World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 5 Chapter 2: Girls shopping…take long no matter which world they belong huh…

A lot has happened while I tried to take a break and now, I am involved with what seems to be a Mafia War…

I sighed and started to think about where the others had gone off to.

I think the movie should be finished before the alarm went off but…hmm, should I go look outside? Maybe they evacuated like everyone else.

-Is what I thought but that doesn’t seem to be the case since they’re already heading here.

“Lucas!” (Freya)

“A-ahh, hey…” (Lucas)

Like I thought…knowing that they watched that movie is seriously embarrassing on my end. Especially when those stupid guys are looking at me with a teasing smirk on their faces…

“Just wait for a moment princess, I’ll take you to your father soon.” (Gavin)

“No matter what, I’ll definitely send her home, after that, I’ll find the rest of the slaves taken.” (Kanin)


I covered my ears as I didn’t want to hear them anymore.

Damn it! Next time, I will definitely cut off those parts before sending them to Trask!

As Gavin and the rest laughed at me, Steph approached as she was confused.

“Are these the ones who are waiting for you?” (Steph)

“Hm? Ah, yeah.” (Lucas)

“…Those girls…” (Steph)

Steph muttered and I immediately knew who she is referring to.

Right…introductions again.

After quickly introducing each and every one of them, they all let out surprised voices.

“Another world…that’s amazing! I want to see it too!” (Steph)

“Wah! Sister Demon is so pretty! Not scary at all!” (Alice)

“O-oi Lucas! After siding with the Demon Queen which is usually the villain in stories, you even involved yourself with a mafia organization!? Are you nuts!? Or are you telling me that she is the same as Eu?” (Kanin)

“Mafia…there won’t be any ring battles right? You won’t suddenly become the mafia boss right? Somehow…I feel like something like that will happen…” (Gavin)

I sighed after hearing all their complaints and reactions and explained the story so far.

“To even think of killing such a cute little girl! Who is it! Let me borrow your key Lucas! Let’s kill the bastard who did this!” (Gavin)

Ah right…I forgot…despite being a trap character, this one is also a lolicon…well, he is more interested in short girls but all the same…

I think there’s also another lolicon in our group but…thankfully he’s not here…

“Haah, anyway, I’m going to visit their house this evening and check their security for potential threats. It seems that a feast will be prepared and I can bring you guys as well.” (Lucas)

“Deal!” (Margo, Rose, & Aeran)

…Those three…since when did such an alliance was born?

“If Lucas is coming, then I will also join!” (Eu)

“M-me too!” (Freya)

Both of them suddenly clung to both of my arms.

Huh? Do they think that I’ll escape again so they did this? Geez…well, it was my fault anyway so I let them be…and the feeling is somewhat nice…

“Ah! No fair! Me too!” (Aeran)

Said Aeran who suddenly jumped on my back and grabbed my neck.

Umm, I know you don’t want to be left out but…I’m suffocating here…

“Wah! That looks fun!” (Alice)

Eh? This is fun? Rather, you’re joining too!? Wa-wait! Stop clinging to my leg! It’s hard to walk!

Since Alice is small, she managed to hop onto my left foot and hugged my leg.

T-that tickles hey! St-stop it! Don’t move your hands any further up there please!

Lily seemed to have found the situation amusing and was chuckling while Steph was surprised at the sudden occurrence.

“Damn it! Damn it Lucas! To even involve this little girl in your harem!!! I wish [Death] finds you!” (Gavin)

“She’s not! Rather, what harem!?” (Lucas)

Lily sighed at my retort while the three otherworlders seemed to be curious about the word.

Rather, to think that Gavin hates that much that he wished [Death] will find me…no way, I don’t want to fight such a fearsome monster!

Gavin and Kanin already told me about the existence of the [Four Horsemen] especially [Death]. He seemed to ignore the pain filter in the system and directly injure our souls…this guy would definitely be a problem in the future so I also informed the Prince and the Arch-bishop while I explained the [Gatekeeper Project] to them so we can locate and avoid [Death].

“Haah, guys, I won’t escape anymore so please let go of me…I can’t walk…” (Lucas)

Rather, you’re all too heavy…which is better left unsaid as I don’t want to incur these girls’ wrath…especially Eu…

Though reluctant, they separated themselves but still stood close to me…

Haah, what will I do with these guys?…

“So, what’s next?” (Eu)

“Lunch…I’m hungry.” (Lucas)

As I said that, someone’s stomach growled but since no one seemed to reveal it in their faces, it was unknown whose stomach it was.

Well, I saw Lily’s slightly flushed face so I’m guessing it was her.

