World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 7 Prologue: World Cultivation

Prologue: Chase

Above the [Thousand Sword Mountain Range] of the [Sword Crown Continent], six figures can be seen flying in high speeds.

Five of them wore a blood red robe with golden linings which suggests that those five are a group, or at least, on the same side.

The remaining figure is a woman with fiery red hair, a tattered black robe and appeared somewhat frantic as the five men chase her.

“Elena Shengxue! No matter how much you run, our [Sacred Blood] clan will not stop to hunt you down!”

One of the red robed men shouted furiously at Elena.

Hearing his shout, Elena refused to retort and only snorted.

Truthfully, she didn’t have the leisure to talk back at all. Under her tattered black robe, her body was riddled with injuries.

Normally, the minor injuries will heal fast while the major injuries would only take a bit longer, but because of what the five men did to her before the chase, her injuries aren’t healing at all.

Because of that, even the minor injuries that she normally ignores now hinder her movements.

“Tch- those damn old farts! They really came prepared!” (Elena)

Elena cursed in her mind bitterly.

Even though she knew that thinking of such things is useless as it had already happened, it still felt a lot better and helps in forgetting about the pain on her wounds momentarily.

In her mind, she can’t help but recall the image of a certain man.

“Bester Shengxue, pray! Pray that I will die here! Because if I don’t, I will definitely find a way to kill you!!!” (Elena)

Bester Shengxue is Elena’s uncle and her father’s older brother.

Because Elena’s father is the main head of their [Sacred Blood] clan, naturally, her uncles were envious at his position.

However, none of them made an obvious move to steal his position and would only conspire behind the scenes.

This is because although retired, their father, Elena’s grandfather, is still living. If they openly attacked Elena’s father who was chosen by her grandfather to be the next head, it would be as if saying that her grandfather was not right.

People of their status hate to be pointed out wrong as it would be like a slap to them.

In other words, they’re afraid of invoking the wrath of their father, which was why they can only steal the main head’s position behind the scenes.

However, this soon changed when their father died.

Not all of them grieved at all, in fact, the eldest brother immediately killed Elena’s father right in front of their father’s grave.

Normally, he would have been able to fight back, but Elena’s father was different from his brothers and was a kind hearted person. He was the only one who grieved at his father’s death which left him vulnerable for a moment.

People of their level only need this moment to kill and Bester took it.

The remaining three younger brothers immediately retreated in different directions, even Bester fled as he feared that his brothers would gang up on him.

Immediately afterwards, the [Sacred Blood] clan was forced to split into four factions, each led by the remaining brothers of Elena’s father.

As for those loyal to Elena’s father, they were killed immediately. In the end, the only one surviving is Elena.

Elena Shengxue was considered as the most talented of the younger generation. Hence, her uncles feared for what she will become when she matures more.

Bester was the first to make a move. He sent ten of his men to kill Elena.

At the battle, Elena killed three of them which just shows how strong her potential is, however, the remaining seven was successful in sealing her regeneration.

Originally, Elena thought that she can still fight back so she didn’t retreat. The result, she killed two more and her injuries piled up.

Thinking that she cannot fight the remaining five in her condition, she used all her power to flee!

“[Sacred Blood] clan! There will come a time where I will personally annihilate every single one of you!” (Elena)

Elena gritted her teeth and sped up with five blood red robed figures giving chase.

Author’s Notes

Well…this was a bit weird to write…meh, I’ll get used to it. 😛

Can’t wait to say stuff like ‘Give me face!’ or ‘I’ll cut you into thousands of pieces’ or ‘I don’t know whether to laugh or cry’ or ‘You’re courting death!’ and the like. haha :3

As for their names, I was thinking not to make it all chinese much and place a bit of english ones kinda like in Coiling Dragon.

Don’t expect Lucas going to this world already cause it will still be in chapter 2!

Till the next chapter!

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