World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 4 Chapter 6: Watervilet

My castle is big.

Too big.

If I didn’t have [Photographic Memory], then I would’ve gotten lost already…

Let’s see what we have here.

1 wide bath which can fit 20 people for who knows what reason which is located underground

Around 20 small rooms for the employees or free rooms

4 guest rooms

1 cylinder shaped room for storage that also goes up to the second floor and yes, the castle was 2 storeys high.

1 art gallery

1 surveillance room

And oh, a dungeon…

NameCursed SoilRankDDescriptionA child was once buried alive at this very spot. Beneath, the child was said to repeatedly curse the soil on top of her that prevented her from going out which then caused any plant to die within a 5 meter radius.

Ah, so that’s why the space was unusually big…

But man…to be buried alive, I think I have an idea who did it but…well, we can just ask the dead…I hope this works though. If it doesn’t…well damn.

I placed the [Seed of Life] a few centimeters beneath the soil and waited.

“May I ask? What kind of plant did you place milord?” (Alfan)

“The [Seed of Life].” (Lucas)

I see Freya and the rest open their eyes wide in surprise but I ignored them and waited.

…Looks like it won’t grow immediately. Well, it can wait till later. For now, let’s see my city.

Before going outside the gate, I received a summary of the city’s description and state from Jacob.

[Watervilet] is a city with three layers stacked like a wedding cake. The topmost being where I am now, the so called [Lord Layer] where, of course, the lord of the city lives. The second layer, [Noble Layer] is as its names suggests, an area designed for nobles and nobles only. And lastly, the third layer, [Common Layer], where commoners live.

It seems that because of the previous lord, the discrimination of nobles and commoners is pretty big.

It was arranged so that no one from the lower layer can pass through the stairs leading to the upper layer without proper invitation. On the other hand, if it’s going down, then there is no problem.

“Haah…what a troublesome lord that guy is…” (Lucas)

Seriously, creating so much trouble for me to clean up…

I need to remind myself to demolish that system later.

For now, I went down towards the [Noble Layer] and gave greetings to the guards stationed on the stairs leading upwards.

While walking down the road of the second layer, I noticed there are three kinds of nobles here. One that absolutely hates commoners, including me who is their lord. I guess the fact that someone of common birth made it into a Marquis faster than them annoys them. Well, I couldn’t care less.

There is also the type that is favorable to commoners which I can call a true noble. Meaning, they actually practice the saying ‘Noblesse Oblige’ and does not abuse their power. Although they numbered about 20% of the nobles.

The last type, is the ones that simply didn’t care which was about 10% of the nobles. They are the ones that simply want to live peacefully and quietly.

To sum it up, I have 70% troublesome nobles to kil- *cough* discipline.

As expected of a noble residence area, the streets are clean and seemed to be in order…well that’s because there are rarely any people that actually go out.

I see commoners though, but they’re more of a servant than a resident judging from their clothes and atmosphere.

Well, nothing really interesting here, in fact, I don’t feel like walking in this place anymore.

Next is the third layer, the [Common Layer].

Like before, I greeted the guards stationed on the stairs downwards and preceded inside the city.

Unlike in the [Noble Layer] this one is actually very welcoming.

“Ah! It’s the Lord!”

NoticeYou have activated the city’s true nature as a fountain city of water.

From now on, people from all over the continent will want to view the scene of a fountain city.

+ + +

“W-water is flowing in!”

“Quick, take shelter!”

The townspeople took refuge in their houses expecting a flood to happen soon.

But surprisingly, the water only flowed at the height of the depressed road.

After seeing that there was no harm being done, slowly, they all went out of their houses to view the scene.

They saw water falling from the first layer’s walls towards the second layer and flowed back towards the third layer.

“A fountain!”

“It’s like Venice! A fountain Venice!”

“Ooh! I bet this city will be flooded with players soon! Especially couples!”

Players that were in the city, the Earthlings so to say, understood that this is how the city was supposed to be and most likely began to record the scene.

“Waah! Mommy, let’s swim!”

“Careful now, you might slip.”

“Ohhh, I wonder if I can now fish here? I don’t need to leave in front of my house now!”

Such noises were heard throughout the city, even in the [Noble Layer], it was not an exception.

“Hmm, truly, this is better than going up and down repeatedly.”

“Prepare a boat! I want to take a stroll in the city now filled with water.”

“Hoh, the feeling of the sea at your doorstep does not seem bad.”

Nobles then began to change their opinions about Lucas as the new Lord.

However, it still wasn’t enough for all of them to like him

“Hmph! Let’s see how that lord deal will with this now. How can we even cross without getting wet?”

“Tch, now it’s noisy outside.”

“I hate water.”

If Lucas were to hear that last one, he will no doubt retort ‘Then why are you living in a city so close to the sea!?’

