World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 7 Chapter 10: Calm Before the Storm

“Ok, ok…wait wait wait…what did my uncle do exactly? I mean David. Not my uncle.” (Lucas)

Damn, I slipped.

“Uncle? Did you say that he’s your uncle!?” (Mei)

“No no no no. Actually, I don’t know him at all. We have no relation whatsoever so he cannot possibly my father’s brother whose mind is only in martial arts and went missing. Definitely not him.” (Lucas)

“…Just who are you fooling here!?” (El)

“Anyway, what happened?” (Lucas)

“…Well…it’s a story everyone knew that happened around 1000 years ago.” (Mei)

As Mei told the story, the more I began to understand what happened in the past.

As it turns out, years ago, this continent is being overrun by deities. The [Mortal Continent] is where few of the deities start off. Most deities are born in the lands beyond and as their parents are both deities, they have more talent than people born here.

However, the few who can transcend to a deity in this continent are mostly people who became powerful or significant figures in the lands beyond.

So one deity thought, why wait for a genius to be born when I can simply control the [Mortal Continent] and groom them myself?

Hence started the war of the deities to control the [Mortal Continent]. This event was called [War of the Gods] in the history books.

This resulted to the continent being overrun by deities and this caused the mortal wars to be warped into a war that’s far beyond that of a mortal’s.

As deities, they are more than just powerful for the people in the [Mortal Continent], they are simply gods!

Though this indeed helped to make them more powerful, only a few are able to be under a deity, most are simply thrown aside and left to rot.

Then he came along. David Lauwers.

With him and a person called Lin, they swept the continent with their might and threw the deities away from the continent!

“The land of the mortals only belongs to mortals! The land of the gods only belongs to gods! Gods aren’t meant to live with mortals! And mortals aren’t meant to live with gods!” (David)

With this shout that resonated throughout the [Mortal Continent] and the lands beyond, David began to guard the border of the [Mortal Continent] and the lands beyond.

When a mortal transcends, he sends people to them immediately in order to send them to the lands beyond. When a mortal wishes to cross to the lands beyond without transcending, he pushes them back.

As for those mortals who are born in the lands beyond, he does not care at all since he knows that they will soon transcend. For them who are born from deities, they are already meant to become a deity. It is simply a matter of time as said by El.

“…So it was like that…” (Lucas)

“This uncle of yours is truly overbearing. However, it seems he is only a peak Highgod at most. After all, he didn’t even notice when a Sovereign entered this continent.” (El)

“Haah, he has always been this stubborn…” (Lucas)

“But this is good too. At least, with him around, you had it easy in this continent. Else, you would be constantly dragged into wars of the deities. And trust me, for a mortal, that is simply not good.” (El)

“Haha…that is indeed scary…” (Lucas)

Shaking my head helplessly, I sighed and started to walk.

“Whatever the case…let’s just go back already.” (Lucas)

Too many things had happened in this day. I also need to sort out what’s inside the interspatial ring.

“Eh? Just like that?” (Mei)

“? Something wrong?” (Lucas)

“Well…you just kinda killed the [Giant Emperor] clan’s head. And a few of its clansmen…aren’t you afraid that the clan will come take revenge?” (Mei)

“So? Well, I can go there and kill them all but…the only ones that I hate are those two idiots of a father and son. The rest are innocent.” (Lucas)

Well, I did kinda kill the clansmen with them who are also innocents but well…details details…they’re going to attack anyway.

Just as I was about to walk off, Warren finally appeared.

[“Lucas!”] (Warren)

“Ah, finally showed yourself huh? Too bad you missed the fun part.” (Lucas)

[“Knowing you, those guys shouldn’t be even a problem anyways. More importantly, I just came back from the [Giant Emperor] clan!”] (Warren)

“Hm? So that where you were…” (Lucas)

[“Yeah, you wouldn’t believe what I found there! It literally looked like a brothel! No, that’s still an understatement. It’s like a slave paradise! Or well, hell for the slaves anyway.”] (Warren)

“…What?” (Lucas)

I felt something snap in my mind.

