World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 7 Chapter 4: Insane Madness

Looking at this girl, only one name comes to mind.

“El?” (Lucas)

“You’re really sticking to that nickname!?” (El)

I scratched my head as I laugh wryly and couldn’t help but recall the same scene which happened when I met a certain airhead demon queen.

“Well…it’s more convenient to say. Anyway, why the hell is there such an extravagant room inside me!?” (Lucas)

This is even better than my real room!

I don’t recall putting weird things in my body. Especially a woman!

“Ah don’t worry, this is just a space made from my imagination. It’s too bland if I left it blank right?” (El)

“…So why are you here?…Inside me?” (Lucas)

“Haah…I was subjected to the [Binding Prison Array] and you were chosen as my [Prison].” (El)

Uhuh…I see…nope, didn’t understand it at all.

“Wait wait wait! What the hell is a [Binding Prison Array]!? And why me!? Explain properly dammit!” (Lucas)

This girl skips too many things.

Why was she targeted?

Who are targeting her?

What did she do?

What the hell is an array!?

“…Fine. This will take a while so sit down.” (El)

After sitting down, El began her story.

Turns out, she is being chased by people of her clan because of internal conflicts. Being the daughter of the late head, she needs to be eradicated before she succeeds in becoming the next head of the clan.

Her uncle ordered his men to silence her, leading to a chase which led to here.

Since if she dies, it will alert a powerful figure, the 5 people chasing her decided to imprison her instead using the [Binding Prison Array].

The [Binding Prison Array] is an array which forces the victim to be imprisoned inside another being. As for how she can escape…

“For me to escape, you will need to reach the level of those who bounded me.” (El)

“Simple enough. What level is it? I’ll quickly reach that so you can leave me alone.” (Lucas)

I don’t really want someone to be inside me…and a girl at that.

It seems that she can see what I see which explains why she can see Warren. So if she were to remain inside me…then she will see things that she shouldn’t have!

How am I supposed to spend the night with someone now!? *Cough* I mean, how am I supposed to go the restroom peacefully!?

“Hmph, simple? Are you saying you can become a Sovereign immediately?” (El)

“Sovereign huh? Alright, I’ll star-………………………………….HAH!?” (Lucas)

Sovereign!? Are you kidding me!?

How long did Lin reach the Highgod level? 1100 years! And you expect me to reach the Sovereign level where as far as I know, that isn’t even proven to exist yet!

Wait, are you saying that those 5 from before are Sovereigns!?

“…They actually exist?” (Lucas)

“Of course. You’re looking at one right now.” (El)

…Come to think of it, if those 5 who were chasing her were Sovereigns, then to be unable to catch her for so long means she at least had the power to fight back.

Sovereign huh…

“…You don’t really look very god-like though…” (Lucas)

“Of course not. I’m a Sovereign.” (El)

“Eh no, I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, things like God, Highgod, Sovereigns…they’re just names right?” (Lucas)

“…You’re point?” (El)

“Like I said, they’re just names right? It’s not like you’re really Gods that uhh…how do I explain this…” (Lucas)

Hmm, it’s hard to put it into words…but I have a feeling that they aren’t real Gods.

Well whatever, let’s just not think about it.

It’s just my gut feeling after all.

“Still…Sovereign huh? I wonder how long that will take me?…” (Lucas)

“It shouldn’t be that long. After all, your soul is by far, the most excellent soul that I’ve seen!” (El)

Huh? What does my soul have to do with this?

“You see, there are different ranks of soul which can be identified through their colors.” (El)

As it turns out, even souls are ranked.

From the lowest, White, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Violet, and Purple which is the highest.

It is said that those with a Purple colored soul are a genius found once in a thousand years.

And that’s not all, there’s also the so-called [Divine Souls] which has a layer of glow in their souls.

Bronze glow which is the lowest ranked [Divine Soul], silver glow which is the medium ranked [Divine Soul], and golden glow which is the highest ranked [Divine Soul].

Having a [Divine Soul], by itself, is already super rare and is said to only exist once every hundred thousand years!

Which means, for me who has the highest ranked soul with the highest ranked [Divine Soul] being a Golden Purple Soul. Something like this had never existed even a single time in the past!

“Those who have a high ranked soul are gifted in perception, and those who have a [Divine Soul] are gifted in absorbing!” (El)

“Absorbing?” (Lucas)

“Yes, absorbing! This can go to the experiences that you have, lessons that you heard, cultivation of qi, and many others! In other words, you’re adaption rate is by far, the most monstrous of all!” (El)

Ah, so that’s how it is.

