World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 8 Chapter 1: Transcend!

In a blink of an eye, five more years passed by.

I have been busy recently…not! I’m bored like hell!

Everyday has been constant repetition of alchemy, teaching, arrays, experimenting, and such.

Though experimenting had been exciting at first, recently, I can’t think of anything to experiment. As for the others…there was nothing new to learn in alchemy and arrays for me. And teaching? It was fun at first but it gets dull after a few years…

As for my progress, I finally learned the 5th step of the [7 Illusory Steps] from El’s absurd teaching skills. And since I already have the part of the 6th step, all that’s left now is the last step.

My [Earth] body had also already reached the mid [God Stage] of the [Deity Realm] since El is constantly cultivating in that body whenever she felt like it.

At first, I thought that this progress is slow but according to El, it’s already fast for it to reach that stage.

Usually, a normal person would spend hundreds of years to break through the stages as the cultivation of the [Deity Realm] is different from the lower realms.

My [Harus] body is still stuck in the peak [Spirit Realm] though as I am still waiting for the others to finish.

Another thing to point out is the even when I broke through the [Beast Realm] and into the [Spirit Realm: Death Stage].

At this stage, a practitioner is supposed to be at his weakest. Because here, your [Beast] dies in your middle dantian and you will control its spirit to materialize in your upper dantian.

At this stage, you practically won’t be able to use your [Beast’s] abilities and it is advised that you do not go out of closed doors until you reach the [Ascension Stage].

That time, a lot of people came looking for me in hopes of becoming popular by being the person who killed me…how terribly wrong they were to think I need my [Beast’s] abilities…

Right, another hobby I made in these years is smithing!

I discovered that if I constantly use [Elemental Enchantment] while smithing, the effect will last forever upon completion!

Like always, I reached the bottleneck of the elemental magic again at Master LVL 9 (99.99%)…I wonder what’s next?

Well, it’s come to me when it does. No use thinking about it now.

On another note, both my [Wanderer] and [Painter] job had finally passed level 100! After this business in [Zoulang], I’ll go to [Harus] to rank up my jobs.

For the [Painter] job, I have a basic idea where I can rank up to [Texture Painter] but for the [Wanderer] job? I still have no idea…

After all, it’s a hidden class I got from a corpse! I don’t even have a [Wanderer]-only skill! Just a bunch of numerous skills from the other jobs…

Sigh, I feel so left behind in terms of [Harus] skills…I bet most of the others had lond since had skills for their 2nd or 3rd rank jobs…here I am still stuck in the 1st rank…

Owell, I have my skills in [Zoulang] anyway and not everyone can go here.

[[Lucas! Everyone’s already ascended into [Deity Realm: Demigod Stage]. How are you at?]] (Bram)


Damn, after 15 years! You guys finally reached the [Deity Realm]!

[[Alright, I’ll also break through. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.]] (Lucas)

It’s nice that we can still use the [Call] system of [Harus] here. Anyway, I’ll take care of some things here then I’m out!

Thinking so, I walked out of my room and went outside to look for Elwin and the rest.

It’s too bad that I can’t take them with me since they still haven’t reached the peak [Spirit Realm]. I wonder why the people from my world cultivate faster than the people in this world?

I mean, it can’t be that we all have [Divine Souls] right?

“It’s probably because your body compositions are not the same.” (El)

“Hm? What do you mean?” (Lucas)

“Well, for one, you have that weird blue screen thingy. I think that’s one of the factors.” (El)

Ah, is she talking about EXP and such? Hmm…maybe the [Harus] body adapts faster than normal…

“Also, think of it like this. You have lived all your life without being in contact with qi. The sudden change of environment forced your body to adapt faster than normal because of this.” (El)

Like what happened to me before? When I used my [Earth] body in [Harus]?

Well, I guess it’s a bit different. After all, in [Harus], it seems that something without mana cannot exist for long. But here, things or beings without qi can exist safely so I didn’t feel sufocated like before.

“Another factor is the [Soul Vacuum] cultivation technique you guys have. That isn’t something anyone in the [Mortal Continent] has and is a cultivation technique for deities. Naturally, your absorption speen is faster than normal. And you, a freak that has the highest soul level and [Divine Soul] level, is even more monstrous.” (El)

“Hey, don’t say it like I’m not even human. Look at my status, see the [Race]? It says [Human]!” (Lucas)

“Then maybe it’s a bug! Or a glitch! Or whatever you guys call it!” (El)

As we joked around, we finally arrived at the central courtryard where Elwin and Aqua usually hangs out.

