World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 5 Chapter 4: Teardrop…

“Ah, milord. Welcome back.” (Jacob)

Jacob, who saw me as I walk in the hallways with Freya, bowed slightly.

“You’re here, Jacob. How is the production of the boats?” (Lucas)

“Yes, 53 boats you have ordered have been completed. They have been parked at the east gate of the third layer.” (Jacob)

“Understood, are you busy at the moment?” (Lucas)

“No milord, other than checking on the other employees, I am free at the moment.” (Jacob)

“Alright, follow me then.” (Lucas)

53 boats should be enough for now so I wanted to get started immediately.

I logged in at around 8:00 pm in [Earth] so it should be…afternoon here, just after 12 noon. I wanted to get it done before night falls.

But before that, I need to unload all the items in my [Inventory] which I had forgotten till now.

I did fight an entire army of monsters back in [Sennerth] after all so the drops have piled up. Later, I’ll sort and filter them to see which I can use and which I can sell.

I want to leave it to others but they [Harus] lack knowledge of [Earth] so I may be able to use the useless items here, in [Earth] somehow.

The [Inventory] of [Harus] does not follow the [Weight System] or the [Size System] like other games in [Earth]. Once an item goes in, it doesn’t matter how heavy it is as long as it is one item so it will take one [Item Slot] in the [Inventory].

For every person, there are 200 [Item Slots] while the [Vendor] class has 500.

One can stack up the same item in one [Item Slot] until 99.

For me, who had only fought a limited number of monsters, has been stacking up same items for a while now so even if I had fought an entire army of 4-5 different monsters, same drops still stacked up so I was able to hold it.

But as expected, it’s still an inconvenience later on so I unloaded them in the castle’s warehouse for now.

“T-this is-!” (Alfan)

“So much…” (Ellen)

At some point, Alfan and Ellen had joined us and displayed a shocked expression as they saw the pile of drop items that I poured into the warehouse.

“There are even [Dragon Scales] and…[Giant’s Toe]? And a [Minotaur’s Horn]…there are also monsters I haven’t heard about…” (Jacob)

“Could it be…this are…?” (Freya)

I nodded at Freya who seemed to have guessed where these came from.

“Yeah, in [Sennerth]. I got them when I fought an entire army of monsters by myself haha.” (Lucas)

I shrugged and laughed it off as if saying it can’t be helped.

The four of them looked at me with faces that is in between amazement and dumbstruck. It seems they can’t decide if I’m amazing or just plain weird…well, whatever.

I decided to go see the finished boats so I left the castle with the six of them including Vil and Warren who joined us when we were about to leave the place.

I also see the [Seed of Life] I planted a few days ago which had already sprouted into a small tree, it shouldn’t take long before this grows fully.

I wonder if trees in this world really grow in an abnormal rate but when I asked Jacob, it seems that it was this tree that was weird. Well, not like it really matters…unless it grows too much that is…well, I’ll deal with it when the time comes.

What? I’m free to laze around right? I mean, I already have so much to do so give me a break…

Anyway, we arrive at the east gate and I see around 50 or so finished boats parked on the side outside of the walls.

Since this east gate is the gate that connects to the ocean, this gate is much larger than the others and also has plenty of space for huge ships to enter.

“Ah, milord, my name is Elmer Reef, I’m the one that was assigned to lead the other carpenters to make the boats milord has ordered.” (Elmer)

A man around his 30’s with a bearded face and dark blonde hair greeted us the moment he saw us.

“A pleasure to meet you. How are the boats?” (Lucas)

“We’re halfway done, it shouldn’t take long to complete them all. But if I may ask, what are those glasses that milord wears? Can you even see through such dark lenses?” (Elmer)

That’s right, I’ve been wearing sunglasses all this time since I logged in. Why? Because of that damned title! [One to be Feared]!

Anyone who looks at me instantly tenses up or be wary…as such, I’ve been a subject of fear so there was no other choice but to hide my eyes.

