World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 9 Prologue: World Reconstruction

Prologue: Time Passes

10 years passed after the battle with the [Death Eaters].

I’m already at the peak of the [Highgod Stage] and am now trying to breakthrough to the [Sovereign Realm].

I’ve been roaming around the deity lands of [Zoulang] and kept in touch with rumors and stories about the battle.

Turns out, people called that battle, the [Battle of the Higher Beings]. Seems like we are called the higher beings because of our abilities that they cannot comprehend. There were even some who called us sovereigns and tried to get enlightenment on that.

As time flew by, the story gets more and more exaggerated, soon, that event was deemed as a myth. It is only as expected since only a few people were actually present on that battle and the majority watched from afar, leading to countless speculations.

I can only sigh helplessly upon hearing different versions of the fight.

After a while, I settled in a peak of an unnamed mountain to meditate.

On top of that peak, I created a simple house made from my [Earth]. Surrounded with a lake made from my [Water]. Above that lake is a wall of fire made from my [Fire]. Surrounding all of this is a towering tornado made from my [Wind]. Lastly, on top of my house inside the tornado was a swirling white light and black shadow, creating the yin yang symbol made from my [Light] and [Darkness].

Later, some people arrived on the foot of the mountain, looking at the unnatural tornado overhead and thought there was a treasure that was born in it and tried to force their way inside.

However, most of them were shredded on the tornado, those that didn’t, saw what was inside and was shocked. These guys were either blinded with the light or lost in the dark with the darkness then they either drowned or burned to death.

After some time, some booths were even placed around the peak by some merchants seeking for money. I got annoyed and blew them all away.

It was at this moment that they knew that there isn’t a treasure inside, but a person who’s cultivating.

Finally, I was able to meditate in peace…

However, I got a nickname…[Patriarch Tornado]…well, they only saw a tornado after all.

+ + +

30 years passed after the [Battle of the Higher Beings].

I was able to more or less understand myself more.

I’m not a [Hero]. I never was, however, even if I told that to others, a part of myself still wanted to be a [Hero].

I need to convince myself, not others, that I am no [Hero].

I’m not the protagonist.

I’m not the main character.

I’m just a guy in the background, who was lucky enough to get a [World Key].

I’m not a [Hero]…but then why?…Why is it that I feel so wrong…

I understand that I’m not a [Hero]…but why is it that there is this feeling inside me that tells me I’m wrong?

If I can’t understand this conflicting feeling…I doubt I will do any good in the future…

El…tell me…what am I?

+ + +

70 years passed after the [Battle of the Higher Beings].

To have a change of pace, I went out and interact with other people. I’ve also began painting whenever my mind was too stressed from thinking. Now, the paintings have accumulated and it’s too bothersome to have them all in my [Inventory] and I didn’t want to burn them all so I decided to sell them.

I only nonchalantly gave some of it to a sect but I didn’t imagine that it was actually popular. They say that the painting contains enlightenments and was even treated as their sect’s sacred treasure.

Hmm…maybe it was because when I was painting, I was trying to portray the image I see myself? But since every one of them was a failure, I still didn’t understand myself…

When I told them that I will give all of my paintings to them, they refused me since they don’t have enough money to buy it all, so they suggested I place it in an auction.

Well, it seems interesting anyway so I did as he suggested. As a result, I gained a lot of money…what on earth am I supposed to use these for?…

It seems I was given a new nickname too. People started calling me [Eccentric Painter]…seriously, am I eccentric!?

…Hmm…maybe I should start asking people what they think of me? So I can better understand myself…

However, whenever I talked to other people, they were all stiff and replied politely…this isn’t helpful at all…

No choice then…I can only ask the people closest to me…I guess I’ll go back for a while…

Thinking that, I summoned Freya since she had my [World Key].

I haven’t seen her for 70+ years but to her, only a few months flew by. After all, she’s in [Harus]. For those in [Earth], not even a month has passed.

