World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 8 Chapter 7: This is Where it All Ends…

In a world far yet close from reality, a figure sat in a middle of a room with an infinite number of monitors.

These monitors all view certain beings, certain events, certain places, certain worlds, certain times periods, and certain realities.

Each monitor contains red transparent wires, connected to other monitors, some branching off to multiple ones, some joined, some crisscrossed, some intertwined. All in all, these transparent red wires created a sort of mysterious ambiance to the room.

People call these red wires in different names in different worlds and tongues. However, each of them, in the end, is the same thing.

The [Red String of Fate].

As for why the red string of fate exists in this room, of course, that is because the figure that sat in the middle of all of this is Fate himself.

“Huhuhuhu” (Fate)

Fate chuckled as he watched a certain white haired, red eyed person in one of the monitors. This was none other than Lucas!

Fate stretched out his hand and touched a red string connected to Lucas and plucked it like a string from a guitar.

“Huhuhuhu. Lucas, oh Lucas. You can’t escape from [Fate]~” (Fate)

Fate’s lips curled into a smile that stretched from ear to ear, giving off an ominous kind of feeling to whoever saw it.

Suddenly, he turned his head to one side.

“Now, dear readers. Let’s all enjoy the show shall we? Huhu huhuhu~” (Fate)

+ + +

As Lucas ran forward with all his might, inside him, El suddenly felt something was wrong.

“Why is Lucas acting like this? He’s not thinking straight!” (El)

Before, El didn’t notice anything wrong when Lucas freaked out as he saw the vision of his own death, because to El, death is really the end of the road.

However, she recalled that Lucas had told her what happens when he dies. She didn’t know the specifics but, she thinks that if Lucas dies, he will be sent to that special hospital or prison.

Only, who decides when one is innocent or not?

Lucas himself has killed plenty of people. Sure, they’re not good people, but it was still murder.

If he only gets sent to the special hospital, then he’ll only be gone for a while, but if it was in the special prison…

Nevertheless, he won’t truly ‘die’.

So why was Lucas panicking so much?

“Could it be?…” (El)

El’s eyes lit up as she reached a possible reason.

“Only special people have the ability to see the future, this is because they are innately born with an understanding of the Dao of Fate. To them, it was simply ‘observing’ the future but Lucas…how is it possible for him to see that vision upon contact as well?” (El)

The Dao, or in other words, ‘The Way’.

The dao is a certain level of understanding a person has. When a master swordsman understands the sword to some extent, he will embark in the ‘Way of the Sword’, the Sword Dao.

Regarding this, however, one will need a powerful soul and certain enlightenments on the Dao which only few can reach.

Reaching it, means the person has started the path of a [Sovereign].

However, there are people that are innately born with an understanding with a dao. El is one of these people as she is born from a sovereign mother and father.

Very few will be born the same way despite having no sovereign parent. And by very few, it is at least one in a trillion years.

To these people, becoming a sovereign is simply a matter of time. That is, as long as they understand it.

The reason why El hasn’t told Lucas about this is because it was simply harder to look for it when one already knows about it.

Things like these are best for nature to take its course on its own.

In any case, there shouldn’t be any reason for Lucas to be able to see the vision.

“This means, it might have something to do with his [Skills] from a different world! The normal laws don’t apply to this guy so this should be the only reason.” (El)

El racked her brain trying to remember which skill can be the reason.

“Maybe…it’s that [Bonds of Connection]? That moment of contact must’ve triggered it. But in this case, he didn’t simply ‘observe’ the vision, but also felt it! He must’ve felt his own ‘death’!” (El)

El’s eyes lit up in understanding.

If it was truly so, and Lucas himself hasn’t noticed it, that feeling must still be lingering in his mind, causing him not to think straight.

Seeing is different than feeling after all.

However, from Lucas’ stories before, El knows that he had already ‘died’ before.

“There must’ve been something else that he felt…for the effects to last this long…” (El)

That might be true, but El has no way of learning what it is. Because she didn’t feel anything. She was also just an ‘observer’. She didn’t have Lucas’ skill, hence, she naturally wouldn’t know what Lucas truly felt that time.