+ + +

“Now, we need to start construction of bridges.” (Lucas)

“R-right away!” (Jacob)

Snapping back to reality, Jacob took note of my order.

“Also, demolish the layer system. By that, I meant that rule where the lower layers cannot visit the upper layers.” (Lucas)

“E-eh!?” (Ellen)

“A-are you sure, milord?” (Jacob)

“Hm? Why?” (Lucas)

Was there something preventing them besides the previous lord?

“Nothing, it’s just that…there may be more disputes if that were to happen. Also, that will mean that they can also visit your castle without permission.” (Jacob)

“The castle is open to everyone…scratch that, prepare a route from the entrance to the art gallery and prevent anyone from going beyond that.” (Lucas)

“If I may ask, why? (Jacob)

“Jacob. I am a painter so I know. Art is meant to be seen, not kept like this. If there is no one that will see an artist’s art, then it’s useless creating it.” (Lucas)

That’s right, what’s the point of creating an art if no one sees it?

Well, increase in proficiency I guess? But still, that will not make the artist known.

Actually, the names of the ones in the art gallery should be famous but it was still the first time I heard or seen them.

This should also be the same for those who have no knowledge about arts.

I’m merely letting famous artist famous as they should be.

…And it will increase the popularity of this city which means more people which means more money for me!

“Also, how much is the city’s budget?” (Lucas)

“Yes, 18 940 Gold 80 Silvers and 79 Coppers. Actually, you can get a better view of the state of the city by saying [Watervilet Status] as you are now the lord.” (Jacob)

Ah so there was a command for that huh? Wait…what’s with that absurd money!?

“A-as a reference…the money you spoke of just now, is it normal?” (Lucas)

Right after I said that, Jacob and the Arch-bishop revealed bitter expressions.

…Wait, don’t tell me it’s actually too much!?

“Actually Lucas…it’s one third of a city’s normal budget.” (Arch-bishop)

Ahh I see…like I expected, it’s really too much huh?

…Wait what!?

“It’s one third!? That absurd amount of money is one third!? Why!?” (Lucas)

“Ah yes. For the soldier’s monthly pay, all in all costs around 5 000 Gold already add to that the pay for your employees, its 6 500 Gold solely for you to pay your subordinates. Then, there’s also the money for the city’s maintenance as well as new buildings which will cost around 20 000 Gold for the materials and man power…also, there’s tax that is towards the capital which is 10 000 Gold per month and-” (Jacob)

“STOP! STOP IT! I don’t want to hear anything anymore!” (Lucas)

Why the hell is the money for running a city so much!?

Enough! I’d rather spend all my money to my equipments! I don’t wanna do this anymore! I wanna go home!

I got down on all fours and began to cry.

Yes, I cried.

“How the hell did that previous lord even run this city?” (Lucas)

“T-that…he spent most of the money to this castle and…well…slaves…” (Jacob)


I know I promised Denneth to not use [Dragon’s Wrath] anymore but just this once…please…I want to use it on that bastard of a lord…

Haah haah…breathe…slowly….phew.

Let’s start this over again.

Problem: Lack of money

Now, how to solve this?

“Jacob. Everything in this room besides this table. Sell them all. Also, buy me a cheap bed, that’s enough for me.” (Lucas)

“E-eh!? P-please wait milord. I cannot possibly-” (Jacob)

“Jacob. All this decorations are useless. Sell them all. I understand that the ones outside should be left there since guests will still be coming but I doubt I’ll bring any guests that are not my friends to my bedroom so all the decorations in my bedroom are useless. Sell it.” (Lucas)

“A-are you sure, milord?” (Jacob)

“S-E-L-L I-T” (Lucas)

“R-right away, milord!” (Jacob)

I see even Freya and the rest surprised of my decision while the Arch-bishop only smiled and nodded like he was expecting it.

Haah, I honestly don’t understand how rich people think. I mean, is there even a point to all this expenses?

“Then I shall also sell every decoration in my room.” (Jacob)

“Eh? You don’t really need to you know? I mean, those stuffs are yours that came out from your own wallet. For me, I’m simply returning what should be the money of others.” (Lucas)

After all, this is all because of the previous lord’s corruptness after all.

Also, it’s not like I’ll stay here for long.

I’m going to be adventuring most of the time so there’s no use for these decorations.

“No, if it can be used for the city. I do not mind if I have to sell everything.” (Jacob)

“I-I as well!” (Ellen)

“So will I.” (Alfan)

“Well…suit yourselves.” (Lucas)

That should solve the money issue in the meantime. But I would need to find a way to gather more money for the future.

I hope the fountain city gimmick would be effective enough to gather more residents and travelers here.

Next, let’s see [Watervilet’s] status.

