World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 5 Chapter 3: Rimmer Household

“Waaa~ Everything’s moving so fast!” (Aeran)

“So this is a [Car]!” (Eu)

“Amazing…and it’s not uncomfortable like the carriages…” (Freya)

As expected, the three otherworlders are amazed when we rode a car…rather, a limousine…

We are now headed towards the Rimmer household…the household of one of the largest Mafia groups in the world…

It seems that it is quite the distance away from my condo so we have yet to arrive even after an hour or so. Steph says that it might take another hour.

Well, since I have the time, I think it’s time to check out which skill to unlock. I now have 42 [Skill Points] so I should be able to choose at least two new spells.

I took out the [Skill Tree Books] in my [Inventory] which surprised Steph.

“Eh? A-are these what I think it is?” (Steph)

“Yeah, they’re [Skill Tree Books]. I figured I’d reorganize my skills since I finally have the time…” (Lucas)

A lot has been going on lately, immediately after saving Freya, that incident in Mapua happened, then I was summoned and spent a week in another world, then after finally getting back, I get caught up with that [Behemoth], went to Trask, then started preparing for the project…and now maintaining [Watervliet]…

Finally having free time, I get to be dragged to the hellish shopping…and if that wasn’t enough, I get to do this quest with the Rimmer Group…does God hate me or what?

Are the times when I lazed around before finally came back to bite me or something?

Haah, anyways, I picked up one of the books one by one and try to choose which is good to learn.

…I already regretted wasting points on all those weapon masteries…I should’ve done that one mastery at a time…

Anyway…this [Meditation] passive in the [Basic Priest Skill Tree Book] seems useful. At least, I now have a way to increase the rate of MP recovery. But the skill only activates when I don’t move and sit down…well, it’s better than nothing. And it’s only 5 [Skill Points] anyway.

I chose [Lightball] as well so I can finally gain that [Light Manipulation] passive. It took 25 [Skill Points] though…

Well anyway, after trying out the [Lightball], a ball made of light the size of a basketball appeared on top of my palm.

After manipulating it, I gained the [Light Manipulation] passive skill and maxed the basic light magic.

“You…that was a [Basic Priest Skill Tree Book] just now…and that spell was a [Magician’s]…but you had the [Enemy Appraisal] of a [Scout’s]…not to mention I heard you use a sword…just what is your class!?” (Steph)

“…Hidden Class.” (Lucas)

“Eh? You got one!?” (Steph)

Before she asks for more information, let’s just ignore her.

I casted different spells that won’t be any dangerous and just changed their shape and play with them

I hear Steph shouting something but I had long since casted [Silent Room] around her. Tehee~

I created different shapes in different elements and morphing them again and again, increasing the proficiency of the manipulation passives. All the while I [Meditate] in place.

Alice and Rose who saw this, was greatly excited.

But when Eu showed off the immortalized elemental arts that I made and gave to her, the two had begun to make demands…

“Brother Lucas! Make me bird next!” (Alice)

“I want a unicorn!” (Rose)

Well, I can use it for practice anyway so I made them.

“Amazing! The birdie is made of fire but it’s not hot!” (Alice)

“Waha~! A water unicorn!” (Rose)

When the others noticed that it gave stats for a day, they also asked for one…

Well whatever, I don’t have anything to do anyway.

Because of this, my skills’ proficiency became faster and I managed to also increase the element’s stats as well as the [Art Sense] stat.

Though, I have no idea why I gained a +50 Charm as well…

I see Lily looking at me with weird eyes but when she noticed me looking, she quickly turns away with a red face.

Hm? Does she want another one?

Though, before I asked her, we have apparently arrived at our destination.

We were at the place that I didn’t think even existed in the [Philippines]…it’s a huge mansion that I think is even bigger than my castle in [Watervliet]…no, I think it’s just as big.

Once we exited the limo, rows of rough looking men dressed uniformly in black coat and tie stood from both sides and bowed.


“Aa-, I’m home.” (Steph)

“I’m home!~” (Alice)

“…” (Lucas & co.)

It was something right out of a manga scenario…

But what’s even more shocking is…that I don’t even feel scared about this…

I wonder if it’s because I’m in my [Harus] form or because I already faced an army of monsters and dragons…well, I’m not the only one unfazed.