Imagine. You are given a vision of your death. And no one is around you but your killer.

If this was truly the future, then it means that Lucas’ future is a lonely one.

Lucas thinks he is scared of death, but actually, he’s afraid of dying alone. With no one even knowing he’s dead.

Of course, no one knows of this matter as Lucas himself is deceiving himself.

“Lucas! Stop! Can’t you see that you’re heading towards that future!?” (El)

El shouted as she tried to make Lucas stop before he starts fighting while he’s not clear headed, however, Lucas showed no signs of stopping and simply sped through.

“Lucas…” (El)

+ + +

I don’t know why.

I don’t understand why.

But right now, the only thing in my mind is to kill this guy!

It was as if the very meaning of my existence is to kill this person!

When I’m near enough, I started using [Blink] as I travel along.

[Blink] is more convenient than teleport. I wouldn’t waste divine sense and also didn’t need to mind the spacial distortions.

In a fight, the space around will always flux and distort so it was simply suicide to use teleport.

[Blink] however, though it has a short range, it’s more useful in a fight than teleportation.

As long as it’s anywhere in my line of sight, I can instantly [Blink] to that area.

The crow head is standing on the shore of the [Crown Sea] as if he was searching for something. At the moment, he still hasn’t noticed that I’m approaching from behind.

However, as I neared, it seems that he finally noticed something and turned around.

But as he turns around, I used teleport to instantly appear behind him and swung my hand as if I was holding a sword.

Before the ‘imaginary sword’ reaches his neck, a jet black sword with a blood red jewel embedded on it suddenly appeared in my hands which continued to swing.


“Die!” (Lucas)

Just as I was thinking that he will surely die when decapitated, unexpectedly, my sword actually passed through his head!


Damn, there goes my surprise attack!

I retreated back to the side, trying to think of a reason why my attack didn’t even work.

But for now, I need to know who he actually is.

“Who are you?” (Lucas)

The crow head looked at me and chuckled in an amused manner.

“Haha, that should be my line isn’t it, Lucas? After all, you’re the one who suddenly attacked me.” (???)


He…knows who I am!?

I doubt I’m already that well known in [Zoulang]…wait, I can sense mana inside him! Then this guy must be…

…I can’t see his info using [Enemy Appraisal]. None of my appraisal skills are working, even his equipment. He must have an [Accessory of the Unidentified] like me.

As for divine sense…I can’t even sense his cultivation!

Just who is this guy!?

“Well, I’ll free you from your guesses. You can call me Crow, the leader of the [Death Eaters]. It’s a pleasure to meet you, [White Haired Adventurer], the [First Hero], Lucas.” (Crow)


The leader…of the [Death Eaters]!?

Why…why is he here!?

No…that only means…there’s a traitor amongst the [Gatekeepers]! But who!?


“Lucas! Calm down!” (El)

“I…I…” (Lucas)

“Calm! Down! Retreat for now and regroup! Your enemy is much stronger than you and I doubt he’s alone! Fight now and you will surely die!” (El)

“I…Alright…the leader of the [Death Eaters] are here, no matter what, this must be reported.” (Lucas)

Retreat! I need to alert the others!

“Going somewhere?” (Volf)

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded behind me. It was Volf! He’s actually here as well!

Dammit! If he’s here, then that means he’s also gotten stronger with this world’s techniques!

Immediately after, several more figures appeared around me.

“Hihihi, are you lost kid?” (Witch)

“Hah! The great [White Haired Adventurer], a mere mid [God Stage] and he thinks he can kill Crow?” (Skull)

A witch looking person and a person with a skull helm laughed as they look at me in ridicule and amusement.

These guys…they’re all around the same level as Volf!

Why!? Why are they here!?

They should’ve come from the [Mortal Continent] as well but…right, uncle shouldn’t know about the [Death Eaters]! Actually, neither him nor Lin can detect mana so it was only natural for them to let these guys pass!

