World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 7 Chapter 2: A New Adventure!

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Ignore that guy. Anyway…

“This is where our bodies are sent after switching!?” (Lucas)

I looked at the empty white space surrounding me, hoping to find an answer but no matter how much I look, there really is nothing in this place aside from me.

All right, firstly…why am I floating?

Though I enjoy the feeling of flying, it still makes me uneasy. After all, there is nothing below me but white so how should I know how far it goes until I reach the floor?

Wait, is there even a floor and a ceiling in this place?

Or rather, there doesn’t seem to be any gravity at all. For all I know, I could be moving but there is no visible way to confirm this.

Even my hair doesn’t fall down and also just floats.

Sighing as more questions fill up my head, I decided to just find a way back.

The same method should work as well so I decided to close my eyes and attempt the [Soul Vacuum] cultivation technique.

Seeing my purple soul with a golden glow, a random thought struck me and redirected my consciousness to my lower dantian.

[Earth] has a scarce amount of qi…but what of this place?

As I thought of that, what was once a drop pouring into my lower dantian, now has become a stream! No, it’s more like a viscous waterfall!


Immediately, I heard a snapping sound in my head which signifies that I’ve already reached the 2nd level Human Realm!

Before I can even celebrate, another snapping sound was heard! Then another!

In an instant, I’ve already reached the 4th level and have stepped into the Adept Stage of the Human Realm!

Eh? Isn’t this too fast!?

Should I just stay here to level up quickly?

Ah, I forgot about the time! I hope the time difference here is not as extreme as that [Zoulang] world…

Thinking that, I focused on my soul while ignoring the snapping sounds in my head while I looked for that thin thread from before.

Seeing the thread, a casual thought struck me.

How amazing will it be if I can use the skills of my other body while using the other body…

Right, if I had my [Harus] body’s [Bonds of Connection] skill, I might be able to know where I am.

Suddenly, a bright light passed through the thin thread and flowed into my soul.

Afterwards, the feeling of existence of other people surged through me! This is…the [Bonds of Connection] skill!?

So there really is way…this thread is like a bridge…a bridge which I can use to connect to my other body!

While feeling excited, I focused on the presence of other people in my head and discovered…that I’m really too far away!

This feeling is farther than I feel when focusing on someone from another world like [Harus] or [Sennerth].

It’s as if this place is way above those worlds.

As if…this is the place where a higher being watches over the infinite worlds!

This is the feeling of being a God!

Trembling in excitement, I snapped myself out of it and focused on sending my consciousness back to my other body.

Upon seeing my other soul on the other end of the thread, I felt the suction force once again and forced me to open my eyes.

This time, I am no longer in that white space but at my room.

Haha, that was amazing!

Unable to contain my excitement, I remembered that this is the last night I will spend with the others before we part ways yet again tomorrow.

Looking at the time, I noticed that the time passed was just the same as how long I was there in that white space.

Just a few minutes and my [Earth] body now have a 7th level Human Realm cultivation…well, at this realm, it shouldn’t be that hard as it just focuses on how many qi you had absorbed.

The real problem is forming that accumulated qi into an egg shaped qi at the 10th level.

Well whatever! Let’s not think about this tonight!

My body is already trembling in excitement from going to a new world tomorrow. Now, I am even more excited upon discovering that white space.

Ei! If I don’t go wild tonight, I won’t be able to sleep at all!

Jumping out of my bed, I went towards the master bedroom only to find that the other girls are already there.

Thinking that I will do it with them without the help of the aphrodisiac, I wondered if I would have any energy at all for tomorrow.

I hope my excitement would be enough for me to last this night…

“Ah, Lucas. We were just about to come get you. We won’t see each other for a long time after tomorrow after all so- Kyaa!?” (Eu)

“Eh? Wha-…what happened Luc- Hya~!?” (Freya)

“Wait! Don’t forget me!” (Aeran)

+ + +

“Nnngg…” (Lucas)

I groaned as I force my eyes to open.

As I woke up, I can still smell the passionate night we spent and couldn’t help but blush from embarrassment.

Last time, I was not in control because of the aphrodisiac but now…I am fully aware of the things I did.

Looking down on me, the other girls are still fast asleep on top of me.

Since they couldn’t possibly fit on top of me, some had taken my arm or leg to hug or use as a pillow while some used my chest and shoulders.

