World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 1 Chapter 7: Dragon’s Wrath

“…Ah, there it is…”

Pearce muttered after seeing Lucas get eaten by the dragon with a tired expression.

It wasn’t just him that looked tired, Lilianne and the other employees all sighed at the outcome. Though they had predicted this outcome from the beginning, actually seeing it happen was more tiresome than they thought.

They had been watching the battle between Lucas and Denneth from the start. They had saw Lucas coming up with a tactic he thought suitable for the moment and saw him attack the dragon successfully with it on the first half.

However, after the breath attack, the audience can only look at Lucas with pity as they saw him cry from the death of his comrades and gritted his teeth. They all know well how high Lucas’ [Night Vision] would allow him to see through that fire and some of them teared up on that scene like Pearce. Since the vampire army was still shaken by fear, Lucas had attacked the dragon alone.

Instead of the vampires running away, they had helped Lucas despite still being afraid of Denneth.

The audience watched this with soft eyes when Sebastian had held out his hand to Lucas.

But alas, that instant of soft mood was soon broken.

With a shockwave from the dragon, the entire vampire army plus Lucas was blown away. Sebastian, who was the nearest to the dragon was about to get eaten. The audience looked at this closely in suspense, those that couldn’t handle it turned around and shut their eyes, not wanting to see it.

Then, all of a sudden, Lucas sliced off his leg that was caught in a huge boulder and ran towards Sebastian in full speed.

Replacing him as he pushed Sebastian away, Lucas was eaten instead. His outreached arms were outside of the mouth so the bite sliced through it.

Those who had only teared up before were now crying. Honestly, it was ridiculous to cry on such a scene as they know in their minds that Lucas would revive and the vampires were just NPCs. But, to those that thought of that, they can’t bring themselves to say it. The battle was real, the drama, the tragedy, the friendship. Everything felt so real that they can’t just say something like that.

[[No! Milord!]]

[[Let go of me! He just sacrificed himself from me! How can I not take revenge!!!???]]

They were watching Sebastian being hold of by the vampire general.

Even with Lucas defeated, the story went on.

The vampire general pleaded as he held back Sebastian.

[[…I understand…I understand but…………]]


For a while, Sebastian stopped his outburst, looked down and clenched his fist hard enough for blood to spill.

[[…..Alright…Retreat! Everybody fall back!!!]]

After issuing the order, the general breathed a sigh of relief. On their way back, Sebastian picked up Lucas’ right arm which was severed from the bite. He had wanted to get the left arm as well but it was thrown into the black flame of the dragon which was scattered around the battlefield due to the breath attack from earlier.

Fortunately, the dragon seemed to lose interest in attacking and stayed on his position defending the pathway towards the exit.

With a couple of help from other vampires, they managed to remove the boulder on top of Lucas’ severed left leg. The sword which Sebastian gave him was nowhere to be found so it would be most likely to assume that it was eaten together with Lucas.

[[Now…let’s return…]]


As they confirmed that as the end of the quest, the department leaders started to issue their orders.

“Alright people, time to make that movie.”

“I want this part emphasized out…yes…then this part… that.”

“For the part where Lucas pushed Sebastian, since he was shouting his name back then, we’ll mute it out to emphasize the tragedy.”

“Make sure to close in on Lucas when he watched his comrades burn, this’ll get more emotion out of it.”

And so on and so forth.

They had started to discuss among themselves how to improve the trailer and movie.

Some of the employees were still crying but managed to listen successfully to their leaders’ commands.

There were also some that were happily discussing about the fighting part, most of these were boys of the younger age.

“Sir, is there something wrong?”

Lilianne, who was about to exit the room and resume her work, was surprised to see Trask still sitting in his chair with folded arms and decides to ask.

“Hm? What do you mean? Or rather, where’s everybody going?”

“Where you say…the battle has ended so they all went out to work on the movie.”

Lilianne was troubled how to answer something from her boss that were supposed to have been common sense.

However, she later knows that Trask knows common sense better than her.

“What are you saying, the video’s still going here. There’s no way that is the end.”