[“The men there would have women in chains and drag them like a dog! If they felt like it, they’ll even do it in the middle of the road! To them, women are just slaves, dogs, and playthings! Lucas, you need to destroy it!”] (Warren)


This time, I clearly felt something snap inside me. And it wasn’t just me, even El is filled with bloodlust now.

“L-Lucas? Why did you suddenly…” (Mei)

“B-boss!?” (Elwin)

“Change of plans. I’ll burn their clan into ashes until nothing is left!” (Lucas)

This time, [Dragon’s Wrath] activated on its own but I can still control it so there’s no problem. This is the other thing I learned during my training. First, I separated my [Jester] personality in the [Separation Stage]. Then I thought, can’t I do the same when I use [Dragon’s Wrath]?

At first, I was simply trashing about mindlessly, and then I finally controlled it.

As for the specifics…I really do not want to think about it again.

Even if I say I controlled it, in truth, I can only control when my [Rage] stat reaches 1500…after that, I have no idea what happened. Well, it resulted to a mountain being destroyed though…and Pierre didn’t tell me anything.

Other than…my appearance.

Black mist started to gather around me, my clothes began to warp into something demonic.


Even the hydra was affected. So as to not let them wreak havoc, I recalled them back to me.

“Which way?” (Lucas)

[“I’ll point.”] (Warren)

Warren dived into my shadow where he began to point the direction.

Not wasting any time, I jumped up with all my strength, caving in the ground beneath me.

Afterwards, I transformed into multiple bats and flew fast towards the direction Warren pointed.

After a few minutes, I was already in the sky above the [Giant Emperor] clan. It was located southeast of [Ziyou City], about the size of a small city.

From above, I can clearly see the men raping the female slaves out in the open.

Damn, I know that the morals in this world is twisted but this is simply too much!

“These bastards!” (El)

It seems even El was affected by the [Dragon’s Wrath] as she was surrounded by a black mist as well.

With my [Dragon Eyes], I was able to see which place doesn’t have any slaves and pointed towards it.

[Fire Burst]!

From the Fire hydra head, a huge ball of flame gathered and was shot.


The earth shook as it hit the target I pointed. This time, the people beneath finally knows my existence.


“Who’s there!?”

“You dared attack the [Giant Emperor] clan!?”

“You’re courting death!”

Before I descended, I fired more at the places without slaves, completely ignoring the people cursing at me.


When I landed, the ground caved in and dust scattered about.

When the dust settled, what they saw was a man surrounded by a mysterious black mist, with red glowing eyes that looked evil beyond comparison.

“Brat! You dare to cause trouble in my [Giant Emperor] clan!? Your father, I, will teach you what it means to respect your eld-!?”

Before he finished his sentence, I already swung my [Dragon Claw] at him and made him propel to the side and smash into a wall.

Amazingly though, he isn’t dead yet. Must’ve been an elder with a high cultivation.

“Annoying.” (Lucas)

+Kekeke, annoying annoying~ We all know Luke’s father is Darth Vader!+ (Jester)

+Bastard! To call himself our master’s father! I won’t accept it! Let me eat him!+ (Wrath)



The ground shook once I stomped my foot which made everyone felt light for a few moments.

This few moments…is enough for you all to die!

[7 Illusory Steps – 1st Step: Pause Step]!

The world seemed to freeze before my foot landed on the ground, meanwhile, my eyes are darting across the field, determining my course.

[7 Illusory Steps – 2nd Step: Flash Step]!

When my foot landed, my figure seemed to disappear and reappeared in front of one of the clansman.

Before he could understand what happened, my dagger already slashed his neck!

[7 Illusory Steps – 3rd Step: Stepping Behind]!

I immediately turned my foot as it landed and disappeared again before reappearing behind another clansman and stabbed his back!

[7 Illusory Steps – 4th Step: Vanishing Step]!

After stabbing one on his back, my figure disappeared once again, only to reappear in front of another!


I repeated this cycle of 1st to 4th step, then back to 1st step all over again. My figure blurred like a ghost and bodies fell soon after!