Logically speaking, I shouldn’t be able to fully…please…all of them but relying on my skills, I was able to make do…

Hm? What skills?

Well, things like [Mouth Mastery], [Warrior’s Presence], [Dual-wield Mastery], [Tame], [Tamer’s Order], [Blink] and uhh…many more…

As for the taming…I did on impulse and wanted to free them afterwards but…like Vil, they refused…

Also, there are three blue windows hovering in front of me which I really want to ignore…

NoticeYou have learned a new skill, (Passive) [Intercourse Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)!

Due to repeated action, you are now getting more and more used to it and would naturally improve from experience!

NoticeYou have learned a new skill, (Active) [Last Spurt] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)!

Once activated, VIT would temporarily increase for 1000 for 1 minute but will be unable to move 5 minutes afterwards.

NoticeCongratulations! You have gained a new Title: Lover for All!

Be careful! From now on, people of the opposite sex would find it hard to resist you!





I panted hard from the constant retorts in my head.

Ugh…these windows are really giving me a headache…


Feeling my heavy breaths, the other girls woke up and upon seeing my displeasure, they all paled in fright.

“W-what’s wrong Lucas? Was…were we not good enough…?” (Eu)

“Ah? No no no no! It’s not that at all! It was a very…good night…” (Lucas)

Remembering that night again, I feel my face began to blush from embarrassment.

“Hehe, look at you acting so meek after what you did last night…” (Lily)

“A-anyway! I was displeased because the moment I woke up, I saw these annoying windows…” (Lucas)

So as to stop the embarrassing topic, I quickly changed the topic and told them about the skills and title that I gained.

Hearing me, the other girls briefly looked at each other before laughing loudly.

Seeing them laugh, I can’t help but scold myself from choosing this topic…well, I get to hear their laughs anyway so I guess it’s all good.

When I asked if they also received windows like mine, they just turned their face away and blushed.

…Eh? What?

Come on, I tell you guys mine but you won’t tell me yours?…

Thinking that it may be even more embarrassing than mine, my imaginations let loose.

Maybe something like a mastery for bl-…

“Lucas! What are you thinking just now!?” (Freya)

“I-I’m not thinking anything! Nothing at all!!!” (Lucas)

Ah! Damn, I forgot that Freya has access to my [Bonds of Connection] so she should be able to feel my emotions more than anyone…

Oh yeah, speaking of which, I can see Freya’s status…

Thinking that, I looked if she gained a new skill.

Sure enough, there is a new skill called [Arousal Breath]…No wonder every time I breath close to her, I would suddenly become more excited…

“…You looked at my skills just now didn’t you?” (Freya)

“…Guilty as charged…” (Lucas)

“Hmph, as punishment…I’ll use that skill to you and let’s see how long you can withstand.” (Freya)

Freya smiled but her eyes aren’t smiling at all!

Eh…Ms. Freya…since when had you become such a character!?

She drew close to me, her lips just above mine but not touching.

Slowly, I began to breathe in her breath unconsciously which made my blood flow downwards…

At first, the others were confused as to what Freya was doing to me but after looking between my thighs, they somehow understood what was happening.

Each of them wearing an evil smile, began to copy Freya and used their newly gained skills on me.

Ah forget it! I’m not holding back!

+ + +

“…We just missed breakfast…” (Lucas)

“…And whose fault was that?” (Aeran)

“Did I look like I had a choice!?” (Lucas)

If I didn’t do it, my mind will only be filled with lust and wouldn’t be able to focus later…

“Don’t worry master, I had my fill already!” (Vil)

“No one asked you!” (Lucas)

Sighing, we all got up and Steph began preparing for lunch.

Afterwards, we all bid farewell to each other and went to handle our own businesses.

I told Vil to transform into her rabbit form and stay like that until I say so before we head out to [Harus] first so I can inform teacher.

“Teacher! Are you here?” (Lucas)

Where the hell is that guy when you need him?

As I look for the clown in the mountains, I heard a splashing sound in a nearby lake.

Thinking that teacher might be there, I went to take a look.

There, a man with short brown hair was taking a dip in the lake.

This guy had a chiseled body that showed years of experience. His eyes had a determined and resolute gaze within them.

No doubt, this guy will definitely be chased by girls everywhere from his handsome looks.

“Hm? Ah, Lucas. What’s up?” (???)