And since I’m an understanding person, I didn’t say anything.

People began to fill the mall again as the fire alarm seemed to be a malfunction as they explained it. I look at Steph and she simply gives a playful wink as she stuck out her tongue.

…So it was her doing…

Haah, it seems that she contacted someone to fake the explanation so what happened here did not happen. The camera footages of the event too were deleted it seems…it’s a good thing she wasn’t the enemy…but conversely, her enemy is also of the same type so it is just as fearsome…

I sure got myself into something troublesome…again.

As penalty of ditching them, I was dragged all across the mall after we ate lunch.

“Lucas! Which one is better? This pink one or the red one? Pink makes me look innocent while the red seems to give off an experienced look. Which one do you like?” (Eu)

“…” (Lucas)

“Innocent seems better huh?…Pink one it is!” (Eu)

“…” (Lucas)

“Lucas! This hat, or that one?” (Aeran)

“…” (Lucas)

“Hmm, that one seems better after all! Thanks Lucas!” (Aeran)

“…” (Lucas)

“U-umm, what do you think is better?” (Freya)

“…” (Lucas)

“R-right, I think so too…I’ll go look for a different one.” (Freya)

“…” (Lucas)


I’ve been dragged around the clothes area for 4 hours now…at first, I was giving suggestions and reactions but…

I looked at my hands which are full with bags of different types of stores.

There’s too much!

What the hell!?

Do you really expect me to properly reply every single time!?

So I started nodding instead at their every question…well, they all looked good to them really so I was tired of saying ‘It looks good’ all the time…

Haah…it seems that women really shop for a long time no matter what world huh?

The others have already abandoned me and went off somewhere saying we’ll meet up afterwards.

The only ones with me are Eu, Aeran, Freya, Lily, Steph, Alice, and their bodyguards mingling in the crowd.

I sighed as I waited for the three otherworlders to look for the clothes they want.

“You have it rough huh?” (Steph)

“Ah, I bought some water Lucas.” (Lily)

“Yeah…thanks, Lily.” (Lucas)

After receiving the bottled water from Lily, I immediately drank it as I am tired. To which, Lily seemed to twitch at the sight of me drinking but I didn’t take note of it much as I let myself relax from the cold water going down my throat.

After drinking, I gave it back to Lily as she seemed to have the plastic bag where the bottle belonged earlier.

Though, she didn’t place it inside but stared first at the bottle with a flushed face before hurriedly placing it inside the plastic bag.

Hm? Did I drink too much of her water? My bad…

Steph seems to notice Lily’s gaze earlier and looked at me. I only tilted my head wondering what she wants but she only sighed and shook her head.

“Really…it seems Ms. Lilianne also has it rough…” (Steph)

“?” (Lucas)

I looked at Lily worriedly only to see her face slightly tinted with red as she looked away from me.

“…Sorry Lily, I didn’t notice.” (Lucas)

“Feh-!? Eh? W-what???” (Lily)

Lily let out a weird sound and stuttered.

I looked at her seriously while her face becomes redder by the second and Steph seemed to be surprised by the development and was watching excitedly.

“I think I drank too much of you water. I’ll go buy some more.” (Lucas)

“H…………hah?” (Lily)

“…” (Steph)

After hearing my response and seeing me walk off to find a store to buy water, the two of them seemed speechless.

“Huh? Something wrong? Ah, do you also want some, Steph?” (Lucas)

“……haah…what can I say…the [White Haired Adventurer] sure is an idiot…” (Steph)

“Hey that’s rude, I already apologized properly, fine, no water for you then.” (Lucas)

After saying so, I bought bottled water from a nearby stand and came back only to find the trio having finished their shopping.

“Oh, done? Where do you want to go next?” (Lucas)

“…Haah…it seems that our problem is bigger than expected…” (Eu)

“Tell me about it…” (Aeran)

“Well…that’s how Lucas is…”(Freya)

? Were they talking about me?

Hey, it’s bad to talk about someone behind their backs.

I see the rest coming here, is it time to go already?

Finally! No more shopping!

“Hm, it seems you guys only bought normal clothes. Don’t you want formal ones for parties and swimsuits?” (Steph)

Eh!? What are you doing Ms. Stephanie? Why are you making them shop more!?

“Formal? Swimsuit?” (Eu)

“Follow me! I know a good store!” (Steph)

Damn…does this girl hate me or what…

The others have already arrived here and asked me where the girls are going.

I only said one word.

“Shopping.” (Lucas)

They looked at me blankly, then to the heaps bags beside me, then to the girls who were going to another store, then back to me.