Could it be that this is also the reason why listening to class was easy to me?

It might be easy to forget but if you read chapter 1 of volume 1, you will remember that I’m a genius!

And even my EXP rate seems faster than anyone else.

To think I have such a soul…

“Haha, I never thought I’ll see such a cheat person like you! Hehe, those bastards thought that they can contain me inside you? Bah! For someone of your aptitude, becoming a Sovereign is simply a matter of time!” (El)

Time…I really don’t want to have you inside me by even a day longer…

Is what I want to say but, seeing the excited expression of El, I can only smile wryly and let it go.

“Haah, anyway, I guess I should get started then.” (Lucas)

“Un! With me here, you don’t have to worry about any bottleneck, I’ll help you overcome them!” (El)

Retracting my consciousness and directing it to my soul, the qi around me started to be absorbed.

If in [Earth], the qi I can get are droplets, in the white space, it is a fierce waterfall, in this world, it looked like a calm waterfall instead.

The concentrated qi flowing through my lower dantian was calm and serene. After just a few seconds, I heard the snapping sound which signifies that I made it to the 2nd level of the Human Realm.

Like this, I continued to spend the night in cultivation.

Vil as well started to cultivate when she saw me doing so.

As for Warren, he’s keeping a look out outside of the cave.

Time passed and it was already daybreak. From my 1st level of Human Realm cultivation, I am now at the 6th level Human Realm.

5 levels in a single night!

If the people of this world were to find out about it, then they would all pop out their eyes in disbelief!

In my lower dantian, what was before the size of a cup, now, the concentrated qi inside me had turned into an Olympic sized pool!

From what I saw, having a Qi of 0-100 is the 1st level, 101-300 is the 2nd level, 301-600 is the 3rd level, 601-1000 is the 4th level, 1001-1500 is the 5th level and 1501-2100 should be the 6th level.

In other words, for every level, you would need to add a hundred times the level.

Now at the peak of the Adept Stage, my body feels more relaxed than before.

After a few stretches, we resurfaced so as to continue our journey.

For now, I’m continuing on traveling in my [Driradeeth] form since I can communicate to demonic beasts this way.

“Come to think of it, I never asked you how you can turn into this kitty.” (El)

“Stop calling it a kitty dammit!” (Lucas)

Seeing as how she didn’t react to my retort, I sighed and explained about the mask.

“Hooh, I’ve lived for a very long time but I never knew that such a treasure exists in this [Mortal Continent]! How about that rabbit? She didn’t seem to have a mask before.” (El)

“She’s different. She can really turn into human form.” (Lucas)

“Huh? But that can’t be. She hasn’t passed through the 10th rank of the Demonic Realm yet!” (El)

“Hm? Are you saying that the demonic beasts in this world can really turn into humans?” (Lucas)

“Yeah, as you know, for humans, there is the [Human, Beast, and Spirit Realm] while demonic beasts only have the [Demomic Realm] after that is the [Deity Realm]. This realm has two kinds, the [Heaven Deity] and [Hell Deity]. [Heaven Deity] refers to human who turned into deities while [Hell Deity] refers to demonic beasts that turned into deities. Here, the demonic beasts can freely transform into beasts or humans.” (El)

Hooh, so there was such a thing huh?

Then what the hell is Vil? She’s not human nor is she a demonic beast…

Well whatever, not like it matters anyway. In the future, maybe she will be a third kind of deity.

“Wait, just now, did you say ‘this world’?” (El)

Ah…I wasn’t supposed to say that was I?

Well…she’s stuck inside me anyway so she’ll know sooner or later. I guess its fine to tell her.

“Right, I’m not from this world.” (Lucas)

“…………………………………………………………..Hah?” (El)

I started to explain where I came from and why I’m here.

From start to finish, El’s eyes were wide and her mouth agape. Even after I was done, she still kept that face.

…Is what I want to say but since I can’t see her while I’m traveling, I just imagine her face judging from her silence.

“Umm…you still there El?” (Lucas)

“Haha………hahahaha…….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” (El)

Ah…she’s gone mad…

“Haha, amazing! A whole new world! It’s a good thing that you didn’t tell this to anyone else! Did you know what will happen if you do? Those bastards from my clan will definitely raid it! Not just them, but the other Sovereign clans as well! Your world will never have a moment of peace at all!” (El)

Sovereign clans…

Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

A Highgod can already destroy a country, what are we supposed to do against a clan full of Sovereigns who are even more powerful!?

