World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 6 Chapter 2: Encounter Again

A couple of hours ago, every student has yet to wake up. Some of them are inside [Harus] and casually adventuring about.

One of which is a certain violet haired shrine maiden.

She would easily pass as the school’s top beauty. Her long violet hair fluttered down her pure white outfit which resembled like the uniform of shrine maidens in [Japan].

Snow white skin and cold blue eyes with an expression that tells people she doesn’t laugh at all.

She is famous for being known as the [Ice Maiden] in her school. Countless male students have tried to woo her but she just turned a cold shoulder to all of them.

A lot of females also idolize her and there were also some who confessed but as always, she paid them no mind.

But even though her personality is like that, no one despises her for some reason. They all accepted that this is just what makes her, her. And some would even say it is one of her good points.

As for why she was called a maiden, it’s because of her part-time job as a shrine maiden and also because her father is a priest.

In this world, she called herself [Yuki].

[Yuki] means ‘snow’ and it is commonly known like that. However, the character of ‘happiness’ can also be pronounced as ‘yuki’ and ‘yu’ also means gentle while ‘ki’ means hope.

It can be said that on the surface, she is as cold as ‘snow’. While below, she is ‘gentle’ while also ‘hoping’ for her own ‘happiness’.

But she know all too well that she can never have it.

It is simply impossible.

“…It’s been seven years already…” (Yuki)

Yuki’s hair fluttered about as she stares at the horizon but her gaze wasn’t cold as usual. It had a tint of longing and grief.

Seven years ago, she wasn’t as cold as now. Rather, she was bright and happy.

She even had someone she truly loves!

Alas…it didn’t end well.

That day, when she separated from him, it was the most painful moment in her life.

She was in a different country, staying with her mother that wasn’t Japanese. However, one day, her father called and wanted her to stay with him in [Japan].

Her father was a priest of a temple and he was very strict.

He didn’t allow for her to be married and wished for her to be a shrine maiden instead.

In fact, she was even told that he ‘made’ her for that very purpose.

She was leaving, but she didn’t want to leave ‘him’.

She knew that ‘he’ won’t be able to follow her and it would break him if they parted.

In fact, ‘he’ might not even love anyone anymore and just keep waiting. She didn’t want that. She didn’t want that because of her, ‘his’ future will be being alone…because she knew they cannot be together.

‘His’ future is bright, ‘he’ deserves to have someone to walk beside ‘him’ as age allows them.

Then ‘he’ confessed.

“Lucas…” (Yuki)

“I also love you…” (Yuki)

“…ha…haha, you actually think I’m in love with you?” (Yuki)

“I really, really, reaaally do…” (Yuki)

“No way, no way.” (Yuki)

“You’ve been very kind to me. You always cared for me. You’ve never let anything hurt me. You would always make sure I don’t get wet when I forgot my umbrella on rainy days. You would always share your lunch with me when I forget my lunchbox. You would always trust me even if I lie…” (Yuki)

“Other than being kind, you’re just average.” (Yuki)

“I always looked forward to talking to you every day, every hour, every minute, and every second that passed by…” (Yuki)

“So you had this intention every time you talk to me?” (Yuki)

“Please don’t leave me…” (Yuki)

“From now on, don’t come near me.” (Yuki)

Her inner thoughts and words completely didn’t match at all. But she had already decided…that she will hurt ‘him’.

In fact, it’s better to say that she betrayed ‘him’.

That’s right, Yuki’s name in [Earth] is Mii, Mii Shiratori. The same Mii that Lucas once fell in love with.

Right after she said those words, her face fell as she saw Lucas’ expression.

The expression of absolute despair!

Right afterwards, she immediately knew she had gone too far.

She wanted to explain, but Lucas had already sped away from the classroom.

Watching this, she knew…that her plan had backfired!

She didn’t want to hurt him. She wanted him to move on so he can love someone else. So he won’t have to bitterly wait for her!

Only, she didn’t imagine that his love for her was simply too much!

