World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 8 Chapter 5: Sight of Death

A cultivation method that removes any unnecessary fat…that’s…certainly scary…

Not that I’m saying I’m against women with small chests but…I at least want something…well, to grab on…

“I-it’s a good thing I was born in the sovereign lands…” (El)

“Yes…it would be a pity if yo-” (Lucas)

“Lucas.” (El)

“I-I’m just saying…if you weren’t born there, we-we may not have met…” (Lucas)

A cold sweat trickled down my temple upon hearing El’s tone suddenly became full of killing intent. Well, she can’t do anything to me anyway…right?

I suddenly remembered that I don’t know much about sovereigns and about their methods which made my imagination run wild on what she may do to me.

My face paled but on the outside, the others only thought that I became like that because of Gabriel’s statement.

“…Wait…does that include the thighs as well!?” (Bram)

All of us looked at Janae’s thighs out of reflex…upon seeing it, Bram suddenly seemed to have coughed out some blood and collapsed.

“L-let’s change our plans…let’s not go to the [Frozen Heart Sect] territory anymore…” (Bram)

No one said anything, merely, Gabriel grabbed Bram, took him in some corner, and began to weep together with him…

“…Those two idiots aside…why is it that the [Frozen Heart Sect] requires such…way of cultivation? I mean, my chests are small…but at least there’s something…” (Liza)

The last part was not said out loud but each and everyone of us here are practitioners of the [Deity Realm], how was it not possible for us not to hear her whispers when she’s so near to us?

Following her words, we looked at her chest unconciously.

Indeed it is small, but I think it’s at least nearing B-cup?

Absorbed by trying to measure Liza’s chest, I was unable to see her fist fly towards my face which made me fly towards the corner where Gabriel and Bram are still weeping.

“W-why only me?…” (Lucas)

“Hmph!” (Liza)

“Idiot.” (El)

Feeling wronged, I asked but was only met with a cold snort and El’s scolding.

“Well…there is indeed an explanation but, at most, it is just a rumor. You see, years ago, the founder of the [Frozen Heart Sect] met a man. They had a relationship for some time, but the man met another woman who was…well endowed. The man chose her instead of the founder causing the founder’s heart to break so she shut all her emotions and created a cultivation technique where those who practice it will…well, have the same…body condition…as her. Surprisingly enough, this way of cultivation actually raised her own cultivation by a lot.” (Jarrod)

I kinda saw that coming but…actually hearing it still makes me dumbfounded…

In the end, it was just a petty love triangle vengence kind of thing. Well, for what it’s worth, this is just a rumor and no one really knows what really happened so we can only speculate.

“Eeh, isn’t it fine? She’s cute right?” (Xene)

We don’t want to hear that from the one with the biggest pair among us!

-is probably what everyone’s thinking right now.

Actually, if you ignore her flipping out when she gets mad, she’s like a mother figure with her gentle smile and aura…but there are always two sides in a coin…

Me? I don’t think a coin is enough to define me…maybe a rubik’s cube or a tesseract. No, not the tesseract in the Marvel. Tesseract is a cube within a cube. Simply put, I’m complex.

Anyway, until now, Janea has not even said a word despite us constantly complaining about her sect. I guess she’s already used to it.

We’ve idled long enough, we should be going now.

Just as I was about to remind these guys, Momo finally came back.

“Hm? Something I missed?” (Momo)

…Seriously!? The corpses aren’t even that far, how can she not hear our conversation?

As if reading our minds, Momo scratched her head shyly.

“Ehehe, sorry, I had a little fun with the other guy’s toy.” (Momo)


Momo took out some sort of jade slip, only, this one doesn’t look like the type of jade slip that stores information as it had an array etched on its side.

“That’s…a voice transmitter!?” (Jarrod)

Being a local in this world, Jarrod imediately recognized the device.

“Hehe, right. This thing works like a cellphone! And it doesn’t need a signal!” (Momo)

Even without their explanation, I had already somewhat guessed its uses as I can recognize some parts of the array.

Though not the same, there is a portion of the array that looks the same as the [Voice Amplifier Array]. As for the other parts, I recognize bits of formations from the [Soul Seeking Array], [Mind Reading Array], and a few smaller parts from numerous arrays.

