World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 6 Prologue: World Tempering

Prologue: Love and Despair


The school bell rang signifying the end of class.

We all sighed with the class finally over, some even stretched their backs and arms, yawning as they do so.

“Mii, heading home?” (Lucas)

“Yeah, are you gonna come with me again?” (Mii)

Mii laughed seemingly not rejecting the idea of me coming with her on the way home.

Mii can be considered as one our school’s top beauties, ranking 4th on the entire campus. A half Japanese. She had a smooth long black hair, long eyelashes, pinkish watery lips, white pinkish skin, and a nice figure to go with it.

But I don’t care about all that, I am confident that even if she’s ugly, I would still love her, and she knows it.

The reason is pretty simple, we live close to each other, we met a lot of times, and naturally, had a lot of encounters and walks. Over time, it just all clicked together.

Though, we’re still not a formal couple. But none of us drive the other away and are comfortable with the current situation.

Until I grew tired of it.

I wanted more.

I wanted a more open relationship.

To be her boyfriend.

And someday, be her husband who will walk with her until death does us part.

One day, I decided to openly confess my feelings in front of everyone.

I’m already sure she feels the same way, so why should I hesitate?

I thought as I wait for her answer.


I wish I never had…

“Lucas……ha…haha, you actually think I’m in love with you? No way, no way. Other than being kind, you’re just average. So you had this intention every time you talk to me? From now on, don’t come near me.” (Mii)

That day, my entire world shattered.

I stopped caring about anyone else.

Just let myself shut from the rest of the world.

Away from their ridicule.

Away from her.

Away from that traitor.

I didn’t even know that the day after she said those words to me, she had already left for Japan.

But it doesn’t matter, does it?

Not that it will change anything.

Nothing at all…

+ + +

A few years after, Lucas had already healed somewhat and was able to go to college.

However, he chose the college which has the least students from Lucas’ highschool. If he wanted, he could’ve choose one where there are none at all, but Lucas isn’t stupid enough to let his future be destroyed because of that and still chose a decent college.

But that doesn’t matter right now, in fact, in his same college, a certain girl is happily walking about while talking to the phone.

“Jason, I got it already! Geez, you worry too much.” (???)

[[Why can’t I worry about you Angela? I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. Make sure you call me when you’re heading home so I can come pick you up. Walking home alone these days are no good. You’re also very beautiful so some guys might try to approach you and-]] (Jason)

“I got it, I got it! I’ll call you okay? I also want to see you soon.” (Angela)

[[Haha, alright, be a good girl and listen to your class alright?]] (Jason)

“Of course, who do you think your girlfriend is?” (Angela)

[[Fine you top student, now get going, you’re going to be late.]] (Jason)

“Alright, see you later~” (Angela)

Angela hung up with a happy note.

She was very happy.

Amazingly happy.

She had a boyfriend that cared for her so deeply.

She had met Jason around the streets. Due to her appearance, quite a lot of men were tempted to push her down.

One day, before she was surrounded by men, a guy showed up and defended her.

Only, she found out that the real reason why that man appeared was entirely coincidental.

The real reason why the man beat up the guys who tried to rape her was simply because they are the same guys who ruled the backstreets.

A gang so to say.

The man, in pursuit of power, wanted to be on the top. So he defeated them.

He didn’t even know that Angela was there.

Angela thought that now that he saw her, he would also try to push her down but…

“Get lost! This isn’t a place for richies!” (Jason)

He didn’t even give her a second glance and left just like that.

Unsatisfied by his reaction, she actually returned frequently to visit him.

Before they knew it, they were already close to each other.

“Jason, did anyone ever tell you how you resemble a crow?” (Angela)

“Crow? Why?” (Jason)

“Unruly and free, at first, you think that it’s a normal bird, but if you look closely, it actually stands out from the rest. They say an eagle is the king of the skies, but for me, I think the crow is fitter to be the true King of the Skies.” (Angela)

Angela caressed the deep black messy hair of Jason and gave a very warm smile.

One that even melted the heart of the ice cold delinquent like Jason.

“Then Angela is a dove. My Hope. My Light.” (Jason)

The two’s lips intertwined and none showed any signs of wanting to part.

Back to the present, Angela giggled as she remembers their encounter.

