World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 9 Chapter 5: Texture Painting

Alright, now that that’s taken care of, let’s rank up my [Wanderer] job…

Taking the diary of Gildas, I opened it and flipped the pages until I reached the middle. This was supposed to be the part where I will rank up but…

Suddenly, bright blue light covered the diary and window popped up.

Travels of a TravelerYou have started the 1st rank quest up of the Wanderer job to become a Traveler! But before that, you must accomplish a set of tasks.

Task #1: Follow the blue star.

Requirement: Complete the tasks

Reward: [Traveler] job

Blue star?

Just then, a pillar of blue light shot out of the diary, directly piercing the sky!

After the light dissipated, there, a bright blue ball of light appeared.

So this is…the blue star? I have to follow it? I see, I thought I’ll immediately rank up it seems there’s a quest huh?…This world is still game-like…

Well, for starters, let’s just fly north…

I think I will pass through [Alsey] along the way…I can rank up into a [Texture Painter] first.

[Alsey] is a city surrounded by valleys. At present, it has also been modernized. Asphalt roads and holographic air roads comes out of the city and connects to other cities. Toll gates are also present on air and on ground.

Some modern building and skyscrapers are also present in the city along with cars, both flying or not.

I remain in the air as I stretch my divine sense below, looking for painters…there. That place seems to have plenty of painters. Even if they’re not who I’m looking for, they should still be able to point someone I need.

I wore the [Mimic Mask] and changed my clothes to normal ones and teleported to a nearby alley.

The reason for the disguise is because I have a feeling there will be an uproar if I show myself. And after I just made that huge spectacle in [Watervilet]. I already overheard countless of people recording or contacting their friends about it. Some had already posted it on their SocialSelf…just think of it as a futuristic Facebook…well, a lot can happen in 5 years or 15 years here in [Harus] and yes, they also use the internet here. Actually, it’s now called Uninet. Short for Universal Network.

Anyway, getting back to the topic, I made my way to the place with a lot of painters…oh, it’s the Painter’s Guild, no wonder.

I opened the door and the bell chimed, signifying that someone had entered which attracted attention.

“Good afternoon. Are you here to become a [Painter] or buy a painting?”

One of the painters asked as he was one of the few who aren’t busy painting.

“I’m wondering how I can become a [Texture Painter]. Can you help me?” (Lucas)


Suddenly, some of them tripped for some reason. Some coughed heavily as if they just choked for some reason. And some slipped and crashed to some materials for some reason.

The one painting were a bit better but their hands still trembled a bit for some reason…

…Fumu, this kind of scenario can lead to three paths according to template/cliches.

I will now be scorned and be called a newbie who’s too arrogant for his own good.

Well, there may be more reason but these are the most likely ones.

Let’s resolve this quickly…

I casted [Silent Room] around us and covered the windows and the glass door with light, then removed my mask and switch back to my real equipment.

Oh, by the way, this new equipment I made is called the [Nightcross Set]…just saying…damn, my inner chuuni is still acting up despite being over 6000 years old…

*Cough*, let’s go back to the matter at hand.

“I’m going to rank up as a [Texture Painter] so please tell me how.” (Lucas)

“You…you’re…him! The guy in the video! The one who can paint a moving painting!”

“Err, yes. That’s me.” (Lucas)

“Wait, if you’re ranking up as a [Texture Painter] then…that means you’re still just a [Painter]!?”

“Yes, I am. Look, I’m just asking how I can rank up so can you just tell me how?” (Lucas)

Damn, this guy’s annoying…no, a [Hero] must be patient…fuck! Being a [Hero] is hard!

Even though I complained in my mind, I still patiently answer every question this guy and the other painters’ question till they finally decide to answer mine.

“Sadly, old man Gran has already passed away and isn’t able to teach you…”


Then the method to paint textures is now lost!?

“But he did leave his brush. Perhaps it might be of help. Wait for a second.”

Brush? Is it a magic brush that can instantly paint textures? Don’t tell me that [Texture Painters] are only about the brush?

I thought so but this thought is gone the moment I saw the brush.

Frankly…it’s just a normal brush…

Even with [Divine Eyes’] appraisal skills or my divine sense, I can’t sense anything abnormal about this brush…

Could it be that I have to give up on it?

“When did he die?” (Lucas)

I asked before I took the brush.

“A bit over 7 years ago?”

So that was it!!!

I missed the quest! Waaaahhh!!! I should’ve gone back for this before!!! Now he’s dead! What am I supposed to do now!!!???

Sigh…let’s just take the brush and rethink what I’ll do with my [Painter] job…

Then, just as I took the brush, a window appeared.

NoticeYou have met the requirements to become a Texture Painter.

Painting the TexturesYou have started the hidden 1st rank up quest of the Painter job to be a Texture Painter!

As the quest giver has passed away, you have been automatically become the successor of Gran, the Texture Painter.

NoticeYour [Painter] job has ranked up into [Texture Painter]!

As you paint, you discover that you are able to paint life-like textures of any kind! People would often mistake your work as real instead of a simple painting!

NoticeYou have learned a new skill, (Active) [Texture Painting] Beginner LVL 1 (0.00%)!

You are now able to paint the textures you create or remember in your own memory onto non-living objects.

MP Cost: 100 points per second

P.S.2: Sorry for the delay!

P.S.4: Also, I tried doing the ISSTH thing…didn’t really pan out well and I ran out of things to say…if you’re curious, you can try reading it but it’s unfinished…

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