At hearing this, Lilianne turned immediately to the screen, true enough, the video was still playing, though it was only showing the dragon sleeping right now, but there’s still connection.

“N-no way…”

“O-oi oi…are you kidding me?”

Pearce overheard their conversation and was also shocked.

He ran towards the exit immediately and shouted to everyone.

“Hey guys!!! The video’s still not over!!!!!”

Quite the loud mouth as usual. After hearing him shout, some employees returned a questioned look, some knew what his words meant and was wide eyed.

“N-no way…then he’s….”

“He’s still….”

“……Oh god…”

They all looked at each other confirming their own theories.

“””Lucas is still alive!!!???”””

+ + +

Darkness…the world around him was dark.

Despite having maxed out his [Night Vision], Lucas saw nothing but darkness.

Then, in that darkness, a bright red light appeared and a voice echoed in the space.

[…kill….damn…vampires…must….entire….race….my wrath…]

There seemed to be disturbance, the voice sounded weak and Lucas can only hear a bit.

Though with his head still not catching up to the situation, he didn’t understand what was heard.

Soon, the light vanished along with the voice and Lucas gained consciousness.

“Where…am I?”

He looked around him but he can’t remember any of it.

The floor was sticky with gooes all over it. The walls had vein like object attached to it and seemed to be pulsating.

“Ah, that’s right….I died….is this hell?”

Still in daze, Lucas stared at the pulsating wall.


“Wait!!! Why is the wall pulsating!!!???”

Lucas tried to feel the wall with his hands, that’s when finally he noticed his body.

Where his arms should be were empty spaces.

Not just his arms, his left leg was also gone.

In [World Gate], severed limbs don’t grow back when healed. Healing only covers wounds, curses or illness. One has to attach the severed limb to the body then heal them in order to connect it.

Though even without the limb, if healed on the severed part of the body, closing the wound, the player can still regain their maximum HP.

Also, if one were to die within 12 hours since losing the limb, it will go back when you log in once again, logging out though, will not have the same effect.

If the 12 hour time limit is over, the limb disappears and you can no longer connect it.

“T-that’s right…I was in the game…then Sebastian….”

Finally catching up, Lucas finally knew where he is.

The dragon’s stomach.

“H-haha…what’s up with this….you have to be kidding me….”

He noticed how his body was actually covered with bodily fluids and saliva and almost threw up.

Lucas was really weak at disgusting things like this. Though he can handle seeing a wound, blood or severed limb, grotesque things are a no go.

“D-damn, I can’t believe this….”

Even though he said that, he knew this is real and he can’t escape it.

On this type of situation, one would make their way to the intestines and well escape on the creature’s back side.

Just the thought of this made Lucas’s stomach turn upside down.

He can kill himself to regain his limbs and get out but he didn’t want to lose this quest that he had thought to be over. If he does, then the loss of the vampires that died before would be in vain. He didn’t want that. Not when he selfishly lead them thinking he can defeat a dragon. His pride won’t allow it.

“My sword….there….”

Lucas weakly looked around and spotted the sword Sebastian lent him.

He tried to stand up with one foot but he failed and fell face forward to the ground. Since his face was near the sword, he struggled to crawl and bit the grip of the sword with his teeth.

That was the only way to hold the sword in his current state.

He stabbed the meat floor with the tip of the sword and heard a deafening cry from above.


Since he damaged the dragon with [Draughtbane], he was able to absorb his life, but Lucas paid no attention to that and used the sword as support for standing up.

After much hardship, he finally gained balance standing up.

“There is no way am I going to escape through a monster’s butt.”

Saying that, Lucas willed himself to escape through the mouth instead and walked off.

Though it was hard to keep skipping as he walked, he can only continue to do so since had no choice. Then, a familiar window appeared.


NoticeYou have learned a new skill, (Passive) [One Foot Walk] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)!

Because of your successive walking with one foot, you will now be able to master it more and will be able to walk efficiently.

NoticeYou have learned a new skill, (Passive) [Mouth Mastery] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)!

Due to using your mouth instead of your hands, you will now be able to do work with only your mouth.

Lucas can only stare at these windows in disbelief.