Yes. Elwin and Aqua.

They’re now a thing.

By that, I meant they’re dating.

Until now, I still can’t believe this guy actually managed to pull it off. I remember thinking that there is no way Elwin can melt this ice-cold girl.

Turns out I’m wrong.

“‘Sup lovebirds.” (Lucas)

“…Lucas…” (Aqua)

“Ah, Lucas! Boss! Something you need?” (Elwin)

Towards my greeting, Aqua glared at me with those ice-cold eyes of hers while Elwin beamed a warm smile…I guess it’s true that opposites attract each other…

Laughingly, I shook my head and stopped thinking about it.

“I’m about to breakthrough and reach the [Demigod Stage] of the [Deity Realm].” (Lucas)

“R-really boss!?” (Elwin)

“…Deity…sigh, I’m still far from reaching that realm.” (Aqua)

“Boss! This is big! We need a party!” (Elwin)

I shook my head towards Elwin’s entusiastic response.

“No need. Today, I’ll be in closed doors and break through. Tomorrow, I’m leaving.” (Lucas)

I really don’t want to drag this out further. And I also don’t want to make it too much of a big deal as well.

“T-tomorrow? You’re leaving immediately?” (Elwin)

“…Did you tell Mei already?” (Aqua)

Hearing Mei’s name, I sighed and shook my head.

All these years, I began to understand that Mei had feelings for me, only, I just continued to pretend that I didn’t notice.

I still don’t know how to deal with her. Whether I should return those feelings to her or not.

She isn’t like the others who I got to know in unusal circumstances.

Lily was someone who changed my world. She was the first person I met upon logging in the game called [World Gate Online]. She’s also the one who came knocking on my door and introduced me to new oportunities.

Freya was someone that I saved because I knew her parents. At that time, I didn’t have any feelings for her and only saved her because I felt it was the right thing to do. But over time, ever since I placed that ring in her finger, I had this weird feeling of connection to her. Everytime I use her skills, I felt closer to her, as if she has always been by my side.

Eu was also someone that I saved. The Demon Queen who didn’t wish for war. In that week that I’m with her, her playfulness seemed to have infected me and gradually, we felt closer together. She also held me down when I was rampaging in [Dragon’s Wrath] mode. And ever since that first kiss, my heart can’t stay the same anymore.

Aeran, she the most offensive of them all. After curing her poison and waking up, she immediately confessed. At that time, I didn’t really think much of it and simply thought that she only said that because I saved her. However, over time, she still didn’t stop her offensive moves and the defense of my heart was naturally destroyed and I had no choice but to return those feelings to that mischievous spirit.

Aleris…truthfully, I don’t understand how she fell for me. But somehow…there is this feeling of familiarity whenever I’m with her. It was as if I’ve met her for a very long time. It was a weirrd feeling…

Steph…I see her as a clumsy tomboyish girl and very amusing to look at. Her existence introduced me to the dark side of our world. The world of mafias and gangs. It gave me a new sense of thrill. And, being with her and her little sister, my mind had somehow formed this image of me being her husband and her little sister being our daughter. Gradually, we became closer.

Vil! Do I even have to say it? She raped me! Well, jokes aside, Vil has alsways been that companion that is always with me. Though I naturally viewed her as my pet, ever since she can turn into humanoid form, how am I supposed to think the same? Gradually, those pet feelings turned into something else.

As for Mei…She has always been that girl I only met in the auction. Nothing more. For 15 years, we only met seldomly because of her work so how am I supposed to feel differently?

That’s why I really don’t know what to do with her. So until then, I’ll just continue to pretend that I don’t know…but I guess I can’t really do that.

Now that I’m leaving, I guess it’s best to tell her that it’s not possible between us.

Thinking that, I went to the auction house to look for her.

“Eh? She’s not here?” (Lucas)

“Yes sir. The miss is in a business trip in the neighboring country.”

“I see…wait a sec.” (Lucas)

Since she’s not here, then it can’t be helped. I’ll just leave her a letter.

There, I wrote that I’m leaving and would not be able to come back for a very long time as well as my response to her feelings.

After reading the whole thing once more, I sighed passed the letter to the attendant.

Next, I headed back to the school and towards the headmaster’s office.

After explaining the situation to him, he sighed and nodded in approval.