“[Watervilet Status]” (Lucas)

WaterviletMilitary105Economy350Culture492Budget18 940 G 80 S 79 CReligious Influence130Technology220Local Politic15Urban Development100Sanitation126Security81%Population542 268Monthly Income from Tax[td3]28 580 Gold 72 Silver 91 Copper[/tds]


Neighboring Vicinity – 70%

 Church – 8%


Seafood Dishes

 Water Roads

I have no idea what these numbers are supposed to tell me but what I do know, is the monthly income from tax…

“The mothly income from tax alone is already higher than the present budget! Why the hell are we so broke!?” (Lucas)

“L-like I just said…the previous lord spent it all on this castle and slaves…and food…” (Jacob)

“Tell me, has the monthly pay to the capital done already for this month?” (Lucas)

“Not yet milord.” (Jacob)

Seriously oi!

That guy…does he even do the maintenance and the pay for the soldiers and employees properly!?

“Also, the previous lord does not pay his subordinates properly…well, except for women that he liked…” (Jacob)

I was right!

Damn that previous lord…creating so much trouble for me…

“Jacob, can you also view [Watervilet’s] status?” (Lucas)

“I’m afraid not, milord. I can only do so once you grant me to.” (Jacob)

“Then I grant you.” (Lucas)

Do you wish to grant Jacob Morgan the power to view [Watervilet’s] status?YesNo

What a convenient system…naturally, I chose [Yes].

“As I will be away most of the time, it would be more convenient if you can see it yourself as the acting lord after all.” (Lucas)

“Understood.” (Jacob)

Also, I’m sure he can understand those numbers better than me anyway.

“Now then, first construct the bridges as I’ve said earlier as well as demolish that annoying layer system. After that, use the remaining money for the necessary maintenance.” (Lucas)

Then, once we have enough money, only then will I start with constructing new buildings.

Thankfully, there already seems to be churches of different religions here as well as guilds for different jobs.

Next, I’ll probably make something big to gather more people. I think an arena would be good.

Maybe I should also place sports fields? We will be coexisting from now on anyways…well, the discussion for that is still not made but I’m sure it would lead to that…well, I still have to prepare for that to succeed.

Now, while I wait for my audience with the Prince, I would need to have a better understanding with this world. Basically, I would need to understand this world’s [Logic].


Author’s Notes

Finally finished…supposed to post this yesterday but stuffs happen and was unable to…

Anyway, this chapter is all about [Watervilet] and yeah, I deliberately skipped mentioning most of the buildings since it’s more convenient for me that way hahaha!

Well, fighting scenes and adventuring won’t happen till next volume so I apologize for that.

Next chap is all about world’s logic and will probably answer most of the questions in your head.

Also, I decided to make a new series, World Gate Online Crossovers where I basically place all crossover fictions I have in my head with relation to WGO which will not affect whatsoever anything in the story. That includes items or exp gained, people met and so on.

The first one will be a crossover with that is written by Warhawx since we already talked about it and the second one will be with Arifureta I think.

Anyway, I am speed typing right now because waaah I’m so late for class. Yes, I am writing this on my break and am late so I will probably add more in the Author’s Notes later.

For now, Bye!

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Anyway, too lazy to erase the previous ones so let me redo it here 😛

This chap is all about [Watervilet] and if you’re wondering why some buildings or places were not mentioned, that is for my own convenience for better flexibility later on. 😛

The [Tree of Life] will also grow here accompanied with the resurrection of a potential hare- female friend…well, whether she will fall for Lucas or not, I still have no plans for that.

As for the previous lord, I will definitely set a story where Lucas meets him because I am also pissed at the guy and I want to have Lucas punch the living day lights out of him so I will. -3-

Next is the crossover thingy I just said. At first, I only read by pure accident (misclicked) since I try not to read other fictions too much as it affects my writing…well, I got hooked up anyway so wasn’t able to stop.

Since I got interested and it seems Warhawx is also reading my fiction, I asked if I can make a crossover that is outside of the story and he accepted :3 And I also have all this other wild ideas in my head where Lucas meets Hajjime (Arifureta) or  Naofumi (Tate no Yuusha) or Weed (Moonlight Sculptor) and a bunch of other guys. Oh, and let’s mention Kamijou Touma as well (To Aru Majutsu no Index). :3

Whether Warhawx will make a crossover with mine with his MC (Wargon)’s POV, I don’t know but he’s free to do so. Also, if any of you wants to do the same, just tell me :3

It won’t update much though since I will focus on the main story more.

Anyway, since this is getting longer, I’ll stop.

So! What will Lucas discover as he tries to understand a different world’s logic? Will Lucas be able to properly run his city? How will the nobles accept him? And just what is the plan Lucas discussed with Trask?

Till the next chapter!

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