World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 4 Chapter 7: Abnormality

Choose the world you wish to goEarth


“[Senerth]!” (Lucas)

NoticeA seal is placed in [Harus] which prevents leaving using this way.

Damn, I forgot about this, what’s the deal with this seal? Who put that there?

Fine, I’ll log off for now and enter [Senerth] again.

After telling Freya and the rest that I’ll be back in a few minutes, I logged off and entered [Senerth]. But not as [Harus’ Lucas] but [Earth’s Lucas]. This is because I wanted to test something.

Appearing in the last place I’ve been in [Senerth], the [Dorville Forest], I saw Aeran make an astonished face when I appeared.

Ah, come to think of it, they don’t know my real face right?

“Oh, it’s Sir Lucas.” (Princess)

On the other hand though, the human princess beside Aeran immediately noticed it was me which seemed to surprise Aeran.

But still…to immediately notice it was me…it’s true that I only changed my eye and hair color but…well there’s no use thinking about it.

Who knows, maybe she’s just good at remembering faces.

“Ah, it’s nice to see you two again. This is my real appearance, I’m surprised you noticed it was me princess.” (Lucas)

“A-ah, yes. It was just a guess really. It’s not like I’ve seen your real appearance before after all. Ha-hahaha…” (Princess)

I tilt my head at the princess’ words.

Somehow…it’s like she’s hiding something. Hmmm…

“Uuu, to think that Aleris would notice Lucas before me…” (Aeran)

Aleris? Ah, come to think of it, it was the princess’ name huh?

“So, what is it that Lucas came here for? Can we finally see your world!?” (Aeran)

Aeran looked at me with glittery eyes full of anticipation.

“S-sorry, not yet, there was just something I would like to try. In our world, there is no mana or magic so I just tried to come here in this form and maybe learn magic!” (Lucas)

“I see…” (Aeran)

Aeran dropped her shoulders and hang her head clearly displeased.

Even the wings in her back dropped.

“A-ah but. I promise I will take you with me a few days from now! After all, if people were to see a person with wings…well, a lot of things will get more troublesome…” (Lucas)

“Muuu, I understand. But you know, Lucas. If there is no mana or magic in your world, then your body shouldn’t have any either right?” (Aeran)



D-does that mean that…I can’t ever learn magic with this body!!!???

I used the command to view the status window of this world to see it for myself.

Basic StatisticsNameLucas LauwersLevel5GenderMaleRaceHumanClassN/ATitleThat sleeping student in the classMax Life500Max Mana0STR14INT67SPD25DEX84VIT10LUK368Fame13Advanced StatisticsATK70DEF34MATK0MDEF0CRIT207ASPD147


How can I have 0 mana when I have 67 INT!? Also, after all this time, in my whole life, I only leveled up to 5!?

And what’s with that absurd LUK!?

Not to mention…WHEN DID I GAIN THAT TITLE!!!???

That sleeping student in the classDescriptionFor being asleep in class most of the time, the teachers, professors, and students would be recalled of you whenever they see someone asleep.EffectPeople around you would be suddenly overwhelmed by drowsiness whenever you sleep.

T-though I admit that I’ve been asleep most of the time in classes but…to think this would happen!

I got down on all fours and started recollecting my life…

First, no mana, now this!?

I don’t wanna do this anymore! Please, just somebody kill me!

“Haah…I’m going back…” (Lucas)

I sighed and prepared my [World Key] with clouds over my head when Aleris suddenly remembered something.

“Ah, come to think of it, Lucas. A few days ago, someone apparently killed Slazore.” (Aleris)

“Hm? Who was that again?” (Lucas)

“It’s the demon that attempted to start a war as well as the one who imprisoned the Demon Queen Euomun. I can’t believe you already forgot…” (Aleris)

Ah, come to think of it. Something like that did happen huh?

“So? Why did the culprit kill him? A grudge?” (Lucas)

“That…the culprit hasn’t been caught yet. Actually, the guards never saw anyone enter. They only discovered the body when they did the daily check.” (Aleris)

Hm? Isn’t that dangerous?

