World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 9 Chapter 3: Reports

When we got back to the meeting room again, other people were already seated on the chairs…no, wait, they all have different colored markers on top of their heads so this is just their holographic image.

These must be the current leaders of [Gatekeeper] in other worlds…I see the [Sennerth] human king wave at me so I waved back.

“It’s good to see you again, Lucas. I hear it has been 6000 years? You certainly look old with that beard and white hair.” (Sennerth Human King)

“Hey, my hair is white to begin with. And I was just too lazy to cut my hair. Underneath, I shouldn’t have aged that much. But I’m surprised you’re representing [Sennerth] instead of the elf king, dwarf king, or demon queen” (Lucas)

“Haha, what are you saying? I’m just a substitute for now. The real representative is Miss Aeran but she’s supposed to be in your house, right?” (Sennerth Human King)


“Fufu, Miss Eu too. She’s supposed to represent the [World Demon Lords] group but she’s also in your house at the moment so I’ll be standing in.” (Mare)

Oh, I didn’t notice Mare was also here. She looked a bit different with her short hair but she’s still as enchanting as ever…as expected of a succubus…

Still, those girls…there’s something important going on yet these two didn’t tell me and actually went to my house…

Well, I guess it should be fine with these two substituting them. I’m also here so I can pass along the information later.

As for the [Zoulang] and [Harus] representative, when I asked, it seems that they aren’t here.

“Worlds that are faster or slower by a lot cannot participate in gatherings like these. Though inconvenient, even if they are here, they will not be able to converse with us properly at all. At most, those with about twice our time can participate.” (Bram)

“Most of the discovered worlds have the same time rate as ours so it’s not that much of a problem. Still, we have projects to solve this problem but none has been successful so far. The only solution is for everyone to gather to one place for a meeting but after all, it’s inconvenient so we only do that in very important cases.” (Trask)

Nodding, me and Ban sat in a free seat but Trask and Bram still stood.

It must be because of their positions huh? Trask is just the vice-leader of the foreign affairs while Bram here should be Ban’s right hand. It seems the seat here as for the leaders or their substitutes.

Looking at the other leaders of other worlds I have yet to see, they all look like they’re also appraising me.

“So this is the [White Haired Adventurer] I’ve always heard about?”

“Hmm…not quite as I expected…”

“Hoho…despite his looks. He actually has quite a strong aura!”


And such…well, let’s not mind them for now. I only nodded to them as two more holograms appeared in the room.

These faces…

“Well then, the report for the [Labyrinth] in [Harus] shall start.” (Trask)

Trask said as he stood behind one of the seated people which should be the current foreign affairs leader.

More importantly…these two that appeared…

“Yes, with regards to the [Labyrinth]…” (???)

As the two start their report, I sent a divine sense to Bram

#Oi, those two…# (Lucas)

#Hehe, do you recognize them? They’re Zeal and Lowy, your college friends before.# (Bram)

As I thought…it’s actually them!

But what’s with this [Labyrinth]? I remember them exploring that but…is it that important for it to be reported?

When I asked Bram, he said that they discovered most of the [World Keys] in the [Labyrinth] so they can’t ignore it.

There are also powerful ancient weapons and equipment found there. One of the powerful weapons is actually the hammer of the Norse Thunder God, Mjolnir! And even the Helm of Hades!

But exploring the [Labyrinth] is still very dangerous and one can easily lose their way without proper equipment and devices.

Bram explained how the [Labyrinth] works using the terms [Area] and [Blocks] to describe it easily.

Simply put, each [Area] has nine [Blocks]. If you categorize the [Blocks] alternately as white and black, the black ones rotate clockwise after an hour. On the next hour, the white ones rotate counterclockwise. After a day, the whole [Area] rotates the same way.

It has been a bit easy to make a programed map for this as each [Block] has the same dimensions. So as they map out the [Block] in an hour, input the data in the program, then let the program do it’s work.

Actually, there seems to be a [Labyrinth] app already and you can easily download it in your mobile phones…

Well, having that will only let you be able to map things out, as for returning home, you can only count on yourselves. Of course, there seems to be another program that can guide you out but its abilities are still limited.