I really have no idea what’s wrong with my eyes since I already looked at my own reflection and I didn’t really see anything wrong…

In fact, while we walked earlier to get to here, people have been looking at me awkwardly since I’ve brought a foreign object in this world…

“Please don’t mind it as I can see just fine. Anyway, is it fine for me to take the finished ones?” (Lucas)

By seeing fine, I really meant I can see just fine in sunglasses. I mean, even if I wear dark tinted glasses, there’s virtually no effect in my vision and I can still see as clearly as in day because of the [Dragon Eyes] night vision effect. In fact, I would sometimes get confused when night falls and think that it’s still morning…

“Sure, I’ll go get the men to deliver the boats but…where should we take them to?” (Elmer)

“No need, I can pull them myself.” (Lucas)

Well, rather than, pull, I will actually push them. With magic that is.

The others tilted their heads seemingly wanting to ask what I mean so I decided to show them.

With [Water Wall] appearing in front of me, I used [Water Manipulation] and directed the wall of water into the water roads and separating them into small palm size waters before directing them below at the backside of the boats.

Afterwards, all I have to do is make them push the boats so they would start moving.

Now it looks like the boats are moving without any rowers on board.


I heard someone’s mutter but didn’t really recall whose voice it was since it wasn’t loud. I may have a [Photographic Memory] but I cannot remember every voice and sounds after all.

“Well then, shall we go?” (Lucas)

“A-ah, yes milord!” (Jacob)

Jacob was the first one to snap out of it and hurried the others to move as well.

[“Show off.”] (Warren)

I ignored Warren’s retort and simply walked away after telling Elmer that I will back when the other boats are finished.

“Where are you taking these boats, Lucas?” (Freya)

“To the slums.” (Lucas)

“Eh?” (Freya)

I explained to Freya what I had in mind as we walk to the slum area while the others would look at us curiously since there are boats following us that seem to move on its own.

There were players…rather, [Earthlings] in their [Harus] forms but yeah, let’s just call them players. There were players looking at us as well seemingly thinking if this is an event of sorts and some even followed us.

Haah, since the official announcement has yet to be made, they still think this world is a [Game]…

Well, can’t really blame them, after all, if I hadn’t gotten a hold of a [World Key], I will probably also think this world is a game. I mean, there are these weird floating windows and all.

Anyway, we are nearing the slum area and I can already smell the pungent foul smell in the air. The water roads as well became dirty as can be seen from the trashes floating on it.

“Excuse me, can I have everyone’s attention?” (Lucas)

I spoke out with a loud yet firm voice.

“Excuse us for the…unsightly display milord. What brings your visit, milord?”

A thin old man came forward. In one look, you can see that he is not fed well and is malnourished. I guess living here is hard after all.

“Do you have a job?” (Lucas)

“I…am already an old man, milord. I can only live off on my son’s family’s little earnings. They volunteer in manual labors every now and then.”

“I see…well then there is good news for you. I’m handing out jobs.” (Lucas)


The thin old man looked at me with curious but expectant eyes. The other people in the slum area have also grown interested in our talk and came closer to hear more.

I smiled wryly and made the boats I’ve brought, closer.

“I’m sure you all are aware of what the roads have become right? The job I want you guys to have is tour guiding.” (Lucas)

I began to further explain my offer.

The boats I brought will be given to them so they can use it to have people from foreign cities to hop in and guide them, bringing them to places that are good for the mood and nice views, as well as guiding them as to where the markets, inns, restaurants, and other buildings are.

In short, they can be called as tour busses from [Earth].

“T-this is certainly a good idea. But milord, the money to buy the boats milord has prepared is…”

“Oh, these are free. You don’t have to worry about it.” (Lucas)


They all looked at me with surprised faces but with a hint of wariness. Well I can’t blame them. Free is good, but at the same time, they are suspicious.

They probably think that I will order them to do something in exchange of the boats and some men even began shielding their wives and daughters.

Geez, I’m not interested in that stuff you know?

“Please don’t be wary, I know the previous lord is…well, corrupt and all but as I said, I want to change this city. People from all over the continent will most likely visit this city in a few days and not just them.

Even residents from another world will also come here and I would like the city to give them a warm welcome.” (Lucas)

I took a deep breath and continued.

“These boats here are really cheap and normal so I don’t have any problem in giving it for free provided that it will attract more visitors. Besides, you can think of it as returning the money that the previous lord took for granted. Will you accept?” (Lucas)

When I asked, the thin old man and the other people began to look at each other and converse with each other.