I get that this person cannot possibly be a bad person because he killed the bad guy but that doesn’t mean he’s right.

Also, there is a chance that this guy is Slazore’s accomplice and he simply killed him because Slazore might tell about him.

Actually, just the very thought that there is someone powerful enough to get past the guards and kill Slazore is a problem in and of itself.

“…I understand. Please continue investigating.” (Lucas)

I see Aleris nod and said my goodbyes to the two of them.

Hm? Come to think of it, where was Eu?…Well, she is the Demon Queen so she might’ve had some work.

Anyway, let me try my next experiment.

+ + +

After Lucas had went past the [World Gate], Aleris bade farewell to Aeran and went off her way.

The reason why she was in [Dorville Forest] was only because she wanted time to relax and since this forest was now a famous spot for that, she had herself relax while being surrounded with fluffy animals.

Getting back to her room in the [Human Kingdom], she sighed and fell towards the bed.

“…You’re really bad at lying you know?” (???)

“!?” (Aleris)

Aleris sat up after hearing another person’s voice in her room but soon sighed in relief upon knowing who the man was.

“Geez, so it’s just you. So you were nearby?” (Aleris)

“Well by nearby you mean on the other side of the planet yeah, I’m nearby.” (???)

The other person revealed himself from the shadows and what appeared was a man wearing a hood that hid his face.

“The other-…well, I guess it’s what you expect from a God…wait, can you also see from that far?” (Aleris)

“Yes.” (???)

Suddenly, Aleris was dyed in deep red and embraced her body to cover it.

Realizing what Aleris had in mind, the hooded man sighed and rubbed his forehead with his index and thumb.

“I can only see and hear from afar when I concentrate on something or someone as well as know the location. If I don’t then all these images and noises would surge in my brain which is a headache so I don’t do that.” (???)

“…And you just happen to know my location and his and listened?” (Aleris)

“Of course I know where he will be. I only came here to check up on you.” (???)

“…So you never peeked when I take a bath or anything?” (Aleris)

“I didn’t.” (???)

“…I see…” (Aleris)

Aleris sighed and released her hands from her chest somewhat disappointed and pouted.

Looking at Aleris, the hooded man cannot help but sigh again.

“In the first place, I can see through clothes already so it doesn’t really matter…” (???)

“Hn?” (Aleris)

Aleris tilted her head when the hooded man murmured something and hoped to have him repeat it.

“Nothing.” (???)

Of course, it was met with a deadpan reaction.

“So…why did you kill Slazore? Was there a real need for that?” (Aleris)

“Of course. If he had been left alive, the [Death Eaters] would’ve find him and millions of people would die and…become someone else thanks to his Slavemancer skills.” (???)

Slavemancer, a very rare class that supposedly didn’t exist. It’s a type of class that forces people or monsters to obey the user unconditionally.

Of course, this would be a very powerful class but at this time, Slazore has yet to achieve that class which was why he was defeated easily.

“Slavemancer…to think such a terrifying class existed. If I hadn’t seen you I wouldn’t have believed it.” (Aleris)

“Well, there’s no point worrying about that, after all, Slazore no longer exists.” (???)

Aleris saw the hooded man turn around and caught a glimpse of the man under the hood but only saw his black hair.

Like that, the hooded man disappeared once more leaving Aleris alone.

“Really…carrying the burden of all worlds…you never change no matter the time…” (Aleris)

+ + +

So, it didn’t work…Owell, there’s no need to rush, who knows, someday in the future I may be able to have mana in my real form.

For now, I want to confirm something else.

Going back to the guest room in [Watervliet] after setting things up in my room, I greeted Freya and rest again.

This time, I want to know what happens to my real body after the [Character Switch] so I placed a camera to record myself in my room.

“[Character Switch]!” (Lucas)

After being engulfed with a familiar light, I became [Earth’s Lucas] once more but this time, in [Harus].

Alright, now to check the video after logging ou-!?

“Gah-!?” (Lucas)

Before I logged out, I was suddenly met with a pain in the chest.