During the class, Angela listened attentively with all her might.

Quickly afterwards, she left the classroom and was about to call Jason when it happened.

“Quick! Take cover!”

“Damn! How are fires coming out of his body!?”

“Wait, I recognize this…[Fire Ball]!!??”

“Oi oi, you played too much! How can he use magic in the real world!?”


One student pointed at a figure beyond the corridor.

As he said, flames were spewing out of his hands!

Everyone was afraid.

Even Angela.

She wanted to call Jason right away but her hands can’t move.

Then, he appeared.

Like I knight in shining armor, a boy with white hair, grey scarf, a black sleeveless hoodie.

He appeared very familiar and even Angela could somehow sense a faint familiarity towards him.

“That’s…the [White Haired Adventurer]!!!???”

“No way! How is that possible!?”

“Look at that sword! It’s definitely him!”

The fight began.

A fight that was never before seen aside from games and movies.

A fight of magic and swords.

The white haired man win and everyone cheered, for they all knew that they are now safe.

He also made rounds and healed people, including Angela.

He only looked at him once, healed, then went to the next as if she was just one of the normal looking people.

“Yet another who does not falter in my appearance…am I really that beautiful? Or had the others been exaggerating?” (Angela)

Angela shook her head.

No matter if he did ignore her beauty, it doesn’t matter at all. Since her heart already belongs to Jason.

“Right, I should call Jason, I’m sure he’s worried.” (Angela)

After a few minutes, she was finally able to calm the panicked Jason and cut off the call.

Now, she’s going to wait for him at the same location as she had been for a while now.

However…the one waiting for her there wasn’t Jason.

“Hah, finally here! I was getting worried that you actually died in that Mapua Incident.”

“Ohh! A beauty indeed!”

“Boss, let us have a go afterwards. You have to promise!”

“Alright alright you fools. Now quickly take her!”

Two men charged at her while the other simply waited.

“N-nooooo!!!” (Angela)

But what could she do? She has no strength. No power to fight back. How can she possibly escape?

While being captured, the two guys attempted to touch her in certain places before tying her up.

“Haha, now, let’s go before anyone sees us. It’s a good thing that incident happened in that school so everyone’s attention is there! Let’s go!”

They got in the van they prepared and were about to sped off when the boss opened the window and dropped something.

“Kekeke, let’s hope that bastard sees our farewell gift! Floor it!”

As the van vanish into the distance, a piece of paper fluttered about which was rolled and tied by a red ribbon.

Minutes later, a black car appeared.

“Weird, where’s Angela?” (Jason)

Jason stood at their meeting place and waited.

But she never appeared.

Then, he noticed a red ribbon on the ground tying a roll of paper.

“This ribbon…is Angela’s! It’s the one she always ties on her pinky!” (Jason)

Jason quickly removed the ribbon and read the contents of the paper.

— Bastard crow, we have your little dove. Last time, you stopped us from violating her, this time? I’ll make sure you don’t ever see her again! Just try to find me if you can. And even if you do, you’re dove has probably already ‘served’ tens of men! Haha, but of course, I’ll make sure to personally pleasure her every night myself. Actually, I’m already doing her now! Hahahahahahahahahaha!–





Jason crumpled the piece of paper so much that his hand bled.

His eyes reddened with rage.

She was everything to him!

She was his whole world!

She almost died from that incident in her school!

Right, she kept praising this hero! THEN WHERE IS HE WHEN SHE NEEDED HIIIIM!!!!???

Jayson quickly checked his cellphone for news.

Something like that incident, it should definitely make the news, so he needed to know what happened to that guy.

Opening the latest search result, he saw a video of a white haired man walking leisurely in the middle of tens of reporters.

“FUCK YOU!!!” (Jason)

He no longer cared and simply threw his phone in a fit of rage.

His lips bled as he grits his teeth.

His mind, riddled with rage.

All he can think of is revenge.

Revenge against the man who took Angela.

Revenge against the hero who ignored Angela.

Revenge against the hero who preferred to bask in his fame instead of saving Angela!

Revenge against the world that created such bastards!


Author’s Notes

Right…I really can’t believe I was able to make such a backstory…I only had a rough outline in my head and just did the details on a whim while writing but still…did not expect that I made it like this…owell haha.

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