In a matter of seconds, the only one left standing on the plaza I initially landed was the elder who watched everything unfold.

The elder’s body started shaking.

Deep fear showed in his face.

Soon, his body fell lifelessly immediately after I passed him.

When the body landed, his head that I cut separated from the shock of the fall. His eyes still full of fear, not knowing how he died at all.

“Where’s the others!?” (Lucas)

With Warren as my guide, how can these trashes escape me?

+ + +

“W-what in the world!?”

“By the gods…”

“What the hell is this?”

“This…is this even possible!?”

“Lauwers…this is the blood of a Lauwers!”

“Luke…” (Mei)

“Boss!” (Elwin)

“…” (Aqua)

Mei, Elwin, Aqua and the rest ran towards the [Giant Emperor] clan when they figured out what Lucas was about to do.

They had come here in worry, only to be surprised at the sight left behind.

In front of them, a mountain of corpses stood at the front gate.

These are all men wearing the uniform of the [Giant Emperor] clan!

Flags, banners, and badges of the [Giant Emperor] clan was thrown along, and above this mountain of corpses, stood a lone man.

His white hair and scarf fluttered with the wind, surrounding him is a veil of black mist, on his hands were two ominous daggers that seemed as if it was taken from a dragon’s teeth.

The man’s eyes were expressionless. But deep in these eyes was a hint of achievement and fulfillment.

Below the corpse mountain, a bunch of female in tattered clothes was throwing things at it.

After the last item was thrown, they gave a shout at Lucas before stepping back.

Immediately after, the corpse mountain burned, along with Lucas on top of it.

“L-Luke!” (Mei)

“Boss!” (Elwin)

Shocked, people called out to Lucas as they watched him be burned along with the mountain of corpses.

However, from the pillar of fire, a figure walked out of it.

As if the previous event never happened, the man walked calmly and frivolously towards them with a satisfied smile.

“Haa~ That’s finally over! Right, I’ll be taking over this place after cleaning it up. Well, see ya. Feel free to visit whenever kay?” (Lucas)

Under the dumbfounded expressions of everyone, Lucas started to walk inside again and if you look closely, he seemed to be skipping happily…

Just like that, the curtains have come to a close.

This day was carved into the history of the [Mortal Continent] and was forever known as [The Fall of the Emperors].

Actually, this isn’t the only such event that happened. Later on, similar events will pop up in the places where the other [Gatekeepers] are.

In a blink of an eye, 10 years had passed.

“It’s a new era…”

“I feel so old…”

“Young ones these days…”

“This is truly a new era, the era of the new leaders.”

Such conversations happened everywhere in the [Mortal Continent].

Most of the previous major sects in the continent had been thoroughly destroyed and replaced by these new leaders, the [Gatekeepers].

On the surface, they are a new sect. But beneath, these new sects are for the people who will come from another world to have a safe haven.

One must know, if you aren’t in a good sect, you’ll only find trouble every step of the way.

As for the [Free Breeze School] Lucas attended, he still hasn’t left but now, he became an elder who teaches the next generation.

Over the years, he became a very popular teacher and was even called the [Thousand Martial White] by most of the masses.

The white part came from his unusual white hair and the thousand martial came from his abilities. People say he held a thousand martial techniques and mastered every one of them and this isn’t an exaggeration.

More like, a thousand might be an understatement. After all, he had learned every martial technique there is in the [Martial Tower] with the help of his [Harus] body’s system of skill learning.

Like this, the information came directly in his mind and he was able to better understand the techniques then from reading it thoroughly.

“You have trouble understanding your technique? Try visiting the [Thousand Martial White] elder in the [Free Breeze School] and you might achieve enlightenment.”

This is what people commonly suggest to one another. And more importantly, the fee is very cheap! After all, Lucas already has too much money in his hands. Why bother extort from others who didn’t mean harm to him?

Besides, there isn’t much for Lucas to do in these 10 years. All he’s doing is waiting.

He had already achieved peak [Spirit Realm] a year after the bloody event but held himself from transcending into a deity.

