World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 5 Chapter 10: Episode I Ends


Above us, the sounds of innocent souls being burned could be heard…no, actually it’s just the shout of people enjoying the rollercoaster but its close enough…I think…

Currently, we were in an amusement park to show the otherworldly people how to have fun in our world.

At first, I thought of touring them to high class restaurants or hotels but it’s too boring so I went with an amusement park instead.

However, we would get too much attention since everyone in our group wears noble-like clothing made from animal fur and such which one would normally see in the medieval era.

So to fix that, I had the President make it so that there is a cosplay event in the amusement park!

Even though that decision was made recently, there are already a lot of people inside! One should not think lightly of the information network of otakus!

Because of that, there are different kind of booths lined up on the streets which aren’t normally seen in amusement parks like action figures, mangas, figurines, nendroids, posters, and such.

“How intriguing, how can that heavy looking object travel so fast without magic?”

“Are you sure those are the shouts of people enjoying that thing? Isn’t it a cry for help?”

“How fast! Are we meant to ride that?”

“Haha, alright guys! Since you’re so interested with this, then we shall ride it first!” (Lucas)

I directed the group towards the entrance of the ride, completely ignoring the line where a bunch of curses were shouted but I also ignored them.

One thing the President also gave us is an ID which will give us privilege to get free stuffs like free entrance, no waiting in line, free tries in some booths.

As for money, we have already exchanged the gold coins into Philippine Pesos a long time ago.

From the conference, it was decided that 1 USD is equal to 30 Silvers. From there to the conversion of USD to Pesos which is roughly 1:40-ish, we were able to safely convert them without any problems.

Why is USD more expensive than Silver? Because unlike how the name makes it to be, the coin isn’t pure silver and actually just 1-5% Silver.

Anyways, after seeing our IDs, the person in charge readily let us in immediately so we boarded the roller coaster. They didn’t worry about not being paid since the government already did that.

“Right, this is called a [Roller Coaster]. Powered by electromagnetic…you know what, forget the science stuff. Basically, it moves fast!” (Lucas)

Though some were discontented with my explanation, they also knew that I’m not a professional in science so they let it go.

We all boarded the carriages of the roller coaster as the attendants help them get in their positions.

“…Are you sure this is safe?”

“Is this leather supposed to keep us in place?”

“…How come I have this feeling that I just made a very bad decision…”

Such conversations arose from behind me which made me chuckle. These guys are the rulers of [Harus] and now, they are riding a roller coaster! I mean, how many chances will you get to see this sight!?

I am definitely keeping the photo of this ride later.

Like that, I keep trying to imagine their reaction while the coaster pulls us up.

“Even though I’ve rode on a dragon before…even though this height isn’t supposed to scare me…why is it that there is still this dangerous feel to it!?”

“J-just how high is this thing gonna pull us!?”

“Alright everyone! Brace yourselves!!!” (Lucas)

After that shout, whatever force that was pulling us let loose and we began the thrill ride!


+ + +

“Haah…haah…haah…what kind of monster ride is that!?”

“*Blurp-*…Damn…that was scarier than a *blurp-* dragon!”

“Wow! I feel so young again!”

I laughed as I hear their reactions then I laughed harder when I saw the picture that came with the ride.

With our sitting arrangement, Eu was sitting next to me while Aeran and Aleris were behind us, then, behind them is the Prince of [Drachedge] and the Archbishop. All of which had tears at the corner of their eyes!

Only Aeran seemed to have enjoyed it.

“Lucas…let’s not ride that again…” (Eu)

“Muu…uncle Luke is still a bully…” (Aleris)

“Let’s go again!” (Aeran)

“…It seems your world has very crazy vehicles.” (Prince)

“Damn, I should’ve used my [Slow] spell on it…but everything happened too fast…” (Archbishop)

Oi oi oi, if you used magic to slow the coaster down…then we will definitely have an accident! And can an Archbishop casually curse like that!?

Everyone voiced their opinions on the ride but Aleris’ voice was very meek so I didn’t catch it very much.

“Haha! It seems this is more fun to ride than a dragon!” (Fawkes)

On the side, I hear Fawkes’ laughter.