I only nodded in silence as I know what they are thinking…

In the end, except for my Mom and Rose, we all sighed and can only follow them.

At the corner of my vision, I see a red dot. [Enemy Appraisal] triggered.

Though, he doesn’t seem to be taking action, just watching us so I didn’t do anything yet.

Seeing my serious gaze directed in a different direction, Gavin asked what’s wrong.

“Red player. Scout.” (Lucas)

Since we might be heard, I only let out game terms that hopefully, they won’t understand. It seems Gavin understood and only nodded.

“Avatar?” (Kanin)

Kanin joined in as he also heard me and asked what the enemy looks like.

“Sea Helm. Wood Armor. Shadow Cane.” (Lucas)

…I wonder if they understood? I tried to say blue hat, brown clothes, and a black walking stick in a way that won’t be recognizable to others who didn’t know what we are talking about.

Ah, it seems they understood as they looked once on the enemy and back to me again. Staring all the time would be suspicious so they only glanced after matching the details.

“Should we tell the next Guild Leader?” (Gavin)

By next Guild Leader, he probably meant Steph, the next head of the Mafia group.

“…No, not yet. Too many Players. I don’t want a Battle Royale to happen.” (Lucas)

There’s too many people here and it might cause more trouble than saving.

“Also, be careful of Leaks from now on. There may be Hackers.” (Lucas)

…Maybe this one is too much? I wanted to say that there may be a listening device on us and wanted them to be careful of mentioning things like the [World Key] or me switching or my quest from Steph.

Gavin and Kanin nodded. The others who listened as well and knew what we were talking about nodded in affirmation.

Maybe we just knew each other too much and understood what I meant immediately?

In any case, looks like there’s no problem.

+ + +

“…Who are these guys? And why are they with the Rimmer?” (???)

A man was watching a group of people from afar. His name is Brion Walt, a member of the Bevis Mafia Group. He was tasked to watch over the assassination of the granddaughter of the head of the Rimmer Group but got separated due to the fire alarm earlier.

When he got back, the assassins they sent were nowhere to be found and a different group has approached the target.

In order to get information, he bugged the man with the hat and shades with a listening device when he bought a bottled water earlier.

It was as easy as dropping the device on the plastic bag.

Since the listening device that he had was colored white, it shouldn’t be easy to spot inside a white opaque plastic bag.

Listening on, he heard weird words.

[[Red player. Scout.]] (Lucas)

Hm? What’s that?

[[Avatar?]] (Kanin)

[[Sea Helm. Wood Armor. Shadow Cane.]] (Lucas)

“Ah, are they talking about that game that’s been so popular lately?” (Brion)

Brion thought as he had read about it somewhere in the internet. I fact, he’s also considering in buying it when he has the time.

[[Should we tell the next Guild Leader?]] (Gavin)

[[…No, not yet. Too many Players. I don’t want a Battle Royale to happen.]] (Lucas)

“Oh? This must be the so called Guild Wars I’ve heard in other games. From their conversation, they want to avoid a full on battle huh?” (Brion)

Guild Wars occur in almost every MMORPG games and Brion also knew it as he had researched a bit about online games since he’s going to buy WGO someday.

He thought that since in WGO, you fight with real bodies, they might want to avoid full scale battles to avoid pain.

“And this Scout that he mentioned might be someone important in the enemy Guild. The guy with the hat met him somewhere and thought of using him as leverage. Huhuhu, kids these days sure are cunning.” (Brion)

Not telling the next Guild Leader meant they are closer to the next in line instead of the Guild Leader himself. Meaning, their Guild is a large one, large enough that the members feel distant with their own Leader.

By not telling the next Guild Leader, they will be able to avoid punishment in case of failure.

“They are probably going to kidnap this Scout guy. And if it succeeded, then they will tell their boss. The boss then awards them with higher position in the guild from the sudden present! Those guys are amazing! No wonder they were chosen as the Rimmer’s entourage!” (Brion)

Brion completely misunderstood.

[[Also, be careful of Leaks from now on. There may be Hackers.]] (Lucas)

“Hackers?…Ah! I’ve heard that some Guilds make their own website equipped with a chat system so they can communicate and announce even in real life. Maybe they’re worried that their plan will be known by the enemy while they talk the plan over in a private chat system in their Guild website?” (Brion)

Though it is true that some make their own websites, not everyone does it as it’s not really needed these days especially with social networks like Facebook and Twitter now.

“To think Guild Wars still fight in the real world like this. This generation sure is amazing…” (Brion)

Brion sighed as he was already past his prime.

Even then, he never neglected his training as he is a member of one of the largest Mafia Groups.