Phew, Lin really made the right call…

“Haha, no wonder you’re so weird. You’re not from this world at all!” (El)

“Hey, that’s rude.” (Lucas)

“Hahahahahaha-ow-!?” (El)

“Hm? Something wrong?” (Lucas)

“Nng…it’s nothing. My wounds just reopened…” (El)

“Wounds? But I didn’t see any wounds yesterday?” (Lucas)

“Idiot, like I said, that room was made from my imagination. Naturally, I can use it to cover my wounds as well. After all, I’m still a girl who doesn’t want men to see my scars!” (El)

“Hah!? Why didn’t you say that earlier!?” (Lucas)

After hearing that she was injured, I told Vil and Warren to stop for a bit before redirecting my consciousness to that room.

There, I saw El with a pale face but no visible wounds on her body.

“Quickly let me see your wounds.” (Lucas)

“It’s no use, you can’t possibly heal it.” (El)

“Just do it!” (Lucas)

Seeing my conviction, her body blurred for a bit before revealing her original body.

Her clothes and figure was still the same. However, this time, her body was full of scars and blood.

Jeez, I can’t believe this girl had continued to ignore this much wounds since earlier.

I should be able to heal this with my [Earth] body’s ability.

Thinking that, I remembered that time in the white space where I was able to pass my [Bonds of Connection] ability to my [Earth] body.

With the same logic, I should be able to do the same and pass my [Earth] body’s [Angel’s Touch] to my [Harus] body.

In my mind, a purple light passed through the thread connecting my souls.

Immediately after, a faint green light covered El’s body followed by her pleasant moans.

…I must say, she sounded very erotic…

“There, that should do it.” (Lucas)

“Nn…ah! T-they’re healed!?” (El)

Still unable to believe it, El toucher her own body here and there to confirm that her wounds were truly gone.

Fumu, to grope herself in the presence of another man…

“Amazing…such healing powers…that was magic? If my regeneration weren’t sealed, I can heal myself but not others…” (El)

“Yeah. [Angel’s Touch]. A very high ranked healing magic. Anyway, that’s one problem solved.” (Lucas)

With a sigh of relief, I retracted my consciousness back but before I fully left, I heard her sweet faint voice once more.

“…….Thank you…” (El)

“…” (Lucas)

With my consciousness back outside, we continued our journey.

From after we left the cave, we have yet to find any demonic beasts.

Hmm…I thought this place was supposed to be full of them according to Lin. Did something happen?

I asked El just to be safe but she too didn’t know. After all, she lived in the faraway continent where Sovereigns are common. She’s not aware of any news in this [Mortal Continent].

While remaining cautious, we found a group of shadows ahead of us.

It seemed to be a group of caravans and people. I wonder why there are a lot of them here?

Hmm…should I go back to my human form and ask?

No, I still don’t know why they’re here. Coupled with the fact that the demonic beasts have become scarce, I have a bad feeling about this…

I gave Warren a glance, to which, he nodded and dove in the shadow.

“Oh yeah. If you’re human, that girl’s some sort of werebeast, then what’s that guy who can blend in the shadows?” (El)

“Warren? He’s a [Phantom]. Right now, his race is shrouded in mysteries so I’m helping him out. All we know is that not everyone can see him, he can travel in the shadows, and he can enslave a dying being’s shadow to turn it into a shadow slave.” (Lucas)

“Hooh, quite a mysterious fella.” (El)

After a few minutes, Warren emerged and told me his report.

[“They’re slave traders. For the past week, they seemed to be capturing demonic beasts one after the other in order to sell them in an auction that will happen in [Ziyou City] 2 days from now. Right now, they’re already finished and are going back.”] (Warren)

“Slave traders huh? How strong are they?” (Lucas)

[“Their strongest is a practitioner at the mid [Hatchling Stage] of the [Beast Realm]. This guy is their leader. His beast is called a [Fork Tailed Lion]. Aside from him, there are 10 guys at the peak of the [Human Realm] and 25 more at the [Master Stage] of the [Human Realm].”] (Warren)

Hmm…in other words, a level 12, 10 level 10s, and 25 level 7-9s huh? But of course, this level cannot be synonymous to levels in [Harus] so they should be pretty strong here.

[“Lucas, don’t join them. Not only are there demonic beast slave, there’s also a bunch of human slaves! From what I saw, they have 5 male slave and 20 female slaves!”] (Warren)

My face twitched as I heard Warren’s explanation.

Change of plans, I won’t be hitchhiking on their caravans.


