World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 9 Chapter 2: New Arm and Status

“Well, more specifically, this [Gatekeeper HQ Earth Branch] is codenamed [Yggdrasil: Branch 000]. There were a lot of debates on who gets the 000 since it seems special but as our world was the start of this all, we got that serial number. After that is [Harus] then [Sennerth] and so on.” (Trask)

Well, 000 does sound cool…

By the way, it seems that it doesn’t have to be incremented all the time as Trask also said that the world full of games and gambling is Branch 777 just for the heck of it…

“As for the [World Heroes] project of searching new [Heroes], the board has elected you to be the one in charge.” (Trask)

“Why me? And why do I need to find them?” (Lucas)

“Well, for one, you were the first recognized person who gained a [Hero] title. It is also been theorized that [Heroes] are drawn into each other, hence, a higher chance of succeeding. Ban here has to take care of the combat [Gatekeepers] but he is also a part of the [World Hero] team at the same time. As for why you need to find them…” (Trask)

The existence of [Demon Lords].

The tales and stories of [Heroes] battling the [Demon Lords] has existed for a very very long time in any universe or world.

Apparently, if a [Demon Lord] is killed by someone that isn’t a [Hero] or by old age, the [Demon Lord] will revive again in the future with a much stronger power. During the time I was away, worlds with evil [Demon Lords] were discovered frequently. Naturally, to help them, the [Gatekeepers] who has extensive knowledge, power, and experience has easily killed the [Demon Lords]. However, after a few years, the [Demon Lords] came back twice the power from before.

The more they kill them, the more powerful they become, the lesser time it is to revive for them.

At the end, Ban was the one who finished them all one by one. This was also the reason why his position had risen. But, at the end, he is just one person and he cannot be in both worlds at the same time.

So the board, rather, the [Gatekeeper] leaders of various worlds, had decided to search other [Heroes].

They found a few. Some were naturally good, some…were too arrogant and self-centered and was ultimately put down.

Because of this, they also discovered that the same effect happens when a [Hero] is killed by someone that isn’t a [Demon Lord] or old age.

It was a good thing that there are [Demon Lords] on our side like Eu, else, the evil [Heroes] will continue to grow in power.

There was also a significant difference to the reincarnation of these two. For the [Demon Lords], they will always revive in their original world and the first reincarnation are longer than the succeeding incarnations.

As for the reincarnation of [Heroes], it is theorized that they reincarnate immediately in a different world. It seems that Ban and the others were just lucky to have found an evil [Hero] they had previously killed so this is still just a theory. Also, they don’t double their power immediately, instead, they start from scratch all over again. But with their knowledge and experience in their previous lives, they will naturally get stronger.

Nevertheless, so as to not make a mistake in the future, the evil [Heroes] and [Demon Lords] are either killed in battle or was taken alive as a prisoner and restricted.

Now, why are there evil [Heroes] even though they’re [Heroes]? Well, in the end, those are just titles. As far as I know, after getting a [Title] it can never be removed unless with a special magic, upgraded to a new one, or had combined with another existing [Title].

Why are there good [Demon Lords]? Do you still have to ask that after looking at Eu? Some of them are simply born with that title. How they grow up is still up to themselves.

[Project: World Heroes] was made to search for the new [Heroes] and teach them properly before they turn or before other criminal organizations get them. And for some reason, they think I’m the guy for that…

“Wait, aren’t there any similar projects for the good [Demon Lords]?” (Lucas)

“Yeah, similarly, it’s called [Project: World Demon Lords]…yeah I know, we’re too lazy to make a cool name…anyway, that project has already started with Miss Euomun as the leader.” (Trask)

Miss Euomun? Why does that name sound familiar…ah! It’s Eu!

It’s really been a long time since I last heard her full first name…well, thanks to [Eidetic Memory], I can still remember it. It just took a while since I searched through my memories just now.

…Wait, I just noticed but…if [Demon Lords] reincarnate…then Eu’s father…I’ll look into this later…actually, let’s just ask her with telepathy.