“Well, they seem to be talking about useless stuff now. I should report that the Rimmer Princesses have gotten a hold of promising youths. And that the assassins ditched their mission.” (Brion)

Brion walked away from his position and followed the target’s group further as he makes his call, updating headquarters.

+ + +

Tch- this guy sure is stubborn.

I wonder how can we lose him?

Should I walk away from the group and sneak behind him then kidnap him?

But then what?

Ask for information? Information on what? If it’s about the enemy then I can just ask Steph later as she seems to know.

…Well, he’s not doing anything so let’s leave him be.

I can’t see if he has a gun under his clothes so we need to be careful.

I have a feeling that a listening device might have been planted but…if I start looking now, he will get suspicious and may act.

Well, I could be wrong about the whole listening device thing but better safe than sorry right?

But how can I warn the others…ah…wait…no…hmmm…could it be?

[Friends Window]


(Offline) Noir


(Offline) Jacob Morgan


(Offline) Ellen Pearl


(Offline) Alfan Coral


So I can call out the windows just by thought…wait, I think I actually read that somewhere before…oh well.

Anyway, let’s try this.

[Friend Request]!

I looked at Freya and called out the command.

Freya suddenly shook and looked at me surprised.

I only nodded and soon, I received a notice saying she accepted.

I look at the [Friends Window] again and see that she is online! Now, to try the [Call Function].

“Can you hear me? If you can, don’t speak, just think.” (Lucas)

[[Y-yes, I can hear you. Umm…what’s wrong?]] (Freya)

Freya asked while trying to maintain a poker face outside…well, it’s not really working as she seems to be flinching every now and then especially when I talk. Making the others look at her curiously.

“I wanted to try if the [Call] system also works here…now, I need to do the same to the others.” (Lucas)

[[Eh? Is something happening?]] (Freya)

“An enemy is watching us. And there may be listening devices planted on us. Just a precaution.” (Lucas)

I did the same to the others. Like Freya, they looked at me with a surprised face and again, I only nod.

Though, there were some unnecessary remarks.

“Oh my, for my son to ask his mother to be his friend, I didn’t realize you were this lonely.” (Margo)

“…” (Lucas)

“…I feel like I will lose if I accept this…but it seems that it might also have some benefits…” (Eu)

After making a group with the call system, I quickly explained the situation to them and they turned serious.

Like Freya, at first Eu, Aeran, and Lily seemed to flinch every time I talk while they keep sending heated gazes to me.

While the guys shiver as they hear my voice…

Haah…this is really troublesome…

[[So what are we going to do?]] (Steph)

“Nothing, for now. Many people might get hurt if we take action carelessly. I just want to inform you to be careful from now on.” (Lucas)

[[Understood]] (Steph)

[[Lucas, can we talk like this even if I’m in another world?]] (Eu)

“No, the distance is too great, rather, it’s in a different world after all.” (Lucas)

[[I…see…]] (Eu)

Eu sighed and I felt that she is greatly depressed with the answer.

Hmm, I guess being a Demon Queen is stressful after all. So she probably wanted someone to talk with while she work.

“It’s not like it’s impossible, if I leave the [World Gate] open, I should be able to call you like now as I already tested that even wifi signals can pass through.” (Lucas)

[[Really!? Then from now on, please leave it open all the time!]] (Eu)

[[That’s right! I’ll make sure to guard it with my all! So make sure to call me too!]] (Aeran)

Hearing my answer, both Eu and Aeran were clearly overjoyed.

So Aeran is also stressed huh? I guess asking her to be the [Gatekeeper] on their side is too much…well, it’s fine.

“Fine, but not yet. After a week, when the conference is successful.” (Lucas)

[[Muuu, fine. Then I’ll make sure it turns successful! I’ll work hard with the other Kings! It’s a promise!]] (Eu)

“Yes, yes. I promise.” (Lucas)

[[Hehe]] (Eu)

I hear Eu laugh like a kid in my thoughts.

Haah, well it’s fine anyway. There was no reason to refuse anyway.

[[Yes yes, it’s all nice and all but before you guys flirt, remember that there are still others inside your heads!]] (Steph)

[[“Ah…”]] (Lucas & Eu)

From ahead, I see Eu’s face turn beet red while Steph pouted.

[[Fufu, with a door always open in Lucas’ home, should I be expecting a grandchild soon?]] (Margo)

[[“Mother!”]] (Lucas, Eu, Freya, & Aeran)

Huh? Since when did these guys call my Mom, Mother?

Haaah…nevertheless, Mom sure changed huh? After the Mapua incident, it’s like she became a totally different person.