From the start, I never had a good view for slave traders. The picture of Freya being enslaved resurfaced in my mind.

Just thinking about it pisses me off!

Alright, since they met me, I’ll make sure that they all die.

This situation is good. I’ll make them the first victim of my [Jester Mode].

I removed the [Driradeeth Mask] and switched to my [Jester Set] equipment.

Logically speaking, I don’t really need to change clothes, but I get more pumped up in this clothes.

On my face, I wore the mask I received from Pierre. The [Jester Mask] which only had three thin slits for my eyes and mouth with a letter J above my left eye.

I wore a clown like shirt with a hood that is split into two points where two bells were hung. It also had a long sleeve that reached my fingers and beneath it are tens of needles ready to be used.

Situated on my shoulders were two shoulder guards, tied together with a crisscrossing belt over my chest.

Another belt was hung on my waist which is filled with thick needles.

Behind me were my two precious swords. [Draughtbane] and [Durandal].

I unsheathed the two swords while I hummed.

“Hmhmhmhmm~ It’s time to play~ It’s time to slay~ It’s time for a very fun day~! Hahahahahahahahaa!” (Lucas)

Eh? What’s that? You think I’m weird?

Well, I’m afraid that the [Jester Mode] had already begun then!

Ahem, let me explain.

Users of the [Slime Style] have three stages.

The [Untouchable Stage] where I learned how to dodge and move in pinpoint precision.

The [Madness Stage] where my mind breaks down from the constant precision, thereby causing a somewhat insane personality to appear.

Lastly, the [Separation Stage] where I learn how to separate my mad personality and my normal one! A dual personality!

That is my [Jester Mode]!

“L-Lucas? W-what happened!?” (El)

[“I-is that you, Lucas?”] (Warren)


“Ladies and gentlemen!” (Lucas)

I ignored the three who had a very amusing expression, walked tipsy and greeted the slave traders.

Ahaha, look at their faces!

It’s as if they saw a clown! Oh yeah, I am one!

*Badum tss*

“The hell is with this stupid clown?”

“Watch out, this guy’s fully armed!”

“Haha, I can clearly feel that this guy is just a trash who’s at the [Adept Stage]. No need to be so guarded.”

“Probably just a traveling clown. Hey! Depending on your performance, we might just give you qi stones!”

“Hahaha, that’s good! Come on, show some tricks!”

One after another, the slave traders laughed at me.

I must say, as a clown, being laughed at is a compliment!

Because of the commotion, a large man who looked like their leader came out from one of the caravans while holding a slave girl in order to look at what’s happening.

The man was bare-chested which revealed his burly chest hair and huge muscles and scars. He looked like that one character from Street Fighter.

The woman he was holding was a naked beauty. I guess he was enjoying himself before I came. What a bastard.

“Tricks? No no no, what I will show you are no tricks, but magic!” (Lucas)

“Hahaha, where did this guy come from? You, our fun will wait till later, come join me watch the show.” (Slave Trader Leader)

The leader who was initially displeased from ruining his fun time laughed and pulled the slave girl towards him while he gropes around her body.

“Hehe, boss Ras. This guy suddenly showed up while waving his swords. We were about to kill him but since he was only an [Adept Stage], there was no need to be in a hurry so we wanted to see what he’s going to do.”

“Hoh, he is truly just a trash at [Adept Stage]. Fine, let’s see what you’re capable of. If you satisfy this Boss Ras, we might just let you leave with your head intact! Hahahaha!” (Ras)

Uwah, he’s talking in third person! And he even added the Boss part! Laaaame~

More importantly, stop groping her!

“Ufufufu, gentlemen. Do you know what magic is?” (Lucas)

“Magic is a practice that changes the laws of reality!” (Lucas)

“Example! To create something…from nothing!” (Lucas)

As I said that, I showed my empty hand then with a flicker, I made an earthen flower sculpture appear.

“Bah, just a simple storage ring trick.”

“What a stupid magic.”

Oh yeah, I forgot about those things.

Oh well, not really the reaction I was expecting but I’ll shut them up soon.

“FIRE!” (Lucas)

I swung my left arm upwards in an exaggerated manner when a pillar of fire suddenly emerged on my left side.

“WATER!” (Lucas)

This time, I swung my right arm upwards and a pillar of water rose on my right side.

“WIND!” (Lucas)

A tornado pillar appeared on the left side behind me.

“EARTH!” (Lucas)

Another pillar of earth rose on the right side behind me.

