World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 9 Chapter 7: Lily’s Glare

Now that I have this new skill, [Soul Split], I should find myself a good body…ehh, what’s a good body anyway?

I can’t just chose randomly regarding this. I have a feeling that this soul splitting thing will also weaken me by at least a half and I don’t know if I can even take it back.

It’s best not to do it for now and just wait in the future. If I can find a good vessel, then I’ll decide to split my soul or not. Otherwise, let’s not do it.

After tanking up in both jobs, I stretched my divine sense to the extreme to look for bad guys to catch.

I used the same trick I did in [Earth] and captured those that I can see. After a while, there’s no activity so far so I went back to [Watervilet] and started to paint textures to level up.

At the same time, I meditate my mind to train on the daos as I paint. This way, I can get stronger faster. The stronger I get, the less enemy I will worry about.

Yet, even with all this power…I feel that this still isn’t enough!

What is it…this feeling…

Like that, the day passed by and a new day arises.

I promised to meet up with Lily so I went back to [Earth].

“Lucas, you’re here. Now, sit down so I can tell you your schedule for today.” (Lily)

I sat down and listened to Lily. After I’m done with this, I should start looking for the demi-vampires tomorrow…

TimeActivity6:30 am – 7:30 am

Breakfast with Shella Maize

7:30 am – 8:30 am

Interview with Channel 52

8:30 am – 9:30 am

Modeling for Bad Boys Magazine

9:40 am – 10:30 am

Guest star on Hero Talk Show

10:30 am – 11:30 am

Make a speech in Saint Lucas College

11:30 am – 12:00 nn

Lunch with Shella Maize

12:00 am – 1:00 pm

Perform tests for UniTech Company

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Be the date in Date a Celebrity!

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Give a quote for I’m Really a Superhero!

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Star in a GeoScope TV Advertisement

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Gatekeeper Meeting

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Attend Shella Maize’s Ballroom Party

8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

One-on-one talk in the  Stacy Gray Talk Show

9:00 pm onwards

Bed talk with me

………………….The hell!? I don’t get any breaks at all!

Seriously!? Saint Lucas College!? And is it really alright for a hero to model in a magazine for Bad Boys!? And what’s with this Date a Celebrity!?

Also, who the hell is this Shella Maize!? How come she’s everywhere!!!???

Rather, I’m having breakfast, lunch, and dinner with her!?

“…Oi, this Shella girl…” (Lucas)

“Sigh…Shella Maize is the only daughter of Bryan Maize, CEO of Maize Industries and one of the leading companies on Magi-tech advancements. It is well known that Shella Maize is a diehard fan of the [White Haired Adventurer] Lucas so…” (Lily)

“…And you let her take 3 spots on my schedule!?” (Lucas)

“There was nothing I can do about it…did you know? She originally asked for the whole day with you…” (Lily)

A…a whole day with a diehard fan…just thinking about it gives me shivers…

“I did my best you know? After I declined the whole day arrangement, she even booked your midnight spot! I just couldn’t let that happen!” (Lily)

…A midnight spot…she wouldn’t be thinking of raping me…right?

“So in the end, I can only promise her that you will eat with her in all three meals…Lucas, make sure you don’t do anything that you shouldn’t do…got it?” (Lily)

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” (Lucas)

Damn, why is it that when Lily or the girls give me the glare, I feel more frightened than facing a dragon?…

Lily chuckled and gave me a kiss.

“Well then, it’s already 5:00 am. We should get going or we’ll be late.” (Lily)

“What are you saying? I already know where this Shella girl is and I can teleport there directly. I say we move up the Bed talk with you to 5:00 am – 6:30 am. Sounds good?” (Lucas)

“Ah? How about the other girls?” (Lily)

“Hm? Yeah, where are they?” (Lucas)

Giving them a call, it seems they’re all busy…Freya is back in [Harus] and managing the newly released pure-blooded vampires while showing Mei around. Aeran is having a meeting with the [Senerth] gatekeepers along with Eu and Aleris. Steph seems to be doing some mafia work.

All that’s left are…

“Masta!” (Vil)

“Master~ morniiin~” (Fen)

…These two…

“Well then…let’s go!” (Lucas)

“Kya!?” (Lily)

“Vi-!? Master, are me mating again?” (Vil)

“Master!” (Fen)

Carrying the three off to bed, we proceeded our business according to the schedule…

+ + +

6:29 am. I immediately teleported to the front gate of the Maize mansion with Lily.

“Lucas, I look fine right? There’s nothing on my face or hair?” (Lily)

“No need to worry so much. You look perfect.” (Lucas)

“Geez, it’s all your fault. Why did you have to do it till the last minute!? My legs are still shaking a bit…” (Lily)


I scratched my head while lauging wryly, causing Lily to pout, seemingly dissatisfied with my reaction.

Today, I’m only wearing a smart casual outfit since wearing armors would be disrespectful. Though, I can’t do anything about my metal arm…maybe I can texture paint it to look like a fleshy arm but…this metal arm is bulkier and has potrusions so I guess it would be weird if it has a fleshy feel…

Lily rang the doorbell and the door opened.