“To think skills like can even exist…”

Well, he was still grateful for it and began to walk again.

Suddenly, he saw something move.

With his [Night Vision], he saw a black ball at the size of a basketball with bat wings on its sides and a pointed needle below it. What’s more, when it turned around, he realized that the flying ball was actually a flying eyeball.

As the large eyeball spotted Lucas, it began its attack and charged at him.

“An [Eye Bat]!!!???”

Lucas tried to defend with his sword. However since he was still unaccustomed with wielding with his mouth, there was a lot of wasted movement and openings.

After a lot of struggle, the eye was finally defeated. Since it was only a Lvl 50, it was practically a mob for Lucas, the only reason why it took so long is because of the absence in Lucas’ limbs.

Encountering several more of the eyes, he finally reached a wide room.

“…This is…”

Lucas, instead of entering the room immediately, Lucas hid his body on the wall beside the entrance.

The reason is because there was someone else in that room, and judging from the aura it gave, it is by no means, an ally. The person wore dark red hooded cloak that had several silver decorations on it. At the back was a symbol that looked like an eye and the more Lucas stared at it, the more uncomfortable he gets. Since the person wore the hood to hide his/her face, there was no way of knowing who the person was or what he/she is.

The person wore six rings, three on each hand, with different gem colors imbedded on it. Red, Blue, Green, Brown, White, and Black. As for why Lucas focused on its hands, it was because the hooded figure was stretching his hands towards a rather oval object the shape of a heart and was pouring magic endlessly from

a lot easier.

Since Lucas wasn’t too used to using only one foot, the enemy managed to dodge easily.

It seems that he doesn’t need to be always pouring mana on the heart, and can move freely. Though Lucas didn’t know for how long, he knows that the enemy can’t be free forever and have to go back to pouring mana at some point. After all, if one can leave after making the spell, then there would be no need for this guy to stay here.

Thinking that, Lucas continued his assault. With each attack, he grew familiar of fighting with one foot and using the mouth to strike with the sword. Soon enough, he was able to injure the person little by little.

“Tch, enough!”

The enemy reached out his right arm towards Lucas and murmured a spell.

Because Lucas was too busy attacking, he didn’t hear the cant, however, he heard the final word that triggered the magic.

“[Wind Cutter!]”

The ring with the green gemstone shone and dozens of transparent blades emerged in front of him hurling towards Lucas.


Lucas kicked sideways in order to dodge the wind blades, however, his enemy wasn’t done with his attack and chained another magic.


Wind started to spin around Lucas, but just this wasn’t enough to damage him, is what Lucas thought and simply waited for the spell to end.

But, that was his mistake, the wind blades that was fired earlier was also carried by the tornado, making the blades spin and go in different directions. Having not been able to read the trajections, Lucas can do nothing but be cut into ribbons.

It was no longer a separate magic called [Wind Cutter] and [Tornado], it was now more like one [Tornado Blade].

“A-a combination magic!? That was possible!?”

With a thud, Lucas fell on his knees and fell face first on the ground after the magic disappeared.

“Hmph, how dare you disturb me, a demi-vampire, you lowly human. This is your end.”

Saying that, the enemy took out a dagger and prepared to stab Lucas above him.

With a single swoosh, Lucas felt intense pain as the dagger dug on his skull.

“Che, that will serve you a lesson, killing you will be too easy. Instead, bleed and suffer to death.”

Lucas felt that the demi-vampire smiled as he turned his back on him. But with the pain on his head, he wasn’t able to think straight.

As this was a game, life is converted to numbers as HP, a single strike like this with a poorly made dagger won’t give much damage, so Lucas’ HP was only decreasing steadily.

Of course cutting the head will lead to certain kill, and as well as a strike through the heart or the brain. But the dagger was only inches away from his brain. So he wasn’t given certain death. But instead, he was to suffer intense pain. So painful he really wished he was dead instead.

Pain in the game was controlled to a certain level, if exceeded, he would be forced to log out for health measures. But that does not apply to constant pain like this, though he can only feel the pain of being injected, the illusion of knowing that a dagger was stabbed on your head plus the fear and despair of being left alone to suffer made Lucas feel more pain.