“By the way, the price you can ask the customer is 3 Silvers per head and 1 Silver per hour. Tax per month is 10 Silvers so all you have to do is find 4 people to board in a month. After a while, you will have plenty of money for yourselves and your family.” (Lucas)

3S is actually cheap in this world. With 1S, you can buy the foods provided in the food stalls. With around 10C, one can buy a candy.

Why? Because even if one is to call the currency as Copper, Silver, or Gold, the truth is, these coins aren’t made of pure Copper, Silver, or Gold.

Actually, they have plenty of impurities so their actual value is lower than their name suggests.

After hearing my statement, they readily agreed to take the job.

“We’ll take it milord!”

“Thank you milord, to tell the truth, it’s been hard for us to find a job!”

“With this, we can live a comfortable and stable life!”

“Alright, then please form a line so we can register you as tour guides and give you a boat. For now, we only have 53 boats prepared so for now, only one boat per family.” (Lucas)

They all nodded and formed a line while Jacob takes out his pen and paper which I gave him earlier. Since it would be hard to hold the inkwell while standing, I gave him a ballpoint pen from [Earth] as well as the smooth paper.

Afterwards, I have them sign the boat and even have them place their handprint so it won’t get lost since I will take the boats back to the east gate to park them. Later, they can check up on it themselves after showing their identifications.

…Actually, do I even have to bring the boats here?…Well I suppose I wanted to try pushing it with magic anyways…?

I sighed and waited for them to finish.

After finishing, I reminded them of one more rule.

“You can freely customize your personal boats as long as the width does not take up more than half of the water roads. Every 3 months, your boats will be ranked according to their design, beauty, and innovation in attracting customers. 1st place will be given 3 Golds and the price you can ask a customer will be added by 3 Silvers, 2nd place will be given 2 Golds and the price you can ask a customer will be added by 2 Silvers, 3rd place will be given 1 Gold and the price you can ask a customer will be added by 1 Silver.” (Lucas)


“T-thank you milord!”

Kukuku, with this, not only will they start to work hard, their constant competition in making their boats better than the others will attract more and more people!

It’s a shame that the tax is low, but that’s fine. The first few months will be rough, but in time, that won’t even matter anymore. I can change it whenever I want anyways.

“Also, make sure that whatever features you add in your boat, it shouldn’t bother any people like making it noisy to attract customers.” (Lucas)

They all nod quickly seemingly impatient as they already want to start working on their boats.

“Haha, don’t be too impatient. For now, let me help try to clean this place. From now on, I would like it if the trashes weren’t thrown in the water roads.” (Lucas)

I used the same water magic I used to push the boats and made them lift the trashes out of the water and piled them on the sidewalks. Next, I also tried to encase the dirty water with my water before lifting them in the air and evaporating it with a fire ball.

After a while, the water roads became seemingly cleaner than before but there is still this bad odor and trashes.

For now, I burned the trashes but I need to find a way to deal with them next time since this will only pollute the air.

I made sure the polluted air is lifted away with my wind magic and manipulation.

There’s still a trace of bad odor in the air but it isn’t as strong as before but that is because the source of the bad odor is coming from the dirty houses and people. In time, this would be gone so I only reminded them to keep being healthy.

Afterwards, I went back to my castle and ate dinner with the others. Next, I decided to join the other soldiers and knights in their night training again with Alfan.

Before I knew it, it was already midnight in [Earth] and a window appeared in my vision.


+100 Fame


Ah…I forgot I still had this quest…well, it’s a good thing nothing bad happened.

I can still spend another day here in [Harus] before logging out…well, I guess I’ll sort the drops now.

I make my way to the store room and stared at the pile of items in front of me…Ei! Let’s do this!

+ + +

Haah…haah…finally finished…

I found some interesting equipments while I was sorting the items.


Effect Changing colors Durability 227/300

Description When wore in the shade, this cloak turns black. And when wore in the light, this cloak turns white.

Name Driradeeth Mask Rank C

Requirement N/A

Made by a magician of [Sennerth] that had died on the hands of a minotaur.

+ + +

Whoo, training all day was really tiring…But with that, I only have two more levels to gain in order to max [Sword Mastery]!