You can also submit or share your [Block] maps online. If the maps are undiscovered, you receive a reward, if it’s already discovered…well, of course nothing happens. You can also buy [Block] or [Area] maps online.

Well, it does seem interesting so maybe I’ll go there someday.

“We have found another [World Key] and have already submitted it earlier. Aside from that, we only found a couple of normal weapons and equipments. The details of each are here.” (Zeal)

Zeal tapped some buttons in his tablet and a holographic table appeared with a bunch of names listed on it together with a picture.

The list scrolled automatically to give us a brief idea on the discovered weapons and equipments.

“We have also discovered another ancient tablet.” (Lowy)

With a tap of a button, Lowy showed a holographic image of the tablet with ancient writings.

“We submitted the tablet to Merah for further deciphering.” (Zeal)

Merah!? That idiotic harem loving guy is also involved now!? And he’s actually the one deciphering!?

#That guy should also be your friend right? He has a skill that can recognize any kind of language so he’s the best man for the job.# (Bram)

I see…come to think of it, he’s also a pillar in the [Legacy Hall]…I think he was nicknamed as the [Playboy Scholar]…he probably got that nickname from having girls around him all the time…I wonder if his harem increased?

“The finer details has already been sent to your departments. If there’s nothing else, please excuse us.” (Zeal)

#Come to think of it, where are these two talking from?# (Lucas)

It shouldn’t be in [Harus] or [Earth] since I didn’t sense them earlier.

#They should be in a room of their homes in [Sennerth]. Their clearance rank aren’t high enough to be here. Instead of a [Holo-Share], they are just viewing us from a monitor.# (Bram)

#So they live in [Sennerth]?# (Lucas)

#Yeah, the air is cleaner there and it’s also less noisy. Actually, I also have a house there.# (Bram)

Hoooh…should I also make a house there? Wait, I can just live with Eu or Aeran or Aleris…actually, let’s just make one so we have a house to share in…I can imagine the place becoming chaotic if I live with only one of them…

“Well then-” (Zeal)

“Huh? Hey, isn’t that old guy wearing the arm you made?” (Lowy)

Just as they were about to leave, they finally noticed me.

“Huh? You’re right…wait, is that Lucas?” (Zeal)

“That’s right. Rather, you two…what’s with the robo-girls and zombie girls!?” (Lucas)

“Uwah, it’s really Lucas. You have gone old. Should I call you gramps now?” (Lowy)

Who wants a grandson like you!?

“Ah, that…well, Merah, that guy, won’t shut up about it…when we make male ones, that guy immediately trashes them so…” (Zeal)

I knew it…it’s that guy again.

“He also said that we should make them stay away from you because they might add to your harem.” (Zeal)

“Hey! Do that to that guy!” (Lucas)

I swear I will tear that guy into thousands of pieces when I see him…

“Haha. So how’s the arm?” (Zeal)

“He also made a leg on so you should also remove your other leg.” (Lowy)

Lowy…there’s something wrong with this guy’s head.

“Well, it’s fine for the time being. But I’ll make my own next time.” (Lucas)

“Aw, let me make it!” (Zeal)

“No, I don’t want to have an arm of a girl next time…” (Lucas)

“Then how about an arm of an ox! Ox is nice and strong!” (Lowy)

“I told you that was Merah’s fault! I’m not into robo-girls!” (Zeal)

“I saw him sleep with one.” (Lowy)

Before, we were ignoring Lowy’s nonsensical talk but now, we can’t help but take notice of it as we all stare at Zeal with weird expressions.

“That’s not it! I was working on her body and accidentally slept from overworking!” (Zeal)

“Uhuh…so you ‘worked’ on her body and slept because of ‘overworking’…sounds ‘reasonable’ enough.” (Lucas)

“Argh! Lowy, you’re dead meat! And you! I’ll stop now since we’re in a meeting but if I see you again-!” (Zeal)

“Ya ya, come on, mom’s calling for us so stop shouting.” (Lowy)

“Hey! Let go! And don’t mention our mom in front of them!!!” (Zeal)

Like that, their holograms disappeared…

The other leaders appeared to be shocked for a moment before wryly smiling and shaking their heads.