“Hmm…this sort of welcoming feels nice. Should I ask Mare to prepare something like this when I get back?” (Eu)


Both Eu and Vil seemed even more excited. I wonder why?…

The rest were taken aback but none of them seems too afraid. Well, Rose seemed to tear up a bit but seeing Alice who is younger than her made her calm down somewhat.

Steph gave me a meaningful glance to which I nodded as I guessed what she wants me to do.

Before, I had already warned her that there is still a chance that the [Enemy Appraisal] won’t kick in as it only activates when someone bears ill will towards me and those I considers as [Allies] but she says that it’s fine even if it helps a little.

Hmmm, there doesn’t seem to be any among these ones outside.

I nodded back to Steph to assure her that there is nothing wrong and she sighed in relief.

I can’t blame her for that, after all, these people are someone who must’ve guarded her since childhood. Seeing her Chief Bodyguard being a traitor that attempted to kill her own little sister, I don’t know how she handled it so quickly but I doubt that she did not feel anything at all after that.

Well, just in case, I let myself near Steph as we entered.

Well, let’s take a look at the inside shall we?

But the moment we reached the entrance to her house, [Enemy Appraisal] triggered!

And he’s coming straight at me!

The figure blurred as he attacked. But since I saw that red dot, I was able to immediately react. Thank goodness I had that skill, I have a feeling that dodging his attack would be hard if it weren’t for that.

The enemy seemed surprised that I dodged his attack.

When I looked back at the enemy that charged, I saw a man wearing a suit and tie like the other bodyguards but this one seems to have a slightly better version and with a few designs and embroideries.

He had a buzz cut black hair and a diagonal scar on his forehead. Coupled with his firmly built muscles that made him looked like a veteran soldier and that intimidating aura around him with a sense of superiority, he is really scary.

…Well, not scarier than Denneth when he was rampaging anyways but scary to normal people.

The others as well had their guards up waiting for his move. Except for the three otherworlders, Gavin, Kanin, the others appeared scared at the sudden attack.

I can understand the three girls as they live in a completely different world but how come Gavin and Kanin are fine?

Ah, they did mention that [Death] is scary as hell…

Steph and Alice widened their eyes in shock but there was no fear in their eyes. The other men in black also didn’t move as if this is a normal occurrence but they had this slight amazement in their eyes directed towards me.

“Hoh, so you managed to avoid huh? But if you want to have my daughter, then that’s not enough!” (???)

The ‘enemy’ brandished his sword…rather, katana at me.

Daughter…so this is that type of scenario…

I sighed inwardly as I had guessed this guy’s character and figured out why the [Enemy Appraisal] triggered.

Frankly, this guy is the father of Steph, and a doting one at that. In fact, too doting that he’d even kill me!

Instead of dodging, I took out one of the knife of the assassins earlier and parried before the katana reaches my neck.

I see his eyes widen in surprise when the knife suddenly appeared.

Seeing as I had a weapon, he kicked back and watched me from a distance.

I see Eu about to move but I gave her a look that everything’s fine making her step back reluctantly.

“Knife huh? Well let’s see how good you are with it!” (Steph’s Father)

He’s attacking again! Rather, are they actually yakuza? Since he has a Japanese katana and all…well it might be just him.

I really want to quickly explain the misunderstanding but he’s leaving me no time to breathe here! His attacks are relentless and I can only parry it and block.

Damn, how about this then. [Shadow Clone]!

At the same time, I ducked down while my clone remained in place overlapping my image.

Steph’s father has yet to figure out that I used a skill and slashed my neck, well, my clone’s neck.

I hear squeals from the audience but the image of me getting decapitated soon melted like shadow giving me a chance to attack!

Since he was convinced he had won with that attack, he let his guard down for a moment but it was all that I need!

From below, I grabbed the hand that held the katana, twisted it, and moved to his back while aiming the knife to his neck.

“Hmm, I don’t know how you did that trick just now but I recognize your strength. Just this grip alone is simply amazing!” (Steph’s Father)

Hearing him and seeing the red dot disappear like it never happened, I released him.

Different from his terrifying figure earlier, he now wore a grin in his face and a satisfied expression.

“Hm, it seems Mother-in-law is right as always. Very well, if it’s you, I’ll allow you to marry my daughter!” (Steph’s Father)

“P-papa! W-we’re nothing like that!” (Steph)

“Ah! Then Brother Lucas will become my real Brother! Yay!” (Alice)

Steph immediately tried to explain while Alice seemed to have said something dangerous which made four girls glare at me with piercing eyes.