I guess it isn’t as hard as I though it will be. I mean, Alfan has already maxed it for years now and almost all of the knights had maxed it as well since it’s a requirement for being one.

In the end, I trained for the whole day and only stopped during lunch and dinner.

I told Freya she can tour the city but she went away with Vil in one corner and started training with her as well…

Well, I’m not complaining since the stronger her skills get, the better for me. After all, I can use them!

I logged off since it’s time for breakfast.

Like waking up from a dream, I opened my eyes and saw the unfamiliar ceiling through the [Portal’s] transparent visor…Is what was supposed to happen but for some reason, there is something obstructing my view.

Not only that, but I can feel a heavy weight pressed down on me, not to mention a soft feeling on the chest area.

I tried to move but my hands cannot as there seemed to be something soft holding them down.

My feet as well seemed to be under constraint.

…T-this…the last time I felt something like this was when Aeran and Lily snuck into my bed…don’t tell me…

I focus on the thing that is obstructing my vision…Lily!?

W-why is Lily pressed on top of me!?

No, Lily isn’t alone…I turned my head to my right…Eu!? She’s here too!?

And Aeran is on the left side hugging my arm!

M-my feet…why is my feet also restrained…Alice!? And Steph!?

J-just what the hell happened here!?




D-damn, with the drowsiness effect of the title [That sleeping student in the class] together with the title [Lucky Pervert], something like this actually happened!?

Why!? Though it feels really nice and soft but since I can’t even lay a hand on them, this is torture!!!

I mean come on! One is an employee of IDEA company, another is a [Demon Queen], a Queen [Spirit], a daughter of a mafia boss, and a little girl!

Though Lily seems to be the most normal one but that doesn’t mean I can just do whatever I want can I?

*suu suuu*

Gh-!? D-damn, I can feel each and every one of their breaths tickle my skin! Lily’s slight breathing makes her voluptuous chest press back and forth in my body! Eu’s lips making their way to my neck as she hugs my arm in between her chest! Aeran’s soft thighs on my palm inching slowly upwards as she move, Alice’s small developing body fully wrapped on my leg! Steph’s hands that caresses beneath my clothes and trickling on my navel! THIS IS TOO MUCH!!!

“Ngg…huh?” (Lily)

I hear Lily’s voice near my ear as she slowly wakes up.

Suddenly, I feel that her face that was pressed on my cheek becomes hot.

“L-Lucas umm…” (Lily)

“Lily, b-before someone comes in, can you move away for now?” (Lucas)

I can clearly feel her heart beating faster…or wait, was that mine? Anyway, mine is clearly beating faster than normal! How can I not!? There are 5 beauties around me!

I waited nervously for Lily to move away but…for some reason, she’s not moving.

“T-that umm…rd…” (Lily)

“rd?” (Lucas)

“S-something hard is…my thigh” (Lily)

“Mmh…w-what’s this hard thing?” (Steph)

From below, I hear Steph’s voice as she wake up but…something was grabbed on my lower part…


“Hm? Eh? Huh?…………………………………………………….” (Steph)

“S-Steph umm…” (Lucas)

“K-kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pervert!!!” (Steph)

Steph immediately jumped off the bed but since she just woke up, her legs haven’t properly woke up yet which caused her to stumble to the floor.

“You’re the one that grabbed it!!!” (Lucas)

“B-b-b-but, w-w-why is it hard!!!???” (Steph)

“That’s normal since you five are surrounding me!” (Lucas)

“M-mhh? Hwaaah, hehe good morning Lucas~” (Eu)

I turned to Eu who most likely woke up due to me suddenly sitting up and the yelling.

Lily didn’t fall off when I suddenly sat up, rather, she suddenly clung to me and wrapped her hands on my neck.

As soon as I turned to Eu, it was already to dodge.

Dodge what? Well, it was Eu’s incoming lips.

I felt Eu’s soft lip touch my own. I immediately froze in place due to the sudden surprise while feeling Eu’s simple yet passionate kiss on my lips.

It continued for a few seconds but for me, it felt like eternity!

Silence filed the room as Lily, Steph, and I stare at Eu in surprise, not daring to move one millimeter.