“Ahem, next up will be the report regarding [Death].” (Trask)

[Death]? Was that…the one Gavin and Kanin are chasing before?

As expected, the next figures that showed up are Gavin and Kanin. Also known as Geeves and Rice…I think they also have nicknames in the [Legacy Hall]. It was [Flash Archer] and [Boxer Chef]?

#Geeves, the [Flash Archer], attaches a summoning circle on the end of his arrows. Not only can he summon other creatures, he can also summon himself and others as long as one is carrying a special magic circle on his/her body. As he fights with arrows, he would often reappear all over the place, flashing about as he shoot.# (Bram)

Oh? That’s an interesting move. He was already annoying before but I bet he’s even more annoying now.

#Rice, the [Boxer Chef], uses his chef skills as he fight with his fists. People has seen him cook a monster in the middle of a fight, making people afraid of facing him, thinking they might get cooked themselves.# (Bram)

#Damn, why does everyone seem to have a cool name!? And I get [White Haired Adventurer]!?# (Lucas)

#Yeah well, tough luck.# (Bram)

But my LUK is supposed to be high!

As I cursed inside my head, Geeves turned towards me.

“Lucas! Loving the Dumbledore look! Hey, try saying ‘You shall not pass!'” (Geeves)

“That’s Gandalf! And just do your report!” (Lucas)

“Right, we’re in a meeting here, stop the useless talk. We found something out of the ordinary today.” (Rice)

“Ah, yeah. Reporting! [Death] has been sighted yesterday at the [Willowfield Plains]! We immediately made plans to subdue him but failed. However, we caught sight of a figure that is possibly a hostage!” (Geeves)

“Yes, we don’t know why but it appeared to be that [Death] was afraid that the hostage will get hurt so it fled. At the moment, we still don’t know whether that person is a hostage or an accomplice. Please see the video for yourselves.” (Rice)

Tapping some buttons in his tablet, a holographic video appeared on the air.

On the vast plains, a hooded figure with a gigantic scythe stood. Beside him was a petite figure with tattered clothes and an ashen grey short hair. There seemed to be a black deadly mist surrounding her like the hooded figure. Seeing them was like staring at death itself!

Even through a monitor, you can still feel your heart being gripped tightly…so this is [Death]…

As the video continued, Bram gave me an explanation regarding [Death].

To sum it up, [Death] has started a coup and is hellbent on killing the remaining horsemen in order to steal their power. So far, he has killed [War] and [Famine]. Gaining the power to start a war or bring a city to poverty.

Wherever he goes, people would seem to start fighting for small reasons, the crops would wilt, livestock will suddenly become ill, plagues would start…simply put, he has continuously brought hell on earth!

This is indeed troublesome…not only that, but it seems to have some sort of teleportation ability making him unpredictable and hard to catch.

Hmm…after I’ve settled things with the demi-vampires, I’ll help take care of this guy. So what if he has the aura of death? I have the aura of blood. I will show him what it truly means to dye the world with blood!

But that girl…

“Hm, there’s indeed a high possibility that he has a hostage seeing as the girl didn’t attack at all. But why does he need one?”

“That little girl seems unaffected by the death aura…”

“…No, it’s not that she’s unaffected with it…but it seems she can also leak death aura…” (Lucas)

“You noticed too?” (Bram)

“He might be using her as a source, or an amplifier…or maybe preparing her to be his vessel?” (Ban)

Vessel huh? Seems farfetched but for Ban to suggest something like that…has it happened in the past I wonder?

“Those are also true. Continue your investigation on that girl.”

“”Yes.”” (Geeves & Rice)

The two saluted and turned towards me.

“Hey, you’re gonna have a party later right? You better invite us!” (Geeves)

“Don’t just hang around your girls like that damn Merah!” (Rice)

After shouting at me for a few seconds, the two left without bothering to hear my response.

Sigh…I should inform the girls that plenty more people will be coming…

While I inform them via divine sense, the next person appeared.

Oh? He’s matured a bit and has grown taller but…isn’t this my little brother, Len?

