would want to dissect these guys.

“The only way of changing it is by performing a [Class Up] which would be available on the same temple when you reach a certain level. I myself had already classed up twice and already reached the maximum allowed class level.” (Euomun)

“I see…well, I myself only have 2 classes.” (Lucas)

“Even if you say you only have 2…I’ve already witnessed 4 or 5 different class skills.” (Euomun)

Well, it’s one of my perks as a [Wanderer] but I doubt she’ll understand that anyway.

We continue to walk through the poisonous forest as I eat different poisonous herbs.

It has a weird taste to it. It’s crunchy and sour and hmm…this is a new taste to me so I have no idea how to describe it. But each time I chew on it, I feel my tongue go numb so I decided to just swallow it whole instead.

Then I would feel this pain in my stomach like there are needles prickling it.

It’s not at the level of the Black Hand’s poison that I’ve already felt so I have some sort of resistance to it but it was still enough to make me frown every time.

“A-are you really sure you should be eating that?” (Euomun)

Eu looks at me with a concerned look.

“I’m fine, I’ve dealt with a more deadly poison before and survived.” (Lucas)

[Zoidentro’s Amulet] was also a big help as I take damage from the many different poisons in my body and immediately recover in a minute.

Taking in poison is always bad for the body. But when it gets used to it, it becomes a weapon.

A weapon to counter the Black Hand.

At that time…If I had just been immune to the poison then I wouldn’t have to resort to [Dragon’s Wrath]…It’s a good thing that I didn’t hurt Freya that time but I can’t keep believing that it won’t happen in the future.

Somehow. I need to control that power someday.

In any case, I can only wait till I get the poison resistance skill.

As we continue to travel, I try to get the [Dorville] to fight and discovered the harsh reality.

Apparently, plant type monsters are the only monsters the [Dorville] can defeat.

Guu- And here I thought I can make use of her…now she’s just Eu’s stuffed toy…

But I don’t really understand, the [Dorvilles] should be able to defeat wolves and such with their speed but…these guys only seem to know how to run and kick.

Though a hit and run tactic is also a great move, but these guys…they literally hit then run away instead of repeating it successively.

“Eu, let me borrow her for a minute.” (Lucas)

“Ehh? You’re not going to let her fight again will you?” (Eu)

It seems that for Eu, this rabbit is only for cuddling.

I should remind you that she’s a monster you know? A monster. And she made me waste 30 skill points so I need her to prove her worth!

I thought to myself instead of saying it out loud.

What? I’m also scared of the Demon Queen you know?

In any case, I borrowed Vil, the [Dorville], and taught her how to make better use of her speed.

It seems that she’s thankful to me for letting me separate her from Eu and also pumped up for becoming stronger so she nods at my lessons energetically.

Time to put it to test.

We encounter a dark grey wolf with 2 horns on its head called the [Bladhound] and like everybody else, it’s also poisonous.

I readied myself just in case things get worse but I let Vil fight by herself.

She put power in her legs and shot straight towards the [Bladhound].

Normally, a [Dorville] would run away when faced against a [Bladhound] but this time, Vil faced it head on making the [Bladhound] step back in surprise.

Using this opportunity, Vil used the momentum from the speed earlier and kicked the [Bladhound] right in its eyes.

This is one of the things I taught her which I learned in [Denneth’s Cave]. When fighting a stronger enemy, it’s not unfair to use underhanded tactics.

You think there’s such a thing as right and wrong in a battle? Hah! Whoever wins is the right one.

Though I do admit that using cheats and cheap trick is underhanded, injustice, dirty, unfair, and annoying even, but when it comes to life and death, there’s no room to think of such luxury.

There’s only win, or lose.

With only one eye left functioning, the [Bladhound] was enraged and tried to bite Vil with its powerful jaws. But Vil was too fast for it to follow and aim with only one eye.

Vil is also making good use of the [Bladhound] only having one eye and was often found on its blind spot.

Instead of hitting once then running away, I told her to hit then run, then charge again to hit, then run, and so on.

Using the trees around us as footholds, Vil managed to confuse the [Bladhound] by being all over the place.

These [Dorvilles] only think of their superior speed as a means to run away so they have never experienced this sort of fight.

Slowly but surely, Vil damaged the [Bladhoud] still confused where its enemy is until, it’s drained out of its life.

Being new to this experience, Vill jumped up and down clearly celebrating its first [Bladhound] kill.

As her trainer, I noticed her level up by 3 times.

Good, if this continues, then I can make use of her in the future!

Eu, seeing the rejoicing [Dorville] as something cute, also rejoiced and hugged Vil immediately which made said [Dorville] frown again.

Even though it clearly got stronger, it’s still not enough to go against the Demon Queen.

Yep, the Demon Queen sure is scary.

It’s a good thing I’m not a cute fluffy rabbit.

As we travel further towards the [Human Kingdom], we met more [Dorvilles] which made it my turn to frown.