This pain is different from getting punched, hit, stabbed, or poisoned.

It was much much worse.

My breathing stopped and I’m releasing rough gasps to try to breathe but I can’t!

“Lucas!?” (Freya)

“What happened!?” (Arch-bishop)

I hear Freya and the Arch-bishop run towards me to check my body but I can’t focus enough to know what they’re doing.

I feel my lungs contracting, trying to get some air but for some reason, the air won’t enter.

I can clearly feel my heart thumping as well as the pain in my head.

The feeling I’m having just now, if I had to describe it, it’s like I’m exploding from the inside!

I shut my eyes from the pain while I clutch my chest.

In the darkness, I can see a door that won’t open.

Like how my lungs won’t let any air enter, the door rejected everything that went its way.

Just then, I hear the Arch-bishop activate a spell but I can’t understand it because of the pain.

I was engulfed with light thinking that it was a healing spell but it had a different effect!

I feel more pain.

As if the light is burning my body.

I can’t even shout anymore because of the lack of air inside me.

Damn! Am I going to die like this!?

No! If I die now…then everything I’ve done until now will be lost!

Suddenly, I see a hand grab the door in my vision.

There was only one thought in my mind right now, PULL!




At the last moment, I was able to open the door and suddenly, like finally surfacing in a deep ocean, I was finally able to breathe in.

For a while, I gasped for air and even coughed once or twice in the process.

“W-what happened?” (Lucas)

But before I was answered, Freya suddenly threw herself in my chest with tears trickling down her cheeks.

“Y-you’re safe right? *sniff* Y-you’ll be okay now right? *sniff* Please tell me you’re okay… *sniff*” (Freya)

“…I’m okay.” (Lucas)

Even though I don’t know what just happened, I said the words that she wanted to hear and I rubbed her back to calm her.

I see the Arch-bishop as well as Jacob, Ellen, and Alfan sigh in relief upon knowing I’m okay.

Looking closely, a lot of sweat seemed to have been released from watching me nervously not knowing what to do.

“It’s a good thing my spell worked…truthfully, it was the first that I’ve seen such symptoms so I used the highest healing spell I know…” (Arch-bishop)

“What spell was that? It hurt like hell. For a second there, I thought you were trying to kill me.” (Lucas)

“Huh? But that should be impossible. What I used was an SS ranked healing spell [Angel’s Light] so it should have a soothing effect instead.” (Arch-bishop)

SS rank spell!?

“H-hey, is it fine to use such a high rank spell on me? Doesn’t it have effects?” (Lucas)

“Not really, it just takes time and takes 90% of my mana. Only the leaders of the Church have that spell.” (Arch-bishop)

I see, so harsh effects like Eu’s probably were only meant for the magic in their world.

This means that magic works differently from the two worlds.

“But still…I feel like I was burning when you used it…Don’t tell me that spell is meant for sadists!?” (Lucas)

“Like I said, it shouldn’t have that kind of effect…odd, what just happened?” (Arch-bishop)

That’s what I want to know too…

Anyway, somehow, I feel my body is different from before.

Like there is something else flowing inside me aside from blood.

“Hm? Freya, you’re injured.” (Lucas)

I noticed her bare feet having blood and saw that a broken glass was on the ground.

She must’ve rushed immediately to me that she even didn’t notice her own pain…

“Its fine, *sniff* I could heal it with a simple spell.” (Freya)

“Even if you say that…I feel responsible so let me at least wipe off the blood.” (Lucas)

Ignoring her reply, I took my scarf and held her foot with my free hand to wipe off the blood but…all of a sudden, a green light was released from my hand that went towards her injured foot.

Just like that, the blood that flowed from the injury went back and the injuries closed all by themselves.

“What was that!?” (Lucas)

“That light…without a doubt, that is [Angel’s Light]! But I didn’t even hear the activation!” (Arch-bishop)

Eh!? That just now was an SS rank healing spell!?