“Hey, I heard about the whole reincarnating [Heroes] and [Demon Lords] thing.” (Lucas)

“H-huh? Lucas? Ah, this must be the divine sense thing Mei said. You must be wondering about my father?” (Eu)

Oops, I guess it’s weird if someone suddenly talked in your head…it’s a good thing Mei had already explained, I should tell them my other abilities later so they don’t get surprised.

“No need to worry, you see, I only become a [Demon Queen] after he died. In our case, titles can be passed down to one’s offspring. That’s why, Lucas, let’s hurry up an-” (Eu)

“Ah, Ban’s explaining something. Got to go.” (Lucas)

I immediately cut the divine sense…phew…to be honest, I’m not ready to have a kid…let’s take things slow.

For now, I need to solve the problems at hand. Otherwise, I would be constantly worried of having a child at this era where a lot of powerful people run loose.

“Miss Euomun had been helpful in dealing with those problematic [Heroes]…at first, we thought we can still educate them but…some people just can’t change…even if they’re a [Hero]…” (Ban)

I see…knowing Ban, he probably tried hard to change the evil [Heroes] their ways but…it seems the corruptness of the darkness is really that strong…

I wonder…will I turn into that in the future?…No, I won’t let that happen! I’ve already made up my mind!

But still…it seems…there’s a chance I will actually reincarnate if killed huh?…Hm? What happens if the souls are shattered?

Is what I asked. This time, it was Bram who answered.

“No use…for some reason, their souls reforms and still reincarnates…” (Bram)


Wait wait wait wait wait wait…does that mean…I…no…I…I won’t actually die on that fight!? Then what did El have to sacrifice for!?

Damn!…No, wait…if I really died on that day…then I would start from scratch again, so that El’s sacrifice is not at all in vain…yes…she didn’t sacrifice for nothing…no matter what, it has been proven that there is chance for reincarnation after the soul reforms…I will definitely bring her back!

“For now, those that weren’t killed in battle are imprisoned and restricted in a highly secured facility so there’s no rush in searching as of yet.” (Ban)

“Hn? What happened to the special prison?” (Lucas)

“Un, as you know, [World Key Holders] can send the people they kill to that place. However, even in this time, the number of [World Keys] are still limited and the fact that people can come back from that special prison has been proven long ago. Hence, it was decided to make our own prison.” (Ban)

“Huh? I thought those that come back has become good people?” (Lucas)

“No, not all of them. Though we don’t know how, but the [Dawnbringers] can track these returnees so they can recruit them. Still, the [Death Eaters] had managed to grab quite a few of them as well, turning them back into criminals either by force, manipulation, will, and such.” (Ban)

“So instead of relying on something as unreliable as an unknown prison in an unknown place, leaving them with a specialized facility is still better as we can also implant trackers in their bodies. Even if they escape, we can still track them.” (Trask)


Seeing my confused expression, Bram explained.

To sum it up, they’re a vigilante group. Much smaller than the [Gatekeepers] but a higher rate of performance.

Unlike the [Gatekeepers] who work in the light and employs common people, the [Dawnbringers] work in the dark and is composed with people equivalent to a Rank A [Gatekeeper].

The [Gatekeepers] and [Dawnbringers] has a unannounced alliance and partnership. On the surface, the [Gatekeepers] are hunting them down, but secretly, they work together to completely eradicate the darkness of every world since there are certain things that the [Gatekeepers] can’t solve legally.

Of course, they are still both on guard with each other, however, as long as they didn’t have any major conflicts, each would want to have the other as an ally instead.

“Now, before anything else, we should first ma-” (Trask)

“Sirs! There’s an emergency report from the intelligence division!”

Ma-? Before I get to know what he wanted to say, someone came and cut in the conversation.

Trask and the others frowned for a while before realizing that something important came up and lightly tapped on the table, seemingly pressing some holo-buttons…

After a while, a blurry image appeared above the table. The image cleared and what we saw was a middle aged person holding a tablet.

“Sir! There has been an earthwide anomaly that happened simultaneously 30 minutes ago!”