In the [Mortal Continent], most people do this as well because they know that if they transcend, they will be brought to the lands beyond by David Lauwers and will start from the bottom once more.

So they choose to stay and guard their sect and family rather than become a deity where the protection of David stops.

But for Lucas, the reason is different.

Lucas’ cultivation speed is truly fast. So fast, the other [Gatekeepers] can’t catch up to him. After all, he’s the only one with a [Divine Soul] amongst them. So he is waiting for them to transcend so they can all go together.

This had been discussed by them through their [Harus] body’s chat system.

They also think that continuing in the lands beyond alone will be hard even for them who possess power from another world.

Why? Lin had explained this to them. Deities had their own ways to fight. They don’t just rely on martial techniques or [Beasts], their bodily structure is different from that of a normal person.

He also said that is it useless to explain further and they will only understand once they transcend themselves. Being the only deity in their group, the [Gatekeepers] didn’t dare refute.

As Lucas waited for 10 years, he also kept himself busy.

His schedule was, sunrise – learn alchemy, lunchtime – teach martial techniques, sunset – learn arrays, dinner – experiment new skills, midnight – transfer refined qi to his [Beast] to make it grow bigger.

Though he’s already at the point where he can transcend if he wanted, another reason why he held back is because El told him about making his [Beast] bigger before transcending.

This way, he will have additional power after transcending and he will be able to easily defeat people of the same level.

There was practically no time to sleep. Actually, Lucas doesn’t need it.

With the [Deadman’s Body] skill, he can rest very fast if needed after all.

And so, the days continue to pass in a routine like manner.

+ + +

One winter night, snow fell over the whole continent.

On this rare occasion, the majority of the masses went out of their homes to enjoy the snow. Be it practitioners or not, they would at least allocate one day for fun. Only few would either use this opportunity to absorb the cold qi or continue to ignore it.

However, in one part of the continent, this was certainly not a joyful event.

“Kill! Kill him!”

“Shit shit shit shit!”



Screams resounded in a small village as the snow covering it was slowly being died red.

–Dashing through the corpse–

–With a weapon in hand–

–To the massacre we go–

–Killing all the way–

–The head of my prey on my spear–

–Making blood splatter–

–What fun it is to kill and sing–

–A massacre song tonight!–

In response to those screams however, only a song was heard throughout the village.

The tone and music sounded similar to Jingle Bells, though, the lyrics are totally different and sounded ominous yet strangely funny at the same time.

Well, maybe only some would consider this funny.

After all, what sane person can think something like that while heads are flying?

–Kill over here! Kill over there!–

–Let’s kill everyone!–

–Oh what fun, it is to kill–

–On this blood filled village–

+Hey!+ (Jester)

–Death over there! Death over here!–

–Death is everywhere!–

–Oh what fun, it is to bring–

–Everyone to DEATH!–


And so, the last head flew in the air.

The one responsible for all of this was a certain masked clown, a jester.

Of course, it was none other than Jester Jack! The [Jack the Ripper]! Lucas!

+ + +

“Lucas, your Little Fen has been wandering off again.” (Principal Wei)

“Ah, Principal Wei. Thanks, this guy has always been very curious lately…” (Lucas)

As I was teaching martial techniques to the kids, Principal Wei had come from the side while holding a pink snake-like demonic beast.

This demonic beast is known as the [Love-drunk Imoogi]. She’s colored mostly with shades of pink while having violet and purple linings here and there and was about half a meter long. However, this isn’t her normal size, her normal one is about 30 feet long by now…thank god she can change her size, else, I wouldn’t know where to put her.

As most of you might’ve guessed by now, but she is the demonic beast inside the egg I found in the interspatial ring from before.

El’s description on her was:

“Absolutely cute and deadly. The [Love-drunk Imoogis] are mostly known for their crazy love and attachment. And if one were to break its heart, it will turn into an asura-like existence that will devour everything in its path for as long as they’re sad.” (El)

Yup, it’s confirmed…this girl will definitely be a yandere! No, I bet she already is!