That day, it wasn’t only Lucas’ heart that broke, but also hers.

She cried all night in her room that day, and left the country the next.

After that, she no longer smiled.

More so, she never fell in love with anyone again.

When others look at her now, she was but an empty shell. Wearing a cold gaze that has no care for the world.

Only in [Harus], was she able to vent all her emotions.

Her job is a [High Priest] and [Dancer].

Those who see her dance would often say that they experienced longing in their hearts. Longing for someone they love.

“I can no longer have that happiness…I only wish…that he won’t be like me…” (Yuki)

The night passed and a new day is born.

Yuki had long since logged off and turned back to Mii in order to go to school.

Though she can no longer have happiness, she didn’t want her parents to worry about her so she still continues to study.

In fact, her father doesn’t truly care at all. To him, as long as she doesn’t marry or stays a maiden, she can do whatever she wants.

But her mother, who lived with her in the [Philippines], had of course, seen her relationship with Lucas and would always worry about her.

She also knows how why Mi would always plunge herself in [Harus] rather than sleep. Because every time, she would hear her sobbing sounds during the night.

Seven years had passed, Lucas is already in his second year in college while Mii is still in her last year in high school due to the fact that Japan’s school system having two more grades than Philippines’.

School started like every other day in Igur High School.

The moment Mii arrives, everyone would give way like Moses parting the ocean.

“It’s the [Ice Maiden]!”

“As beautiful as always!”

“Though her eyes are cold, seeing her still melts my heart!”

“Kyaa~ Mii-sama~!!!”

Even though every student around her is praising her like that, she pays them no mind as if she didn’t hear them at all and continued to advance.

But she didn’t know, that in a corner behind a crowd, a group of people are looking at her with lustful eyes.

“Hehe, truly a beauty! Just you wait, I’m going to change that ice cold gaze of yours into something a slut would show!” (???)

“Haha, Senpai, let us also have a go afterwards!”

“We also want a taste!”

“Haha, fine fine. But you need to do what I told you!” (???)


“Now, I’ll make a trip to [Akihabara] first. Geez, why does it have to be there?” (???)

Minutes passed by, classes after classes finished.

So far, everything is still normal.

“Hey, did you see the news? A [Mage] in [Akihabara]!”

“But this one isn’t one of the good guys right?”

“Yeah, they say he killed a lot! And even more are injured!”

It was break time so there were a lot of students grouping and chatting about.

On one corner, a student is holding his cellphone and browsing the news with his friends.

Mii only gave them a glance before redirected it again to her food.

[Akihabara] is still far after all, so there was no danger here. Why be nervous about it?

The bell rang and classes resumed.

Everyone was still relaxed as if the incident in [Akihabara] didn’t happen at all as they continue normally.

But everything changed after an hour.


The door to the classroom was destroyed, showing a feet sticking in the room as if to say, a person only kicked the door for it to be destroyed.


Before the teacher were to make sense of what happened, a highly pressurized water ball shot out and hit the teacher hard!

So hard that the teacher flew to the wall and slammed on it, leaving a deep impression on the wall!

After wards, the teacher fell lifelessly to the ground before disappearing into white smoke.

The teacher died!!!

They all knew that kind of death was the same as in the game called [World Gate Online] so they knew…it must mean that another person who has a [World Key] has come!

Ten people came in the classroom, everyone stiff from fear.

Each of these ten was wearing strange outfits that looked like from another world.

Though this group of people only have one [World Key], all ten of them were able to switch to their [Harus] bodies by passing it and letting them switch one at a time.

“Haha, I always hated that guy.” (???)

The person who shot the water ball looked at where the teacher once laid before glancing through the students and landing his gaze to mii.

“Hehe, you lot. Go have fun with the others first. This one’s mine.” (???)

“Haha, senpai, please remember your promise earlier!”

“Good good, there are also a lot of cuties here!”

“Hehe, this is going to be fun!”