“Hyi hyi hyi, the little jester has come~ The little jester has come~” (Clown)

This tone…

I turned around and saw a man with heavy makeup wearing colorful clothes.

Don’t tell me…that personality…that walking…the [Slime Style]!?

Those who practice the [Slime Style] has a very neat way of walking. Each step is equal to the last, and even if they try to make it look clumsy, they cannot hide the steadiness and preciseness of each step.

Then this person should be…Pierre’s previous student!? The one he called Clown!?

How come he knows me!?

“Hyi hyi hyi hyi, don’t stare at me with that terrifying gaze little Jester~ Hyi hyi, you’re that new toy of teacher right~ Let’s all have fuu~n.” (Clown)

This…this is what happens if the separation stage fails!? I…to think that I almost turned into this!?

Just the thought of it made me shiver in fright.

“Young master Crow, is something the matter?” (???)

“Hm? Young master Crow, this person is…?” (???)

Two more people arrived, a man and a woman. The man wore an azure colored robe with fiery red linings while the woman wore a fiery red dress with azure colored linings.

More importantly, the feeling these two gives me…is exactly like that of uncle!

They’re…supreme highgods!?

Judging from their color coding…I’m gonna go ahead and guess that they came from the [Burning Oceans Sect]!

Fuck! They had already roped in a major power in [Zoulang]!

He was even called young master by them!

This isn’t good…I really need to retreat now!

“Mister Davy, miss Blaire, there isn’t a problem. Merely, we just met an acquaintance from our…hometown.” (Crow)

“Oh?” (Davy)

Upon hearing him, the two’s eyes lit up as they look at me.

…Don’t tell me…he even told them about the existence of another world!? Wait, did they already lead them to [Earth]!?

Then…what’s the point of what we’re doing!?

If the people of this world were to know about the other worlds…the result is simply unimaginable!

“A friend?” (Blaire)

Blaire smile evily.

“No. An enemy.” (Crow)

“That won’t do then.” (Davy)

To the side, Davy also smiled evily and waved his arms.

His arms blurred, I wasn’t able to see what’s coming but I can feel the danger approaching me in high speed!

No good! I don’t think I can dodge!

“Haha, this won’t do Lucas! I just told you that we want in!” (Dok)

It was at this moment, that familiar loud laugh was heard followed by a wooshing sound as another blur hits Davy’s attack.

In front of me stood the large burly viking along with the others.

“Bomb’s away!” (Wargon)

Three more blurs appeared high up in the air which made us all look up, but after hearing the voice, I didn’t dare look and simply closed my eyes tight!


“Fuck! Seriously!? A flash bang!?” (Volf)

“Shit! I didn’t know this world also has those!” (Skull)

Feeling that the flash has receded, I opened my eyes and saw Wargon laughing as he looked at his latest pitful victims.

“Lucas!” (Bram)

Another familiar voice sounded behind me. It was Bram and the others!

Before, I would be delighted upon seeing them as reinforcements, but now…I can’t help but be even more cautious towards them.

If you ask me which is more fearsome, it’s dealing an enemy pretending to be your friend.

The only question now is…who amongst them is the traitor?

I can’t find the answer now…but I really need their help, so I’ll feign innocence for now.

“You guys…” (Lucas)

Even so…seeing a lot of people on my side made me a whole lot calmer.

“Well, well, well. It seems you’re friends are here. However, that only means that you will all die together!” (Crow)

“Not a chance!” (Lucas)

Feeling a new sense of confidence, I sprang forward and tackled Crow while getting ready that I might pass through.

However, contrary to my expectations, Crow actually retreated and flew towards the center of the [Crown Sea]!

So that skill isn’t as powerful as I thought! There must be certain requirements for that skill to activate!

Confident in my reasoning, I sped forward and took out [Durandal] as well.