“Welcome home.” (Freya)

“I’m back…” (Lucas)

“Hehe, you look old with that mustache. And your arm…” (Freya)

Oh yeah, I didn’t shave at all…as for my right arm, I didn’t regrow it. This is the sign of my failure…

Since Freya was worried, I switched to my [Earth] body.

There was a lot of disturbance when I appeared in the [Gatekeeper Headquarters] but I ignored them and teleported out with Freya to our house.

I opened the gate to [Sennerth] to call Eu, Aleris, and Aeran who both seemed to have finished in their training and also called Steph and Lily. Vil and Fen were both lazing around the house and upon seeing me, they immediately jumped towards me.

When I asked them what they think of me, the reply was…

“Hmm…well, at first, I thought you were really suspicious but later on, I find you to be hardworking and selfless? You didn’t care what others view you as and still decided to trust me to the end.” (Freya)

“Well, when I first saw you, I thought you were amusing and you think of ways other people usually ignore. Afterwards, when I watched your battle from the monitor…there was this feeling of wanting to be saved as well…I think, you are a natural [Hero].” (Lily)

“I thought you were an idiot when we met. I’m the [Demon Queen] and you were the [Summoned Hero], usually, you should’ve killed me, yet you tried to make an ending that will benefit everyone, including us demons. What can I do other than fall in love?” (Eu)

“I already decided that I will be with you when you sucked the poison out of me. I don’t care how you will turn out. Even if you become the king of hell, I will still be on your side.” (Aeran)

“Hehe, what do I think of you? You’re my destiny~” (Aleris)

“Umm…I think you’re amazing? Even though I’m in a mafia, you still treated me like a normal person…people like me belong to the darkness. Something like love…I don’t deserve it…but it didn’t matter to you where I came from. So I think that you’re an amazing person.” (Steph)

“Vil loves Master!” (Vil)

“Me too!” (Fen)

…No good, it didn’t help at all…

First of all, Freya, I already knew that you pure-blooded vampires are good. And the me at that time only thinked about the rewards for the hidden quest…

Lily, me discovering that hidden feature in the [Training Room] was a total coincidence…but it was a first for me to know how you started to like me…to think that it was only by watching…

Eu, I just don’t want to kill someone I don’t have to and went with the flow…

Aeran, at first, I didn’t even want to save you, only by thinking that there might be unexpected rewards did I save you…

Aleris…I don’t even know what to say…

Steph, I just thought that it was cool to be in a mafia…

As for Vil and Fen…I decided to ignore the two…

Hmm…now that I think of it, these girls…I actually just used them huh?…However, the feeling I have now towards them is definitely real…From now on, I have decided that I will protect them with everything I have. No matter what…

After spending the night with all of them, I said my goodbyes and got back to [Zoulang].

Why do I need to be there to meditate? Because time moves faster there, and I doubt that I will discover my true self in a few days…

+ + +

100 years passed after the [Battle of the Higher Beings].

I thought that asking Freya and the others didn’t help but after thinking about it, it did help in a way.

I’m not a [Hero]…definitely not. But after hearing what they thought of me, I’ve decided to be a [Hero].

Discover my true self? Doing that is too hard, even for me. That’s why, I should just change my true self.

I will become what others need me to be, a [Hero].

This is my [Dao Heart]. The [Dao Heart of a Hero].

Brave, selfless, strong, fearless, generosity, kind, equal, and good.

I am, a [Hero].


With my mind finally clear, a change happened inside my body.

Near my heart, a dark swirling void appeared. This should be the physical representative of the [Dao Heart]. And will also be the place where my [Daos] will be placed.

From now on, if I betray myself of the [Dao Heart] that I chose, it will cause me a great deal of pain instead.

This will mark my path of a real [Hero]. From now on, there’s no going back.

Above me, an aurora appeared, however, unlike the time where I turned into a [Deity], this aurora had a unique shape.

It was actually shaped into my face!

This is…the mark of a deity, turning into a sovereign!

Instantly, I dispersed the elements around me, revealing a lone peak where I stood, waiting.

After a while, 15 people appeared before me as expected.