Earthwide huh? Guess saying worldwide isn’t specific anymore…speaking of 30 minutes ago…

“What!? What happened? How many casualties!?” (Trask)

“Why is it that your only reporting this now?” (Ban)

The middle aged man flinched and a drop of sweat appeared on his forehead.

“Th-that, sirs, it took a while to connect the testimonies of the witnesses…at first, we thought it was just a coincidence, but later, more reports appeared having a similar event! As for casualties…no civilian casualties!”

“No casualties? Then what happened? Did an entire highschool disappear again? A wormhole?” (Bram)

……..Eh?…Seriously?………………….That’s not a joke, Bram!? Is that now a thing!?

An entire highschool disappearing…if it’s like the fiction novels, then it must be a group summoning huh?

Damn, just what is going on with the world now?…Wait, Bram, you do realize that if an entire high school disappears, then he wouldn’t say no casualties…ah, he’s smirking at my reaction…

“Reporting! Though there are no civilian casualties, there is an extremely high criminal casualty! Around 30 minutes ago…every criminal, from street thugs to petty thieves, rapist, kidnappers, holdappers, gangs…just about every criminal in [Earth] has been knocked out and restrained!”

“W-…What did you say!?” (Trask)

“How did this happen? Was a [Gatekeeper] nearby?” (Ban)

“Sir! All events happened at around the same time, and with similar ways of binding! There were no [Gatekeeper] or anyone seen to be the attacker. After knocking out the criminals, they were all similarly chained and enclosed in a sturdy cage! Afterwards, when the authorities arrive, the cage suddenly opens!”

“W-what!?…The criminals? Did you get their testimonies?” (Bram)

“Y-yes! They all said they didn’t see anyone and believed that ghosts are haunting them! However, as this all happened nearly at the same time…I think, whoever did this…is just one person! We also tried to track the attacker but…as of now, we haven’t found a single clue!”

Ohhh, nice job middle aged guy.

“Something like this…who can be so powerful?” (Bram)

“Completely cleaning out the criminals like that…I respect him. However, if we don’t know who he is…” (Ban)

“Yeah…we don’t know just when he might turn on us. And we won’t even know when, who, or what hit us!” (Trask)

“Right right~ Isn’t he just amazing, cool, handsome, and probably handsome?” (Lucas)

Ahh, no good, no good, a real [Hero] shouldn’t boast…well, just a little? No, let’s just boast to the people I personally know. It’s fun once in awhile right?

“…Oi, why are you so carefree? Aren’t you the least bit worried!?” (Bram)

“Ah, well, sorry…actually, I was the one who did that?” (Lucas)

I don’t know why there’s a question mark at the end nor why did I apologize…

Suddenly, everyone looked at me with wide eyes in silence…umm…I’m sorry?

“…Are you serious?” (Trask)

“100%” (Lucas)

Actually, after checking up on the girls for a bit earlier, I found out that there are plenty of crimes happening that even the [Gatekeepers] can’t monitor.

So, with a trick I learned back in [Zoulang], specifically, pouring mana together with divine sense, I was able to cover the whole [Earth] with my awareness and mana.

You know how I can only use spells in a certain range around me? Well, with this new trick, the whole coverage of my divine sense is basically my [Range]. Which means, I can create elements in any place within my divine sense, albeit far weaker than when casted in the normal range.

Even if I make a diamond appear on the other side of the [Earth], that diamond will be about as brittle as a rock. The nearer the created elements are to to me, the more [Real] they are.

“Ah, but I didn’t clean all the criminals you know? Only the ones I can see committing a crime. So, the lucky ones who happen to take a day off today are momentarily off the hook. Also, some places are sealed by a [Divinelock Array] and are completely invisible to me. Most likely, those are powerful organizations.” (Lucas)

Those arrays are really troublesome, even if my divine sense pass that array, I wouldn’t know that an array was placed there. As for how I know there was, it’s simple, it’s because even after covering the whole planet, I still can’t see any [Death Eaters] or powerful enemies. Though I spotted some, but those guys should just happen to leave the array.