“LIGHT!” (Lucas)

Now, a bright beam of light appeared on the left side in front of me.

“DARKNESS!” (Lucas)

Lastly, a black swirling pillar emerged on the right side in front of me.

Ignoring the funny reactions from the audience, I manipulated each of them and turned them into dragons swirling around me.

“Gentlemen! I present to you…MAGIC!” (Lucas)

On that note, I willed for the elemental dragons to rise high up in the sky where they collided with each other and dispersed, creating a drizzle of elemental essence which sparkled like snow.

Bathing in the differently colored spectacle, I had both of my arms wide opened while looking upwards.

It was as if I was welcoming a God to descend.

Of course, I can still control these small elements and I made them gather around me which made me look like a divine being.

When I turned my head downwards and looked at the audience, I saw everyone with dumbfounded expressions.

Even Ras had stopped groping the slave girl and in my mind, I can even hear El sigh in awe as well.

[“Show off…”] (Warren)

Ignoring Warren’s remark, I brought both of my palms close.


Instantly, the elemental essences dispersed outwards, shocking the audience when it blew in their direction.

Before any of them begun to say anything, I started my next show.

“For my next trick, I shall make you all disappear!…From this world that is. Hahahahahahahahaa!” (Lucas)

Even though I wore a smiling mask which doesn’t change in appearance, now, it seemed as if the smile on the mask became more evil as killing intent rushed out from beneath.


The majority of the slave traders are still dazed and unable to react quickly.

Slash slash slash!

Bang bang bang!

Pew pew pew!

Stab stab stab!


In just a matter of seconds, I had already killed 6 of them!

“S-shit! Kill him!” (Ras)



“Hahahaha, aren’t you satisfied that I showed you something beautiful before you die!?” (Lucas)

Just like that, the massacre begun!

Facing their sloooow movements, I dodged casually and stab or slash whenever I feel like it.

While we’re at it, I should add some background music!

Hmm…I’m feeling a classic. I’ll go with that Mozart tune then!

I activated the skill in my [Jester Mask] called [Background Music] and played Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

It’s the skill I got when I blessed it in [Sennerth] and I can play the music that I remember.

“Die, die die, die die die die die dieeee! Die, die die, die die die die die dieeee! Die dieeee, die die die die dieeeee, die die die die dieeeee, die die die die diediediedie!” (Lucas)

Of course, I still went with the tune myself ahaha!

“F-fuck, what the fuck is this music ringing in my ears!” (Ras)

“That’s the sound of DEATH! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” (Lucas)

After all, this will be the last sound you’ll ever hear in your life!

How fun~!

Even my slashes and stabs went with the tune which just goes to show how casual I am about this.

Geez, you’re all too weak!

“Damn, [Triple Stab]!” (Ras)

Seeing as no one is a match for me, the leader himself had started to fight as well!

As he stabbed towards me, a transparent lion with a three-forked tail appeared behind him while its tail merged with his sword, plunging towards me.

“Be careful, this is the innate ability of the [Fork Tailed Lion]. You can’t dodge barely to the side like before or else you’ll get stabbed with the additional attack!” (El)

I see, I think there’s a same skill in [Harus] like that which is for spear users.

Haah, it seems that this guy is weak after all…

Such a disappointment.

“Bah, just three stabs? Then I’ll show you a hundred slashes!” (Lucas)

I made a hundred air swords and surrounded him.

With a hundred swords swirling around him, Ras paled in fright and stopped his charge.

“F-friend, let’s talk this thorough ok? L-look, I’ll let you have her. N-no, five! I’ll give you five female slaves! They’re all skilled in bed and a beauty as well! Just let us go!” (Ras)

“Ohya? That sounded like a threat though?” (Lucas)

“H-haha, please don’t joke around…F-fine! 10 girls! You can have the best 10 girls that we have!” (Ras)

This guy is really annoying…to treat girls as bartering goods…

“You know, I can take them all if I kill you right?” (Lucas)

I willed for the hundred swords around him to come closer which made him flinch in fright.

“A-alright! If you let me go, then I’ll give you the top beauty that we have in [Ziyou City]!” (Ras)

“Oh? You still have more in your base?” (Lucas)

“Y-yes! I am the head of the [Fork Lion Group]! Our base of operations is in [Ziyou City], right now, we are about to return there to deposit the goods that will be auctioned off 2 days from now.” (Ras)

Auction…it seems that auctioning slaves are a commonplace in this world.