All of them are supreme highgods. Before, there were only 12 supreme highgods, however, now, Lin and two more had joined their ranks. Including me, there are now 16 supreme highgods in the deity lands.

“Lucas…you…you’ve become a [Sovereign]?” (David)

As expected, they’re all shocked huh? They have all lived longer than me, yet because they don’t know how to breakthrough, they’ve stagnated.

“Uncle, Lin, it’s been a while. You two as well.” (Lucas)

I nodded to uncle and Lin as well as the two from the [Burning Oceans Sect] who I’ve only met for a short period of time.

“It’s you…” (Blaire)

“You guys know him?” (???)

“Yeah, he’s one of the people at the very center of the [Battle of the Higher Beings].” (Davy)

“Oh? And he’s David’s nephew?” (???)

“Right, let me introduce you. This is my nephew, Lucas Lauwers. Lucas, this is Misty, the supreme highgod of the [Mystic Sect].” (David)

Afterwards, uncle introduced the others.

Misty had a pale violet hair, looked to be around her early 20s and had this weird seductive aura…dangerous, this girl is dangerous…let’s ignore her.

The two supreme highgods from the [Gold Mountain Sect] are both men of around 30s with short golden hair and mustaches. They have an aura of a rich person…come to think of it, most of the auction houses are made by them…

Three supreme highgods of the [Frozen Heart Sect] are all as flat as a board…I’ll stop there since I don’t want to look at them…

Then there’s three more that didn’t belong to any sect, two men and a woman.

“So…you really broke through?” (Lin)

“Yeah. Though, I just scratched the surface of the [Sovereign Realm].” (Lucas)

They surely must’ve guessed it already but, after all, hearing it directly from my mouth still surprised them.

For a while, an awkward atmosphere lingered. Everyone was hesitating whether to ask how I broke through and I was just waiting for them to ask…

FInally, uncle seemed to be unable to bear it for long and asked me.

“*Cough* Lucas…umm, that…do you mind telling everyone how?” (David)

I let out a wry smile upon my uncle’s awkward tone.

“Of course, but I can’t tell too much. Otherwise, you’ll be going around in circles.” (Lucas)

Well, because El told be directly, I ended up thinking too much and spent a lot of time…though, in the end, I still did it. But it’s more appropriate to say that I forced my way…

“To surpass yourself, you must know yourself.” (Lucas)

I looked at them, seemingly trying to comprehend what I just said.

“I told you, don’t think too much. It is just as I said. Discover your true self, and never stray from that path. Only then, will you be able to have a clear mind…Alright, I’ve said enough…” (Lucas)

Even though I told them not to think too much into it, they still looked like they did…well, there are some that seemed to understand though.

Just as I was about to talk again, an invisible pressure suddenly appeared, causing everyone to stay still.

Here they come…a real sovereign!

Instantly, a figure appeared before me. He had jet black long hair that stretched to his waist, gold fluttering robe, and a calm smile expression on his face.

“Congratulations on breaking through. Now that you are a sovereign, you will be able to pass the barrier that separates the sovereign lands from the deity lands.” (???)

Barrier…right, there is indeed an unseen force at the edge of the deity lands. This was the reason why deities believe that there is another realm above it even though they have never seen it.

“You can chose to come with me now, or go by yourself later. However, I advise that you don’t go to the sovereign lands for now.” (???)

“Hm? Why is that?” (Lucas)

“We all saw that so called [Battle of the Higher Beings] as well. The supreme emperor sovereigns all believe that you are the key to the next realm. The realm above sovereigns!” (???)

!? They…saw that!?

“Don’t worry, they won’t chase you here. Because of your appearance, you’re bound to be the start of the war amongst the sovereigns. Whoever holds you, has the chance to break through. Because of this, it is decided that no one will force you to submit to them, in order for an all-out war to not occur.” (???)

…I see…if one of them got ahead of the other, the other will fight just so he can get me…I can’t believe it…all the sovereigns…fighting over me…I might just be the reason for the sovereign’s extinction!

Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

“Wait, does that mean they were watching me the whole time?” (Lucas)

“No, no one’s too bored and free to do that. After that battle, all of us believed that it will take a long time for you to break through so none of us watched. That is, until we saw this aurora. You really surprised us.” (???)

Phew…I thought they saw me go through the [World Gate]! But it’s still better to be cautious…I need to think twice before going back…

“Right, I haven’t introduced myself, my name is Leon Xing. I am Elena Shenxue’s godfather.” (Leon)

Divine sense? Wait what!?

Godfather!?…That means…

“…You know El, uhh, Elena?” (Lucas)

“El huh? You gave quite a cute nickname. So I assume that you do know her?” (Leon)

“Huh? You don’t know?” (Lucas)

“I don’t. I can just sense a bit of her presence on you…however, on that battle…Elena’s life jade slip shattered…” (Leon)

Sighing, I figured there’s no use hiding it anymore, so I told him everything that happened. From how she was trapped inside me, to the day of the battle…

“…I see…it seems that…I have someone to destroy…” (Leon)

A murderous aura suddenly erupted from Leon, causing the surroundings to turn cold…literally!…So this is a sovereign…

“No. Please let El do her own revenge…this is what she would’ve wanted…” (Lucas)

“What are you saying? Elena’s dead! Her soul shattered! There is no escaping that!” (Leon)

“Exactly! She’s still trapped in my body. Her soul may have shattered, but every piece of it is still in my body!” (Lucas)

Leon’s eyes went wide upon hearing that.

It’s true, at first, I also thought El had died completely…but…whenever I pull up my [Status] screen…there is still her entry there. [Bounded Prisoner: Elena Shenxue]!

“Give me time…I just need to find a way to piece her soul back together! I will definitely do it! No matter how long I have to take!” (Lucas)

“…I see…if you can really do that…then it seems I have no choice but to wait.” (Leon)

“Please believe in me. I will bring her back.” (Lucas)

“Mn, if it’s you…I believe you can. I’ll keep a close watch on the sects’ movements. Here’s a way to contact me, tell me if you need anything.” (Leon)

Leon handed some sort of rectangular plate, after binding it with blood, I understood how to use it…it’s basically a cellphone…with only one contact…

“Thank you. For now, I’ll remain in the deity lands.” (Lucas)

“That’s for the best. After you enter the sovereign lands, each and every power will do their best to rope you in. First, build a stable foundation. Chose your [Dao Path], only then will you be considered as a [King Sovereign], halfway of your [Dao Path], you will be a [Lord Sovereign], completing an entire [Dao Path], you will be an [Emperor Sovereign].” (Leon)

“I understand.” (Lucas)

“Well then, I’ve stayed long enough. Good luck.” (Leon)

Like that, he disappeared and the oppressive aura receded.

Seeing him leave, everyone sighed in relief as cold sweat dripped down from their foreheads.

“That…was truly scary…” (Davy)

“Too strong…so that’s a sovereign…” (Misty)

“Lucas, it seemed that he was talking to you via telepathy, he didn’t threaten you or anything right?” (David)

“Don’t worry uncle, he just asked a question. Also, it seemed that some sovereigns can stretch their divine sense upto here so…well, just be careful in what you say…” (Lucas)

Hearing that, everyone felt a shiver run down their spine, especially those that were about to curse Leon for suddenly appearing with that cold aura…

“T-thanks…” (Blaire)

“…No problem…” (Lucas)

…So she really was going to curse him…

After that episode, we talked for a bit. Especially about my paintings and such. In the end, I ended up giving them some of my paintings…leading to one thing to another, I even ended up painting them…

The most troublesome was Misty…she even made an erotic pose for me to paint…it was really dangerous. Not just for me, but for every man…

Later, uncle told me that those who practice cultivation in the [Misty Sect] all end up erotic and seductive. Men and women alike…what a weird sect…

Afterwards, everyone left. I tried my best to ignore Misty’s inviting look at the end…I did my best…

Next day, I woke up on her bed…damn…I ended up doing it anyway! Formidable, truly formidable…this is a fearsome sect!