I sighed inwardly again and looked at Steph’s father.

“Umm, I’m not here to marry Steph. We just met earlier this day and things happened.” (Lucas)

“Hmhm, I understand, it’s that huh? Love at first sight? It’s alright to take your time, you’re still young after all!” (Steph’s Father)

“No, no, no, no! It’s not like that! Lucas sa-” (Steph)

Steph tried to start explaining but I stopped her immediately.

“Not here.” (Lucas)

Steph looked at me and nodded as she understood what I meant.

Even if the surrounding bodyguards didn’t react to [Enemy Appraisal], it can also mean that they are hiding their bloodlust as well. The skill itself isn’t so omnipotent after all.

You never know whose listening.

Though I can just cast [Silent Room], I didn’t want the enemy to know that I used magic here in [Earth]. After all, it would appear weird if the surrounding people can’t hear anything despite our mouths moving.

But there was one person who seemed to have misunderstood our exchange.

“S-? Hm? Hm?………You! What did you do to my daughter!!!???” (Steph’s Father)

At first, he was confused, then hearing our short exchange, he looked at us alternately before taking out his katana again!

“You’re misunderstanding!” (Lucas)

“Then tell me right now what I should know!” (Steph’s Father)

That’s also impossible oi!

“Father.” (Steph)

Her father froze at Steph’s sudden seriousness.

Before, she was calling her papa but now…I have a feeling that an angry Steph is scarier than this doting father…

“We need to talk. But not here.” (Steph)

“……Fine. Geez…I thought I just saw your mother’s image overlap you for a moment there…” (Steph’s Father)

Ah, could it be…the women in this house is scarier?…Well…seeing Alice giving me a psychological attack earlier…I can only fear for her future…

I sighed again for the nth time now…

“Come inside. We already prepared the guest room.” (Steph’s Father)

“Already prepared? Did you know we were coming?” (Lucas)

“Ah well…Mother-in-law said that Stephie will bring a man and a few more friends. That’s why I was prepared to attack you earlier!” (Steph’s Father)


What, is Steph’s grandmother a fortuneteller or something? Rather it was because of her that I was misunderstood and attacked!?

“Haah, Grandmother has this obsession with fortunetelling…rather, she only looks at her horoscope online…” (Steph)

Online!? That’s one heck of a grandmother! I thought it would at least be newspapers but she was unexpectedly tech based!

But still…for horoscopes online to be spot on…

“Are the horoscopes always right?” (Lucas)

“Yeah. There was this one time where she said that she will drop a knife one day, and that the person who picks up that knife is an interesting person. There’s also that one where it told her that if she were to stroll near the mall in beggar’s clothes, she will meet an interesting person and sure enough, she came back with a satisfied smile.” (Steph)

…Somehow, those events are fairly familiar…I wonder where I heard them?

“And now, she said that Stephie will bring home an interesting man together with his friends. And this interesting man will change Stephie’s life. So I thought that the man would have been Stephie’s future husband and came to check if he was worthy…” (Steph’s Father)

Steph’s father joined in and looked at me then to Steph.

“Well, though that was a misunderstanding…something still seemed to change Stephie huh?” (Steph’s Father)

Though he asked, we didn’t return an answer and only remain quiet.

There are still unrelated people in the vicinity so I won’t say anything. Though, I can just use the system’s [Call] function, I don’t really want to do that to this guy…

We followed him quietly together with the others behind me. They seemed to have already relaxed and are now excitedly looking around.

“Here we are.” (Steph’s Father)

He led us to a room that was large enough to fit us all.

We all chose a couch and sat. I sat on the one opposite to where Steph and her family are sitting since we’ll talk.

Beside me were Freya and Eu while Aeran sat beside Eu and my Mom sitting beside Freya with Rose on her lap.

Lily only took a seat near our couch while the others freely sat elsewhere.

On the other side across us were Steph, Alice, and her father.

An attendant came close to Steph’s father and I hear him saying something like calling two other persons.

The attendant nodded and left the room.

“Well, let me introduce myself first. My name is Arlo Rimmer, the current head of the Rimmer group.” (Arlo)

He grinned and directed his gaze to his two daughters.