And they don’t even hide it…

“Heeh…where exactly is your base? I wouldn’t want to get trick into being ambushed after all.” (Lucas)

“U-umm…” (Ras)

“What? Still don’t want to say?” (Lucas)

I let the hundred swords inch closer again.

“H-hii! I’ll talk! I’ll talk! It’s at the southeast corner of the city. In a building with a huge fork tailed lion on the sign!” (Ras)

Wow, this guy is a real trash.

He readily gave out everything just like that.

He already knows that I’m stronger than him, isn’t he worried that I’ll kill him and just go there myself?

“Haha, I know what you’re thinking. You think that now that you know where it is, you can go there even if you kill me right? Well sorry to say but that won’t work!” (Ras)

“Hm? Enlighten me.” (Lucas)

“Hmph, slaves are legalized in this country. Us slave traders are a legal company so if you trespass our property, you will be wanted by the country!” (Ras)

Fuck, they’re legalized to that extent?

Damn, this world doesn’t have good morals at all. If these guys go to our world…just imagining it already gives me a headache…

In short, if you see a beauty, kidnap her and turn her into a slave and no one will complain as long as that person is a commoner? Is that it?

Rather, I think that there might even be families in this world who will sell their daughters in order to live properly.

“Alright, it’s a deal then!” (Lucas)

Seeing me agree, Ras sighed in relief and showed a forced smile.

Afterwards, I removed my [Jester Mask] and placed my [Mimic Mask] instead and mimicked Ras’ appearance.

“Thanks for your hard work!” (Lucas)

“W-what the f-” (Ras)

I didn’t even let him finish cursing and just directly killed him.

Phew, finally quiet.

After that, I turned towards the shaking slave girl and smiled as I placed my index finger on my lips to tell her not to say anything that she saw.

Then, switching to my [Jester Mask] again, I walked over to the other caravans and unlock everyone.

“You guys still alive in there?” (Lucas)

“Wh-who are you?”

“Relax, the slave traders are dead.” (Lucas)

As I said that, I manipulated the ground to elevate us and showed them the corpses below.

Not only that, but strangely, the blood splatters formed a shape. A face. A mask to be exact. My mask.

The face of their murderer!


NoticeYou have created a master art!

NoticeEnter name:

“Cirque de Mozart!” (Lucas)

NameCirque de MozartRankAEffectFor a day, you will have an uncontrollable laughter. Even the corniest joke will give you a laughing fit! Hahahahaha!DescriptionThis horrific art was made by a masked clown who slaughtered a group of slave traders while Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik was played in the background.

“W-what’s this blue window that suddenly appeared?”

“Cirque de Mozart?”

“Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik…was that the tune I kept hearing earlier?”

“Haha…why did I suddenly laugh!?”

Right after the first guy laughed, it soon followed by everyone!

Hahahaha! I guess it’s true when they say that laughter is the most contagious disease!

In my mind, I can even hear El’s sweet giggling which sounded like bell chimes.

“Haha, what’s with this? Haha, I can’t stop laughing! Hahahaha, why can’t I stop!?” (El)

“Haha, that’s because you’ve already fallen under my spell.” (Lucas)

Well, my art to be exact but same same.

Fuh, I guess I’ll stop the [Jester] mode here. But I’ll still keep the mask.

After a while, I created stairs at the side so we can all go back down.


“Hm?” (Lucas)

This is…that slave girl that the bastard was groping earlier right?

“T-thank you for saving us umm…”

“Hmmm…you can call me Jack. Jester Jack.” (Lucas)

JJ, pretty good for an alias right? Hehe…

“Thank you for saving us, Lord Jack…”

“Hm? What is it?” (Lucas)

Cutting in our conversation is one of the male slaves.

“Haah, it’s like this Lord Jack. Some of us here were sold by our parents for money…that’s why, even though we didn’t want to become a slave, we still need to in order for our family to live well.”

“I see, so now that I freed you, you still have no means to earn money huh? That’s easy, just go take their storage rings.” (Lucas)

“B-but milord, how about you?”

“I still have ways to gain money myself. I don’t need it.” (Lucas)

Hearing me say this, the slaves rejoiced and ran towards the corpses while laughing.

“Ah, but don’t ruin my art you hear!?” (Lucas)

For a while, they all turned to look at me then to each other before laughing again.

I guess the effect of the art was really too strong to handle huh?

Well, it’s always good to laugh. Especially now where they just overcome something terrible.

While they all loot the rewards, I went to the caravans where the demonic beasts are held.

Vil and Warren also followed me while Warren kept asking me about what just happened.

