World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 6 Chapter 10: Take Responsibility

Ughh…why does my body feels so heavy?

As I open my eyes followed with a slight headache as if I just had a hangover, I saw a familiar ceiling above me.

This room is my new bedroom in my new house that was finished just recently.

The room was tinged with a slight hint of green shade that came from the green curtains that hung over the window at the side.

Beside the sunlight, there was no other source of light opened which made the room a bit darker.

The air had a mature smell to it coupled with the slight soft breathings around me made it more seductive.

…Soft breathings around me?

I blinked a couple of times before remembering the heavy feeling on my body and looked to both sides.

At my left, there lay a blonde haired girl that seemed a bit older than me, nestling her face on my neck while hugging my left arm tightly.

At my right, two beautiful girls were hugging each other with my right arm in between. One had a silvery white hair while the other had a pitch black hair and a pair of horns.

I looked down and saw that my left leg is also occupied by someone.

There, a red haired girl had her cheek on my thigh, facing a rather dangerous spot between my thighs.

On the other leg was a white haired girl hugging my right leg as well as facing the spot between my thighs…oh, and she had a pointy horn on her forehead as well as two bunny ears on her head…

Above her, a green haired petite girl curled herself on my chest together with another girl who had a ponytailed black hair.

And to top it all of…THEY’RE ALL NAKED!!!

“…W-…what just happened…?” (Lucas)

Eh? How come I can’t remember?

Wait wait wait wait wait! WHAT HAPPENED!!!???

No way…I…I didn’t…eh?


C-calm down Lucas!

There has to be a perfectly logical explanation to all of this!!!

Let’s see here…

1. I am in a dream.

3. I didn’t do anything and we somehow got into this position.

5. Aliens invaded…

…………………………………….hmm, every choice seems plausible…

“LIKE HELL IT IS!!!” (Lucas)

I shouted as I retorted to my inner self…ah, they woke up…

“Nnn, what are you shouting so early in the morning for?” (Lily)

“Hmm…ah! L-L-Lu-Lu-Lucas…g-g-g-goo-good…m-morning…” (Freya)

“Mh…o-one more?” (Eu)

“Nmm, Lucas~” (Aeran)

“Eh? Eh? I…I…Luc….Ehhhhhhhhhhh????” (Steph)

“Oho…so hard already…” (Aleris)

“Vii? Master want’s another round?” (Vil)

One after another, the girls woke up.

I must say…only Steph actually had a proper response…rather, Vil!!?? W-why are you opening your mouth for??? What’s with those dangerous looking teeth!?


“Vi!?” (Vil)

I pushed everyone away and retreated to the corner of the room while hiding my thing with a pillow.

“U-umm…can…can someone explain what just happened here?” (Lucas)

To my question, the girls looked at each other while constantly blinking before looking back to me again.

“So you’re saying…you forgot?” (Lily)

“…Even after everything you just did?” (Eu)

“…Even though it was so amazing?” (Aeran)

“Wait wait wait wait!!! Y-you’re saying I…I…to you all…” (Lucas)

“Yes, we had sex.” (Aleris)

…………………………….Eh? What? Sex?…….Is that the number after five?

No wait, it means gender right?

You mean gender right!!!???

Wait, maybe she meant sects? Like a group or something?

So they made a sect?

Right, right. This is definitely the right answer!!! No one can say me otherwise!!!

“She meant you fucked us all.” (Aeran)

+ + +

+ + +

A figure can be seen running around a certain forest.

While the figure ran, he would sometimes chop a branch, a tree, leaves, or grass for some reason.

This is none other than me, Lucas!

NoticeYou have created a master art!

NoticeEnter name:

“Face in the Forest!”

NameFace in the ForestRankAEffect+10% Max Health for 1 dayDescriptionA face hidden in the forest, if one were to look at a certain place and at a certain direction, they would notice the face of the artist who made it!

Yup, that’s why I was cutting up braches and such.

It worked out nicely.

Two [Harus] years had passed since I met Merah.

Originally, I already finished my training half a year after I met Merah. But after that, I trained my [Earth] body next for another half year.

The remaining year…well, let’s just say I did something reckless which made me unable to leave for another year…

I also made progress with the manipulation skills. Turns out, the next process is enchantment.

At beginner, I can only enchant myself with the element, at intermediate, I can enchant others, at master, I think I can enchant non-living objects.

The different elemental manipulation skills also turned into a single skill called [Elemental Manipulation].

The same also happened to the weapon masteries when I maxed them all as it became, well, [Weapon Mastery].

[Play Dead] had also increased steadily since I would always collapse with a bit of consciousness intact after the trainings in a day.

As for [Eidetic Memory], I also maxed it and now, I can remember basically everything. Be it sight, smell, surface, smell, taste, and such.

I also asked how I can gain [Mana Manipulation] from Mare and she readily teaches me without hesitation.

I also got [Tailoring], [Carving], [Mining] and maxed them.