Well, that takes care of that. It’s time to breakthrough!

According to El, the cultivation of deities is no longer the gathering of pure qi, but the unique essense of the world called [Divine Sense].

This allows the practitioner to move objects at will, manipulate one’s soul, talk inside one’s mind, search the surrounding area meticulously, fly, teleport, and a few other things.

The idea of being able to fly and teleport really excites me!

The divine sense can be stored in one’s soul. This is why El said that [Soul Vacumm] was originaly a deity’s cultivation technique.

One can choose whether to absorb qi or divine sense. Upon reaching the peak [Spirit Realm], I had already begun to feel and see divine sense but didn’t absorb it just yet.

Some people do the same. Especially the headmasters of schools and sects. After all, if they absorb it, they will become a deity and will be forced to leave the [Mortal Continent]. After that, who will safeguard their school or sect? Once they can pass their position to someone else, only then will they not have any worries.

Of course there are some who didn’t wish to succeed the position and go straight to the [Deity Realm]. To this, the headmasters can only sigh and not force them.

In any case, it’s time to absorb!

I sat on my bed cross legged and closed my eyes.

Around me, I can feel a warm sensation surging towards my body, greedily absorbing the divine sense.

+ + +

In the air above Lucas, an aurara appeared in the sky.

This is the mark of a mostal transcending into a deity.

A man becoming a god!

On the distance, numerous experts looked up and sighed in admiration.

Someone has trancended into a deity!

“Huh, Lucas finally did it.” (Bram)

“…Don’t you think it’s weird that he transcended right after you called him? It’s as if he was waiting for all of us to finish first…” (Sakura)

“Haha, how can that be? You’re thinking too much girl!” (Bram)

“Haha, I guess.” (Sakura)

“What do you think, master?” (Lin)

Lin looked back to his master who had a smile on his face.

If Lucas was here, he would discover that…this was his lost uncle! David Lauwers!

“I think, whatever the case is, we can now move onto the next phase.” (David)

“Sovereign huh…I wonder if we can find one…” (Bram)

“Muu…If even Lucas’ uncle can’t find a trace of them, how can we find one?” (Sakura)

“Haha, even if I can’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t as well. Enough, prepare to pick him up tomorrow.” (David)

“Yes!” (Lin)

+ + +

In the faraway lands beyond, a certain man looked back towards the [Mortal Continent].

This man had a crow mask that covers his face. Crow!

The [Death Eaters] had transcended into the [Deity Realm] before Lucas!

“Crow, what’s wrong?” (Volf)

“…Nothing. I just have a bad premonition…Let’s go.” (Crow)

+ + +

“Done! I’m now considered as an early [Demigod] expert!” (Lucas)

“Not exactly.” (El)

“What do you mean?” (Lucas)

“Lucas, even though you have two bodies, you only have one soul. Look at your soul and see just how much divine sense it already has.” (El)

Confused, I followed her and looked at my soul and was shocked!

This…why do I have so much!?

I didn’t think I absorbed that much either…what happened?

Could it be…the divine sense that my [Earth] body gathered in that weird white space?

Eh? Then that means I’m also at the late [God Stage] already?

“No, your soul is indeed in the late [God Stage]. But your body isn’t. If a late [God Stage] were to strike your body, you will be heavily injured. On the other hand, if a late [God Stage] were to attack your soul, you’re at par with him at most. So it is still better to call yourself an early [Demigod] expert.” (El)

I see…so there was something like that.

In other words, I have the divine sense capacity of a late [God Stage] but the body of an early [Demigod Stage].

I checked my status and it indeed called me an early [Demigod Stage].

I also gained a [Divine Sense] stat.

“So I just have to toughen up my body?” (Lucas)

“You can do that while cultivating. The divine sense that you absorb doesn’t go in your soul 100%. A part of it is absorbed by your muscles, thereby toughening up your body.” (El)

Ohh…no wonder my stats also increased…

“Also, since your divine sense is that of a late [God Stage], those whose divine sense is lower than you will not be able to see through you.” (El)

“See through? What does that mean? Like X-ray vision?” (Lucas)

“Not litteraly! You can already do that you pervert! I meant see through your cultivation.” (El)

“Hey! How am I a pervert!? I didn’t use that skill to see through clothes! You know that!” (Lucas)

“Hmph!” (El)

Sigh…I shook my head for the nth time today and proceeded to the next topic.

“So how do I fly?” (Lucas)

“Easy, use your divine sense to lift yourself up.” (El)

Hmm…Like this?