Ah right…he was also here wasn’t he?

Well, let’s get a move on!

“Let’s go! To the next ride!” (Lucas)

“There’s still more!!!???”

“We’re just starting! Haha!” (Lucas)

Next, we rode the swing boat, water ride, drop tower and a couple more dangerous looking rides.

Of course we didn’t spend every time on them. There was also the bumper cars which was very amusing to watch.

Kings, Queens, Lords, Emperors, Empresses, Knights, Priests, and Magicians pair up and rode bumper cars and started fighting.

“Ha! We shall finally settle the feud of your Riverbach family and my Lestor family!”

“Dream on old man!”

“Take this! [Boost]!”

“Damn you! Knights, form ranks! Magicians, support us from the rear!”


Let’s ignore the fools for now…they actually started using magic…

Meanwhile, on the other side…

“Wawawawawawawaa! Demon! Stop making the car spin!” (Aeran)


“D-daughter, calm yourself, let’s stop please!” (Sennerth Human King)

“Hahahahahahahahaha!!!” (Aleris)

It seems Eu is not good with this at all as she kept making hers and Aeran’s bumper car spin…

Aleris seemed to have flipped a weird switch in her as she began on a bumping spree which sped everywhere…

Right, I don’t know these fools. I don’t know them at all.

Oh yeah, should I go summon Freya?…No, I already have my hands full with these guys already…I’ll just take her again here some other time. Lily and Steph too I guess?

After the bumper ride, most of them had their complexions back to normal from their pale expressions on the thrill rides before.

Some looked like they’re about to vomit as they too can’t control the cars very well.

There’s also that group earlier which started a bumper war earlier and were looking at the other party with hostile gazes. Though, I have a feeling that their fight isn’t too serious seeing that their bumper cars are still intact and that no one used offensive spells.

Other than that, there was also the incident on the shooting range where they almost emptied the booth because of their high DEX so I stopped them before the booth run out of business…

Though reluctant, they were still happy nonetheless as they thought of giving their prize plushies to their children. Well, stuffed toys aren’t normally seen in fantasy worlds I guess.

We also watched a 4D movie located in the amusement park which everyone enjoyed their new experience.

Since there’s also an arcade, I also thought them how to play the games there and some were very hooked into it.

They tried the basketball, shooting games, racing games, and those luck based ones as well.

After just an hour, they all have a lot of credits…fantasy world really is such a cheat…not that I can say anything since I also got a lot of credits.

After exchanging the credits to some prizes, we got out and went to the next attraction.

While walking, there were always some who would ask for a picture. After explaining to the arrogant ones that they simply want a picture to keep and worship them, they no longer hesitated and accepted everyone from taking a picture.

Though, it always annoys me when someone asks for Eu, Aeran, or Aleris…

They also asked for a picture with me as they say that I ‘look a lot’ like the [White Haired Adventurer Lucas]. Haha, my cosplay plan worked!

There’s also a photo booth that we all tried in order to keep photos of today’s event. Who knows? Maybe one day it will appear in a school’s textbook…

Anyway, after nth number of photos taken with me, Eu, Aeran, and Aleris which numbered a lot and some were either solo, duo, group, and with different combinations.

I also took a photo with the Prince and Archbishop as they were friends.

What I didn’t expect is the Demon King asking for a photo with me…and he seemed strangely happy with it…

Right, let’s forget about it…


+ + +

“Crow, did you know? That [White Haired Lucas] is leading those from [Harus] and [Sennerth] in an amusement park…” (Hood)

It’s already wide spread that a new world was introduced during the [World Conference] as expected from the media’s fast information gathering so it was no mystery how he knew of the world called [Sennerth].

Hearing Hood’s information, everyone seated in the [Dark Eater’s] council had their veins popped out of their forehead.

“Damn! While we hide in a hole like this, those guys dare to have fun!!!???” (Volf)

“Tch- annoying!” (Skull)

“Hohohoho that where a clown like me should be!” (Clown)

“Shut up you homo clown!” (Skull)

“Crow! Let’s raid ’em! Let’s just kill them all!!!” (Volf)

“Enough!” (Crow)

Crow’s voice reverberated throughout the room.