So if I can’t see them, that means they are hiding somewhere with a [Divinelock Array]

“Wait wait wait. That, how exactly did you stretch your divine sense out of this base!?” (Bram)

“Hn? Ah, sorry, I altered your arrays a bit.I made it so it can exempt selected people. Specifically with this.” (Lucas)

I pulled out a jade slip and handed it over to Bram.

“If you drop your blood on that, you will be exempted from the [Divinelock] and [Spacelock] arrays. You can pass it along with the others.” (Lucas)

I explained but…it seems they’re still letting the information sink in…oh come on, if you’re already this shocked on something of this level, how are you supposed to last?

Also, this is payback for earlier, Bram…hehe, look at that face! That speechlessness! That shock! That wide mouth!

After laughing loudly in my head, I calmed down and waited for their response.

…Huh? Come on guys, stop with the speechless thing already…

“Oi.” (Lucas)

“Huh? What!?” (Bram)

“Lucas…is this true?” (Trask)

“100%” (Lucas)

Deja vu?

“Wait, since when did you alter the arrays!?” (Bram)

“Around the time we entered the array. All I need is to be inside any array to alter it. So yeah, I already saw just about everything in this place. You know, secret weapons, gates, labs, office sex, and such.” (Lucas)

…It’s true…

“What!? There was actually someone who dares to make love in the [Gatekeeper HQ]!?” (Trask)

“…I’m not telling who, if you’re wondering.” (Lucas)

“Why!?” (Trask)

“Respect!” (Lucas)

“Are you serious!?” (Trask)

“100%” (Lucas)

Deja vu? Again? Kidding, I can’t possibly forget what happened minutes ago…

Also, I’m serious about the respect thing. I respect the fact that they dared to do that in that place…huh? Where? Not telling! Go look for yourselves!

I know, I’m being unreasonable…but still not telling.

“…Anyway, since Sir Lucas thinks that it won’t affect anything, let’s just leave them alone. As for this modified array and this…controller jade slip, would it be possible to have the array structure?” (Ban)

“Sure, I was gonna give it anyway.” (Lucas)

I threw another jade slip containing the data about the modified arrays and how to make the controller jade slip.

As for how the controller jade slip is made, I added some functions on the array itself and the jade slip in order to synchronize them. With that, the bloods the jade slip contains will be exempted on the synchronized array.

Normally, only the maker of the array can be exempted and can modify the array. But, since I am a cheat character and my knowledge in arrays far surpasses most if not all, things like modifying or overriding arrays are a piece of cake…not that I know how to make one but you get what I’m saying…I think I should learn how to make a cake…

“Still…having that divine sense can really invade one’s privacy…” (Trask)

“Well, I can make you a jade slip with a [Divineblock Array]. As long as you have it in your person, no one can sense you with divine sense.” (Lucas)

“Eh? There was something like that?” (Bram)

“Ah, right, I made it too…” (Lucas)

“…You really know how to kill time in your 6000 year absence huh?…Did you reach [Emperor Stage] yet?” (Bram)

“Nah, I’m not that of a genius. As expected, it’s hard to complete 7 dao paths…” (Lucas)

“Huh? Oi, just now…did you say seven!?” (Bram)

“Yeah. Fire, water, earth, wind, light, dark, and blood daos.” (Lucas)

Come to think of it, even El’s godfather says it’s not normal to have multiple dao paths…or was it because I’m cultivating multiple conflicting elements?

“…I give up…like this, I can’t imagine how anyone can beat you…” (Bram)

So he says but…I can’t shake off this feeling that I’m still too weak…

“Hn, it’s good that we have a powerful trump card. For now, it’s best you lay low for now. Also, let’s get you a new arm.” (Ban)

“Sigh, it’s always like this with Lucas…5 years…I almost forgot how weird this guy is…Oh, you don’t mind if we give you a metallic arm right?” (Trask)

Ooh, I get to have a metal arm!? That is so cool! (AN: in case you don’t know, that’s a captain america civil war reference…spiderman’s line, well, similar…go watch!)

Oops, my inner chuunibyou acted up…

“I don’t mind, this is just a reminder anyways, if it’s a metal arm, that will serve just fine. How long will it take?” (Lucas)

“Oh, about a minute.” (Trask)

I see, a minute huh? As expected, it will take a long time huh?