Like I went in a different timeline where my Mom isn’t strict…that…nah, that kind of scenario is impossible.

If such a thing happened, then I would’ve noticed it happen.

Let’s see…after that incident, I went to Trask, nothing abnormal happened…then I was summoned…eh? Then did I go in a different timeline when I returned???

……………Nah…looks like I’ve been reading too much web novels…VRMMORPG and Hero Summoning is already enough…I don’t want to be stuck in a scenario where I get trapped inside the game, ran over by a truck and was reincarnated, or any other troublesome scenarios out there.

[[Anyway, what was that conference you were talking about?]] (Steph)

“That’s confidential information.” (Lucas)

[[Aw come on. Tell me, I’m really curious now.]] (Steph)

“It would take too long…and where is that store that you want us to go? We’ve been walking for a while now.” (Lucas)

[[Fine, keep your secrets then. We’re here.]] (Steph)

Steph pouted a bit and directed our attention to a store in the corner in the second floor.

It was placed in a way that you won’t easily notice it even if you walked in the second floor.

“They have nicely made dresses and suits here.” (Steph)

Suits huh? I guess I should also buy some for me as I would most likely be forced to attend a lot of ceremonies, meeting, and parties…

“Waaa, such nice fabric!” (Eu)

“So frilly!” (Aeran)

Now…round two of hell shopping…

The clerks greeted us with smiles and directed the girls and making suggestions.

After a while, I saw them pick up a dress and disappeared into the dressing room.

I too, picked a formal attire set and ted it on.

I chose a dark blue collar shirt with black stripes, slacks that has dark blue linings and a suit that matches it as well as a black vest underneath.

I also picked black shoes to complete the set and looked at the mirror.

Well…I guess its fine? There isn’t really a need to be too flashy anyway.

Yes, this is completely normal…

Normal is good.

I step out of the dressing room and saw the others also changing except for Steph, Alice, and my Mom.

“Oh, I didn’t think you would look this good in formal attire…and remove the hat.” (Steph)

“Eh? But-” (Lucas)

“It’s fine, there aren’t much people here, and you don’t look the same since you have a formal suit and those sunglasses.” (Steph)

Even when I complained, Steph had already removed my hat and replaced it with a suitable one in the store that matches the formal suit.

“Mhm, that’s more like it.” (Steph)

“Oh! Now I should get one of the girls to wear a white dress so you’ll look like a newlywed couple!” (Margo)

“Brother Lucas! So cool!” (Alice)

What’s cool about this? Rather Mom! What do you want to do!?

Gavin and the gang also step out of the changing rooms, suited in a similar way like me though without the vest and in different colors.

Like always, Gavin still looks like a girl even with a flat chest…right now, he looks like a girl crossdressing as a boy in a suit.

“…Which is it? Is he really a man or a woman?” (Steph)

“…No idea…” (Lucas)

Both of us sighed and Gavin only looked at us perplexed.

Then, the girls finally came out which made me held my breath.

I hear a gulping sound from my side, I didn’t know who made it but I feel like doing it myself…

In front of us, was Freya, Eu, Aeran, and Lily…oh, and Rose too.

Freya wore a silvery white dress that complements her silver hair, making her look like the moon itself as it shone brightly like the moonlight.

The dress didn’t reveal much skin but it fitted Freya’s modest appearance well.

But if Freya is the moon, Eu is the night sky itself.

Wearing a slim fit deep black dress that makes a V-cut revealing the cleavage of her breasts, making her look like some sort of Succubus instead of a Demon Queen, with golden outlines fitting a royalty.

Her skirt had a slit that divides it into two revealing her slender leg.

Then there is Aeran, wearing a green dress that had flowery frills and ribbons on it. She looked like a child before but now, she looks like a woman, though short, but there was no more of the child atmosphere she had before.

Smiling gently like a Goddess. She has the atmosphere befitting a Goddess of Nature.

Lily wore a bright yellow dress which looked a bit like a Greek tunic which reminded me of the first time I met her, standing on top of the world like a Goddess of Old overseeing the world, wearing a gentle yet bright smile like the sun.

Her dress didn’t reveal too much skin, and at the same time, not too modest either. Her hair color being blonde also complemented her dress amazingly.

Last but not least was Rose, though, her looks are fairly normal compared to the other four besides her, she still looked beautiful and somewhat mature in a dress. Coupled with the playful smile she had, she looked like a mischievous fairy.

A moon, the night sky, the earth, the sun, and a fairy…Its amazing seeing them banded together.