More than that, as the person who ‘gave birth’ to her, her love for me is really too much that it’s scary! Vil had to chain her tightly just so she can sleep with me from time to time…else, the little imoogi will constantly attack Vil while…well, you know where I’m getting at.

Damn, what’s with these pets being this horny!?

Also, the first time me and Vil did it in this world, El commented:

“…Hey, your other body’s also hard. Want me to give it a shake?” (El)

Of course, I yelled at her in my mind not to do so.

Haah…you have no idea how awkward those nights are for me with El residing inside my body…

Anyway, the little immogi’s name is Fen, Chinese for pink since she’s all pink. What? Most of the names in this world are Chinese! Might as well go along with it. Though, I thought of other names like maybe Medusa, Jasmine, or Eggy but I changed my mind.

There’s also another effect of being ‘birthed’ by me. I say birthed because I was the one who hatched it while pouring my qi in it. So another effect was that a portion of my soul was copied to Fen. Causing her to also have a [Divine Soul].

Concerning this, even El had no idea that will happen. I tried doing the same to Vil but it didn’t happen. More like, she suddenly felt hot and went to heat. Pushing me down again…

Weird, why the hell did my qi excite her so much that it was as if it’s an aphrodisiac!?

“It’s probably because it’s your qi. Basically, to her, it felt as if a part of you is now inside her, causing her to feel excited and…well, you know the rest.” (El)

Or so El told me. Haah, for a horned rabbit, she is indeed too horny…

So because of having a [Divine Soul], Fen’s growth was also fast and now, she’s a 10th rank demonic beast and can also transcend at any moment.

The same can be said to Vil. I had been assisting her with refining the qi with my [Divine Soul] and giving it to her so her cultivation is also fast.

Her beast is also a rabbit. More specifically, the [Moon Rabbit]. Her innate ability is called [Noble Offering]. It will trigger whenever Vil were to sacrifice herself and upon activation, any damage will be nulled.

Her domain is known as [Moon’s Virtue]. Where she can make those who are within her domain to sacrifice themselves for her.

This definitely came from the folklore about the moon rabbit sacrificing itself by throwing itself in the fire in order to give an old beggar some food. Only, I wondered why our world’s folklore still extends to this world…

Well, it’s good to know that if Vil were to try to shield me in the future, she won’t be hurt…I have a feeling that it will happen in the future.

After all, every time, it was me who pushed her away to save her. I have a feeling that the next time such events happen, it would be the other way around…and I don’t want to see her get hurt.

Moving on. I read through the recipe book and the array formations book left in the interspatial ring.

Though studying alchemy is a bit hard, with my natural control over fire, it isn’t as hard as I thought.

There was also a cauldron in that interspatial ring and really, all I need to do is place the ingredients there and surround the cauldron with fire to refine the ingredients and boom. Pill formed!

The difficult part is the finding of ingredients and combining their refined form to form a pill, otherwise, alchemy’s pretty easy.

Well, the purest pill I’ve ever done so far is a 50% one…making it even purer is hard since I would need to progress more in refining the ingredients and the combining process.

On the other hand, learning arrays is easy for me.

Why? Because the array book worked like a skill book! [Yes] button and done! Array mastered!

-Is what I want to say but I haven’t mastered Arrays all in all. Only the formations in the book which numbered few.

Well, simple arrays to let people pass with this and that conditions is easy, so I was able to up the security in the school and in my sect.

Yes, my sect.

Not the [Lauwers] sect.

After I took over the [Giant Emperor] clan, naturally, I changed its name.

Now, it is called [Heavenly Demon] sect!

The name comes from my two [Beasts], the [Angelic Snake] as the heavenly part, and the [Primordial Element Hydra] for the demon part since people keep saying it was scary. As for the logo, it’s a picture of a nine headed hydra with a winged snake around it.

What else…weapons!

Yes, weapons. The ones inside the interspatial ring were actually called [Flying Weapons]!

By binding them with my blood, I am now able to control them telepathically. Kinda like telekinesis, only, just the weapons though.

I can’t move anything else.

But this is fun too. It’s just like the ones you see in anime. Like…

Unlimited Weapon Works!