Oh! It woked!

Seeing my feet leave the floor and continued to float up, I was excited and forgot that there’s a ceiling above me which caused my head to hit it hard.

Though I didn’t feel any pain, I still massaged my head to relieve the pain in my heart…that was really humiliating.

Even El’s lauging at me.

In any case, this is really easy.

“How about teleport?” (Lucas)

“That’s a bit harder. The higher divine sense you have, the farther you can reach. Righ now, you can reach up to 60 km of a distance.” (El)

“Ohh, that’s quite far isn’t it?” (Lucas)

“Hah! Far? The distances between the islands in the lands beyond is over hundreds! And the distances of the islands even beyond that is in thousands!” (El)

……Far indeed…

“Plus, you can’t use it continuously. The 60 km that I said is your maximum. If you want to continue teleporting in that distance, you will need to replensih your divine sense!” (El)

…That’s pretty annoying…

“Then how am I supposed to travel? Don’t tell me I have to fly a distance of a hundred kilometers?” (Lucas)

“Doing that is also exhausting at your level. You should just step on your flying sword to fly. That way, you won’t consume divine sense.” (El)

“Oh! That’s a good idea! You’re pretty smart after all!” (Lucas)

“Hehe, of course I’m sma- wait a minute! Are you saying you didn’t think I’m smart all this time!?” (El)

Anyway, let’s ignore the prisoner for now.

“Vil, Fen, you two should transcend as well so we can all leave tomorrow.” (Lucas)



Vil transformed into her humanoid form and Fen curled herself up.

[“Sigh…it trully makes one jealous when all of you can cultivate.”] (Warren)

“Well…it’s not your fault that you can’t absorb qi.” (Lucas)

[“Yeah, it’s the fault of the bastard who made me like this.”] (Warren)

To Warren’s cursing, I only gave a wry smile and gave teleporting a try.

Let’s start small. From this corner, to that corner.

“Assimilate yourself in the space around you. Then focus on where you want to appear. You don’t need to succeed on your first try, almost nobody does.” (El)

+ + +

Above Lucas, two overlapping auroras appeared which made everyone in an uproar.

Two more!

Two more has transcended!

“Eh? There are two more? And it’s on the same spot as Lucas…” (Bram)

“Maybe his friends?” (Sakura)

“No…It’s his two pets. That horned rabbit and a snake.” (Lin)

“Eh? How did you know?” (Sakura)

“My divine sense is higher than yours. Naturally, it can extend farther than yours as well. I extended my divine sense just now and saw them. Only…” (Lin)

Lin paused for a while and frowned.

Both Sakura, Bram, and the other [Gatekeepers] tilted their heads in confusion as to why he suddenly stopped.

To the side, David suddenly laughed.

“Hahahaha! That’s my nephew! Just transcended and his soul is already at the late [God Stage]! Haha! Amazing!” (David)

The others had wide eyes as they heard David.

Late [God Stage] soul level!?

How is that possible!?

+ + +

This…This is Fen…right?

In front of me is a girl around the same height as Aeran. Pinkish long hair and eyes like that of a snake’s which held a glint of seductive mishievousness. Her slender body and figure had a sense of matureness that is unfit of her height.

She looks like a child pretending to be mature, or a mature person in the form of a child. I trully don’t know myself.

Oh, and she’s naked…

“Hehe, master! Now that I’m in human form as well, I won’t let the rabbit hog you for herself!” (Fen)

“Eh?” (Lucas)

Caught off guard, Fen pounced onto me and held me tightly.

“Vii!? Snake! Master belongs to Vil!” (Vil)

Like that, Vil also hopped onto me.

“Hmph! I won’t let master go!” (Fen)

Suddenly, Fen’s legs extended and joined together, growing scales then wrapping it around me!

A-a lamia!

I heard that demonic beasts that transcended can choose whether to turn completely into human form or a mix of their demonic beast and human form.

This…basically, Fen changed her lower body into that of a snake’s!

“Vii!? No fair! Vil wants to join!” (Vil)

Eh? Eh???

Wait, what’s actually happening?

Don’t tell me…I’m already being raped right after transcending!?

No no no no, actually, why am I being raped by a bunny girl and a lamia!? What kind of monster girl harem is this!!!???

+ + +

“…” (Lin)

“…Aiyah…it seems I’ll be a grampa soon…” (David)

“…” (Lin)

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