All ten of them displayed lustful eyes towards the girls in the class as if they’re stripping them all with just their gaze.

Every girl who saw this immediately shrieked and covered their bodies while trembling while Mii only glared at them.

However, even Mii is afraid as her legs were also trembling.

“Haha, the so the [Ice Maiden] know how to fear!” (???)

The guy who seemed to be the leader walked calmly towards her, none of the other nine dared to make their move first and will only move after their leader so they waited while picking which girl they should go first.

“Oh right. The name’s [Mizushi]. Just so you will know what name to cry out while both of us enjoy ourselves!” (Mizushi)

Mizushi produced a magic called [Water Bind] to bind Mii.

This specific magic allows the victim to be bounded by ropes of water for a period of time and even though it’s water, it’s still not easy to break as it is infused with mana after all.

“Hehehe.” (Mizushi)

“No-!” (Mii)

Mizushi laughed as he saw Mii bound by his magic and started to tear her clothes.

The other nine as well had begun to move about with a dirty grin on their faces.

Mii’s face is filled with despair.

She had shut herself to the world.

She didn’t love anyone else.

She hasn’t even kissed anyone including Lucas.

Much less give her body to someone.

And yet, right now, at this moment, this guy in front of her is going to violate her.

Mii closed her eyes tight, not wanting to see what’s about to happen.

But before they get to enjoy themselves, the sound of glass shattering was heard which made Mii reopen her eyes.

What she saw were countless of small bats spreading out and attacking the ten people.

Then, a horned rabbit dropped down as well and started attacking.

Confused with the sudden turn of events, the nine people started their attacks but were easily dodged by the bats.

Seeing this, Mizushi had also started to act and was prepared to use an AOE water spell.

But before he finishes even saying the name of the spell, the small bats disappeared and reappeared behind Mizuchi before fused and revealed a person.

For a while, the person had black hair, which suddenly changed into white.

“Don’t even think about it!” (???)

The white haired man shouted as he sends a punch towards the face of Mizuchi.

MIzuchi flew for about a meter before landing on the floor with a *thud*.

After sending out that punch, everyone in the classroom froze, even those watching from outside which seemed to have arrived before anyone knew it.


The nine others rushed to the side of the leader who was set flying just now.

Ignoring those nine, the white haired man glanced around the classroom before landing his gaze to Mii.

The spell that bounded Mii had already worn off and she also clearly saw the white haired man look at her in surprise.

The white haired man’s eyes shrank as he saw Mii but immediately returned to normal afterwards and redirected his attention to the ten troublemakers.

“All of you, empty your [Inventories] right now before I kill you.” (???)

The white haired man looked coldly at the ten.

“Bastard, you’re just one! You think you can take us ten by yourself!?” (Mizushi)

Not wanting to answer, the white haired man disappeared and reappeared behind one of them and drew his sword.

The next moment, one of the ten was already on the ground without any legs.

“You must know, that when you’re here, there is no pain filter at all. Now empty your pockets!” (???)

The man quickly did what he was told and dropped every item on his [Inventory].

After seeing the items, the white haired man dropped his sword and severed the other’s head!

The ten became nine.

Seeing this, the remaining nine can’t help but be enraged and attacked.

“Vil, you know what to do.” (???)


The horned rabbit kicked off and launched itself on one man.

The man snorted and redirected his sword, prepared to kill the rabbit.

“You’re just a horned rabbit!”

However, the wind suddenly blew beside the horned rabbit and was able to dodge the attack.

Afterwards, numerous earthen walls appeared in different angles in the surroundings.

The horned rabbit jumped from one wall to another while attacking with its horn!

“D-damn! What the hell is with this rabbit!”

“Stay still!”

Knowing that they can’t hit the rabbit, the magic users shrouded themselves with different elements.

One had [Fire Cloak], others, [Earthen Armor] or similar ones.

The white haired man only laughed as he saw this.

However, the enemy didn’t see that and they all snickered when they saw the rabbit still charging towards them.