Well, the relationship’s purely physical anyway. After spanking Misty’s butt, who was dead tired by the way, I left just like that.

I did my best not to meet other sect members…otherwise, I may end up staying more…

+ + +

6000 years passed after the [Battle of the Higher Beings].

I’ve been roaming around the deity lands that I’ve now fully explored. During these time, I came to understand more about myself, my powers, magics, qi, divine sense, and the [Dao].

Why did I spend this long here?

Well, for one, it’s hard to find a right time to leave, since I never know when a sovereign is watching me from afar…

Two, because I was busy finding a way to collect the soul pieces inside me in just one area.

Three, because…well, actually it’s just that…

It took a while but I finally found an item that can collect the soul. Now, all that’s left is reconstructing it!

As to how I will do that, the answer lies in Gildas’ diary!

Yes, Gildas, the legendary adventurer who gave me the hidden job, [Wanderer]!

I’m really at fault here…before, I just skimmed through everything but it actually contains my precious hidden class skills!

And the way to rank up! I really want to cry! Actually, I cried when I found out you know!? I really cried!

However, after seeing the skills, I concluded that my job and Crow’s [Death Eater] job is actually the same…well, not completely.

It’s more accurate to say that my job was made to combat [Death Eaters]…why did I think that? Because I can also manipulate the soul now.

Different from Crow’s [Death Eater] job that makes one fall in despair and destruction, my [Wanderer] job is more on the path of giving hope and restoration.

Speaking of skills, I changed a lot of my skill set. Removed the skills I don’t use, and combined those that I can. Yes, those are possible…I found out about it after a lot of research…

The only disadvantage on removing skills is that I don’t get back the skill points I used.

All the appraisal skills and [Dragon Eyes] are merged into one skill I call [Divine Eyes]. There’s not really a change, I just combined it so it has the combine skills’ abilities.

[Two-hand Mastery], [Dominant Arm Mastery], [Weak Arm Mastery],[Dual-wield Mastery], [Mouth Mastery], and [One Foot Walk] are combined into [Full Body Mastery].

[Bash], [Stomp], and all the elemental spells like [Fire Aura], [Fire Ball] and so on are removed since I can just use my raw strength or manipulate the elements myself to form that spell.

[Metallurgy Repair] and [Cloth Repair] are combined into [Repair]. I can now repair other materials other than metals and cloth with this but has lower chance of succeeding as it uses the two previous skills as basis on repairing other materials.

[Cooking], [Tailoring], [Carving], [Smithing], and [Mining] are combined into [Crafting].

Not only that, but I also created and combined the martial techniques I acquired.

Long story short, I have two attacking martial techniques called [Heaven Palm] and [World Shaker], dealing both internal and external injuries respectively.

One movement martial technique called [Mirage Walk] which had the [7 Illusory Steps] as base and combined with other movement skills.

One defense martial technique called [Mountain Stance], which, as it’s name suggests, to be as immovable as a mountain.

I also painted enlightenments regarding these skills and scattered them throughout the deity lands so that it won’t end with just me having these skills. Whoever’s worthy enough to understand those paintings has the right to practice these skills.

This caused a lot of disturbance but that’s another story.

Regarding the combined magic and martial skills…well, let’s leave that for another time.

I also finally found what comes after the elemental enchantment. It’s [Elemental Enhancement]. What’s the difference? Well, enchantment places the element’s natural abilities such as hot, fluid, and such in an object or being.

Enhancement on the other hand, enhances the natural potential of the enhanced. Fire enhances vitality, water enhances intelligence, earth enhances strength, wind enhances speed, light enhances dexterity, and darkness enhances luck…I have no idea why though…

I also found out what comes after [Elemental Creation]. It’s actually an overpowered skill…makes me think I’m closer into becoming a God, a real one. It’s actually [Elemental Transmutation]!