“It hurts… hurts……….someone…….help……………”

He was already tearing up from the intense pain that he felt and began asking for help.

After a while of despair, knowing that there won’t be any help coming, he began to spat out curses to the person who placed him in this situation.

“It hurts………..”


“…………this is all his fault…”

“…………demi-vampire bastard……………………curse you…….”

“Curse you!……..This damn demi-vampire………………..Damn you to hell!!!”



Lucas heard a different voice inside his head. One he heard before coming here.

That’s right, it was the same voice at that time when I was unconscious.

[So you finally heard me…..I’ve been calling you for a while now…….but it seems that the pain is still clouding your mind….]

“…Who are you?”

[Denneth…Denneth the Nocturnal]

The answer shocked Lucas that he forgot the pain momentarily.

[Boy…my heart is sealed…….I can’t stay forever…….in my stead…..defeat that bastard sealing my heart…]

“I can’t…..I have no arms, a foot….I can’t even move…”

[Let me pass it onto you……….my wrath…]

Then Lucas heard a familiar sound accompanied by a window.


NoticeYou have learned a new stat [Rage]!

This stat does not have a fixed points, it increases and decreases depending on the players’ mood. When angry, the [Rage] increases, and decreases when happy.

NoticeYou have learned a new skill, (Active) [Dragon’s Wrath]Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)!

Causes intimidation, fear, and paralysis on the opponent with a rate depending how high [Rage Points] the user has.

MP Cost: 300 points

[With this…….you will stand a chance…]

Lucas continued to stare at these windows for a while.

There was no quest window showing up despite him being asked for a favor.

But if he accepted this, can he turn his blade towards the dragon next?

If he doesn’t kill him, the quest won’t end.

However, the true culprit is already known right?

Screw the quest.

“If I don’t kill this bastard now and get quietly killed……I’ll never be able to make myself play this again!”

This bastard that imprisoned the pure blooded vampires.

This bastard that sealed Denneth’s heart and controlled him.

This bastard that killed tens of vampire soldiers just because they wanted to be free.

This bastard that stabbed this infernal blade in my head.

This bastard that drove me to a corner!

This bastard that made me suffer!

This bastard that played around with me like I’m a small fry!

Black aura started to form around him and grew every time he cursed him.


The black aura grew larger and brought with it, force comparable to the shockwave Denneth released before.

“W-what is this!?”

The demi-vampire stopped pouring mana on the heart and changed into a defensive stance.

Lucas didn’t know when, but he had already activated [Dragon’s Wrath].

Slowly standing up, Lucas paid no heed to his head still bleeding and his HP decreasing. With the [Draughtbane] on his mouth, with his bloody figure, he revealed intense killing intent as he glared at the enemy in front of him.

“H-hii- d-demon! Stay away!”

The demi-vampire cowered and tried to step back, but as he was paralyzed, his step cut short and he fell on his back side.

Though it was quite a funny act to watch as the demi-vampire acting all high and mighty before is now trembling and cowering in fear of the monster he created, Lucas didn’t laugh, much less smile on it. His head was only filled with deep hatred, anger, and revenge on his enemy.

He continued to walk towards the demi-vampire with slow steps. With each step he took, the vampire continued to shrink in fear.


“N-no, pleas-!”

Lucas gave everything he had and swung his blade to sever the demi-vampire’s head ignoring the pleading it gave.

Blood gushed out from the demi-vampire’s neck like a fountain, drenching Lucas in blood as it rained down on him.

He continued to stand there in daze.



NoticeYou have completed the Legendary Adventurer’s Revenge quest!

You have reached a hidden ending by sparing [Denneth the Nocturnal]!

Reward: Visit the skeleton of Gildas again

+500 Fame

NoticeYou have completed the Pure Blooded Vampire’s Escape quest within the time limit!

You have reached a hidden ending by sparing [Denneth the Nocturnal]!

Reward: Consult with Sebastian

+10000 Popularity with the pure-blooded vampires

Finally having completed his job, like a switch, Lucas lost consciousness once again.

+ + +

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