…Wait what!?

A minute!?

“Ah, well you see, when we received a report of you losing an arm, a friend of yours said that, knowing you, you will probably not regrow it so he already started making you one.” (Trask)

“Huh? A friend?” (Lucas)

“Zeal Argot. IGN: Ashclad. Also known to the public as [Doctor Metal].” (Ban)

That name…as expected…he really was one of the pillars back in the [Legacy Hall]…that means…those other guys are also…

“The name was taken from his strange…attachment to robots…he’s also one of the leading engineers on magic technology biofusion.” (Trask)

“That guy is powerful in a different sense as you…he…has an army of automata…eh, some call them robo-girls though…” (Bram)

That guy…is leaving the dream huh?

“And that brother of his…Lowy Argot. IGN: Blood. Also known as [Doctor Dead].” (Trask)

“Like Zeal, he also specialize in magic technology biofusion. Only, he doesn’t focus on the mechanical parts, but the biology parts instead. Oh, he also has an army of homunculus…others call them zombie girls…” (Bram)

Those two…why does it have to be girls!?

The other has a mecha girl army, while the other has undead girl army!

Damn…are they that lonely? Can it be that because they can’t find a girlfriend, they decided to make one!?

“So Lowy can…what, bring back the dead?” (Lucas)

“What? No, if he can, that will truly be amazing. He only makes the body, then infuse them with a lingering soul with the skill [Soul Link]. Also, lingering souls are considered as a monster in [Harus] and is not like [Zoulang]. Which means, those souls has no intelligence or personality. It is only need to serve as an AI to the bodies. In fact, even we use that as the AI of this facility.” (Bram)

I see…I thought that it might help me bring back El faster…

Well now, a man carrying a suitcase came in. With the x-ray vision of my [Divine Eyes], it would seem that this is my new arm…

Bram received the case and told the man to leave. Afterwards, he opened the case and presented it to me.

The arm is colored shiny white. If I want, I can turn it into a mirror…it’s that shiny.

Though it is shaped like a normal arm, there are a few parts that doesn’t exist in a normal arm. For example, the repulsor like things on the elbow, wrist, and palm. I guess I can now do a rocket punch…sweet.

I bet it has more gimmicks but I can’t know it unless I equip it.

I brought it up and connected it to my shoulder. Suddenly, I feel like my shoulder is being drilled! Damn that Zeal! Can’t he make it less painful!?

Next, a feeling of my nerves and veins connecting to the metal arm passed through my body. At first, it felt weird, but after a few seconds, the feeling became more natural.

Suddenly, I felt as if my arm was whole again!

I also understood more or less the gimmicks this thing has…to put it simply, the arm also serves as a mini-computer. I can more or less install various programs in it.

There’s also a hidden blade on my wrist. I can also shoot mini-missiles and repulsor beams. There’s also a tracking device installed which I can throw to someone or something in order to track it…

There’s also a grappling hook and I can literally do a rocket punch…by that, I meant detaching my hand…geez, I bet that guy only had fun making this thing…

“The metal used to make that is called [True Metal]. It’s a mix of SS class ores like Mithril, Orichalcum, Adamantite and a few more mystical ores.” (Trask)

…That’s a lot of amazing ores…to think they managed to combine it into one…

“Wait, is it alright for me to have this?” (Lucas)

“Hn? Oh, don’t worry. The materials used for your arm are just the excess ones after all. Zeal only took a fist size at most so the arm will be ultra-lightweight. In fact, only the outer surface is the [True Metal]. As for the inside, the materials used are still rare, but not that rare.” (Trask)

I used [Divine Eyes] and saw the list of materials used…there’s a lot of ores I don’t know. Actually, I only know about 5% of it…still, judging from their effects, they should still be considerably rare.

There are things like mana absorption, mana diffusion, fire compression, shock reduction, and such…well, let’s just take it gratefully.