Soon enough, Eu seemed to have fully woken up and her face turned bright red in an instant as if finally realizing what she did.

“T-t-t-t-th-that! U-uu…I’M SOOORRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee~” (Eu)

“Ah…” (Lucas)

…She escaped…

Even after she left, the three of us who saw what happened still can’t move. It was that great of a shock. Especially to me!

My first kiss! My fist kiss was actually from a half-asleep Demon Queen!!!

“Mh? What is it? So noisy…” (Aeran)

“Mhya? Morning?” (Alice)

“…” (Lucas, Lily, & Steph)

Alice and Aeran finally separated with me but the three of us were still unmoving.

“Muu, why is Lily clinging to Lucas!?” (Aeran)

Right, Lily as well has yet to move away from me and was still clinging to my neck, seeing that, Aeran clung on my back.

“Waa~ I want to join too!” (Alice)

…Now there are two kids on my back…

“*C-cough* Uh Alice, let’s go get breakfast…” (Steph)

“Yay breakfast!” (Alice)

Being the first to snap out of it, probably due to seeing Alice clinging on my back, Steph removed Alice from my back and walked out of the room while still feeling awkward.

“A-ah that’s right…let’s go down as well…” (Lily)

“A-ahh…I-I guess so…” (Lucas)

“?” (Aeran)

Like that, we finally moved and went downstairs to eat breakfast in this RImmer household…In my mind, the only thing I can think of is Eu’s kiss…

+ + +

“W-what do I dooooo~!?” (Eu)

After escaping, Eu’s mind was a total chaos.

It was only natural, after all, without confessing first, she suddenly went and kissed Lucas on the lips! Now she’s thinking whether she should confess or deny it.

“Lucas will definitely ask about it! But I don’t want my confession to be like this! Like this, if Lucas accepts, then it would look like I forced him!…And if he refuse…I don’t think I can take it…” (Eu)

There were two choices. One, confess everything and tell Lucas that she loves him. Two, deny it and say it was only because she was half-asleep. Well, there’s also the option of ignoring Lucas but Eu feels that she can’t keep ignoring him.

“Lucas…” (Eu)

Eu touched her lips as she recalls the taste of Lucas’ lips, still unable to decide…

On the other hand, Steph and Lily were experiencing changes.

“W-why am I feeling irritated? Lucas is only someone who gave me a helping hand. He’s only a friend…only a friend so why…why does my heart ache so much…” (Steph)

“I…I though Lucas was someone that I only admire…a crush…but…perhaps…” (Lily)

As both of them walk down the stairs, they placed their hands on their chest and clenched it, seemingly wondering what their heart wants to tell them.

+ + +

…Damn, it really got awkward…

We are now on the dining table where all of us are gathered.

I also switched to my [Harus] form so I can summon Freya and call Vil so they can join us.

The dining room was only filled with the clutters of the tableware and the sound of people gulping their food.

I feel my Mom’s gaze fall upon me which I avoided. Why? I have no idea. I feel like if I were to look at her in the eyes, she would know what happened this morning…

Next, she looked at the girls and like me, Lily, Steph, and Eu also looked away trying their best to only focus on their foods.

I glanced at Eu to check on her reaction but by some sort of coincidence, she also happened to looked over my way.

Immediately after our eyes locked, we both looked away from each other.

Like I thought, it really is embarrassing!

I sighed and looked up…for some reason, my Mom and Lora are looking at each other as if they’re communicating telepathically.

“Say…I didn’t seem to find Stephie and Alice in their rooms earlier…” (Lora)


I see Steph suddenly flinch and choke on the water she’s drinking.

“Aeran, Eu, and Lily as well.” (Margo)

Now, Eu and Lily flinched. Eu’s flinch was especially more rigid than Lily’s and she even stopped blinking for a few seconds.

Aeran however…

“Ah, that’s because we all slept with Lucas!” (Aeran)


Now, everyone except for Lora and Mom flinched as they stopped their movements.

Gavin and my other friends turned their head towards me like a robot that isn’t oiled and I can clearly see the murderous gaze in their eyes!

However, Arlo’s aura was more deadly.

I feel like he’s about to draw his katana again and swing it on my neck!