“…Who’re you?” (Lucas)

How did he know I’m Lucas? Well, I may be famous right now but still…what’s with that sense of familiarity.

I also feel that I know this guy…

“What are you saying? It’s me, Pierre.” (Pierre)

“………………Hah?” (Lucas)

Eh? Seriously!?

Come to think of it…I’ve never seen that clown without his clown makeup…

But still! Seriously!?

“So? What’s up?” (Pierre)

Pierre walked towards me as he dry his hair with a towel.

Damn you! What’s with that hottie-esque pose!?

Are you trying to show off or what!?

“…How come you aren’t talking like you always do?” (Lucas)

“Ehh, because I don’t have my makeup on. Wait a sec…Done~ what’s troubling my little Jester?” (Pierre)

What the hell!!!???

What’s with that speed!? How can he put his makeup on that fast!?

“Because I’m a clown~” (Pierre)

“Don’t read my thoughts!” (Lucas)

“Anyway, what brings you here?” (Pierre)

Sighing, I explained the situation to him.

“Heeh, a new world huh? Well, good luck~ Bring me back a souvenir ‘kay?” (Pierre)

[“A new world! Can I go as well?”] (Warren)

Just then, Warren seemed to have arrived.

Since he got bored from my training, he went around trying to collect his [Shadow Slaves] so now, he must have a lot of monster shadows already.

[“It took a while to find you. When I returned before, all I saw was a desolated place. And even the mountain was gone! What the hell did you do this time!?”] (Warren)

“Ah…that’s a long story…Anyway, its fine to come with me!” (Lucas)

Like that, Warren took refuge in my shadow and I went back to [Earth].

“Good, you’re all here. I’ll open the [World Gate] now.” (Lin)

“Did you make sure that there won’t be anyone on the other side?” (Bram)

“Yeah, I already went back earlier and found a good place for us to settle our base of operations without anyone finding us.” (Lin)

As he said that, he had already opened the gate.

Thinking that beyond this gate will be filled with a new adventure, we all took our step forward with determination.

+ + +

After passing through the gate, we found ourselves in a wide room that had a somewhat oriental design to it.

“This is a secret base that David, Lucas’ uncle, had made. Aside from him and me, there is no third person who knows about this place.” (Lin)

Heeh…so my uncle used this place huh?

“Where’s uncle David?” (Lucas)

“He’s preoccupied at the moment. Anyway, this place is built underground of an island found at the upper right corner of this world. So if you take a step outside, you will see the tall mountain ranges that surround this world.” (Lin)

“Even if no one knows of this place, what if there is someone who visits this island and found a hidden base underground?” (Momo)

“Haha, no need to worry about that. This island is called [Nowhere Island] which David named himself. Without special tools, you won’t even see this island at all!” (Lin)

“…I forgot how awful uncle’s naming sense is…” (Lucas)

After laughing for a while, we followed Lin to tour the place.

Before coming here, we had made temporary contracts to the [Harus] people for us to summon them here. As for the [Sennerth] people, we just opened the gate for them.

The [Nowhere Island Base] was composed of many different rooms.

There are enough rooms for a refuge center and a large hall for a gathering.

There is also an underground hot spring that Lin described to have a formation imprinted on it in order to aid the person’s wounds to heal faster.

As for what a formation is, he said it’s similar to magic circles but as he wasn’t an expert to it, there was nothing he can tell more.

There’s also an armory filled with weapons and a library filled with books.

As we reached the gate leading to the surface, Lin uttered some words and the boulder gate opened.

“A true swordsman knows how to use a sword, not just how to wield it!” (Lin)

This phrase had aroused the confusion of the others but to me, it resounded deep in my heart.

This is a phrase that differentiates a real master and an arrogant person.

An arrogant person only knows how to wield a sword and show off. But a true master knows how to use it!

For uncle to come up with this password…I wonder if he met a lot of arrogant people in this world that only know how to show off?

Lin didn’t say anything else and lead the group outside.

Feeling the air of nature, I closed my eyes and allow myself to feel the refreshing air as I inhale.

Opening my eyes again, what greeted me were a lush forest and the sound of flowing water.

The scene was very pleasing to the eyes and even made me think that this place was truly a paradise.

Looking at the far end to the north, I see tall mountains lined up from afar and shivered.

If it’s already that tall from this place…just how tall are those mountains from up close?