As for the other enemies…

#Don’t worry about the rest, go deal with that guy!# (Wargon)

#Leave the other bastards for us! That Volf guy is here, so these must be the [Death Eaters]! We’ll deal with them!# (Bram)

#Alright, good luck everyone!# (Lucas)

In truth, I wanted some of them to follow me so it will be easier to deal with Crow but I think this fight will be harder than what I imagined.

On the [Death Eaters’] side, there’s Volf, Skull, Witch, and Clown. All of which are probably [Highgod Stage] and also has the aid of magic!

To deal with them…even Bram, Momo, Xene, Gabriel, and Terry will have a hard time!

Meanwhile, on the [Burning Oceans Sect’s] side are two supreme highgods, as well as tens of their underlings who are most likely in the [Highgod Stage] as well!

Fighting them is Wargon’s side. Dok, the hamster, the ferret, the…slime, Hyou, and a couple more eccentric individuals.

They’re hands are full with their opponents, which leaves only me to fight Crow!



“…Vil, Fen…Bram and the others need you in their fight. Don’t worry about me, if I need help, I’ll shout out okay?” (Lucas)

Even though I wanted a person to fight by my side…I know full well that these two aren’t powerful enough to aid me…and more importantly, I don’t want them to get hurt.

The two protested but my decision was firm.

“Go!” (Lucas)

[Tamer’s Order]!

With that, though reluctant, they flew away from me and joined Bram’s fight.

…Sorry you two, but I really don’t want either of you to join me in a fight I don’t even know I’ll survive.

Maybe this is my destiny?

To fight alone…

To fight with no one by my side…

“You”re not alone.” (El)

I smiled but didn’t answer.

“Are you going to continue running?” (Lucas)

As I stared at Crow on the distance, the both of us hovering in the air above the [Crown Sea]…

It’s here…this scenery…

This is where I…

“This is where you die, Lucas.” (Crow)


How…does he know?

“Haha, that look on your face, could it be that you didn’t even know your own prophecy? ‘A hero clad in darkness bearing the name of light.’ That is you right?” (Crow)

That is…the prophecy Archbishop Agerad told me about? How did he…

“Hahaha, this is hilarious. You really don’t know the whole prophecy? Ah, right. Of course they won’t tell you. After all, it ends with your death!” (Crow)


The prophecy…doesn’t end there? There’s more to it!?

“You want to know the last verse? It says ‘The hero’s current life will end, from the hands of a man with a crow’s head.’ I know the prophecy because I am also a part of it. Unlike your [Church], the [Dark Church] told me everything.” (Crow)

How…how can this be?

Then that means…I’m really going to die?

“Lucas!” (El)

“El…I…Why do I even bother fighting if I’m going to die anyway?” (Lucas)

“Who’s dying!? Don’t forget, you still need to free this lady out of your body! You can’t die!” (El)

“But-” (Lucas)

“No buts! We already talked about this! Man up and fight! Damn that future vision! Damn that prophecy! Who knows if he’s even telling the truth! Just fight!” (El)

“…I understand. I’m sorry I’ve been…a little-” (Lucas)

“A little!? A LITTLE!? You’re not thinking properly at all! Which part of it is just a little!? If you die, I will kill you!” (El)

…If I’m dead, how can you kill me!?

That’s not possible…right?

Thinking like this, my head unexpectedly cleared up and my heart has calmed down.

Right…in the vision, the sky was covered with dark clouds! The sky now cannot be any clearer!

Though the scenery has some similarities, this isn’t the place!

Why am I so afraid?

“If what you said is true, then that prophecy…is not mine!” (Lucas)

I used [Blink] to travel faster and approach Crow, instantly appearing behind his back again.

“Hmph, haven’t you learned anything? That won’t work!” (Crow)

Like he said, the slash I did just now passed through him again!

This means…all attacks from behind is ignored!? Then that means that I can only attack from the front!

Having noticed that I’ve understood the skill’s requirements, Crow’s body faded into shadow and appeared at the side to doge.

What the…this is the first time I’ve seen this skill!

I doubt it’s a technique of this world as I sensed mana so…could it be…he has a hidden job!?