“As you already know, these are my daughters. Stephanie and Alice.” (Arlo)

Hearing his introduction, the two bowed slightly.

As I figured that it would be our turn to introduce next, I started to talk but the door suddenly opened.

As the door opened, two figures were revealed.

One was someone around the age of my Mom but still seemed young. She was like the adult version of Steph and Alice so I figured that this one must be their mother.

Her hair braided to the side, she wore a gentle smile and an aura that can calm you down…but ever since Arlo’s remark earlier, I was more afraid of what will happen if this seemingly gentle person became mad…

The other figure was an elderly.

And she was rea~ly familiar…

“Ah! The beggar from that time!?” (Lucas)

“Oh, so it is true. That I would meet my savior once again! Looks like sending little Stephie to go shopping was correct after all.” (Old Woman)

Eh? Then that means that the horoscope from that time meant me? Then the other one…

“It was also you who picked up my knife was it? Hohoho, you really do seem interesting.” (Old Woman)

…So that knife was hers! The knife that I had upgraded in [Harus] was hers!?

So all those oracles was directed to me!? Why!?

Rather, is an online horoscope that amazing!!!???

“Hoooh, so you were that interesting person from her horoscopes! Right, you really are interesting!” (Arlo)

“Amazing…such coincidences…or is it? Maybe this is fate?” (Steph)

No, no, no, no! Someone is definitely behind this!

Isn’t it really suspicious!?

“Well then, let me introduce them! The beautiful one over there is my wife! Lora! And the elderly is her mother and the previous head, Mother Emmaline!” (Arlo)

“Pleased to meet you. I look forward to having grandchildren.” (Lora)

“Hohoho, it’s nice to now formally meet you. You can also just call me Grandma Em.” (Grandma Em)

“M-mama!?” (Steph)

Once again, I sighed while enduring the gazes of the girls beside me.

Anyway, we should also start the discussion.

I looked at Steph then towards the guards inside the room. Knowing what I meant, she told her father to have the others leave.

Arlo only looked confused for a moment but understood that it must be important so he did what he was told.

After seeing them leave, I then looked around the room with my appraisal skills trying to see if there are any hidden cameras or listening devices that was secretly attached.

[Item Appraisal] triggered at every object in the room.

Waving away at the other windows that appeared before me, I noticed a few intriguing hidden items. Thanks to [Trap Appraisal] I was also able to see those that are hidden to some extent.

Particularly, towards a statue at one of the tables. A listening device was placed inside the mouth of the lion statue, hidden behind the teeth.

Like I though…this room is bugged.

Geez, just how lax is the security here? Though, there doesn’t seem to be any more bugs.

I created a small [Silent Room] around it to isolate the noise. As I can only manipulate the size but not the shape nor can I create another one, I asked Freya to do the same to the whole room.

“[Silent Room]” (Freya)

“Good, now let me introduce ourselves.” (Lucas)

I nodded as I heard her chant the spell and begun the introductions.

They were surprised to see me as I removed my hat and sunglasses as well as when they heard Freya, Eu, and Aeran are from another world.

More so when we told them about the events that happened in the mall.

“Damn! Those bastards…to lay a hand on my daughters!” (Arlo)

Arlo slammed on the table with a furious expression.

“It’s a good thing that you were there Lucas…if not…damn!” (Arlo)

“P-papa…” (Alice)

Alice trembled as he looks at her father. To the side, I see Rose shiver as well while Mom soothes her. Haah, I should’ve gone here alone…

“…Do you know which group was responsible?” (Lora)

Unlike her husband, Lora was still calm but I can feel it, the murderous intent behind her words. If Arlo was a raging soldier, then Lora is a calm assassin, carefully calculating her plans, storing all her anger before releasing them all at once.

It made me think again…girls sure are scary…

“…Probably the Bevis group. There was this man that followed us for a while and his description said that he was a part of that group.” (Lucas)

Right, I used the [Enemy Appraisal] on him before he left. And here I was thinking to kidnap him and torture him for answers…didn’t think that I could’ve just do that…

Well, no harm done. I didn’t kidnap him anyways…

“…I see. (Lora)

“Dammit! So it was those bastards!” (Arlo)

“Haah, for our fight to last 5 generations…those guys sure are persistent.” (Grandma Em)

Normally, I would get scared at Arlo who’s been leaking out quite the murderous aura but…Lora scared me more.