“Volf, just how do you suppose to even reach them? There are no [Teleportation Portals] in [Earth]! You’re in a different country!” (Crow)

Volf seemed hesitant but sat down in the end as he can’t refute what Crow just said.

“Endure! There will be a day where they will definitely regret making light of us!” (Crow)


+ + +

The day quickly passed and it’s already night time so I planned for 2 more attractions.

Haunted House!!!

Though, I’m not expecting too much since there are plenty of ghosts in [Harus] or [Sennerth] anyway.

There are even monsters after all.

But, contrary to my initial expectation, there were still some satisfying reactions.

“Lucas…what’s with this eerie place?” (Eu)

“It’s like something will pop out any time…” (Aeran)

“Uuuu…” (Aleris)

Eu only frowned but she still kept close to me like Aeran.

Aleris however, was very clingy…it seems that she’s not that good at dealing with ghosts.

Seeing Aleris cling like that, Eu and Aeran quickly forgot about the surrounding and were glaring at her when it happened.


“”Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!???”” (Eu & Aeran)

With their guard down, the two were taken by surprise and followed Aleris as they both cling to me…

Eu hugging my left arm, Aleris hugging the other, and Aeran being the small child she is, jumped and hugged my chest very tightly with both her hands and feet making it very hard for me to walk.

Just then, I felt a hard wall behind me so I turned to look…only to see the Demon King somewhat pale and clinging to my back…THE HELL!!!???

Seeing that I looked at him, he coughed and sped away…




D-damn…could it be that his target wasn’t Eu in the first place!!!??? IT WAS ME!!!???

Forget it! Forget it!

I am definitely avoiding that guy in the future!

I won’t even go near 10 meters closer to him!

Delete! Delete it from my memory!!!

Because of this, I no longer remember the soft sensation nor the sweet fragrance from the three girls…

+ + +

After the haunted mansion which was scary in more ways than one, I lead everyone to the last ride. The Ferris wheel.

As expected, I ended up with Eu, Aeran, and Aleris.

Though the cabs were a four-sitter type, Eu and Aleris are forcing themselves to sit at both of my sides while Aeran sat on my lap which makes it very crammed inside…not that I’m complaining…

Due to this position, two soft bulges were hugging both my arms as both Eu and Aleris rest their heads on my shoulders while Aeran relaxes on my chest.

…Haah…am I really to choose among these girls? Can I even have them all?

Sighing, my mind is very much troubled on what I should do.

Even if I don’t believe in God myself, I am still a Catholic since birth and it was already ingrained in my mind that those who marry multiple girls are trash who cannot wholly love one person.

I mean, these girls love me, I get it. They whole heartedly love me…and I’m supposed to accept them all and divined my love between them?

That would be too disrespectful to their love.

I sighed again and looked out of the cab from high up, staring into the night sky as the lights glitter from below and above. Lighting up the horizon were manmade lights below and heavenly stars from above which oddly looked the same.

“…How about Freya and the others?” (Eu)

“…I’ll also take them here some other time…” (Lucas)

“I see…that’s good.” (Eu)

At that point, Eu had hinted that she’s completely fine with accepting the other girls but I didn’t notice it at that time and just treated it as her being worried about the others being left out.

+ + +

After the amusement park, I took them to a 5-star hotel with a casino where we will be eating dinner.

Fun day and elegant night, that’s how I planned the tour. I’m a genius!

Anyway, self-praising aside, we rode on a tour bus that we had used originally when we came here and went directly to the hotel where Ban is waiting for us.

That’s right, Ban didn’t come with us to the amusement park as he says there was no need for him who will be staying to this world anyways.

The President and Trask as well had stayed here as they talk about future plans in the [Philippines].

Not only that, but it would seem that Trask had Lily come over as well and mysteriously, Steph and Alice is also present. Both of which are glaring at me as they both pout in displeasure.

“Don’t look at me like that, alright, I’ll take you to a different amusement park next time then…” (Lucas)

After much convincing, I finally made them calm down.

Sighing, I summoned Freya as well and explain to her the situation. Since everyone’s here anyways, I had Freya also come over.