Before he starts the report, he turns towards me and gave a wry smile.

“Brother, it’s been a while. I heard from sister Freya that you’re back.” (Len)

“Oh? You knew?” (Lucas)

“Yeah, she was in the house when you appeared back in this world.” (Len)

Huh? But I was pretty sure she wasn’t in [Earth]?

“Ah, she still hasn’t told you? The thing is, I’m engaged with Lilith.” (Len)

Ohhh, that little Len is now engaged huh?

…Wait…Lilith is…

“Freya’s little sister?” (Lucas)

“Yeah. Actually, I’m the lead [Gatekeeper] with regards to the demi-vampires’ subjugation. I’m reporting now that another demi-vampire settlement has been found. These are the coordinates.” (Len)

Tapping some buttons, a holographic map appeared with a blinking red dot at the middle.

“Have you send in scouts?” (Ban)

“Yes. Two [Frost Trolls] by the entrance and twelve demi-vampires inside. The captured pure-blooded vampires are in the deepest level. Preparing to commence operation.” (Len)

“Understood. Report back when you are done.” (Ban)

“Yes sir!” (Len)

“Huh? Wait, are you going in alone? Are you sure you can defeat them all?” (Lucas)

Len is acting like a real soldier now…I’m still not used to it…

“Don’t worry brother. I may not have the qualifications for being in the [Legacy Hall] yet but I’m a certified Rank S [Gatekeeper].” (Len)

Len gave a confident grin.

Fuu…I guess he has already matured before I knew it huh? There’s no more need for me to always spoil and protect him…

“Well, good luck then. And congratulations for your engagement.” (Lucas)

“Thanks. Oh yeah, brother, how does it feel like now that you’re older than our parents? Haha.” (Len)

Like that, he left and his hologram vanished immediately.

This rascal…but he has a point…it feels weird being older than even our great great great grandparents…well, at least uncle David is still older than me…

“Next will be a report on the [Death Eaters].” (Trask)

Another figure appeared and started his report.

And if you’re wondering, no, I don’t know this guy.

The report says that the [Death Eaters] seemed to have gone underground. Meaning, they are laying low for some reason.

Incidents relating to [Death Eaters] in every known world has dropped for the past few months. It is still unknown what they are planning.

“Well, I doubt they’ve given up.”

“They’re planning something…these guys are never this predictable…”

“Yeah, I’ll have our world’s branch to heighten the surveillance. We can’t drop our guards.”

The rest of the leaders nodded and the next reporter appears.

There were talks on resources, new [Gatekeepers] that needed to be watched closely, new technologies and advancements, and such.

Len also reported back about his mission earlier and how many pure-blooded vampires were saved.

Other than that, there was another interesting report.

“Sir, we found an unknown otherworlder that seemed to have illegally traveled to [Earth].”

“Illegally? How so?” (Ban)

“We still don’t know how she managed to travel without a [World Key]. Right now, we are still questioni-”

“Like I said! It was an accident! I was just walking when this weird crack appeared! Before I knew it, I was here! Now bring me back already!!!” (???)

Suddenly, another voice interrupts from the background.

“Oh? Those kinds of things also happen?” (Lucas)

“No, that’s the usual excuse of illegal world travelers.” (Trask)

“Scan his world origin.” (Ban)

World origin huh? Come to think of it, the status card I recieved before knew I’m from [Earth] even though I spent more years in [Zoulang].

“There’s a unique frequency our bodies give off that identifies which world we belong. Actually, your scan earlier says that you were from [Harus] but that’s because you’re in that form. We edited that portion out earlier.” (Bram)

Ohhh, so it’s like a fingerprint…only, worldprint I guess?

“Already on it…we have received the details…huh? Did the machine malfunctioned?”

“What happened?”

“Err, sir…this…she isn’t in any world database…”

“Hn? Then that means she’s from a new one right?” (Lucas)

“Well…this is unexpected…where is she, we would like to speak with her.”

“Yes sir.”

The man disappeared for a second then reappeared, bringing another person.

The person looks like a 13 year old girl…well, her height at least. Seems human enough, no pointy ears or horns…

“Huh? Who’re these guys?” (???)