And boom! Haha, thousands of flying weapons!

Not only that, but it seems I can also ride on them while controlling them!

Though it isn’t actually flying, it was nevertheless better than flying in my bat form or walking in air.

It’s like I have a hoverboard! A hoverboard for god’s sake!

Who doesn’t want that!?

Next is…the [7 Illusory Steps]…I have no progress at all in that area, I don’t know the 5th step and El’s explanation doesn’t help either.

What, can you understand what ‘woosh’ or ‘swoosh’ or the like?

Then there’s the key…which I think I know where it is used.

I learned of it after reading the diary. Basically, he found an old tomb of a supreme expert. From the way he described it, it seems to be from a sovereign.

The key is to open that place, however, even if one were to open it, going inside is a different matter.

It was described that upon taking a step in, he felt a heavy weight on his shoulders. As he take more steps, the weight becomes heavier and heavier, until he was unable to bear it and retreated.

However, before he retreated, he caught sight of what’s on the other end of the room.

A sword.

A huge colossal sword.

Reading about it, I couldn’t help but feel excited! I can’t wait to go there and see it myself.

But whether I can go in or not…even I don’t know. But I still want to give it a try.

Lastly, there’s the ores!

The interspatial ring was filled with it!

Using [Metallurgy Appraisal], I was shocked by the ore’s uses!

One type can make [Spatial Rings] called [Space Ore]! A grade above the normal [Storage Rings]!

There’s also one that held ice-like properties but can be tempered with fire without melting it like ice. Using it, I made a light-weight rapier.

The ore was called [Eternal Ice Ore] so I named the rapier [Eterforst] which, coupled with my [Art Sense] stat, became an art as well! And a master art one at that!

Effects it had were 70% chance of frostbite, 80% chance of cold, 50% chance of frozen.

Weapon rank is S Rank!

Oh, and for its handle, I used another ore from the interspatial ring called [Heat Absorbing Ore]. Like its name suggests, it sucks in heat. That includes cold as well. With this, the temperature on the handle part goes back to normal and it will be possible to hold it.

Another noticeable ore is the [Gravity Ore]. Depending on the amount of qi you pour in, the more it weighs. I used this ore to make a tower shield for Elwin. With this, it was pretty much impossible for other people to blow him away with his crazy defense.

There are also plenty other ores but I haven’t understood how to use them yet so I’ll refrain from saying any more.

That’s that for the contents of the interspatial ring.

Time passed and it was already midnight.

Time to experiment more new skills!

Before, I only used the light and darkness element, over the years, I also tried using the others!

The result was…with fire, it turned into a very embarrassing skill. I called it [Fiery Body] to make it sound cool but in truth, it’s like an aphrodisiac that makes my mind only think of sexual thoughts.

It’s different from [Daylight Body] being full of energy, [Fiery Body] is only full of lust…as a result, Vil was dead tired on the next day…

Anyway, water resulted to [Slime Body]. As the name suggests, my body turned so soft, it was as if I became a slime…it was really too surreal to see my body bend in ways you cannot imagine…

Earth resulted to [Stoney Body]. It’s like a self-petrification technique where I harden my whole body or just a part of it. Downside though, I can’t move the hardened part…

Wind resulted to [Swift Body] which enhances my speed by about three-fold! Downside is…it’s hard to pull the breaks…

After much experimentation, I also found out that I can’t just use it on my own body or a part of it. I can transfer it to someone or something else as long as I touch them.

[Daylight Body] placed on a sword is damn awesome. It was as if the air around it is vibrating with a *vrrrr* sound like a chainsaw! And it cuts easily!

[Deadman’s Body] placed on a sword is also pretty neat. When used, it looked like a phantom sword. It’s there, but at the same time, it’s not. It gives off that kind of feeling.

Combining the two, resulted to two new skills. [Sunrise Sword] and [Sunset Sword]. The former is using [Deadman’s Body] first before [Daylight Body]. It moves like a phantom, then slashes brutally. From passive to active. The latter is the opposite. It moves energetically and upon contact, you feel cold as if touched by death. From active to passive.