“T-that, it’s because Lucas’ bed was especially big and comfortable!” (Steph)

“Fufu, that’s why I gave him that room after all.” (Lora)

“…Nothing happened?” (Arlo)

“T-that…” (Steph)

Steph cannot clearly say it since something did happen, specifically, Eu’s kiss…

Since none of us can clearly say it, we only tried to avoid their gazes…but that was actually a bad move…

“S-so something did happen!” (Arlo)

“W-wait! Nothing happened! It was only Eu!” (Lucas)


Damn, because of that kiss, I can’t even think straight, now I just made things worse!!!

Hearing what I said, Eu, Lily, and Steph fell silent while Freya and Aeran froze.

On the side, I see Mom and Lora having an expression that clearly enjoys the development.

“…What did you mean…only Eu?” (Freya)

“…What did that demon do, Lucas?” (Aeran)

The both of them clearly had smiling faces but their eyes aren’t smiling at all!

Scary! I never knew these two were this scary!!!

“N-no umm…” (Lucas)


At this moment, Eu suddenly stood up while lightly banging on the table.

“I…” (Eu)

Everyone looked at her including me, thinking what she is going to say.

“I kissed Lucas! On the lips!” (Eu)

The entire room froze…no, it felt like the entire world froze as if the time had suddenly stopped…

Everyone was clearly still, including Mom and Lora, it seems they didn’t expect this one coming.

“I-I love Lucas!” (Eu)


Right now, I felt like my heart just stopped.

“I…I-I have a pet in my house named Lucas! A-and I love him! I-I was half asleep and I…was dreaming of him s-so…I-I accidentally…kissed Lucas…” (Eu)


…What? So in the end, it was a pet?

So my first kiss is actually because she was half-asleep?

Haah…I don’t know what I should feel.

I know I should feel relief but…there’s this small regret in my heart…

Maybe…I regret that…I can forget my past with ‘her’ if what Eu said at that time was me…maybe I can love again…

Haha…I guess it isn’t possible after all…

+ + +

“…So it was the pet.” (Freya)

“…It can’t be helped if it was an accident…” (Aeran)

“…I see…” (Lily)

“…So it was like that…” (Steph)

“…” (Eu)

“W-well, the misunderstanding has been cleared up! Shall we continue to eat?” (Lora)

“Y-yes, I think so too…” (Margo)

The two mothers, quickly changed the topic since the both of them knew…they had gone too far in their teasing…

The other girls conceding were clearly because they know full well what Eu truly feels for Lucas. And they know, that her statement earlier when she denied it, was the most painful thing for her to do.

“I…I really can’t say it…” (Eu)

Eu recalled back to when she shouted her love for Lucas.

She recalled how Lucas reacted the moment she said it.

She recalled the hint of despair in his face that time…it was the face of someone who is afraid to hurt her if he were to refuse her love…

It was the face of someone who was afraid to love again…

That moment, Eu can no longer bear it and switched to denying it…she can’t bear to hurt Lucas…If she didn’t deny it, it will be Lucas who will suffer more.

Constantly debating in his mind if he were to refuse but hurt Eu’s feelings, or accept the love of someone he doesn’t love…

That’s why Eu decided to bear the pain alone.

This time…it was her turn to save Lucas.

“Lucas…” (Eu)

As she ate quietly, Eu felt her heart tremble…a clear teardrop fell on her food but no one was able to see it…no one, except a certain [Phantom] that snuck inside Freya’s shadow before she was summoned to [Earth].

Author’s Notes

Sorry for the super delay~ Classes started this week so…yeah, no time to write -_-

Well, for all those who have been waiting for it, the time where Lucas stops being dense is nearing! So wait a bit longer.

Oh, and before you ask, Eu will not stay depressed like this for a long time. That’s why I added that last bit of Warren there.

So I said that this chap was supposed to be a Sennerth chapter but…well, my writing went out of control hence this happened. Next chap will be Sennerth and a 5 day time skip.

So, how will Eu’s feelings change? Will Lucas be able to encounter his past? How will Warren help? And will there be something that will change in Sennerth?

Till the next chapter!

P.S.: I am actually in a hurry atm so I’ll do the tables later, bye~

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