They all thought, that after being in contact, the rabbit will definitely be injured!

But contrary to their thoughts, their elemental defenses suddenly opened and welcomed the attack!

“Huh? Wha-kh!?”

One man, who used a [Fire Cloak] was dumbfounded when he saw his own magic open up and made way for the rabbit which pierced his stomach!

One after the other, they were all wounded by the rabbit as they can’t even dodge.

“Damn you!” (Mizushi)

The leader bellowed and shot his most powerful spell towards the white haired man instead.

“[Aqua Canon]!!!” (Mizushi)

A highly compressed water ball shot forward from his palm. One that was more powerful than the spell that killed the teacher as this one actually rotates!

Seeing the spell about to hit the white haired man, Mii’s heart sank.

“NO!” (Mii)

However, the white haired man only smiled and didn’t even bother to move.

What happened next, the water ball suddenly turned!

It circled around the white haired man and redirected back to Mizushi!

“Wha-!?” (Mizuchi)

He had no time to finish his sentence as he was blown off once more!

“Hmph, you want to challenge me to an elemental battle? Enough, let’s end this!” (???)

The earth rose from the floor and bounded all nine of them.


As he said these words, everyone was filled with fear, even those who weren’t an enemy.

Some had even fainted and some had soiled themselves.

Fearing this person in front of them, they all did what they were told.

Immediately afterwards, an earthen spike stabbed them from every sides.

Now, all that’s left is the ring leader, Mizushi, who was still on the ground as he was bound by the earth.

“Wh-what do you want!?” (Mizushi)

“I want two things. Everything in your [Inventory] and information.” (???)

“H-hmph! Let’s see if you can get it out of me! I’d rather die than let you have what you want!” (Mizushi)

The white haired man sighed and shook his head helplessly.

For he knows what this Mizushi is thinking.

He is stalling for time.

Because besides the ten here, there are still others on different floors and rooms.

Just then, someone else came inside the classroom followed by others.

“Lucas! You’re still not finished? We already took care of the others!” (???)

“Ah, I was about to finish here Shaw. Looks like this guy is the ringleader for this mess.” (Lucas)

Hearing the name, Mii’s eyes contracted and muttered.

“So it was really him…” (Mii)

A conflicted expression appeared in her face.

She didn’t know whether she’s happy or not. But one thing’s certain.

She’s glad that he was still well.

“But this coldblooded attitude…” (Mii)

Mii sighed as she recalled how Lucas had mercilessly killed the other nine without giving them a chance.

She secretly blamed herself for this and thought that it was her fault.

She sighed once more and looked at the situation.

On the other hand, Mizuchi trembled even more now that he knew that the others had been defeated.

“…What’s with all these junk?” (Shaw)

“Ah, those? I had the others to drop everything they had before I killed them.” (Lucas)

“…Seriously? What, do you not have enough money or something?” (Shaw)

“Nah, I was looking for a certain item that they should have. Also, once they get to the [Special Prison], they would be stuck there right? Isn’t it a waste then? Besides, I own a city so I need to always think on how to make more money.” (Lucas)

Lucas laughed which made the rest who were watching including Shaw, Mii, and even Mizushi to laugh dryly.

However, it was Mii who had a satisfied smile.

“So he can still laugh like that…that’s good.” (Mii)

“Tch-! Bastard!” (Mizuchi)

Suddenly, Mizuchi, who was still on the ground, managed to break the earth that was holding him down with a sudden burst of strength and ran towards Mii!

“Oh? A [Berserker]?” (Shaw)

“Seems so.” (Lucas)

Even after seeing that, both Lucas and Shaw only raised an eyebrow.

“Back off or she dies!” (Mizushi)

To this, Shaw only sighed and shook his head.

“You do know that she will revive back after a day right? What’s the point of holding her hostage?” (Shaw)

“How do you know if she’s innocent? As far as I remember, it doesn’t have to be clearly a red player, but a criminal! If she had done even a speck of crime, how do you know that she won’t follow me to the [Special Prison] instead?” (Mizushi)

Hearing that, Shaw didn’t say anything else as it did make sense.