“W-what do you think, Lucas?” (Freya)

“I wonder if I chose something a bit too revealing…but this one was the most comfortable so, how do I look, Lucas?” (Eu)

“Does it suit me, Lucas?” (Aeran)

“H-how is it? Does it remind you of something, Lucas?” (Lily)

They all asked me but I just stood there.

I mean, why me!?

This isn’t good for my heart, not at all!

“T-that…you all look nice…” (Lucas)

I don’t really know what to say here…

“I-I see…t-that, you also look…nice…” (Freya)

“N-un…s-same for you…” (Eu)

“H-hehe…Lucas looks good too…” (Aeran)

“…T-thank you…you too…that…look’s good…” (Lily)

But it seems it was enough for them…now there is this weird atmosphere around us as we tried to look away from each other…

Kanin can’t seem to bear with it and grumbled.

“What’s with this pink atmosphere…” (Kanin)

“Haah, a-anyway, let’s quickly buy it and leave already.” (Lucas)

I changed back and gave it to the counter together with everyone else’s. The clerks looked my way seemingly surprised but soon gave warm smiles and sent us off.

Right…what happened to that guy following us?

Inside the changing room, I took that chance to look for a listening device and found it inside the plastic bag I was holding.

…It seems I was right when I thought that a listening device may have been attached to us but I didn’t think it was placed on me…

Now where is he?…

There, still watching…well whatever, he should be leaving right about now.

I threw the plastic bag with the listening device in the nearby trash bin. After seeing my action, he fiddled with his phone and left.

Haaah, now that’s done and dealt with. I want to leave now…I don’t want to shop again for a while…

“Well then…time to finish your quest, Steph.” (Lucas)

“Well it is getting late. Oh well, we’ll go look for swimsuits next time!” (Steph)

I just said I don’t want to shop for a while!!! Correction, I don’t want to shop with these again!

EXTRA Chapter: Girl’s POV

(You may or may not read this as it will no affect anything anyway :P)

Spoiler :

A few hours ago, in Lucas’ apartment.

While Lucas was trying out his powers on Eu, Freya was conversing with Lucas’ mother, Margo.

“Looks like you have a lot of troubles ahead of you.” (Margo)

Margo said as he looked at Lucas who is surrounded by three girls that are beautiful in different aspects.

“…” (Freya)

“? Something wrong, Freya dear?” (Margo)

“…It’s…no…it’s nothing…” (Freya)

Margo looked at Freya with worried eyes while Freya only looked down and sighed.

“This reaction…did that idiot son of mine did something? Perhaps…” (Margo)

Looking at the seemingly downhearted Freya, Margo sighed as well, guessing what the reason may be.

Thinking that there is nothing she can do about it, she decided to let her son fix it when the time comes. Though, the help came from an unexpected person…rather, demon.

“Come here.” (Eu)

“Eh?” (Freya)

Eu said as she suddenly grabbed Freya’s arm and dragged her to one of the rooms along with Aeran and Lily.

Once inside the room, Eu made sure that Lucas wasn’t near and closed the door.

“What’s wrong? Why are we in Lucas’ room?…Don’t tell me you want to sniff Lucas’ scent from the bed? If so then I’ll say this to you now that you might also smell mine here.” (Aeran)

Despite looking like a kid, Aeran showed a rare bewitching smile and a proud face.

Hearing this, Freya and Eu both had wide eyes as they were clearly shocked while Lily simply blushed a bit and looked away.

“Wha- that’s not it! Rather, what do you mean by that you spirit brat!? And what’s with that human’s reaction!?” (Eu)

“W-well…I was also…” (Lily)

“Nooooooooooooooooo!!!” (Eu)

“…” (Freya)

Before Lily managed to finish what she’s about to say, Eu screamed in despair while Freya was frozen in shock.

Though Aeran looked satisfied with their reaction, Lily was greatly embarrassed and quickly explained.

After hearing Lily’s explanation, the two managed to calm down and sighed in relief.

“Uuu…even so, to sleep with Lucas…” (Eu)

Eu started but since it hurts her more if she continued, she shook her head to dispel the thought and finally got to the point.

“…I really didn’t pay attention with it before but when I focused on his hand while trying his skill earlier…I saw Lucas’ ring finger…with a ring…” (Eu)

After saying this, everyone stopped moving as if time was stopped.

Lily, knowing what she’s going to ask, kept stealing glances at the answer.

And the answer herself was, dyed in deep red due to remembering the happening of that time when Lucas gave her the ring.

Noticing Lily’s glances, Eu and Aeran also looked over to Freya which was getting dizzy from the embarrassment.

Then they finally noticed, the ring on Freya’s hand being the same as the one Lucas wore.