C-could it be…

“[Status Window]!” (Lucas)

NameLucas LauwersLevel5GenderMaleMoney0 G 0 S 0 CJobN/ARaceHumanHealth500Mana36700STR14INT 67SPD25DEX84VIT10LUK368TitleThat sleeping student in the classFame13Passive Skills[Angel’s Touch] Master LVL 10 (100.00%)Active SkillsPopularity

[Angel’s Touch]…so it’s like that…what happened was that the magic the Arch-bishop used was given to me.

Come to think of it, while in [Senerth], there are things or someone that does not have any mana, in this world, everything has mana.

That includes air which would be why my body didn’t accept it.

And that pain was…the process of adaption!

This is just a theory but there has already been an event that proved it.

It was when I switch characters or summons Freya in [Earth]. If you think about it logically, both of our bodies should have a different density than that of [Earth’s] normal density because of the size of this planet.

Upon coming to [Earth], a [Harus Body] should feel light since [Earth’s] size is smaller than what it is used to…or maybe the other way around I don’t know but it should feel different!

But that didn’t happen before.

This can only mean something, summoning magic and the [World Key’s] effects have the same principle. That is, having the summoned body to adapt on the other world.

I didn’t feel anything when I went to [Senerth] because there also exists people there that do not have any mana. But this world is different. Everything has and should have mana.

Because of that, the mana filled air was forced into my body and forced it to adapt. Thus the pain from before.

But…no matter what the change, I should be able to feel it if my theory is correct. Whether the change was in accordance with the body’s density or those holo-window thingys that seemed to be a part of [Harus’] and [Senerth’s] body…there was no pain, why?

Could it be…people with no mana actually existed here?

“Hey, are there cases where people with no mana exist?” (Lucas)

“Yes…There is but they only numbered few, in fact, the number of such occurrences can be counted by hand. A baby that has been born without mana immediately dies so there are no known methods to cure it.” (Arch-bishop)

…So there is. Meaning, something that does not have any mana can exist, but unable to exist for long. So the adapting system judged that a person like me who has no mana can also exist here and does not care what happens to me next?


So how was this solved? Like a vacuum, once that door in my vision was opened, it sucked everything to fill itself, including the Arch-bishop’s magic as well as the mana in the air around me which resulted to me learning a passive skill as well as gaining a lot of mana.

But still…it’s a shame that the SS rank magic passive skill is now in my [Earth body] rather than the [Harus] one…I bet it would’ve been a lot more helpful in the future.

I want to try absorbing more skills but I have a feeling it won’t work again since the room beyond that imaginary door is already filled.

And like that, I stopped being [Normal]…


Author’s Notes

Sorry for the delay~ Lots of stuff happened and I still have a lot of school work to do. In fact, I’m surprised I was able to do this…well, procrastination 😛 haha

So you get to see other world’s logic a bit here, as for the rest of the [World Key] experiments, that will be done next chapter as well as a few meetings I guess?

Also, you probably already guessed that there will be time travel and probably even know who the hooded guy is. Sadly, the actual chapter where the hooded guy’s name will be revealed won’t be shown in this series 😛 actually, it will only be revealed on the third series haha.

I’ll stop talking about that now before I spoil anymore further.

This chapter also tied with the prologue chapter and now, Lucas will have a new problem. The ESPers. Of course, it won’t be just Lucas who will gain such powers and a lot of trouble will happen in the future…

So, there are Harians, Senertians, Earthlings, Monsters, Death Eaters, Villains, Normals and ESPers to deal with in the future…Lucas’ future sure sounds troublesome…

Well…I don’t know what to say next…I guess expect a decline in posting speed since I really have too much schoolwork. Bare with this speed for the next 2-3 weeks since my term will end then.

BTW, are there people here who likes spoilers? If there are, you can ask a question and add (spoilers pls) or something and I’ll answer with a spoiler tag thingy. Why? I’m bored. And procrastinating.

So! How will Lucas’ life turn out to be now that he has a healing power? What are the [Death Eaters]? Just what is the hooded man’s agenda? Will Lucas be able to achieve peace from all 3 worlds?

Till the next chapter! :3

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