In short, I maxed every skill that I can within this period of time.

Though my level remained the same, I’m confident that I can take down that Volf guy.

It’s time to finally leave this place.

“Fumu, you’ve successfully finished the last stage of the [Slime Style] already, now you…aiyaaa~ Such recklessness.” (Pierre)

“Teacher, thank you for everything!” (Lucas)

“But of course~ Nevertheless…that was seriously dangerous just now. It’s good that you actually managed to overcome that…” (Pierre)

Pierre looked at the scene behind me.

Actually, we were no longer at the same mountain as we were before and now at the adjacent mountain.

Why you ask? Well that can be explained at where Pierre was looking.

Smiling wryly, I also turned around to see where the mountain we previously stayed at once stood.

Yes, it’s no longer there and all that’s left is a pile of ashes and a leveled field.

People call it [Desolate Mountain Field].

Hm? How did this happen? Well, like I said before……I got a bit reckless…tehe?

“Uuu, and after I finally made a nice cave…” (Pierre)

“…You’re worried about your cave!?” (Lucas)

“Of course~ I stayed there for around 2 years! You get attached to things right~? Well, not that I care.” (Pierre)

Oi oi, is it alright not to care about something you were attached to!? What’s with that conflicting sentence!!!???

“Oh yeah, I’ll be free loading at your castle for now so feel free to visit me if you feel like it~” (Pierre)

“Of course I would feel free to visit! It’s my castle in the first place!!! Rather, don’t just decide things like that on your own!” (Lucas)

“Hohoho, I’m your teacher, everything that belongs to you belongs to me!” (Pierre)

“What kind of logic is that!? Not even my parents would take everything from me!” (Lucas)

“Of course they won’t, they’re not your teacher!” (Pierre)


I give up…it’s been 3 years but I still can’t get used to this guy…

Well, though I said 3 years, it’s not exactly 3 years though. I think it’s only been…2 years and 9 months? Or something…

Basically, in [Earth] and [Sennerth], there would be only 11 months that passed. I think tomorrow is the international [Gatekeeper Day] since tomorrow should be the day where the conference was held a year ago.

Lin and my uncle still haven’t showed up…

On the other hand, the magi-tech programming language was already completed and now, you can use a program to write runes easily.

The development of hover vehicles have also started and it looked pretty exciting.

In these 11 months, the [Death Eaters] had shown up a couple of times but they would be forced back by Bram and the other [Gatekeepers]…it seems having a third stage job is really different huh?

Come to think of it, I really don’t have any skill for the [Wanderer] job and I don’t even know how to advance it to the next job.

Well, I can’t really advance anyway since I’m at Lvl 98 for the [Wanderer] job at the moment. Maybe it will automatically advance after Lvl 100?

As for the [Painter]…I’m at Lvl 86 already. When it’s 100, I’ll go find that [Texture Painter] guy.

Thinking the next plans, I went back to my house in [Earth].

Yes, house. The housing subdivision that my mom made is nearly done and there are already a few houses here and there.

Naturally, among the finished houses was mine and my family’s.

My family had their house placed at the center on the north side while my house…or mansion…is placed at the northern east part.

The house was a large two storey building complete with a garage, a personal library, entertainment room, living room, dining room, kitchen, five bathrooms, nine bedrooms, a master bedroom, garden, pool, and a few more extra rooms…

…Isn’t this too much for me alone!?

What’s with the nine extra bedrooms!? And why is the bed in the master bedroom so wide!!!???

Just when I thought about complaining to mom, a [World Gate] appeared and familiar figures appeared.

“Sup Lucas! I hear you’re done training?” (Aeran)

“Lucas! It feels like I haven’t seen you for a long time!” (Eu)

“Master! I can finally see Master again!” (Vil)

“So…can someone explain how that bunny turned into this…this…Boob monster!?” (Aleris)

“Y-you guys…” (Lucas)

Huh? How come they look so familiarized with my house?

Eh? How did you know the bathroom was there?

W-what’s going on here!?

Just as I was about to ask, the doorbell suddenly rang.

“Lucas, we came to visit.” (Lily)

“I-I heard you finally got back so I came!” (Steph)

“Eh? Even you guys?” (Lucas)

What’s happening here? How come all the girls are all here?

Wait, Freya isn’t here though?

Ah, the connection with Freya seemed to be shaking relentlessly…it seems she knows that everyone is gathered around me so she’s asking me to summon her?

Well…there’s not really much of a choice is there? I summoned Freya thinking that.

“Geez Lucas…took you long enough.” (Freya)

“…So? Why are you all here again?” (Lucas)

The girls looked at each other then smiled.

“To celebrate!”

“…For what? Exactly?” (Lucas)

I still don’t know what we’re actually celebrating…

“For living together!”