Arrays, you see, works the same as circuits and programming in [Earth]. I’m an IT student, and in our college curicullum, we are required to learn the basics of logic circuits. As for programming? We of course learned plenty of that so studying arrays wasn’t that hard to me.

It is hard, but not as hard as someone learning from the very basics because I already had some understandings.

There are symbols for if statements, forming the array as a circle will allow a loop statement, drawing two parallel lines with arrows and connecting them to different symobls or statements means assigning them to this or that symbols or statement and so on.

The point being, it is possible to make new arrays from the combined parts of multiple arrays.

As for why the array for voice transmitting was not included in Devan Shan’s book, it is probably to let me learn about this matter by myself. Plus, these things should be common here in the deity lands so I will easily learn about it anyway.

“You see, if you pour your divine sense in this thing, you will see a list of [Contacts] which are, I think, like the fingerprints of our soul…soulprints! I coined it! You all are my witnesses!” (Momo)

“…Erm…No. Actually, the term soulprint is already being used by us for as long as I can remember. Also, the [Contacts], as you called it, aren’t by soulprints but the contact details of the voice transmitter itself which are randomly generated upon the completion of the array.” (Jarrod)

“Dammit.” (Momo)

As Jarrod said, there is indeed a randomly generated key after every creation of every array. This is like a counter of how many arrays have been created. No one really knows why there is such a thing, even Devan Shan also wrote in the array book that he didn’t know.

“So anyways, while I was playing with it, I suddenlt received a call from the one called [Boss]. The boss asked what was the hold up and that they are waiting for us a few kilometers from here.” (Momo)

“…And? Please don’t tell me you answered…” (Lucas)

“Buu, I’m not an idiot. I know that much so I simply went there by myself and wrecked havoc.” (Momo)

…She said all that while pouting as if it was a very trivial thing to go to the boss’ place and kill everyone…

Somehow…I think we’re the ones who missed something…

“Wait, you didn’t ask them why they were attacking them in the first place?” (Lucas)

“Un, I also thought it was weird. If this was a simple bandit attack, then why would the whole gang be waiting nearby as if they wanted to be able to send backup immediately if things go south so I asked their boss nicely.” (Momo)

Nicely…why put it that way if we all know that it is definitely not the case?…

“There was a lot of yelling and crying but he said something about Yang Huang and a yellow clan or something.” (Momo)

…I say…this girl is not a very reliable informat…

“Yang Huang!? You mean Yang Huang of the [Yellow Earth Clan]!?” (Jarrod)

“Ohh! Yes! That yellow clan was indeed mentioned.” (Momo)

…Don’t tell me…we got wrapped up in another annoying situation?

“Bastard! Those guys have been eyeing our, [Blue Sparrow Clan] for years! They actually ignored the treaty of the four clans! They court death!” (Jarrod)

……Aaand he just told us the whole summary of the story just like that…now we’re going to feel pity and help them…Too bad then!

“Alright, let’s go to [Crown City] now.” (Lucas)

“Yes, [Crown City], go, now.” (Bram)

“See you later little Janae!” (Xene)

Like that, we hopped onto our flying swords and immediately flew away, leaving the two fathers and daughter plus some guards dumbstruck.

Sorry, but this is all too troublesome. However, if we meet those [Yellow Earth Clan] on the road, we’ll give them a punch for you!

Not like we know how to differentiate them…

Rival clan? Not our problem!

After traveling for a day and a half, we finally reached the gates of [Crown City]!

“Halt! Flying is prohibited within the city!”

We all looked at eachother then landed on the ground.

“Sorry about that brother, we came from the [Mortal Continent] and didn’t know the rules too well.” (Bram)

Tch, why didn’t that damn uncle not tell us something so important? Well, I guess given his status, he can fly freely wherever he want as no one would have the strength to argue with him otherwise.

“So it was like that. Well, given how few the the transcenders are in the [Mortal Continent], the disciples orienting you are bound to forget a few things.”

“Actually, those disciples staying in that place are all the core disciples and are fully allowed to fly in the cities within the [Lauwers Sect] territory so it’s even easier for them to forget about it.”

The two guards seemed to be familiar with such mistakes so they didn’t give us much trouble.

“There is an entrance fee of 1 low grade divine stone for each person and demonic beast.”

…Forget what I just said…

Before Gabriel had the chance to argue with the guards, another person entered the gates and passed a divine stone to the guards.