[“…Haah, that clown teacher of yours is really too weird…”] (Warren)

“Tell me about it…” (Lucas)

After hearing my explanation, Warren just sighed and pitied me.

I mean, before I began to practice the [Slime Style], he didn’t even tell me about those stages.

And to think that the [Madness Stage] is like that…moreover, the [Separation Stage] is a real gamble.

Pierre said that his last student wasn’t able to separate his two personalities so he was stuck in the [Madness Stage] being a completely deranged person.

…It’s a good thing I was able to separate them…

But still, it was thanks to this that I…can finally use that…

I can still remember the mountain which I flatened into a desolated plain…haah, that power is really a cheat so I haven’t used it ever since.

When we arrived on the demonic beast caravans, I didn’t immediately free them.

“Listen up, I know you can understand me so I’ll explain the current situation to you guys. I killed the people who captured you. And now, I’m going to free you. But before that, I want you all to accompany us until we reached the borders before you all go back to you homes. You will not hurt any of us, nor will we hurt you. Understood?” (Lucas)

The demonic beasts still seemed unconvinced and looked at me blankly.

Fine, let’s see how you take this then…

[Dragon’s Wrath]!

A small amount of black mist coated my body which released a tremendous killing intent and instilled fear on whoever sees it.

Coupled with my title, [One to be Feared] which I had controlled somewhat before from being active all the time, the demonic beasts felt even more fear.

“Are we clear?” (Lucas)

Immediately after, the many heads shook up and down with sweat dripping on their heads.

“Good, now let’s get you all out there.” (Lucas)

Like that, I removed their bindings and unlocked their cages so they can go out.

The demonic beasts had a lot of kinds. From the Spike Armored Worm that we saw before, to other creatures and weird bodies.

The one that caught my eye was the last bunch to get out.

Three of them to be exact.

One was a human sized golem with a green glow as eyes as well as green glowing tattoo-like patterns on his body.

The other is a small fox blue fox with white markings and a blue gem on the forehead and 3 tails while the last one is a small black fox with white markings with 2 tails.

Why did they catch my attention?

Well, that’s because the golem was carrying the two foxes on his shoulders and I found it amusing.

NameGreen-eyed TyrantRank3 (high)GenderMaleRaceDemonic BeastDescriptionA green-eyed golem with a strange ability to release a bright light which causes momentary blindness. Be careful when approaching them as most have an eccentric personality.

NameFreezing TailRank3 (middle)GenderFemaleRaceDemonic BeastDescriptionAn ice elemental fox that gathers qi on their forehead which forms the gem which can be sold for a high price for it contains ice elemental qi and can be attached to a weapon for added effect.

NameKitsuneRank3 (middle)GenderFemaleRaceDemonic BeastDescriptionAn ancient fox race demonic beast which are likened as divine beings in some small villages.

Hooh, these guys have some pretty interesting descriptions. Especially that golem.

What did it mean that most of them have an eccentric personality I wonder?

Before I knew it, I was already staring at the strange golem. Seemingly noticing my gaze, the golem stared back as well.

After a few seconds, he grabbed the blue fox on his shoulder and started to pet her.

…I don’t know why but I’m having this strange feeling of competitiveness.

As if on cue, Vil hoped towards me and I caught her, and then started petting her. All this without removing my gaze on the golem.

Seeing me pet Vil, the golem’s eyes revealed a strange flicker before grabbing the black fox and petting her as well.


Both foxes moaned in pleasure from the golem’s petting which made him grin smugly at me.

Damn, how the hell is a rock hard golem’s hand supposed to feel good for petting!?

Frowning at the fact that he has two fluffy pets while I only had one on hand, my face twitched so I revealed my ultimate move!

[Summon Freya]!

Light gathered to my side and revealed Freya who had a cautious expression after subsiding.

“…Huh? Lucas?” (Freya)

“Come’ere.” (Lucas)

While not removing my gaze on the damn golem, I pulled Freya’s hand close to me so I can start petting her as well.

“F-fueh!?” (Freya)

“Where did this girl suddenly came from!?” (El)

Ignoring El in my head and the suddenly flustered Freya, I keep petting her and Vil and stared at the golem who had a shocked expression.

Haha, it seems he didn’t expect for something like that to happen.

Since we both no longer have additional pets, we just glared at each other and continued to please the two pets under us with petting.

Now, the competition as to who give the most pleasurable petting begins!

“N-nnnhh…Lucas…” (Freya)




Pat pat pat

Pet pet pet

Without us noticing it, our strokes became faster and faster but that didn’t irritate any of the four pets.

