World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 4 Prologue: World Crucible

Prologue: Normal…?

As usual, I ate breakfast peacefully in my condo unit and got myself ready to go out.

Mapua was still in the middle of repairs so I thought of buying a few groceries for dinner later as I will most likely be in [Harus] for the rest of the day.

I locked the door behind me and I began to make way downstairs.

After going out of the building, I turned right in the direction of the nearby mall. At first, I thought of just riding a taxi but since this was one of the rare occasions that I actually go out, I decided to walk instead.

As I walk, I hear the people around me talking about [World Gate Online], [White Knight], and a few other related topics.

Nobody knows I’m the [White Knight] that seemed to have become a celebrity already and they also don’t know that I am the [White Haired Adventurer Lucas].

Though some tried to give me second glances, probably to confirm I’m a different person, they ignored me soon enough since I gave an anti-social kind of atmosphere. The type where I could make others think that I-won’t-reply-even-if-you-talk-to-me kind of thing.

Well, I couldn’t care less that they don’t know it was me. Heck, I’m grateful that they didn’t know.

Once, I tried walking while in [White Haired Adventurer Lucas] mode for patrolling and I was immediately flooded with people.

People who kept talking like they’ll die if they didn’t talk to me. Seriously, what a pain…how do normal celebrities even go out of their houses? I honestly admire them… they can withstand crowds like that…

I think I was even touched in weird places…it got to the point where I have to use [Dragon’s Wrath] to silence them…even though I told myself not to use it anymore….

Anyway, I’m in [Earth Lucas] mode so it’s safe. Walking is safe.

My trip to the mall passed by normally, that’s right. Normal.

Everything is absolutely normal…except…

“Ah- oww….” (Old Lady)

I hear an old lady’s voice from behind me seemingly in pain.

When I looked over, I see she tripped herself but no one seemed to be helping her.

Well, I guess that’s just how people are nowadays. Since the old lady seemed to be a beggar, no one thought of even helping.

Maybe they’re just cautious that they believe she has an accomplice that will snatch their belongings once they helped her, or maybe they just don’t care, I don’t know.

Honestly, if I had been the same Lucas as I was before I entered [Harus]…I might’ve done the same.

But now I’m different.

It’s not because I’m a [Hero] now. No, that is the [White Knight’s] job.

What I meant as different is this…

“Can you stand up?” (Lucas)

“A-ah, thank you…” (Old Lady)

I stretched my hand towards the fallen old lady that seemed to have sprained her left foot.

As the old lady touched my hand, a faint green light poured from my hand towards her and healed her foot which made her surprised.

I only gave her a wry smile and placed my index finger to my lips as if to say it’s a secret.

She seemed to have understood so she nodded. After that, I left as is.

I have no further obligation to help her apart from that.

The only reason why I healed her is because I can and I was there. That’s all there is to it.

Apart from that, everything is normal…


Author’s Notes

I know I said I won’t write Author’s Notes in Prologues but I place one just in case there’s anyone who will skip non-Lucas chapters.

So, the prologue, as Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) says:

“You didn’t see that coming?” Haha, yes, I have watched the Avengers Age of Ultron (2 times actually) so yeah… sad….ahem, before I spoil anything else, I’ll stop at that.

…..Should’ve watched ep19 s2 of Agents of SHIELD first though since it was connected to the movie….well, the last part is, which is I  think….38:00 onwards of the episode. Well whatever :p no use complaining now haha

Anyway, unfortunately for  you guys the explanation how this happened is probably at ch5 or 6 so it will be a long time haha. but good news! I don’t have classes today, tomorrow, the next, and the next! A total of 4 days without classes and assignments!….maybe there is but I can’t remember them atm haha.

Btw, for those who didn’t read the Author’s notes in the illustrations chap n vol 3, just know that I made a mistake in estimating the story length so Ashclad/Blood story will actually only consist of two chapter (1&2) and Geeves/Rice chapter also just 2 chaps (3&4) which makes Lucas’ continuation be in chap 5 onwards.

Next, as I will again assure you guys, the 100 000 years backstory has a proper explanation, as well as Lucas’ fast growth, and the conviniet items he found in the Demon King’s castle. They actually have reasons and are actually hints for a much larger….thing….so I won’t say anything on that.

Also, the way the story is writ is still kinda bland(?) and has few describing lines like Eu’s image and other stuffs so I’m working on that. I’m still new to writing after all.

And there was a review that sad the MC was never wrong….I don’t really understand what he meant but as far as I know, the moment Lucas entered, he didn’t know a thing which resulted to him going to the [Training Room], then he easily joins a party despite not familiarizing himself more and resulted to him being betrayed and left behind, he also didn’t know that you have to set a city as a Resurrection point which resulted to him trapped in a cave/dungeon, he also assumed he can defeat a flock of bats that are 30 levels higher than him which resulted to him almost dying and well, dying once, he also assumed that the ones he met were humans but were actually vampires imprisoned, he also thought that the gatekeeper the vampires talked about was not Denneth but another monster which is why he accepted which resulted to him having to beat a dragon within 3 days, he also thought that the vampire army and him can defeat the dragon but they can’t and even suffered some damages, he even made a mistake of showing himself when he rescued Freya which he was supposed not to do, sure his assumption that the King killed the Queen and Prince was spot on but he didn’t knew the Prince was still alive, he even almost lost to Fawkes and the Black Hand assassin because he overestimated himself, he also didn’t think Freya was a Vampire Lord, he didn’t even get the golds in the vault and because of that, the assassin attacked them, heck, he even forgot that Noir still has his money in the auction and the pay from Trask! He also didn’t think he will be drifted somewhere after using [Dragon’s Wrath] in [Senerth], he didn’t even know why t led him to Eu, he didn’t even know the [Tree of Life] will attack them when every plant was removed, he also wasted a lot of time curing Aeran when the answer was was with him all along, Lucas made a lot of mistakes so I really can’t see why you say “it’s too simple! It’s too linear! MC sees, MC decides, MC never is wrong in his assumptions! He blindly believes everything he is told and never seems to be wrong so far” and yeah, other players are idiots because they’re just side characters haha.

Well based from his review, e stopped after the X’teen’th chapter so maybe he won’t see this but I said it anyway.

And yeah, maybe I made other character too accepting like the MC’s mom so I’m trying of ways to improve…

Explanations on the [World Key] will be tackled on Lucas’ part of his volume.

Lilianne as well will have her own story but not now, it will be shown in the future so just wait.

I will put more attention to Paintng since I seemed to have neglected it at some point.

If it seemed that my speaking seemed to be…broken(?) it’s cause I was reading the comments at the same time as writing this sooo…yeah haha

Well, this is getting long so I’l stop….no, one more. haha, there was actually one guy that guessed right as for the ??? hooded person that killed Slazore but I won’t mention who haha, jus know that one of the commenters was right :p

Now that the my ranting is over…

Till the next chapter! (for those who won’t skip…)

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