…Maybe they’re really not lying? Or was that guy an accomplice?

#…Did uncle give you guys any divine stones?# (Lucas)

#Nope. He only made us choose a flying sword, nothing more…# (Bram)

#…Damn uncle. Fine, let’s just use the emblem and be done with it.# (Lucas)

#Sounds good.# (Gabriel)

Actually, even if we don’t use the emblem, if we cause a scene here, Lin and uncle are bound to know that we got into trouble and that it is they’re fault for not giving us salary! So they have to help. Only, since we will have the same outcome anyway, there’s no need to waste time.

Just as I pull out the emblem, Momo walked forward and dropped 9 stones with a faint light emanating from it to the guards.

…Ah! She did loot those bandits!

We gave a silent thumb’s up to Momo and also secretly cursed her for not sharing.

Momo turned around and stuck her tongue out to us before walking inside the city while fully showing us her rich girl aura.

Seeing this, we looked at eachother for a while before sighing and shaking our heads then followed after her.

“Where do you guys want to go first? Find an inn or the market?” (Bram)

“Logically, we should secure a resting place first before doing anything else but…aside from Momo, we’re all completely broke here.” (Lucas)

“Hehe~” (Momo)

Well, we’ve already agreed that money earned alone will be theirs alone and money earned by group will be split accordingly.

“Wait, I killed one guy there, where’s my split!?” (Lucas)

“Me too!” (Bram)

“Tch, here.” (Momo)

She just tched didn’t she!? She did right!?

Damn girl, if we hadn’t reminded her, she wouldn’t remind us!?

“…Hey, how come I don’t have a lot?” (Lucas)

“What? I already payed for you and your pets.” (Momo)

“That’s just 3 divine stones! Low grade at that!” (Lucas)

“Fine~” (Momo)

So you really haven’t given me everything!?

“…Next time, let’s not let her hold the drops…” (Bram)

All of us nodded in unison while Momo pouted childishly.

Well, now we’re no longer broke but…the money these bandits had are still too little so we still went to the market first.

After asking the nearest person, we arrived in the nearest marketplace and looked around.

“Selling medicinal ingridients!”

“Sausages! High quality sausages! I, your father, have a big sausage!”

“Fuck man! You don’t have to say that last part!”

“Come here, come here, big bro has drugs!”

“Yiya! Uncle, are your medicines made from the blood of a late [Demon] rank fero-beast? Or perhaps [Hell] rank fero-beast? [Highgod Stage] demonic beast is good too!”

“N-no that’s…”

“No? Too bad then, I heard that grandmaster cauldron guy has top grade pills.”

“What!? That Meng Hao bastard! I’m going to challenge that guy in a pill competition!”

“Look! Chu Feng and Lin Feng are fighting over there!”

…What a rowdy place…

“Haha, this place reminds me of [Harus]. You’d always find places like these in the plaza of every city.” (Bram)

“Yeah, I remember it being this noisy as well when I first started.” (Momo)

+ + +

There’s only a bit more time until the agreed 2 hours. I’ve already sold off all I can and earned a bit over a hundred low grade divine stones. Hm…this should be enough for a good inn right?

I started to go back to meet with the others.

Turning around, I was about to walk back but I didn’t notice that there was someone standing behind me and bumped into him.

“Sor-” (Lucas)

I tried to apologize when suddenly, a pang of pain hit my head.

My vision blurried, and a scene appeared in my head.

It was like watching a movie, only, it felt so real.

I was no longer in the market. I was flying high up in the air above some island that I have never recognized.

The sky was dark, but it didn’t mean it was night. Rather, the clouds above were compressed to the point where even a miniscule of light cannot pass through.

On the opposite side, floating in the sky a distance in front of me was a figure of a man with a crow head.

This man raised his arms.

The sky crackled.

The heavens shuddered.

Then there was a bright blinding light…and I knew…death was approaching.

The instant I thought of that, I was already numb.

I couldn’t feel anything.

“The hero will fall.”

“From the hands of the crow.”

“In a day as black as the night.”

“With a million light’s might.”

When the voice came out of no where, my mind was snapped back to reality and I imediately found myself back in the marketplace.

In front of me was the man I bumped into.

“Wh-what the fuck was that!?” (Lucas)

“You…you really can see it? My future sight…” (???)