“”No way! You’re already engaged with each other!?”” (Eu & Aeran)

“N-no! I-it’s not that! T-this is just…so we can use each other’s skills…” (Freya)

As she said so, she was brought to remember what happened back in Lucas’ castle in Watervliet, about Lucas’ past love.

Seeing her sudden change, the other three looked at each other, clearly confused what happened.

“What happened?” (Lily)

“That…no, it’s nothing.” (Freya)

Freya tried to smile, but if one looked at it, she was clearly not smiling. Even though a smile means to curl the ends of your mouth upwards, even though she clearly curved it upwards, even though there was a clear smile on her face, she was not smiling.

And the others also noticed it.

“I…know you also think the same about Lucas like me…or us…so you can tell us.” (Eu)

Freya’s smile disappeared.

She looked at the Demon Queen before her, then the spirit, then the human.

She thought, that what if…what if their feelings would also change if she were to tell her.

She didn’t want anyone to feel the same way as she did now because she knows how much it hurts.

But all the same, she still wants to tell somebody…and if it has to be someone, it should be someone who also feels the same, the same as she was before…and maybe, just maybe, they can pull her out of it.

So she told them, even if it might means further hurting them.

Listening to Freya silently, the trio sunk in silence after she had finished.

After a while, Lily broke the silence.

“…So something like that happened…” (Lily)

“Then so what!?” (Eu)

“Eh?” (Freya)

Freya was dumbfounded at Eu’s reaction.

Freya, who was tormented at the thought of Lucas not being able to love him day and night, was dumbfounded as to why this Demon Queen is unfazed by it.

“This just means another rival!” (Eu)

“Muuu, so she’s the reason why Lucas can’t understand how I feel despite my advances!? Even going as far as sleeping with him!” (Aeran)

“Haah…what can I say, for some reason, I’m a little irritated right now?” (Lily)

Eu and Aeran were the same as always, no, rather, they seemed more motivated while Lily was still uncertain about the feeling inside her.

After all, Lily only met Lucas before he started playing and that was as a guide. She was only interested at the boy who exploited the use of the training room and his adventures.

She was not saved like the other three, rather, she was someone who watched Lucas as she saved them.

Though, recently, there is this spark inside her.

She no longer wants to [watch].

She wants to be the one saved this time…

Of course, she has yet to notice this and simply thinks that there is this slight possibility that she has a crush on him.

“Listen here Freya. So Lucas had a past where he was betrayed by the girl he loved, then what? He develops a habit of not loving anyone anymore? This just means that we simply have to overcome that habit!” (Eu)

“Then I have to further my advance!” (Aeran)

“You already slept with him! I want to try it too!” (Eu)

“It’s not my fault, I was simple overcome with drowsiness when looking at Lucas sleeping.” (Aeran)


Turning her attention back to Freya, she made a serious face and looked at her with cold eyes.

“If you can’t even do that, then I don’t have to consider you as a rival in love! Now all that’s left is this shorty, that human, and that annoying princess.” (Eu)

“Hmph! If you think that calling me shorty is an insult, then that’s too bad. Since I’m just the perfect height for Lucas to get patted in the head!” (Aeran)

“Ng-!? H-heh, then I’m more suitable when it comes to hugging!” (Eu)

Eu puffed her chest and showed her bodylines.

The perfect waist that one can easily wrap his own arms, the curves slanted to just the right angle where you can easily grab with your hands, and the breast that isn’t too large nor too small where one would feel the perfect amount of bounciness press against their chest.

“Though I haven’t revealed it to anyone yet, but Lucas has already sunk his face in these breasts and was so satisfied that he slept!” (Eu)

“Lies!” (Aeran)

“Hah, if you think so, then go ask Lucas to confirm it.” (Eu)

Eu said in a proud tone while Freya and Lily blushed, trying to imagine the scenario.

Aeran then rushed out of the room and asked the question to Lucas which clearly shocked everyone.

“Lucas, is it true that you dove in that demon’s breast then slept!?” (Aeran)

“A-ahh…that…” (Lucas)

But before he can explain, Aeran was already shocked by Lucas who didn’t deny immediately and ran back to the room.

+ + +

While walking towards the mall, the four began to cling to Lucas like magnet and never left his side. As they walked, everything around them surprised the three otherworlders.

They saw vehicles that moved faster than carriages, the tall buildings that would bring mages’ towers to shame. They also were surprised at how colorful the clothes of the people they walked past with and were making a mental note of having Lucas

perplexed King.

They also started throwing jeers at the trash King as they seem disgusted from how he acted.