Upon coming inside, the different royalties all sighed in amazement.

“How grandeur! Definitely a high class hotel!”

“Amazing, I think this is actually better than my mansion!”

“Are those crystals!? My goodness, to use that much crystals for decoration in lighting!?”

“How can water come out of this wall?”

“Is this really a hotel? Are you sure it isn’t a palace?”

They all praised the beauty of the hotel which made all the attendants and the manager who stood on the side to smile with pride.

“Speak, who is the owner of this place?”

“Milords, this one isn’t the owner as the owner is currently in a different country. This one is simply the manager of this hotel. I hope milords will find it satisfying.” (Manager)

“Impressive, to be able to manage such an amazing place like this, no doubt, the owner must’ve trusted you well.”

The King who asked for the owner nodded in praise as he saw the manager.

“I heard we will be dining in this place. Earlier, the young Lucas had showed us a whole new experience as well as some of your world’s foods. I must say, for foods sold on the streets to be that good, I am very much interested in the food a high class hotel such as this provides.”

“Quickly lead us to the dining hall.”

Like he said, I indeed let them taste street foods like hotdog and the like. They also seemed to like popcorn and junk foods which they took some as souvenirs for when they go back.

Actually, there’s still a guy eating potato chips here…

Anyway, our group was then lead to the dining hall where a buffet was arranged.

Before sitting down, I left my scarf on the table in order to mark that table as ours and no one will sit on it then I lead the girls to the buffet table.

“Mnn~! Delicious!” (Eu)

“This is amazing!” (Aeran)

“Even in the castle, I never had food like this!” (Aleris)

“Mnmn!” (Freya)

The four otherworlders enjoyed the food to the point where they began moaning.

Lily, Steph, and me chuckled at the sight while Alice is happily eating as well on Steph’s lap and Vil, who had been sleeping for a while now, also begun eating as she smelled the foods.

Let’s just hope they don’t begin stripping like in a certain cooking manga…

On the other tables, the different rulers and nobles of [Harus] and [Sennerth] had begun to ask for the cook and recipe of the food.

Of course, they were humbly rejected as they say that they cannot share their business secret.

Before any trouble arrives, Trask had started to mediate and explained that food recipes will be one of the shared information of the alliance but it will only consist of chosen recipes. The person recipes of restaurants, hotels small businesses will not be considered as it is an invasion of property so to speak.

Afterwards, they began to settle down and quietly ate their foods.

After about an hour or so, the food was all gone and everyone wore a satisfied face.

We bade farewell to the two world groups and went home…not.

Since it was already so late, it was decided that I will sleep in this high class hotel.

And as expected, Eu, Aeran, Aleris, and Freya stayed behind…

We went to our room which has two wide beds. Just before I approach my couch, Eu held my hand with her unmovable Demon Queen power while the other girls push the two wide beds closer…

Sighing in defeat, I let myself get pulled onto the bed and began to be surrounded by numerous soft spots…

I don’t think I can sleep after all…

Just then, a golden window appeared in front of my vision as well as everyone in [Earth], [Harus], and [Sennerth].

ANNOUNCEMENTEpisode I: Worlds Gather is completed

ANNOUNCEMENTEpisode II: World Drifting

The Alliances composing of different worlds have begun.

Not that it matters anyway.

A month after this announcement was made, the Chinese [Rank S Gatekeeper] Lin disappeared…

At this point, none of us knew that this disappearance will mark another change in history.

Author’s Notes

Sorry for the delay! School stuff gets me really busy these days and my own schedule doesn’t help…

Now, this marks the end of Volume 5! On to Volume 6!

There will be new characters, new magic, new skills, and new adventures! Also new girls! Whether they join the harem or now, we shall see.

So, the preview thing on the last volume didn’t actually work since I didn’t actually say all of those stuff from there so I’m not gonna do it again 😛

Next volume! Will the [Dark Eaters] finally make their move? What is the reason why a new [Episode] began so abruptly? What does the last announcement mean? Also, how is the child buried below the [Seed of Life] that Lucas planted?

Till the next volume!!!

P.S.: Did anyone expect that Demon King twist? (No Den dwellers plz :P)

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