“? Didn’t you ask to build this house so we can all live together?” (Eu)

“Wait wait wait wait! When did I say that!? Also, I can get you guys from another world, but how about Lily and Steph?” (Lucas)

“Hm? As your manager, I need to be able to contact you easily.” (Lily)

“Well…Mama said that I should stop living with my parents so…I-I also have a [Teleportation Circle] that directs back to my house anyway!” (Steph)


So in short…you don’t want to be left out so you came…

“Then…where’s you things?” (Lucas)

“Haha, Lucas. We already moved here a few weeks ago. You’re the only one we’re waiting for!” (Aeran)


The free loaders actually got to my new house before me!?

But wait………….is this the reason why the bed in the master bedroom so large!?

What is that idiot mother of mine thinking!?

“Now now, let’s just drink and celebrate!” (Eu)

Suddenly, Eu pulled out a wine and snacks from her [Inventory].

The others also followed suit.

Eh, can I drink wine? Aren’t I under age?

Wait…3 years already passed in [Harus] so…aren’t I already 20? That means it’s totally fine to drink!


Hm? My mind is dizzy…

What’s this? Why is blood seemed to be rushing towards my lower part?

Not good…I used [Potion Appraisal] on the wine…turns out, apart from the wine, there’s an aphrodisiac…

“Ah, it’s working!” (Eu)

“W-we’re seriously going to do this?” (Steph)

“Why not? If we don’t do it forcefully, this idiot will take too long!” (Aeran)

“Quick, drag him to the bedroom before he starts!” (Aleris)

“Eh? Eh? Y-you guys planned this!?” (Freya)

“Sorry Freya, we didn’t know how to contact you.” (Lily)

“Yay! I can finally mate master!” (Vil)

S-so that’s what this is about…

Ah…my mind is slipping out…

Hmm…what’s this? Their skin feels so nice…

“Kya! W-wait Lucas! We’re almost there so wait a little long- kya!” (Aleris)

“Waa! Wait, the door is already there so- kyaa!?” (Eu)

After a few more stumbles, we finally reached the master bedroom then…then…

+ + +

[Memory: 100%]

“…………………….Ah…I remember…” (Lucas)

Now back to the present.

Well damn…I’ve done it now…

“…Are you all alright with this?” (Lucas)

They fell silent for a while then nodded seriously.

I sighed at their reactions and shook my head helplessly.

“…Alright. Then I guess all that’s left is for me to take responsibility huh?” (Lucas)

Hearing my response, they all cheered and hugged each other then…

“So, who’s the first wife?” (Eu)

…………..You just had to ask…

+ + +

The next day, instead of partaking with the [Gatekeeper Day] celebration, all the [Rank S] and above was assembled in the [Gatekeeper Headquarters].

Why? Because Lin finally got back.

“…How come you look older than me now?” (Bram)

Like he said, the Lin that’s in front of us now seemed older than Bram. Rather, he looks like he’s in his mid-30s now.

The air he gave off is like that of an expert. There’re no openings at all even when he’s being casual.

“…Before I answer that question, how much time passed from when I disappeared?” (Lin)

“11 months.” (Shaw)

“…I see, not much on this end huh? I’ve been in another world for 1100 years now.” (Lin)


Not just me, everyone in the room was dumbfounded.

The other higher ups who only attended in their monitors were confused and thought that they only misheard from the speaker.

“Like I said, I spent 1100 years in the other world.” (Lin)

“Wait wait, even if that’s true, how are you still alive!?” (Bram)

“…Could it be, in that world, there’s a way to live that long while retaining your youth?” (Lucas)

Lin nodded which made the higher ups on the other side of the monitor’s faces to light up.

To live that long and still look like you’re in your prime…of course there would be people interested in it.

Especially those with political power and women…

“Well, even when I say that, not everyone can achieve it.” (Lin)

“Wait, where’s my uncle?” (Lucas)

“Uncle? Ah…you mean the other person who was dragged with me to another world? He’s fine.” (Lin)

“Fine? Then how come you’re the only one who came back?” (Lucas)

Did something happen for him to be unable to go back?

Though Lin spoke as if nothing really happened, the result is that uncle is not here so I still can’t help but be uneasy.

“Ah well…he’s sort of famous in that world right now so…” (Lin)

……Eh? Famous?

“So how come it took you 11 months…1100 years to go back?” (Bram)

“Well, it’s kinda embarrassing actually…” (Lin)

…Stop that, seeing a grown man scratching his head embarrassingly like that isn’t cute at all!

“You see…I kinda…lost the [World Key] right after the transfer…” (Lin)

………………………………………………………………………….Eh? Seriously!?

NameLucasLevel107GenderMaleMoney849 G 684 S 247 CJobWanderer LVL 98

Marquis of Watervliet

King of the Dorville Forest

Senerth’s Hero

Mad JesterFame136170Charisma6524Art Sense288Rage0Charm356Fire200Water200Earth200Wind200Light200Dark200StyleSlime StylePopularity

Pure-blooded Vampires     +57000

Church     +10000

Rimmer Group    +400

Earth     +13020

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