“Mr. Lucas!” (Shella)

Suddenly, a 15 year old girl with drill blonde hair jumped towards my embrace…eh!?

Well, I couldn’t just dodge or stop her since she’s the client…not like we’re in need of money but still…

This must be Shella then?

I looked over at Lily and saw her nod while sighing.

“Haha, so sorry about that Sir Lucas. My child’s a bit of a fan of yours so she was just excited.” (Bryan)

“Haha, it’s fine Mr. Maize. I was just a bit surprised as well.” (Lucas)

A plump middle aged man appeared and laughed.

“Well then, I must be going now. I still have an important meeting. Please, make yourselves at home.” (Bryan)

“Please don’t worry about your daughter and take care, Mr. Maize.” (Lucas)

“Yes, yes. Ah, Shella, make sure to behave properly alright?” (Bryan)

“Un! Bye bye papa!” (Shella)

Shella nods while still hugging me…oi, how long are you going to hug me!? Look, Lily has been giving me the glare for some time now!

Aftet seeing Bryan off, we all moved inside and had our breakfast. All the while, I kept Shella company and answered her questions.

Of course, I didn’t tell her everything. Especially those informations that isn’t allowed to be told to other people.

After breakfast, she was about to pull me to her room but…

“I’m very sorry Ms. Maize, It’s already 7:30 am. Sir Lucas still has other appointments.” (Lily)

“Eeeh?” (Shella)

Phew, it’s good that the talk during breakfast took long…otherwise, things would be bad…

“Well then, I’ll see you later at lunch.” (Lucas)

“Ah! Oh, okay! See you later Lucas!” (Shella)

Somehow, she no longer use any honorifics when calling me…Lily is glaring at me again…

Umm…was I not supposed to say that?

After saying goodbye to Shella, I held Lily’s hand and teleported us away.

Next is the interview with Channel 52 so I directly teleported in front of their building.

Going in with Lily, we went to the reception desk.

“Excuse me, I’m supposed to have an interview with Channel 52?” (Lucas)

“Understood. Name please?”

“Lucas” (Lucas)

“Lucas…eh? Lucas!? You’re THE Lucas!? The [White Haired Adventurer] Lucas!!!???”

…I have a bad feeling about this…

“Lucas? Did she just say Lucas!?”

“THAT Lucas? No way…”

“Oh my god! It is him! I saw his video!”

“Holy shit! Quick, do you have a pen!? I need an autograph!”

…I knew it…

The receptionist probably realized her mistake and tried to calm the crowd but it was futile.

“Hey, just call who you need to call already. I’ll deal with these guys.” (Lucas)

“Ah, y-yes! I’m very sorry!”

While the receptionist sister calls someone, I signed autographs and take pictures with the wild crowd.

Sign sign sign…picture picture picture…sign sign si- eh? I’m supposed to sign there? What? Take a picture of me hugging you? Well, I don’t mind…Lily is glaring at me again though…

After signing alot of autographs on various different…canvases and taking alot of pictures and hugging alot of sexy fans…the elevator on the far right openee and a man and woman appeared.

“Sir Lucas! We’re very sorry for the disturbance. Please, come this way!”

“No problem. Umm…girls, I have to go now so can you let go?” (Lucas)

Somehow, alot of girls have attatched themselves on me…even the receptionist sister from before is included…

Lily is still glaring at me…

I was able to somehow broke free from them and followed the two in the elevator.

“You sure looked like you’re enjoying yourself…” (Lily)

“Ehh, it was just hugging? Not like they’ll get pregnant for it…” (Lucas)

“Hmph, we do it all the time and I’m still not pregnant. Then what’s the difference?” (Lily)

“This talk again…do you really want to have a child already?” (Lucas)

“Of course. As long as it’s yours, I don’t care how many we have!” (Lily)

“Haha…look, we’ll have it someday. Just…not at this time. We are still living in a dangerous time…” (Lucas)

“…Fine…but I get to pick the names.” (Lily)

“Yes, yes. I’m bad at names anyway. Haha, they might be called Lucas II or Lucas jr.” (Lucas)

“That’s not really bad though. I like your name.” (Lily)

“Lily…we should stop. Uhh, they’re getting awkward…” (Lucas)

Right, we are still in the elevator with the other two and here we are talking about having kids…

Lily seems to have suddenly remembered it as well and looked down while blushing.

“Are you two married?”

“Married? Well…I haven’t really thought about it…I guess I should set a date to formally marry them…” (Lucas)


“Right? Hmph, this fool here isn’t satisfied with just one and wants to marry nine of us.” (Lily)


“Yeah. Well, I don’t really mind it. Each of us already made peace on that years ago.” (Lily)

“Emm, there might be one more…” (Lucas)

“…” (Lily)

I can’t just leave El alone right? Well, that’s if she feels the same way. If not, then I won’t force her.

After reaching the top floor, we went to the studio to record the interview.

After the interview which went on normally, it is already 8:30 am. We are now headed to the building of Bad Boy Magazine to model…

The cameraman…woman, is a woman in her mid 20s. She wore a white tank top and a jumper suit which strangely looked sexy on her…especially those big…Lily is glaring at me again.