Why? Because behind me, is an army of rabbits.

My rabbits.

Yes, I tamed all of them…

It happened when we met our second [Dorville]. Eu got more…well, excited and looked at me with those eyes again.

Geez…I know I’m weak to women but this is certainly ridiculous.

From then on, every [Dorville] we meet were tamed and performed the initiation…which is to be Eu’s cuddle toy.

Each time, the previous [Dorvilles] would look at the next one with eyes of condolences.

It even got to the point where I joined them do so.

And each time, we all rejoiced in our minds that we weren’t in that position.

Before I knew it, a sense of camaraderie was already formed between me and the [Dorvilles]

NoticeCongratulations! You have gained a new Title: Dorvilles’ Comrade!

A sense of camaraderie has formed between you and the [Dorvilles]!

From now on, every tamed [Dorville] would achieve +10% to all their stats and loyalty to you will increase by 500!

+800 Fame

Haah, there’s already around 50 or more of these guys that were tamed and because of that, I have to cook more food for all of them to eat making my [Cooking] skill rise exponentially.

Well, cooking for them is easy since it won’t matter even if I fed them poison.

Of course, I myself ate said poison. Only Eu got an exclusive non-poisoned meal for her.

I also haven’t neglected raising my [Hide Presence] as well as [One Foot Walk] and [Mouth Mastery] by holding the sword at my mouth.

I’m not fighting anyway so I was just holding it there.

I’ve also kept making elemental arts while I watch the [Dorvilles] fight but no matter how what, I can’t seem to break through the Master LVL 10 bottleneck.

Like I thought, there’s another factor to this huh?

Since the elements have already reached Master level, I can already provide the elements on the size of my arm.

I’ve made [Dorville] elemental models which all turned into a fine art and of course, have been given to Eu…not much I can do about it.

I even tried them for attacking and made makeshift spells like [Fire Arm] or [Fire Punch] which was for some reason, not that hot for me but made the enemy burn.

I also tried doing it to one of the [Dorvilles] but they didn’t seem to hurt, much less lessen their health.

So I tried thinking of the said [Dorville] as an [Enemy] which was successful seeing that the [Dorville] suddenly felt the heat from the fire.

Heh? What do you know? It seems I can control who to hurt and who to spare.

Because of this, I’ve developed yet another good use for how the [Dorvilles] fight.

As I can only produce the element with a set size of my arm, I distributed small ones to the [Dorville’s] feet and when it runs out, I distribute a different element to the rest which weren’t given enhancing their feet with an element.

I call it, [Elemental Enhancement]…which of course, didn’t produce a skill and it’s just me calling it like that.

It’s really a great sight.

Right now, there are no longer any monsters in this forest that can match my [Dorvilles].

My [Dorvilles].

Yes, it’s so important that I need to say it twice.

Even when faced with a pack of [Bladhounds], all the [Dorvilles] would sprang into action, using the trees as their footholds, each and every one of them charging then retreating with enhanced feet creating an illusion of elemental tornado as they surround the enemy.

Muhahahahaha, feel the wrath of the bunnies!

“Lucas…I know I don’t have the right to say this but…you’re more of a [Villain] than a real one.” (Euomun)

Eu looked at me with a strange look in her eyes but I ignored her and looked at my children.

Yes, they are my children, I created them. The weak [Dorvilles] that only knew how to run from before are no more!

From now on, I call them [Neo-Dorville]!

Ah, looks like my inner-chuunibyou has started acting up again.

Well, anyway, I’m still proud of the [Dorvilles] under my care.

From then on, Eu no longer have to look at me like that when we encounter a [Dorville] as I immediately tame one when I see one.

The wild [Dorvilles] too, after seeing the [Dorviles] under my command, readily gave themselves up so they can be stronger.

NoticeCongratulations! The title: Dorvilles’ Comrade has changed to Dorvilles’ King!

The [Dorvilles] has begun to revere you as their King!

From now on, every tamed [Dorville] would achieve +20% to all their stats and loyalty to you will increase by 1200!

+1100 Fame

Well, all’s well that ends well.

Even though Eu said what she said earlier, she still rejoiced at the sight of being surrounded with fluffy animals.

We had spent the night in this forest where Eu made the [Dorvilles] into her bed, well, I did it too since they’re fluffy after all.

2 more days left till time unfreezes.

We’re already close to the [Human Kingdom]. Normally, we would’ve made it here sooner but since I was busy training the [Dorvilles], I decided its fine to spend a day before going back.

Soon though, the other monsters began to bow down to me as well seemingly asking me to tame them so I did.

Not only the [Bladhounds], but the [Gauzelles] which are gazelle type monsters, [Bax] which are fox type monsters, [Asnobelas] which are man-eating type plants, and lastly, the [Spidrid] which are insect type monsters that looks similar to dragonflies only, huge.

Fufufu, now I have the whole forest at my command!