As for placing [Fiery Body] on a sword…the result was…well…upon contact with the sword…or more like, just looking at the sword, one will feel intense lust burn inside them…why did I have to create this skill!?

Using [Slime Body] on a sword resulted to the sword turning into a whip but still maintaining its sharpness!

[Stoney Body] on a sword didn’t change much, the sword just became harder than normal…

Then there’s [Swift Body] on a sword. The result was pretty good as the speed of my slashes increased dramatically and after images even began to appear.

Of course, I also tried every combination…only, whatever combines with [Fiery Body] turns weird…and the others are just stacking the effect.

Finally, there’s the combination of all. [Elemental Sword]. The result? Amazing. I don’t know why, but it didn’t have the effects of the individual elements. Rather, it looked like my innate ability, [Elemental Burst]. Only, slashing form.

Getsuga Tenshou!!!

Kinda like that. Mwahahahahahaha!

Overpowered for the win!

*Cough cough* A-anyway, that aside. I’ve run out of any ideas to experiment on…

“Master~” (Vil)

Just as I was thinking about what I should do, a certain horny rabbit appeared…

…Damn, it’s that time of the year again huh?…

*Shaa! Shasha!*

Fen hissed as she knew what Vil was probably going to do and expanded its size as it coiled around me in order to shield me from Vil.

“Ah…it’s starting again huh? Well, good luck~” (El)

“…” (Lucas)

Damn you El!

Having it so carefree in there…I’m jealous!

“Moon’s Virtue!” (Vil)

A transparent full moon enclosed everyone with Vil as its center.

“Go sit at the side snakey!” (Vil)


Fen tried to resist but her body still moved to one corner and stayed there bitterly.

This is Vil’s domain. In essence it’s the same as the [Emperor’s Domain] in controlling people, only, Vil’s is more fearsome. In the [Emperor’s Domain], the person being controlled has no idea of being controlled. But with Vil’s they are fully aware of what they’re doing but still cannot resist.

And oh, Vil doesn’t even have to speak…all she has to do is will for them to ‘sacrifice’ for her.

It’s about how you perceive the word ‘sacrifice’.

Right now, she’s thinking that Fen should ‘sacrifice’ for her by not obstructing her…

Of course I also have my way of defending against her domain. That is, by creating another domain around me.

But to hell with it…experience had told me that resisting Vil in her mating season is not a good idea…

These 10 years…I have only done it with Vil, and a lot too. I’m actually surprised she isn’t pregnant yet. So I asked.

“Eh? Master wants a baby? Then master should change his [Options].” (Vil)

“Huh? What? Options?” (Lucas)

I have a weird feeling about this…

“Master doesn’t know? To open the [Options] window, do this gesture.” (Vil)

Vil waved her finger in front of her which looked like a diagonal V letter.

Hesitantly, I copied her actions…sure enough a familiar red window of [Sennerth] appeared.

[table=red]OptionsBrightness- ——————————————-o——————— +[/tds]

Color Depth[td3]- ——————————–o——————————– +[/tds]

Hue[td3]- ——————————–o——————————– +[/tds]

Luminescence[td3]- ——————————–o——————————– +[/tds]






“WHAT THE FUCK!?” (Lucas & El)

“Oi! Lucas! Explain this!!!” (El)

“Don’t ask me! I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!!!” (Lucas)

“What is this!? Just what the fuck is this!!!???” (El)

“LIKE I SAID! I! DON’T! KNOW!!!” (Lucas)

“T-try changing the [Hue]!”(El)

Fine, I’ll humor you…

I placed my finger on the window and altered the [Hue] option, dragging it to the + sign.

Woah! My vision is changing colors!!!

“Woaaahh!” (El)

The hell! Then…if that works, then all of these most likely works too! I could’ve used this [Sound] option when fighting Gareth!


With a shaking finger, I pushed on the [Yes] of the [Subtitle] option…

“Master, are you done yet? Can Vil mate you now?” (Vil)

[[Master, are you done yet? Can Vil mate you now? *punyu*]]






This *punyu* should be the sound Vil made when she inched closer to me…

This is too surreal.