I can’t help it! Everytime she leans forward, I see two swaying puddings upside down, making me want to grab it and bite…

Something is rising from below bit I supress it with my qi and divine sense…

According to the sexy camerawoman’s wishes, I posed like this or that. Even removed my top or even only in my underwear…

I think I saw the camerawoman drool for a moment there but it must’ve been my imagination…

“Not like that! Like this! Move your arm up more! No! Look, like this!”

I don’t really understand…why does it seem like I’m just repeating my poses? Also, miss camerawoman…how long are you going to grope me around for? Look, Lily’s glaring again…

Even though I thought like that, I didn’t complain and enjoyed certain parts touching together.

Like that, time passed by and it’s already 9:30.

Basically, only 15 minutes were used in taking pictures while the rest of the time, the sexy camerawoman was feeling my body…

“…Next time, I need to make sure no girls are involved…” (Lily)

“No, I don’t want to be surrounded by guys!” (Lucas)

“It’s cute that you think you have a choice here.” (Lily)

Lily smiled but her eyes aren’t smiling at all!

…Let’s hope she was just joking…she was…right?…Right?

Next up is the Hero Talk Show…sigh, let’s just get this over with…

The talk show continued normally…well, no. I don’t think it’s normal if they kept talking about my multiple love lives!

Ugh, they kept asking me which one was the best which I tried so hard to dodge every time by joking…in the backstage, I can feel Lily’s glare…

“Then, what do you feel about the traitor?”

“Traitor?” (Lucas)

Huh? What…did he mean by that?

“Haha, of course I’m talking about [Sakura], Momo Shirazaki. Also known as Moshiro Sakuya, the Japanese idol.”


Momo is…a traitor?

“Man, all of us couldn’t believe it when they said that Momo was a spy of the [Death Eaters]. Some fans even think there’s a conspiracy. What about you, Mr. Lucas? What can you say about her?”

A spy…of the [Death Eaters]!?

Since when!?

…No…so that’s why…so that’s why they were in [Zoulang]! Momo snuck them in from the inside!

Then…it was her…if it weren’t for her, those bastards wouldn’t even be in that world! And El would still be fine today!

“Lucas!” (Lily)

“!?” (Lucas)

Snapping out of my train of thought, I look at Lily who popped her head from the side, looking worriedly at me.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Sorry, I didn’t really know about that incident till now so until I get the answers from the person herself, I can’t say anything.” (Lucas)

“Eh? Y-you didn’t know? Ah, right. You were gone for 5 years. Just where are you in this past 5 years?”

“You don’t need to know about it. I think a new movie about it would be released so I can’t spoil you and everyone.” (Lucas)

“Oh! That’s good news! Then, is there something we should be looking forward in that movie?”

“Yes, you will get to see a battle like no other. The [Gatekeepers] VS the [Death Eaters]. Me Vs Crow. And in that movie…you will see the Momo that I know and remember. She is definitely not a traitor then…or now…I will get to the bottom of this.” (Lucas)

Tch- I need to talk to Bran and the rest…just what happened when I was gone!? And why was Momo now a traitor!?

But I already accepted these appointments today…sigh, forget it. There’s plenty of time to ask about it tomorrow.

“Next up, you mentioned Crow. It just so happened that we have a photo of him here…There, now, what can you tell us about him?”

Eh? Photo?…He’s not wearing the crow-like mask here!

They actually found out his identity!? Just how much did those guys not tell me!?

Looking at the photo, Crow had a deep black messy hair and piercing eyes with a mole underneath his right eye…he looks 100% like a delinquent…

He had those eyes that seemed to hate the entire world…looking at this face, he should be around my age 6000 years ago.

“What I can tell about him?” (Lucas)

Do you even need to ask?

“Simple. He’s dead. That’s all you need to know. It’s best you just forget about him.” (Lucas)

“I…I see…It was unclear about how he died. Can you elaborate?”

“…He killed someone important to me…as for how he died…just wait for the movie.” (Lucas)

Though I didn’t say it, it’s probably already obvious that I killed him.

In the first place, I never had the intention to hide it.

But even though I said he’s dead…why do I feel so unsettled?

Why is it…that I feel so wrong?

Why…do I feel that he’s still alive!?

This irritating feeling…what am I supposed to do with it?

Even when using [Bonds of Connection], I know that he’s dead. But deep inside me, there’s like a voice that kept saying he’s still alive.

…No matter…all I need to do is get stronger…even stronger…I need to achieve the absolute power where he will no longer be a threat to me even if he’s alive!

This is the only way.

Author’s Notes

Would’ve posted this earlier today but then I had to go run an errand while I was in the middle of posting…and you know how tables are, they took a while to write so…yeah…

By the way, how come no one reacted on Vil’s illustration!? I worked really hard on that you know!? T_T

Anyway…I kept saying that I need to hurry up and deal with the demi-vampire shits but actually, that will only happen next next volume…as for why, well, something interesting will actually happen here somewhere in his schedule that will lead for him to postpone. :3

Till the next chapter!

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