How to say this…though she’s not releasing any killing intent like Arlo, she’s not releasing the gentle aura she had before either. Rather, she’s not releasing anything at all.

Like a lifeless doll…she just sat there with closed eyes seemingly planning ahead by many steps. How come this one isn’t the current Head?

Well, maybe it was because Arlo has more charisma than Lora?

“Then, you are to check for traitors among us right? Will you only be relying on this [Enemy Appraisal] skill?” (Lora)

“…No, there is another way to check if the person is lying. All we have to do is ask each and every one for inspection.” (Lucas)

Right, there was that way. It was also prepared for the [Gatekeeper Project] as one of the counters in magic crimes.

“What question will you ask?” (Lora)

“Hmm…it would be good to think of something less suspicious so the enemy won’t be alerted…How about this?” (Lucas)

I then told her my idea.

We will announce that we will attack the Bevis Group as they had tried to kill Alice and say that the attack will happen a week from now or something.

This is so that anyone who is a spy would then report it and the enemy would be ready to defend for the attack that will happen in a week but of course, there won’t be any attack.

This will give needless expense to them and useless effort too, oops~.

Then, under the guise of enlisting the members who will join the attack, the guards will be interviewed one after another. Here, we will ask a few useless questions and for the last one, will be the question that will determine if they are a spy.

Lora nodded at my answer.

“You should marry Stephie after all!” (Lora)

The expressionless aura from before was gone in an instant and was replaced with a gentle one.

“No!” (Freya, Eu, & Aeran)

Though Steph and I was about to reject, the three otherworlders intervened instead.

“Oh my, Luke sure is popular~” (Margo)

“Fufu, looks like Stephie will have a lot of competition. Good luck~” (Lora)

“…” (Lucas & Steph)

The two moms laughed together while the four girls blushed and me staring at them in wonder.

I wonder why they always intervene like that? I mean, it’s impossible that they all like me like in some harem anime. Well, there’s that time with Eu but…I wonder if that was a confession?

Aeran interrupted that time and Eu never brought it up again so it probably wasn’t important.

Haaah…in the end, I really can’t seem to understand what girls think…or maybe…I just don’t want to know…

“Then, let’s go with Lucas’ plan!” (Arlo)

“Hmm, rather than a week like he said, let’s make a month.” (Lora)

“Hm? Well, it doesn’t really matter right? Month it is then.” (Arlo)

Arlo only looked at his wife with a confused face for a brief moment but shrugged his shoulders anyway and agreed.

He is right though, there wasn’t really a need to change it…that is…unless she has another use for it.

That is, she plans to attack before the said time so there will be the element of surprise…what a scary woman…

Seeing my gaze, Lora giggled and smiled.

“Fufu, looks like Lucas understands me more than my husband~ Maybe I should marry Lucas instead?” (Lora)

At her words, the entire room froze.

My friends from college who had been quiet the whole time finally spoke…and it wasn’t anything good…

“…To even include a mother in his harem! MILF!” (Gavin)

“This is that right? What they call NTR?” (Lowy)

“…Seriously Lucas? A mother? And married at that?” (Kanin)

“Damn, what’s next? His little sister!?” (Zeal)

I glared at each and every one of them.

Stop adding oil to a fire damnit!!! And here I thought you were my friends!

“Waa~ Then Brother Lucas will become Papa Lucas! Yay~ I have another papa!” (Alice)

Wait wait Alice, what was that!? You actually want to have another father!?

Arlo shook as he heard his daughter’s remark and unsheathed his katana again.

“Marry Stephie, fine. Marry Alice, I’ll tolerate it. Marry Lora, you’re dead!” (Arlo)

“I’m not marrying anyone!” (Lucas)

+ + +

Haah…really…does God hate me?

I sighed as I recalled what happened earlier.

After Lora’s remark earlier, frankly, hell broke out. Arlo kept attacking me while I keep defending. Haah, if I didn’t have my [Skills], I would’ve definitely lost…

And as if to make things worse, Eu and Aeran also kept pinching my cheeks while battling Arlo…unbelievable…

Well, after a couple of this and that, I finally managed them to let go of me and we ate dinner which was noisy as well since they really prepared a feast!

After that, now, I am preparing for the interview for later.

I took out a roll of papyrus and laid it on the floor. Drawn on the paper was a magic circle. This is a [Truth Circle].