…Though I have to cook for every single one of them…haah, it’s a good thing that I seemed to have killed a lot of monsters when I was rampaging in [Dragon’s Wrath] so I still have some meat but…looking at how things are progressing, it will definitely run out.

“…Looking at you like that, you’re a bit similar to Slazore you know?” (Euomun)

“Oh? How so?” (Lucas)

“Ah that’s right, you didn’t know. You see, Slazore is a monster tamer as well.” (Euomun)

Ohh, so that’s why the ones I fought before were all monsters not demons.

I see, then instead of calling this a war between the Human race and the Demon race, this is actually a war between one Demon controlling a monster army against the Human race.

Hm, so Slazore has still yet to fully control the Demon race. And now that the Demon Queen is free, he can no longer use her as a mascot for ordering the Demons to go to war for him.

Then that leaves him with one choice.

Use a monster army instead and make it look like the Demons were behind it, then the Humans prepare for war against the Demons.

The Demon race, suddenly being attacked by Humans, will think they initiated the attack and fight back.

Then war.

Geez, that guy really wants to make everything so troublesome.

Come to think of it, that guy’s the cause why I’m summoned right?

I’ll make sure he pays for it. In full!

“…Come to think of it, why can’t we seem to find any Humans here?” (Euomun)

“Hmm…probably preparing for war. Or they’ve warned the people to stay indoors or…” (Lucas)

“…Or we’re already too late…” (Euomun)

Tch- if that’s true, then I should’ve received notification that I can already return back…unless the conflict is still not settled.

In any case, we need to move fast.

“Okay, raise an arm if you’re present. Vil, Dor, Elle, Riv, Rad, Blake, Rax, Belle, Dri,-…” (Euomun)

She named them all!!!

As I order my monster army outside of the forest, another being stepped out from the woods.

Unlike the others, this one didn’t feel like a monster.

“Who’s there!?” (Lucas)

“Please…….hel…p……” (???)


NameLucasLevel71GenderMaleMoney10 G 54 S 50 CJobWanderer LVL 29

Marquis of Watervliet

Dorvilles’ KingFame106670Charisma5000Art Sense55Rage0Charm100 (+200)Fire41Water43Earth43Wind43Light40Dark40Passive Skills

[Play Dead] Beginner LVL 6(12.23%)

[One Foot Walk] Intermediate LVL 9 (24.82%)

[Photographic Memory] Intermediate LVL 8 (12.35%)

[Potion Appraisal] Beginner LVL 3 (45.65%)

[Wood Appraisal] Beginner LVL 9 (11.24%)

[Cloth Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 1 (14.45%)

[Item Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 6 (82.36%)

[Food Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 2 (42.32%)

[Enemy Appraisal] Intermediate LVL 7 (24.85%)

[Staff Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Bow Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Katar Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Whip Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Mace Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Axe Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Dominant Arm Mastery] Intermediate LVL 6 (25.12%)

[Sword Mastery] Intermediate LVL 8 (25.85%)

[Tamer’s Order] Intermediate LVL 8 (75.28%)

Active Skills

[Bash] Master LVL 10(100.00%)

[Dragon’s Wrath]  Intermediate LVL 2 (25.75%)

[Dragon Roar] Beginner LVL 4 (45.25%)

[Colour Mix] Beginner LVL 8 (97.52%)

[Neró] Master Lvl 9 (99.99%)

[Mien] Master Lvl 9 (99.99%)

[Skotádi] Master Lvl 9 (99.99%)

[Cloth Repair] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)

[Summon Freya] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)

[Tame] Intermediate LVL 8 (42.73%)


Pure-blooded Vampires +57000

Church +10000

Stat Points Left: 15


Author’s Notes

Well, as it turns out, the cute fluffy animal was actually pretty obvious huh?

Well, it’s fine, though there was also someone that said that Lucas would tame it then ride it to the Human Kingdom, I think he/she was imagining something big haha. So I guess that the horned rabbit was still a bit surprise.

I apologize to you all as I’ve made a mistake in calculating the LUK stat -_- I accidentally multiplied it by 10 instead of 5…..haah….well, 255 is sill pretty high to allocate in one stat. Anyways I’m sorry about that.

Also, I forgot to change the Skill Points in the previous chapter here on RyalRoad so sorry again. T_T it should’ve been 30 since I used it to unlock the taming skills.

Oh, and if you guys had forgotten, Lucas was able to unlock the taming skills from the skill tree books that he bought on….I think Vol2 Ch2?

As you can see, I’ve included the stats of the Lucas’ equips. Specifically, the [Mithril Set] and Lucas’ [Dragon Arm] since some readers are getting confused as to why there was no change in stats when wearing the equipment and all.

So, how will Lucas use is own monster army? What had happened to the[Human Kingdom] while Lucas was away? Who was the mysterious person(?) that emerged from the woods? Will Lucas be able to control the [Dragon’s Wrath]?

Till the next chapter!

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