I can literally change matter now! Well, I can’t change a human to turn into stone but…still…

There was also this notice of me embarking the path of an [Elemental God]…only, it said that I’m still halfway…

…It might be late to say this but…I’m really a cheat character huh?

Well whatever, it’s time for me to go back.

I looked at the object in my hands. This has the ability to absorb a person’s soul, however, I’m using it to collect El’s soul pieces. I tried using [Soul Manipulation] before but surprisingly, it didn’t work. That’s why I had to turn the deity lands upside down for this item.

I asked Leon before too if he can give me one but he said that this item is also rare in the sovereign lands. Actually, this is an illegal item so he also can’t easily get one…

Binding it by blood, I closed my eyes and appeared in the blank space inside me…El’s prison. With [Divine Eyes’] ability of [Soul Appraisal], I looked at El’s scattered soul, brought out the item, and activated it.

Instantly, the soul pieces gathered and converged inside the item. With this…all I need to do is rank up, and gain the skill [Soul Reconstruction]. Then rank up again, then gain the skill [Soul Restoration].

El…wait for me…

Just as I was about to go back to [Earth], a figure appeared in front of my tornado barrier.

This person…

I instantly dissolved the elements surrounding me, revealing a lone peak, with only me and the person alone.

For a while, we looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

Then…her mouth opened.

“We meet again…Luke.” (Mei)

“Mei…you…you’re a highgod now?” (Lucas)

That’s right…it was actually Mei! I didn’t get to say goodbye to her before and now…don’t tell me…

“Mei…did you actually wait for me? 6000 years?” (Lucas)

“That’s right. I did my best you know.” (Mei)

“But…” (Lucas)

“I know…but my feelings won’t change.” (Mei)

…Why? I…I didn’t even see her for the past 6000 years! Much less talk to her! Can someone really fall in love that much? To wait for 6000 years!?

I mean, I’m alright since I have [Bonds of Connection] and I can feel Freya and the others but…Mei…

“Hehe, Luke, don’t you know how to shave?” (Mei)

“Ah?” (Lucas)

…Come to think of it, I never did get to shave…only now did I became conscious of my long beard…

Wait no! That’s not important!

“Mei, why?” (Lucas)

“…I tried you know? Moving on…but…no matter how much time passed…I cannot remove you in my mind…Hmph, because of you, I’ve become unable to love anyone else, take responsibility!” (Mei)

“B-but…” (Lucas)

“No buts! If you don’t, I’ll cry until I die!” (Mei)

“Y-yes ma’am…” (Lucas)

Sigh…well, what can I do? This girl waited for me for 6000 years…even if I reject her now, my feelings for her had truly change. I feel respect to her and proud at her at the same time. She didn’t give up, so why should I?

But since she’s commanding me so much now…let’s tease her for a bit.

“Now then! Let’s go meet my other eight wives!” (Lucas)

“Eh? What? EIGHT!?” (Mei)

“Let’s go! Dokodemo door!” (Lucas)

While embracing the dumbfounded Mei, I pulled out my [World Key] like a certain alien cat and opened the [World Gate].

Leon already told me that there will be a meeting around this time so no one will be watching me.

Finally…I’m back home!

Author’s Notes

Well…this is definitely the longest prologue ever…well, since it’s already this long, I’m not gonna post the prologue and chapter 1 at the same day.

Next chapter, I will place a status window so…yeah, just wait…

So? You might be thinking: “OP! This is damn too OP!” right? Well, he’s not the only one that OP~ I’m not gonna say who they are, but I’ll tell you guys that Lucas is definitely not so OP that he has left everyone behind.

Also, I’m finally done with the wuxia arc…sigh…I really shouldn’t have went with my whims and try writing a wuxia arc…well, I tried my best, now…since y’all wants some Mei, here she is!

As for Misty, nope, not harem material. Though I can create a scenario where she will become one, but it’s too troublesome so please no.

Actually, that was just tribute to my first cartoon crush…yep, I had a crush on Misty in Pokemon when I was a kid…what? She’s hot! Ash is an idiot!

Okay…let’s wrap this up.

Till the next chapter!

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