“Hello, little girl, you seem to be lost? Do you know what situation you are right now?”

“What little girl! I’m a boy!” (???)

All of us were surprised as we direct our gazes to the other man.

“Ahem, that, we had someone check earlier. She’s 100% a girl…”

“Ugh! It’s bad enough that I tripped to another world! But why did I have to turn into a girl!!!???” (???)

…This is possible?

I looked towards the others in the room but they only shrugged and shook their heads.

“Sigh…and here I thought I’ve seen everything…” (Trask)

“Have her join the [Gatekeepers] for now and keep a close watch of her. Also, have the magic science division go to where she first appeared here. Perhaps they might be able to reopen the spatial crack.” (Ban)

“I’ll inform them.”

“Hey, wait! Where are you guys taking m-” (???)

See? Interesting right?

After that were a bunch of normal reports. There was this report on a new project that seemed interesting but since it hasn’t been completed yet, I didn’t pay that much attention.

The meeting was adjourned and the other leaders disappeared.

“Then? What’s your plan now Lucas?” (Bram)

“Well, first of all, haircut. And shave. Then can I borrow your R&D lab? I’m gonna make some new clothes instead of these daoist robes thingy.” (Lucas)

I really look like some kind of monk with these robes so I want a new modern look.

“Well, I know someone who can help you with your hair and beard. Follow me.” (Bram)

I followed Bram and met a girl who seemed to have a [Barber] job so I payed her to cut my hair and beard.

A few minutes later, my beard is no more and my hair is also as short as it were before.

Nodding in satisfaction, I praised the girl before moving to the R&D lab. I’ll ignore her bright red face when I praised her, I must be imagining things…

Reaching the R&D lab, the researchers saw me and bowed as they greeted me. I only waved my hand to them and start crafting my clothes.

I created a sleeveless turtleneck shirt laced with [Darkstar Alloy], a mystic ore I found in [Zoulang] that can change its weight as I will it after bounding it by blood.

Lacing a metal to a cloth is possible with the equipments here in the lab, which was why I had to borrow it.

It also makes the cloth more durable and light. Also, I’m not a fan of wearing full metal armors.

I also made a one-long-sleeved overcoat that is also laced with [Darkstar Alloy]. Why one sleeve only? Cause the metal arm is a bit more bulky than my normal arm and if I use the repulsors, the sleeve will only get in the way anyway so I only made a long sleeve on my left arm.

Next is the [Darkstar Alloy] laced pants and boots. I carved a magic circle on the bottom of the boots which can allow me to create air platforms automatically.

As for the design, there’s not much designs on them. Everything was mostly black with some white and red lines. There’s also a thin white cross on the left chest of the overcoat like my clothes from before.

Hn, this should be good.

“Haha, now, the [White Haired Adventurer Lucas] is definitely back!” (Bram)

“Ugh, can I change that nickname?” (Lucas)

“Into what? [White Hero]? Dude, you’re in all black! And [Black Hero] doesn’t suit you at all.” (Bram)

“Anyway, what’s your plan now?” (Bram)

“Go home, then make some changes to [Watervliet]. But before that, I still need to one last thing here…” (Lucas)

Stretching my mana infused divine sense, I controlled the earth in the [Legacy Hall]

The guys doing a field trip before was about to leave when one pillar suddenly began to morph!

Naturally, that was my statue. After all, I need to update its look now.

It seems a video about it was released a day after and the world was suddenly in an uproar but that’s another story.

Author’s Notes

Hey, sorry this took so long…had to do some stuff so I can properly intern in a company…and I kinda forgot? Teehee 😛 I got absorbed reading a novel so…

Anyway…this was a pretty boring chapter…I can tell cause I got bored just writing it…well, if you ask me, the only thing interesting here is Len being engaged to Lilith and the otherworlder who accidentally traveled to earth and somehow genderbent…I’ll reveal his/her name some other time~

Next chapter will be interesting…I think…I’m gonna do a major makeover in [Watervilet] which is amazing…at least, in my head…when I imagined it…

Also, here’s a sketch of Lucas in his wuxia clothes…

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