No…that’s impossible!

There has to be a mistake!

That can’t possibly be my future!

I can’t die just like that!

Overcome by panic, I pushed the man to the side and ran…I didn’t know which way I ran. I only knew that I had to run…




“Lucas!” (El)

Hearing a familiar voice, I stopped abruptly, causing me to stumble in an alleyway and crashed on a wall.

As if to even dampen my mood, it started to rain but I simply ignored it and didn’t even try to stand up.

“Look at you! Just a simple vision and you’re already like this! Are you still a man!?” (El)

“…El, I’m from a different world, humans from my world can already reach the moon, I’ve witnessed prophecies from two different worlds come true. Magic, Science, Cultivation…I’ve experienced more than a normal person can experience in his lifetime…something like future sight…” (Lucas)

“So what if you’ve seen and experienced a lot of things!? That doesn’t mean that his future sight really works!” (El)

“You should’ve also seen it right? But you didn’t feel it the same way I did…I know how to differentiate reality from fantasy…That’s why I’m sure I-” (Lucas)

“Don’t you dare say that!” (El)

“…” (Lucas)

“You can’t die! Because you still have to free me here! If you die, I will also die!” (El)

“…But what if I already freed you and that happened?” (Lucas)

“Then that’s even more impossible!” (El)

“What-” (Lucas)

“Did you see me? Did you see me in that vision!?” (El)

“…No.” (Lucas)

“Then that means I’m still trapped inside you! Because if I was freed, I will definitely not let that situation happen!” (El)

“El…” (Lucas)

“Hmph! Without me, how can you possible live!? Since I’m still with you, then you won’t die! So just ignore that guy, understand!?” (El)

…She’s right…why am I so afraid anyway?

I’ve faced dragons, vampires, demons, monsters…been to different worlds…but that does not prove that future sight is also possible.

As for those prophecies…who knows if that is also real?

Besides, even if that was true, then I should just change it!

In that vision, I was indeed alone. So from now on, I should just avoid being alone.

As for that crow head…I simply need to avoid him.

Right…who cares about prophecies?

Who cares about the future?

I’m living right now aren’t I?

Why do I have to worry about the future which is something that is still far off? The future has nothing to do with me.

The past is the past, I can’t change it.

But I can change the future by choosing well how to live in the present.

“El, thank you.” (Lucas)

“H-hmph! If I didn’t fix that mind of yours, it would be detrimental when you break through to become a sovereign. And if you can’t become a sovereign, I won’t be free. And if I’m not free, I can’t protect you. You’re all looking for a sovereign to side with you guys right? I still need to do that. I also haven’t seen your worlds so you can’t die!” (El)

To El’s ranting, I can only laugh wryly.

Geez, why does it sound like she’s convincing herself instead of me?

Whatever, let’s go meet up with the others.

Controling the water, I imediately dried myself and prevent the rain to touch me.

+ + +

Watching Lucas walk back, El was lying on the bed inside Lucas’ illusory room while hugging a pink body sized pillow.

“Hmph, that idiot. Always making me worry. Hmph.” (El)

The truth is, even though she said all those things to Lucas a while ago, she actually believed that the sight will become true even more than Lucas.

That is because, she is a sovereign.

She already noticed the special constitution of that man thaat he bumped a while ago.

Those kinds are rare even in the sovereign lands, but they are still proven to exist. And it is a fact that their every prediction is bound to happen.

100% certainty.

Those things she said to Lucas, wasn’t to convince Lucas, but to convince herself.

If she wanted to be free, she needs Lucas to be alive.

That or…

“…Don’t make me choose…idiot.” (El)

Author’s Note

Death flag?

See? Told you, that Janea girl is NOT part of harem! And so is Momo! And Liza! And Xene!…Ok, maybe there is a chance for Liza…just a little bit…about 2%…

Oh, those names in the middle. Linley, Bebe, Delia, Qin Yu, Li’er, and the bunch. Just ignore them. I…kinda wrote that part when I was half-asleep so…yeah…just treat it as people in the background talking. As for where I got those names…guess them!

As for that vision…I think I called it vision at some parts then called it sight in another part but whatever, too lazy to edit mwahahahaha *cough cough* Anyway, the future sight…fufufu, I wonder what will happen…

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