In [Harus], the [Church] use this for confessions and such. Sometimes, other people would use it for confirmations as well. All they have to do is donate and the priests would guide them to a place where the magic circle was placed.

I got this just a little while ago after borrowing a [Portal] and logging in for a few minutes.

Since I had the [Arch-bishop’s Bracelet] that the Arch-bishop gave me when the matter with Freya was finished, they let me in and let me copy the magic circle.

I already talked about this with the Arch-bishop and the Prince before anyway and the priests were notified so it was possible for me to copy it.

Normally, I would have to pay but connections are stronger than money in this case.

…And I promised to not leak the structure anyways.

After a quick glance of it, I logged out and pulled out a brush and white paint that has mana due to being in [Harus] and started painting on a white paper with mana as well.

You might ask, why white? Because this way, the formation wouldn’t be seen, but if one used [Magic Appraisal], then the formation would still stand out if the paper didn’t have any mana which was the reason why I had to use a paper which has mana.

Now, with the [Magic Appraisal], one can only see a paper that releases a slight blue light.

I laid it down the floor below a couch that is big enough to hide the whole paper. The idea is that whoever is on top of that magic circle would be within its effects. Well, if the circle was poured with mana anyways.

But I can’t pour mana unless I touch it. So the solution is Eu’s passive skill, [Mana Manipulation].

Because of that skill, she can send out mana outside her body and freely manipulate it. This skill also helps in limiting or strengthening other spells like for example, with one [Fireball], the default size and shape is that of a basketball. But with [Mana Manipulation], she can make it smaller or larger by pouring less or more mana than normal, plus with [Fire Manipulation], you can even change the size.

Anyway, sending out pure mana from the body is also possible so she’ll be doing that from a distance. Sending mana from her feet and towards the ground before making way to the magic circle in order to hide it from the eyes of those with [Magic Appraisal].

Well in this case though, there is no need to hide it that much but better to be safe than sorry. I also want to see it in action before we use it officially.

In fact, I can just use [Enemy Appraisal] and read their description but I want to know how well the [Truth Circle] works. Besides, not everyone would trust me if only I say so.

The [Truth Circle] has already been tried by the others so they’re convinced that it is the real deal. Steph also included the information that she knows from the game, rather, from [Harus].

The inspection starts. Eu is in the room next to ours and is sending mana while I stayed inside and used [Hide Presence].

Normally people would notice a person hiding in the shadows of one of the corners in the room but with my skill, it would keep people the urge of looking my way.

“Alright, shall we start?” (Arlo)

Arlo welcomed a man inside the room and had him sit on the couch that had the [Truth Circle] underneath.

Arlo didn’t ask something like name age and those stuffs as these people were already formally hired anyways so he asked one question instead of what I suggested earlier.

They say that asking useless questions would be more suspicious so I conceded.

“How much are you willing to do to protect my daughters?” (Arlo)

“I would be prepared to use this body as a shield for them.”

Arlo nodded and let him go out in a different door before allowing the next person in.

This went on and on and I kept hearing cheesy lines which were starting to get annoying but finally, a reaction appeared!

[Enemy Appraisal] didn’t show a red dot but when I read the description, this guy is definitely a spy!

As proof of that, when he answered Arlo’s question, the effects of the [Truth Circle] showed.

“I would gladly die for the Rimmer.”

“Hm, good. You may go that way.” (Arlo)

“Ng-!? I can’t move!?”

The traitor didn’t move even after he was told to do so.

This is because of the effect of the [Truth Circle]. Frankly, those who lies under the circle will be immobile until the flow of mana is cut or the victim were to tell the truth.

“Hmph! And here I was beginning to think there are no traitors among us. But it would seem that I am wrong.” (Arlo)

Arlo stood up and unsheathed his katana while releasing an insane amount of murderous intent.

“Now tell me. What is your mission?” (Arlo)

“I-I swear! I am a Rimmer! There is no way that I am a traitor!”

“Then die.” (Arlo)


“You said it earlier didn’t you? That you would gladly die for the Rimmer.” (Arlo)

“T-that is…”

The traitor flinched and started to sweat. He still can’t move as he was under the effect of the circle so he was scared as to why.

Looks like this is getting out of hand.

I don’t really care if the guy dies but if he does die by Arlo’s hands, then that’s it, he’s dead. If it’s me however, he would only be transported to a [Special Prison].