So this is the border of this world…

“Alright, I’ll be setting you all off to various different places for you to begin your investigation. First, group yourselves in regards to your identity, politicians, merchants, and practitioners.” (Lin)

Me, Bram, Momo, and the other [Gatekeepers] chose to be practitioners as well as a few others.

Next, Lin first briefed the politicians about a few things they should know and began to send them off to a few schools for politicians that he can trust.

…Yes, he sent them off…by flying…

We all saw it for ourselves how he grabbed one guy and instantly vanish in high speed.

Haha, how fun~

Next were the merchants which received the same fate and were dropped of someplace else.

“Al right you guys. As [Human Realm] practitioners, I will send you off to different Practitioner schools in the [Mortal Continent]. There, you will work your way up and become strong and in the future, walk your own path. Remember about your alibis.” (Lin)

Lin had dressed up with his face covered with a hood and black robe. This way, everyone would be consistent in their alibis as fellow victims of this mysterious black clothed man who can unexpectedly erase a person’s memories and steal their cultivation.

After saying this, Lin began to proceed by knocking people unconscious and carrying them off to their locations.

When he got to the girls in our group, he said that he will send them off to the all-girls schools so as to prevent trouble.

It seems that he really is worried that if others were to see their beauty, they would be forced to do things they would rather not.

Momo was sent to a school called [Wind Flower Academy] which was one of the three great schools in the [Mortal Continent].

Bram went to the other great school called [Stone Sword School].

As for me, I also went to one of the great schools, the [Free Breeze School].

The [Free Breeze School] is located in the country of [Weifeng] which is situated at the lower left-most of the [Mortal Continent].

Beyond it was the [Sword Crown Continent] which makes it a border country.

From Lin’s description, he will drop me a few miles from [Ziyou City] where the [Free Breeze School] is located.

To be specific, he will drop me at a somewhat peaceful forest where some caravans would ‘coincidentally’ find me.

“Is there another place?” (Lucas)

“Hm? Well, there is a place called [Thousand Grave Plain] but…that place is full of demonic beasts so it might be hard for you to start there. Not to mention, it would be hard for adventurers to find coincidentally find you and even if they do, who knows what they will do to you?” (Lin)

“Ehh it’s fine. I’ve been wanting for an adventure and I wanna start immediately! You don’t need to knock me unconscious either so you can just drop me off!” (Lucas)

“Well…if you say so…” (Lin)

I’m already getting impatient here. Why the hell am I the last on to leave!?

Besides, I get to fly!…Well, carried anyway but I at least want to stay awake for that.

It would also let me catch a glimpse of this world’s geography.

…Is what I said but…


Everything just flew past us and in an instant, we were already at our destination!

There was basically no time to appreciate the view at all…

“Alright, I’ll leave you here. [Ziyou City] is in that direction. Ah! I almost forgot.” (Lin)

Just as Lin was about to leave, he turned back and produced something from his storage ring.

Come to think of it, we all got one storage ring since it would be unnatural if we can store objects despite not having one.

There are three kinds of storage rings, a low-grade storage ring can store up to a space of 5 cubic meters, a medium-grade can store up to 10 cubic meters and a high-grade can store 20 cubic meters.

What Lin gave us is a medium-grade storage ring.

As I remember this, Lin handed me some sort of emblem. Or a tile? Anyway, it had an octagonal shape that was about a centimeter thick.

On the front side was a weird symbol that is similar to Chinese characters.

“If you ever find yourself in deep trouble…this badge might just save your life so keep it well.” (Lin)

Ah, so it’s a badge…but how can this save my life?

Is it supposed to take a bullet for me?

“Oh yeah, that cultivation technique. Can you give it Vil as well?” (Lucas)

“Hm? Well…I guess?”  (Lin)

Confused, Lin still did it and touched Vil’s furry forehead.

Come to think of it, he doesn’t know Vil can turn into human right? Well whatever.

After saying goodbye to Lin, I looked towards my destination across this lonely plain, grinned, and pulled out my [Driradeeth Mask].

“All right Vil, Warren! To a brand new adventure!” (Lucas)


[“Ou!”] (Warren)

Author’s Notes

Sorry this took so long -_- really busy with projects and applying for OJTs…orz

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As for that white space and Lucas’ speed, well, it will also be explained some more in the future. And don’t think that Lucas will now be too OP because of it. 😛


Till the next  chapter!

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