I opened and closed my hand and swing my arm to feel out my new arm. Hm…it really does feel normal. I can even feel the sense of touch even though the arm is metal…

“Now then. Let’s make you a new status.” (Trask)

“Huh? New status?” (Lucas)

“Yeah. This will also serve as your [Gatekeeper] badge, ID, and clearance pass. We also changed the format a bit. Come on, the machine is in a separate room.” (Bram)

Saying that, I followed Bram and the others out of the room and went through a few hallways and an elevator upwards before reaching our destination.

In the middle of the room is a vertical pod. Beside it is a machine and a console.

When I saw the pod, I had this feeling I will be frozen into hibernation…well, it just popped in my head.

This pod thing should be a machine to scan me or something.

As expected, I was asked to go inside.

Bright lights scanned my body, then, a *ting* sound was heard…am I in an oven or what!?

Oh, this might be late but…is it alright if I’m not naked? Usually, one needs to be naked for a precise measurement right?

Well, they don’t seem to bother so I guess it’s fine?

“Alright, here’s your ID. It will only react to your commands. As long as you will it, it will show your status. Of course, you can’t change the data, but you can change which parts to show or not.” (Trask)

Oh, it’s finished already?

I was handed a light blue rectangular plate with silver linings. Written on the surface are the simple datas.

Name: Lucas Lauwers

Rank: SS

Authority: SS

Affiliation: Combat Department
World Heroes

“What’s this F000 thing?” (Lucas)

“Like I said we said earlier, this is the [Yggdrasil: Branch 000]. As for the F, that’s the secrecy rank of our world. Meaning, even common people are free to enter as they please here. F Ranks are usually worlds without monsters.” (Trask)

Then, I willed it to show my whole status.

A holographic table appeared above the card, showing my status.

Personal DataNameLucas LauwersLevel352GenderMaleRaceHumanJob/ClassWanderer (243)

World HeroesEnergyHealth61250Mana59520Qi2785650Divine Sense674210StatusSTR3968INT4864SPD3425DEX3840VIT5210LUK6874CultivationSovereign Realm – King Stage (Late)TitlesHeaven Defying HeroMarquis of WatervlietMonster Mass MurdererKing of the Dorville ForestSpirit KingSennerth’s HeroNightmare BringerMad JesterLover for AllVampire OverlordCalamity KingDemigod ChampionBlood EmperorAbsolute RoyaltyTeaching PainterAdditional StatusFame324375StyleSlime StyleCharisma21685Art Sense1698Rage0Charm1874Fire2560Water2560Earth2560Wind2560Light2560Dark2560Bounded PrisonerElena ShengxuePointsSkill Points619Status Points0

Huh, There are some data that aren’t in the [Harus Status Window]…well, I guess that’s fine.

Looking at the other people’s expression, it seems my stat aren’t normal huh?…Let’s just leave the Personal Data and Gatekeeper status to show by default. The rest are hidden.

Seeing me hide the other data, the others snapped out of it and broke into wry smiles.

“Damn, you haven’t even ranked up your job yet your stats are already comparable to me…and I’m already on the third rank of my job…” (Bram)

“As expected of Sir Lucas. You also have some amazing titles.” (Ban)

“How to say this…it’s Lucas after all…” (Trask)

Oi, what do you mean it’s Lucas after all!? Am I that abnormal!?

“To begin with, what’s with that bounded prisoner thing!?” (Bram)

“Ah, that…well, I’ll tell you sometime later…” (Lucas)

It’s going to be a long story after all…

“You can also check your skills there as long as you will it. You can also have that ID check your body for any abnormal status like poisoning and such.” (Bram)

“I’ll check those some other time.” (Lucas)

After all, if you guys saw my skills…well, I guess you will even be more shocked…

“Alright, let’s head back. It’s about time to receive the reports of the current high leveled missions. You will also know our progress on the demi-vampire search.” (Trask)

Finally…after I rank up, I’ll settle everything. Starting with the annihilation of the demi-vampires!

Author’s Notes

There! New Status!…I’ll do the skills some other time…cause it will be too much if I place it all in one table…tables are annoying…

Anyway, who here’s watched Captain America: Civil War!? Cause I did! And it’s amazing! Specially Spiderman!

That’s all.

Till the next chapter!

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