The skill should be the same as [Blink] as it can ignore the spatial distortions. Which means, it’s not a teleportation skill, but instant movement?

Some might say instant movement is the same as teleportation, but it is not.

Take [Blink] for example, I can only use it on places in my line of sight. Meaning, we don’t teleport there, but simple moved extremely fast in a straight line that it would appear as if it was teleportation.

As for teleportation, we don’t need to see our destination at all. We can choose to ignore the obstacles on our path and appear on the other side of the wall.

“Hmph!” (Lucas)

I stretched my hand towards Crow as if I’m grabbing the air then formed a fist. Instantly, the air around Crow caved in and applied pressure to him.

“Ha!” (Crow)

With a shout, the air around him suddenly burst apart and was forced outwards.

Huh?…What just happened?

“Ha!” (Crow)

With another shout, what seemed like a normal shout suddenly became an ear-shattering shout that concentrated on my ears!


I…I can’t hear!?

“Calm down Lucas! He used a voice attack! Quickly use your divine sense to heal your ears! Then cover his mouth with your [Silence Room]!” (El)

Since El’s inside me, I don’t use my ears to hear her, only my mind.

I did what El told me and suddenly, I can hear again. However, my opponent didn’t stay put while I healed my ear.

He appeared in front of me and thrusted his arm which was somehow clad in ice on my chest.


The ice shattered as he retracted his arm that went numb from his own attack.

Oh Freya, your skill is really useful! But [Reversal] drains a lot of mana, needs my full concentration, and only works on weak attacks!

Taking care of that moment, I sealed his mouth with [Silence Room].

Crow still didn’t know that I sealed his mouth as he attempted to use sound attack again but seeing as even he can’t hear his own voice, he figured out his mouth was sealed so he snapped his fingers.





Taking advantage of my opening, he sent out a palm strike on my abdomen and this time, his palm was surrounded with lightning!

Shi-! To hell with this hearing!

[Earth Enchantment]! On my body!

Instantly, my body was clad in a brownish glow.

The lightning pal strike hit my abdomen which made me spit out some blood. However, the lightning attack didn’t affect me much as the earth element surrounding my body absorbed most of it.

#Hmph, interesting way of dealing with lightning! But can you still do the same with this!?# (Crow)

Since I was unable to hear him now, he spoke to me telepathically using divine sense.

Suddenly, the palm that is touching my abdomen glowed with a green light and a weird sensation appeared in my body.

Just as I was starting to wonder what he did to me, plants suddenly appeared all over my body, no wait…they’re growing from inside my body!

Fuck! He…he used the earth element currently enchanted on my body and planted seeds in it!?

“Use your fire!” (El)

“R-right!” (Lucas)

I surrounded myself with a flame and controlled it so it will only heat up the plants inside me.

However, upon crow’s touch, the flames immediately turned into ice before it could burn the plants!

I gritted my teeth and willed the flame to turn into blue flame, which means, I made the flame burn hotter!

Crow’s face frowned upon seeing his ice melt under the extreme heat. Feeling as if he can’t control it any longer as it turns from [Ice] to [Water], he flew back.

“Like you, he must’ve also learned a skill to control the elements! Only, he can control the secondary elements while you can control the primary elements!” (El)

Secondary elements…that should be Lightning, Sound, Ice, and Wood. Hmph, he can only control 4 elements while I can control 6!

Also, he clearly doesn’t know the [Elemental Creation] skill yet!

On the distance, Crow’s face appeared to have ‘hmph-ed’ when suddenly, a black ominous mist appeared on his left side and a soothing golden pale light appeared on his right side.

…Me and my big mouth! He actually has the Holy and Evil elements as well!

Crow’s figure blurred. Thinking he’ll reappear in front of me, I crossed both my swords to block his attacks, however, he actually reappeared from above!

Ugh, I never knew fighting someone with this kind of ability was this annoying!

Hmph, I’m also able to do this! Unable to react fast enough to dodge, I used [Blink] to reappear above him as well and delivered a somersault kick on his head!