This…this…this is just…I don’t even know what to say anymore…

“Lucas, click the [More Options] in the [Fertility]…” (El)

“…Ok, here goes…” (Lucas)

While bracing myself, I clicked the [More Options]…

+ + +

Time flew by once more as Lucas waits for the other [Gatekeepers].

Though Lucas has been living constantly, not everyone is doing the same.

For instance, in a certain mountain top in [Zoulang] stood a person which can’t be seen clearly from an angle while being surrounded by a number of people.

“Bastard! Today, either you die, or I die!”

“Kill him!”


Dozens of attack came towards unknown figure but, with a wave of his hand, all the attacks dissipated and the dozen or so practitioners were also blown back a few steps.

The figure, whose hand only blurred, now can be seen clearly as it shone in the moonlight.

On the figure’s hand is a long sword with earily demonic features. At the center of the sword is a skull of a person, its eye sockets had an evil red glow on it.

Black mist seemed to gather around that sword and if one were to look at it directly, they would feel as if their soul is being sucked!

“B-bastard! [Lightning Arrow]!”

One of the dozen practitioners released his innate ability. A transparent demonic beast appeared behind the man’s back and shot an arrow which flickered like a lightning bolt.

The figure, upon sensing the lightning arrow, turned around and stretched out his palm as if to command it to stop.

And it did.

“W-what the!?”

The dozen practitioners were astounded! The lightning arrow froze in midair!

No, it wasn’t frozen…the lightning is still flickering, attempting to move forward but cannot.

However, from the light provided by the lightning arrow and the figure turning around, it is now possible to see he figure’s appearance.

Not like it would help much, after all, the figure was wearing a helmet.

It was a helmet that looked like a crow!

Not minding the dozen practitioner’s surprise, his whole body blurred and became solid again. In that instant, every practitioner surrounding him had fallen to the ground!


It was simply too fast for someone to react!

The crow figure turned around, looking at the last person standing indifferently.

“M-milord. This is a misunderstanding! Please spare my life! I promise to do everything lord wants!”

Towards the person’s pleas, the crow figure only looked to the side as if he only saw an ant on the way.

Seeing his expression, the last man was both irritated and relieved. Irritated by the fact that he was treated that way, and relieved by the fact that he may possibly live through this monster!

However…his joy only lasted momentarily as the crow figure began to walk off.

The lightning arrow that had been stopped in midair was finally released and was actually directed towards the last man!



As the crow figure walked away, no one was left alive in that mountain top.

“And the village, Crow?” (Volf)

Towards where Crow walked off, a werewolf figure appeared on his side as it looked below, towards the village located there.

Crow only looked at him briefly before continuing in walking.

“Kill them all.” (Crow)

“Hehe, with pleasure.” (Volf)

Author’s Notes

Sorry for the super late release, was enjoying the holidays a bit and was dragged everywhere from the beach, restaurant, mall, grandmother’s house and such in the past few days soo…yeah…

On that note, I don’t think I can also post another chap for the next volume this December as well so, sorry in advance! <(__)>

Now, for that Options window, it was more for the LOLs and most will most likely not appear very much anyway, at best, it can be used to filter the light and such but you can’t really use that in surprise flash bombs (wargon…) since you can’t manipulate it fast enough and you also can’t possibly spend everyday with a very low lightness view…

As for the fertility window…for those who read Re:Hamster, yeah, I got the idea there…And I also informed the author…well, maybe…I think I mentioned it? I finished that part long ago only finished the chap now since I didn’t have time. Meh, I’ll just give him a heads up.

For the Revised Jingle Bell song, That was composed by Erogami…dunno if that’s also his RRL name but anyway, he wrote it and I only revised a little that I found somewhat off and also changed one or two words. I don’t think I have to link the song right? Bah, I doubt you guys don’t know how it is sung.


LUCAS FINALLY BECOMES A GOD!…well, that’s what they call it anyway. ;p

Till the next volume!

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