Actually, no one even knows how the system judges a person to be a [Criminal] or not so there was no telling what can really happen.

Mizushi produced a water blade on his other hand and pressed it on Mii’s neck.

“Hah! Now let me walk away! Move it!” (Mizushi)

“This bastard…” (Shaw)

Shaw prepared to attack but was stopped by Lucas.

He looked oddly at Lucas for a second before backing off.

“What? Still not moving?” (Mizushi)

“So let’s say she is guilty of some crime and went to the [Special Prison] together with you? What then? You should know that if they do get there, then they are guilty. Why should we care?” (Lucas)

Mizushi and Mii’s eyes widen at his words.

Normally speaking, Mii should get angry at him, but she only lowered her face and bit her lip. Completely knowing why he would have that attitude.

Lucas casually walked closer to them without hesitating.

“B-back off!” (Mizushi)

However, Lucas’ gaze didn’t waver at the least and continued.

Shaw only looked at this from the side with a worried gaze.

After all, they are the [Gatekeepers] and should be the role model of everyone. It won’t do to act like this.

Though he wanted to stop Lucas, but he also felt that he has a plan so he only watched.

Mii had already closed her eyes long ago. Prepared for what’s about to happen.

“Damn you! You think I’m joking!?” (Mizushi)

Mizushi swung his arm and a cutting sound was heard followed by a splash of blood. However, it wasn’t the neck of the hostage.

“A..a-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” (Mizushi)

Mizushi screamed in pain as he held his arm that he himself had cut.

Everyone who watched this had eyes open wide and gapped mouths.

What happened was very simple. The water blade twisted and turned, thereby avoiding Mii’s neck and slashing on Mizushi’s arm instead!

Looking at Mizushi who kneeled on the floor while still holding his severed arm, Lucas kicked him on the stomach which made him roll over.

“Guh-!?” (Mizushi)

Stomping on his chest, Lucas looked at him disdainfully from above.

“You seriously think I’ll let you hurt ‘her’!?” (Lucas)

The way he said ‘her’ was different. As if it was specifically because of her that he did what he had done.

Lucas picked Mizushi up and slammed him on the wall. Looking at him in the eye.

“Look into my eyes. Tell me what the [Death Eaters] are.” (Lucas)

Lucas activated [Terror Stare] from Freya’s skills and let Mizushi see his worst nightmares.

Mizushi paled, soiled himself, and even begun to squeal disgustingly.

“Stop! Stop! I-I’ll tell! I’ll tell! I’ll also empty my [Inventory]! S-see!?” (Mizushi)

Mizushi suddenly unloaded everything he had and began to tell information.

Put simply, the [Death Eaters] are a group like the [Gatekeepers]. Only, they’re more focused on causing trouble and mayhem.

As for their plans and goal, Mizushi didn’t know them at all.

Lucas also found out about how the [Death Eaters] contacted him.

It seems that after you enter a certain room and present a paper on a table, the [Death Eaters] use a mysterious method of being able to write on that paper which would tell their order.

This way, without letting anyone hear their voice or see their face, they cannot be known at all.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Now die.” (Lucas)

After Mizushi disappeared into white smoke, Lucas sighed and turned around.

“You got that?” (Lucas)

“Yeah…geez, so there’s an even bigger force behind this mess…” (Shaw)

Shaw sighed as he thought of the battles that are about to come.

Lucas looked at the [World Key] that Mizushi dropped then a notebook on the pile of items.

“…That’s the thing you were looking for?” (Shaw)

“Yeah.” (Lucas)

Looking at the notebook which had a name written on it, Lucas nodded took the rest of the items in his [Inventory].

All of a sudden, another figure popped out and went inside the classroom.

“You!” (???)

Looking at the owner of the voice, they found a cute girl that has beauty comparable to Mii.