But killing him won’t get any information.

“Arlo, we won’t get any information if he’s dead. Let me do something for a bit.” (Lucas)

I deactivated [Hide Presence] and came close which startled the both of them.

Huh? Didn’t Arlo already know I’m here?

“Damn Lucas. I started to forget that you were here…” (Arlo)

“Wha-where did he come from!?”

I sighed as I hear their reaction.

“So what are you going to do? You wouldn’t have some kind of spell that could make someone tell the truth do you?” (Arlo)

“If I had such a convenient then things would’ve gone easier right?” (Lucas)

Incidentally, I also asked the Arch-bishop and Prince about that but they also replied in the same way.

Though they did say that there is something similar, a brainwashing magic, but the effect would be catastrophic as it no longer turns the victim back. Meaning, whoever was brainwashed with that magic would be stuck on being a lifeless shell of a person.

So I activated Freya’s magic that would be good for times like these.

[Terror Stare]

Immediately after, the traitor paled and started to be drenched by his own sweat. Even soiling his pants. I wonder what he saw.

He kept shouting things like STOP! NO MORE! NOOOO!! And a few more similar noises but I ignored it and continued to stare.

Well, screams and such are fine as this room is under [Silent Room] anyways but he really is noisy.

I want to enclose a [Silent Room] to him as well but I won’t be able to know if he already gave up.

Seeing as it’s taking long, I activated [Dragon’s Roar] as well in order to instill more fear.

“GGGrrrrrgrr” (Lucas)

Before I knew it, I made growling noises that made the traitor fear me more.

I see Arlo also shaking a little but seemingly soften as if he reminds himself that he is not the target of the intimidation.

“I-I’ll talk! I’ll talk! So please! P-please…s-stop….”

I stopped my spell upon hearing as such and we listened to his story.

It seems he was tasked by the Bevis group to keep in touch of what’s happening on this side, informing them if there will be moves and such as well as their future plans.

Everyone’s daily routine and schedule, habits, weaknesses, are also reported.

He also named other few traitors in the group which helped a lot but we’re still going to question them the same way we did to him.

“Damn, for that many people to actually be traitors…no wonder we keep clashing with the Bevis in our missions.” (Arlo)

“Haah, I can’t believe how lax your security is…” (Lucas)

“Well, I can’t refute that. But just so you know, we also have ears on them…but it would seem that only their uppermost leaders know about the spies here…” (Arlo)

…So it was like that? They keep listening to each other, and because of it, they keep clashing in the end?

I sighed again then moved closer to the traitor and silently slashed his neck before disappearing into a white smoke.

“Like this, he will be spending time in the [Special Prison].” (Lucas)

“…Haah…how long?” (Arlo)

Arlo seemed surprised that I killed him but sighed and asked me.

“Dunno, there wasn’t any time limit from the notice that appeared before…maybe until he reflects on it? Or the system would weigh his crimes?” (Lucas)

I said as I recall the words the notice window said before.

NoticeYou have fused with your character in [Horus]!

In this state, note that if you kill someone, they will be immediately transported to a special hospital and will be unconscious for 1 day.

If you kill a non-red player, you will be marked as a red player and will be transported to a special prison instead if you die.

Dying as a non-red player will transport you to the special hospital as well and will be unconscious for a whole week.

Also, the [World Key]’s drop rate when in this state will turn into 100%! Since this will have 0% when not activated, it is highly recommended to not activate it unless it is absolutely needed. Having 0% drop rate though doesn’t mean that it cannot be stolen.

To sum it up, if an innocent dies, they are sent to the [Special Hospital] for a day. If the innocent is a key-holder, then it’s a week. If a criminal dies on the hand of a key-holder, they are sent to the [Special Prison]…there were no time given.

Well whatever.

This should scare people in order to no longer commit any crimes.

I urged Arlo to continue and I went back to the corner of the room again and used [Hide Presence].

After a few more hours, we finally finished.

All in all, we caught 12 traitors from Bevis, 5 traitors from Callahan, and 7 traitors from Harmon…right, it wasn’t only Bevis…This is 24 in total…

NoticeYou have completed the Rimmer Security Check quest!

You have successfully removed all traitors within the Rimmer Household!

Reward: Consult with Arlo Rimmer

+300 Popularity with the Rimmer Group

Not to mention…I also gained a title…

NoticeCongratulations! You have gained a new Title: One to be Feared!