The scene then changes to Freya looking longingly at the chamber beneath the Royal Bedroom and many had guessed that it was the place where slaves were bound.

They were also surprised at Lucas who didn’t take any money from the vault which made them respect him more.

“Hmhm, now this is a [Hero]. Never blinded by greed.”

“To think there is a person who can turn a blind eye on that much gold…as expected of Lucas!”

And such noises were heard in the cinema.

Lucas’ companies however, were a different story.

“…I must remember to strictly make Luke remember how important money is.” (Margo)

“Brother…so much gold…if you didn’t want it, you could’ve at least given them to me…” (Len)

“Waah, Brother is an idiot!” (Rose)

“…Is that really Lucas? They must’ve cut the scene where Lucas horded them all.” (Lowy)

“Seriously Lowy!?” (Gavin)

“…” (Freya, Eu & Lily)

Freya and Lily can only be silent as they knew what Lucas was thinking that time but who needs to hear that? It would get more positive response if that part of thought was muted…

Eu however, knew as well since he witnessed Lucas deplete the [Tree of Life] itself, but remain quiet as she guessed the reason why Lucas didn’t do so there.

Simply put, he didn’t want Freya to witness him like that…

“…And he wasn’t the list bit bothered when it’s me?…” (Eu)

Though she was disheartened, she didn’t let it take over her like what Freya did before, instead, it fanned the flames in heart even more. Readying herself for when she sees Lucas again.

Aeran was not in the list bit affected as she didn’t think there was anything to it like an innocent child.

The fight with the [Black Hand] began. It was all too sudden and even the audience held their breath as a sudden red dot appeared in the shadows.

It was Tibb, throwing a poisoned spike at Lucas.

They held their breath as they watch Lucas suffer from the poison, and if that wasn’t enough, he was injected again with the same poison while covering Freya.

Then black mist gathered…


Then hell broke out.

They watched as Lucas rampaged while being devoured by darkness.

When Lucas looked at Freya after the assassin died, they thought that Lucas, who is out of control, will attack even the person he is trying to save.

Thankfully, he collapsed immediately like a switch being turned off.

Afterwards was an event that many people knew since other people have begun to crowd that alleyway.

Some even exclaimed saying that their character is there and such.

The scene changed again and this time, it’s Noir’s point of view.

Having found leads that led him to the next city, meeting the lord and the Prince, and journeying back.

When they came back, the Arch-bishop had started to announce the events that had been happening.

Then came the scene that created a lot of memes, reposts, gifs, and such. The part where the trash king was strapped on a catapult and fired off to the distance which earned laughs from the audience.

The movie ended with Lucas being awarded the title of [Marquis] and becoming the new lord of [Watervliet]. Of course, the talks of Lucas being a mascot only were cut out properly.

The credits say that future attempts to try to replicate the infiltration are futile as the security has been changed accordingly.

With that, the audience left the cinema satisfied and began to head to different areas.

Freya’s group too but was stopped by a sudden alarm.

“What’s going on?” (Eu)

“It’s noisy…” (Aeran)

“This is…the fire alarm? This means that there is a part in the mall that is on fire!” (Lily)

After hearing Lily’s explanation, they can’t help but think of Lucas’ image.

No it wasn’t because of their love for Lucas. Rather, it’s because they think that he’s the cause of this as even his friends were thinking the same.

“T-then, since we have magic, we should help!” (Freya)

Though, even as she said that, it was just an excuse to look for Lucas and the others noticed it as well.

One might think that her behavior is to be frowned upon, but this is because she felt that there is no heat in the air and thought that there is no fire.

Lily and the others from this world as well knew that there must be something going on since the sprinklers didn’t even activate. Only the alarm.

Quickly roaming around the mall, they most likely found the cause.

“…So it was Lucas after all…” (Gavin)

All of them sighed.

A few meters in front of them, Lucas was surrounded by uniformed men that looked like bodyguards and two girls. One around 5 or so years old, the other, seemed around the same age as Lucas.

“…I can’t believe it…please tell me this isn’t another one…” (Eu)

“Haah…to meet a girl in a day and make her fall for him…should I say as expected of Lucas or what?” (Aeran)

“Muuu…” (Freya)

“Oh my, she looks rich!” (Margo)

“Eh? Then if Brother marries her, we will also be rich!” (Rose)

“No wait…are you guys seriously thinking that?” (Len)

“Mother!” (Freya, Eu, & Aeran)

“Ohhh, to think you three would already start calling me that…it seems little Luke will have a lot of ordeals in the future.” (Margo)

“…” (The rest…)

Author’s Notes

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