He used that blink-like skill again and this time, appeared behind me!

Since I’ve somehow gotten used to it, the moment I saw his body blurred, I already figured that no matter where he reappears, I will also instantly [Blink]!

Not minding where he appeared, I appeared a few distance away then immediately controlled the air below my feet to solidify.

[7 Illusory Steps – 1st Step: Pause Step]!

The world stilled itself for a few moments, in those few moments, my mind was moving faster than ever!

I saw Crow who had just reappeared to the spot behind where I previously am and secretly sighed in relief that I acted fast enough.

[7 Illusory Steps – 2nd Step: Flash Step]!

This flash step is a bit similar to [Blink]. What’s different is the rate my mind thinks when using this technique.

In [Blink], it was literally a blink of an eye. But with the flash step, my mind is moving just as fast which allows me to clearly see my path and avoid any dangers.

Simply put, my reaction time is also heightened for a period of time.

As I moved, I activated [Shadow Clone] which created a clone beside me, this way, Crow will get confused for a split second to decide which is the real me.

[Elemental Burst]!

Taking the chance where Crow’s attention was elsewhere for a second, I used my beast’s innate ability and fired it directly to Crow!


A huge explosion erupted from where Crow stood but that didn’t make me lose vigilance.

I waited for the dust to settle as I hovered on the air. Thinking that I shouldn’t waste this opportunity, I materialized the hundreds of flying swords I have and have the surround the area.

If he really is alive, then I’ll instantly turn him into pin cushion!

The dust finally dissipated and as I expected, a figure can still be seen standing above the air!

Instantly, I waved my arm and had the flying swords pierce Crow without even waiting to see his appearance.

In my mind, he’s already as good as dead. Still, I tried to think of ways to counterattack for the worst.

But…never would I expect that…he actually only have a few light injuries!

Surrounding his body was a large transparent black crow and it actually managed to shield him from all of my attacks!

So this is his beast’s innate ability!?

“[Black Lightning Crow], that’s the name of my beast. Yours is actually a nine headed hydra, I must say, I’m somewhat jealous.” (Crow)

“And yours is a crow. Why am I not surprised?” (Lucas)

My hearing has long been healed as we battled. He must’ve realized that his sound attack won’t be much use again. At best, it will only serve as a slight confusion so he hasn’t used it again.

“You look down on crows. Did you know? The crow is the king of the night sky!” (Crow)

Crow waved his arm upwards, instantly, dark clouds filled the skies and crackled, as if preparing for something big!

Wait…this is-!

It’s this! This scene!

Then…that blinding light from that vision was actually…!!!

“Prepare to die! [Lightning Crow]!” (Crow)

A shrill sound was heard along with the cracklings of the lightning!

A blinding light appeared over our heads as the lightning gathered together and formed a gigantic lightning clad crow!


This attack is too big for [Reversal].

Moreover, it moves with lightning speed so dodging was simply out of the question!

Even if I enchant my body with water, the sheer power of this attack will still blow me into bits!

It’s over…

This is where it all ends…

Author’s Notes

Sorry for the delay! Again! Haha, I don’t have an excuse this time though. If I had to give one, it’s because I first imagined the fight scene very hard before writing…though I don’t know if I did well enough. -_-

So! You might be wondering, why will Lucas die in the prophecy? We all know how prophecies turns out. And most of the time, they are right. So will Lucas really die? Why? Who knows, maybe the author just wants to get rid of the story and move on to another one…just kidding…Well, I did think of that before…

I just had this idea of rewriting the whole WGO but…too troublesome so no. Still, what then does the prophecy mean? Well, you’ll just have to find out! Hahahaha!

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Fate has appeared and he seems to see you guys!

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Talk about creepy.

“You know I can hear, oh, I mean ‘read’ this right?” (Fate)

Just go back to watching your TVs Mr.Deadpool-wannabe.

“I take that as a compliment you know? Deadpool is after all, very interesting. Did you watch the movie yet?” (Fate)

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