One of the students immediately forgot his fear and pointed at the girl.

“I-it’s her! The idol! Mo-tan!”

Everyone redirected their gaze towards the student who exclaimed just now.

“…Mo…tan?” (Lucas)

Even Lucas frowned and looked weirdly at the student.

“Ah! I know her! She was in an interview once! As the idol that became one of [Japan’s] top rankers in WGO! Moshiro Sakuya! Or otherwise known as [Sakura]!”

This time, a female student shouted and looked at Moshiro with reverence.

Moshiro only shyly scratched her head with an ehehe~

“What? This noisy girl is an idol? And a top ranker?” (Lucas)

Lucas had a disbelieving expression as he points at the girl.

In fact, this girl called Moshiro Sakuya is the same girl that Lucas met earlier who was called Momo Shirazaki.

He knows that there are idols in [Japan] who went with different names so he didn’t say anything about her real name.

“You know her?” (Shaw)

“Yeah, she’s the noisy girl I encountered earlier in [Akihabara] and also the one who lead me to an info on the troublemakers.” (Lucas)

“Who’s a noisy girl!? Also, don’t just leave me hanging like that before!” (Momo)

“What? I did say goodbye right? Also, as you can see, I’m in a hurry. Besides, what’s it to you anyway?” (Lucas)

“I wanted to go too! Now I had to commute all the way and missed the action!” (Momo)

“So noisy…” (Lucas)

Lucas sighed and took out the [World Key] Mizushi dropped and placed it in between Momo’s notebook.

“Here, catch.” (Lucas)

“Eh?” (Momo)

“Hm? You’re giving her the key?” (Shaw)

“She’s a top ranker in [Japan] anyways. And it would be best if each country has at least one [Gatekeeper]. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to keep going to a different country just because they can’t fight back.” (Lucas)

Shaw just shrugged and let it be.

“Y-you’re really giving me this?” (Momo)

“What? You don’t want it? If so, just-” (Lucas)

“You already gave it so you can’t take it back!” (Momo)

Momo pouted and caressed the key as if it’s the most fragile thing in the world.

Lucas only laughed and shrugged his shoulders.

“Alright, then if you’re gonna keep that, come with us.” (Shaw)

“Mn!” (Momo)

While under the stupefied gazes of everyone, the group who rescued them begun to depart.

Watching Lucas and the others leave, Mii’s thoughts were brought back to reality.

“Lucas-!” (Mii)

Hearing the sudden call, Lucas stopped and even Shaw and Momo who were already ahead while the other students looked at Mii in surprise.

Lucas has yet to turn around but he already knows who had called him as he naturally recognized this voice.

For a while, Lucas continued to stay like that, not turning around which made Mii’s expression to fall as she lowers her head.

Even though she had been the one who called him, she did not know what to say.

How are you?

How have you been?

It’s been a while?

Have you been well?

Long time no see?

…Have you missed me?

All these questions flowed inside her head, not knowing which to ask.

She didn’t even know if she had the right to ask those questions.

However, before she can even make her decision, a flash of silver approached her from behind!

The next moment, blood flowed on the floor…

Author’s Notes.

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First! About Jason’s stupidity. Yes it is stupid and I also knew this when I wrote it. But loving is being stupid (for me anyway) and people tend to be blinded by it.

You can see as Jason escaping the reality of him being the cause of why Angela was taken which was why he wanted to blame Lucas. Also, Angela previously spoke of him to Jason and even praised him which made Lucas’ impression on Jason very deep as it is tinged with jealousy so naturally, he made him the bad guy after a slight mistake.

Anyway, second! About NTR stuff and rape. I dunno why I seemed to write those things…probably got influenced too much by wuxia/xianxia novels…anyway, I also don’t like writing it so as seen in this chapter and the prologue, it didn’t happen.

I think, in this whole novel, only the [First Slave] vamp queen is the only mention of being raped?

As for Angela…(v will only tell if she was raped or not v)

Spoiler :

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