You have instilled fear into many people as they froze in place and soil themselves!

From now on, you will constantly release an aura of one to be feared! People would start to look at you either in awe or in fear! People would freeze with one look in their eyes! There would be less people who not take you seriously.

+900 Fame

…Should I be happy or what?

I sighed again and looked at Arlo who suddenly flinched upon meeting my gaze…

“D-damn, you really are scary now you know?” (Arlo)

“It’s because of an effect of my [Title]…” (Lucas)

“…I see…I would’ve think you were joking but…I can’t really say anything as I experienced it…just…don’t look at me in the eye will you?” (Arlo)

I sighed once more and went towards the others who are in the next room.

When we got in, I unconsciously looked at them in the eye which made them suddenly freeze…what am I going to do with this [Title]?

At first, I really thought that it is nice that we don’t have to choose only one [Title] to activate but now…I really want to deactivate this one.

“W-what happened to you? Why are you so scary now!?” (Gavin)

“Damn, for a moment there, I thought I saw [Death]!” (Kanin)

I told them about the [Title] I gained and they all looked at me with pitiful eyes…stop it, I’m going to cry you know?

Right, let’s wear the sunglasses again…oh? Seems like they don’t seem to freeze when I look at them!

Anyway, after telling them the results, they all nodded and sighed in relief, especially Lora and Steph.

Afterwards, Lora seemed to have been pondering on something as she closed her eyes…It couldn’t be that…she’s already planning on attacking?

Well, not my business anyways.

“It’s already so late, you should stay over for the night.” (Steph)

After which, Eu, Freya, Lily, and Aeran froze. I wonder what’s wrong with them?

Anyway, I’m really sleepy from all that happened…But I need to see what happened in [Watervliet] while I was gone so I borrowed a [Portal] and one of the rooms before logging in.

Well, I switched back to my [Earth] self first before that. And when I did so, Freya also was recalled back to [Harus].

When I told her that I’ll see her in [Harus], she beamed a smile that showed just how happy she was…I wonder why though? Ah, it seems I took her for so long so she must’ve missed her family.

Yeah, it must be that.

Nodding to myself, I was back to [Harus] once more.

+ + +


The door to a certain room creaked as it opened.

From outside, a figure of a girl could be seen as she walked inside stealthily while she climed on to the bed.

Diving inside the blanket, she snuggled at the person who was sleeping soundly at the bed.

But the girl noticed something was amiss.

That is…there was another person that was on the bed.

“Wha-, what are you doing here you stupid spirit!?” (Eu)

“I should ask that to you, you annoying demon!” (Aeran)

Right, it was Aeran who was on the bed before Eu snuck inside.

And the person both of them were hugging was none other than Lucas.

Then, another person entered.

“Y-you too Lily!?” (Eu)

“E-eh!? Eu…and Aeran? You’re here as well?” (Lily)

“Muuu, you can go back now. Lucas only has two arms! And I was here first!” (Aeran)

“E-eh? Well I…” (Lily)

Lily was hesitating.

She has yet to fully understand what she truly felt for Lucas, but she knew one thing. And that was when she slept together with Lucas before, it was the first time that she felt so at ease.

That’s why, she decided to sleep near him again while Lucas’ consciousness was in a different world.

“Then I’ll be on top of him!” (Lily)

As she said so, she already climbed the bed and snuggled her face at Lucas’ chest with her beet red face.

On both side, Eu and Aeran were clearly surprised.

Then, two more appeared.

“Waa! A sleepover! I want to join too!” (Alice)

“Wha- Alice! Don’t just enter another person’s room like tha-…eh?” (Steph)

Steph and Alice who were only on their way from the bathroom saw Lucas’ door opened and Alice mistook it as a sleepover party.

Now, she selfishly clung to Lucas’ leg but before Steph could remove her, she was already sound asleep at Lucas’ leg.

Seeing this, Steph can’t bring herself to remove her. After all that happened earlier, Alice actually had difficulty in sleeping and the same can be said to Steph.

But now, even Steph herself felt more at ease in this room and somehow, her body also climbed on top of the bed and slept.

The other girls can’t even retort since they didn’t want to wake them so they also slept immediately afterwards.

None of them knew that this was because of Lucas’ [Title] effect though and believed that it was Lucas himself who is making them feel secure.

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