Instead, they started to moan more.

After a few minutes of petting, moaning, and glaring, me and the golem agreed on a tie.

None of us needed to speak, we just understood from each other just like that.

Both of us had an agreeing look as we both shook each other’s hands.

Haha, even though this guy is a demonic beast, I think we can get along pretty well.

But still…how come I can’t shake this feeling as if I met this guy before? For someone who has [Eidetic Memory], I can’t recall at all…all I can recall is a bright flash of light which blinded me…

Owell, not that it matters anyway.

*War war war*

“Heh, you’re not too shabby yourself.” (Lucas)

What a weird sound he makes though…remind me of Pokémon…right, I should name him!

“You have a name?” (Lucas)


“No? Alright! I shall name you then! From now on, you shall be called Gondorrer Gravelheart! AKA Wargon!” (Lucas)

*Wararar Warwar? Warghh?*

“Don’t ask me, somehow, that name just sprung up in my head.” (Lucas)

Hmmm…as I thought, I really have a feeling that I heard this name before…oh well, I really can’t remember so it’s probably my imagination.

*War war*

“Hm? Want me to name the two as well?” (Lucas)


“Well…okay then. The blue one shall be…Aura! And the black one…kitsune is a Japanese yokai soo…Yuu!” (Lucas)

Seemingly satisfied with the names I gave them, the blue and black foxes…Aura and Yuu exclaimed in agreement.

Wargon nodded as well and even gave me a thumb’s up.

After a while, Wargon brought Aura and Yuu around, occasionally grabbing a piece of equipment from the corpses.

Huh, this guy unexpectedly knows how to use equipments…

“What a weird guy…golem…” (Lucas)

Laughing dryly, I looked back to Freya who seemed to be looking around curiously.

“Hey, sorry to call you over something so stupid.” (Lucas)

“Ah, no, It’s fine. Please call me again whenever you feel like it. It doesn’t matter why as long as I get to see you again…” (Freya)

I smiled wryly at her reaction. I kinda figured that she won’t be mad but hearing it personally still relieves me.

“This situation…” (Freya)

Freya looked over the people wearing tattered clothes and the corpses on the ground with a complicated expression.

“…They’re slaves. Or, well, ex-slaves. The dead ones are the slave traders I killed a while ago.” (Lucas)

“…No wonder this scene looks familiar…” (Freya)

Freya clenched her fists, seemingly remembering what happened in the past.

I sighed and placed my hand on her head to reassure her.

“Don’t worry. No matter whether it is the past, the present, or in the future, I will definitely not let that happen to you again.” (Lucas)

“Haha, Lucas. No need to include the past. It’s not like you can travel through time after all.” (Freya)

“Hehe, you never know right?” (Lucas)

Seeing as Freya had regained her usual self again, I smiled at her warmly before recalling her back. After all, she’s still in the middle of training and I don’t want to get in the way.

Before she completely disappeared though, she gave me one last present. A kiss.

Blinking in surprise, I remain in a daze for a while, staring at the spot where Freya used to stand.

[“Your Juliet’s gone Romeo.”] (Warren)

“Ah!…wait, how come you know Romeo and Juliet?” (Lucas)

Surprised, I looked at Warren curiously. [Harus] shouldn’t have a story like that right?

[“I…don’t know why I said that…”] (Warren)

…Could it be a fragment of his memories?…Maybe Warren was originally from my world, [Earth]…

Haah, this guy’s background is really shrouded in mysteries…

Shaking my head, I sat on a rock while waiting for the ex-slaves to finish looting.

“Hey lover boy. You still haven’t answered my question.” (El)

“Hm? What question?” (Lucas)

“How did that girl suddenly appear? Is she from your world?” (El)

“She’s my [Familiar] so I can summon her…not like you’ll probably understand that…And no, she’s not from my home world, but from another one.” (Lucas)

“I see…hey, tell me about the other worlds.” (El)

Hmm, I guess she’ll be curious after all. And for people at her level, I think finding something new is very rare so her curiosity is higher than normal.

I smiled wryly at that and decided to talk to her in her room while I cultivate.

I have the time after all, might as well use it properly.

And so, I began to tell El stories of another world, of adventure, and of trials that I faced.

Author’s Notes

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My depiction of Wargon in my boredom…


*War! War waaar!?* “Cygnasdammit! Where’s Cygnas!?” (Wargon)

“Go to Insania if you want to meet her! She won’t appear here!” (Imaginexbreaker)

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