World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 10 Chapter 4: Me, Mii, and Mii

“…” (Mii-1)

“…” (Mii-2)

“…” (Lucas)

Ever since the incident earlier, the three of us had been in deep silence, not knowing what to say.

On one hand, Mii-2 is in shock that there is someone who looks like her. On the other, Mii-1 is shaken after hearing her [Earth-2] counterpart being pregnant by me. And then there’s me…

…Say, you readers on the other side of the screen, what would you do in this situation?

[Screw them both!]

[Serves you right you damn womanizer!]

[Switch with me!]

[Ignore the cold bitch who betrayed you! Mii-2 is best Mii!]

[Kuudere is life!]

[Impregnate them both!]

Ehh, how come I’m hearing voices? As I thought, my head isn’t right these days…I’ll just ignore them.

Shaking my head, I steeled myself. No matter what, I’m going to lie through this!

Mii-2 shouldn’t still know that I’m the Lucas from her world so I can pretend to ignore whatever she says.

As for this pregnancy thing, I’ll need to first know if she’s lying or not. If she is, then great. If not, then…I’ll take responsibility! Then later, I’ll ‘die’! I’ll raise my own death flag! Problem solved!

After that, I can just meet up with Mii-1 again and say that I’m the real Lucas then have her lead the way home.

Mii-2 will mourn for me but she won’t grieve much because the kid needs her. She shouldn’t kill herself by then…probably…

I’ll probably go to hell for this but…let’s do it anyway! Operation: Fake death flag is a go!

“*Cough* Mii-” (Lucas)

“Ne, Lucas. So you got Mii pregnant?” (Angela)

“Eh? Ah, yes-” (Lucas)

“…Lucas?” (Mii-1)

Mii-1’s cold voice brought the temperature in the surroundings down as she glares daggers at me.

“Ah, no, I mean, I’m not the Lu-” (Lucas)

“Uuu…even though you got me pregnant, you’re not going to take responsibility? As I thought, you don’t love me anymore!” (Mii-2)

“Eh? No, I-” (Lucas)

“Seriously, Lucas. I’m disappointed in you. To think you cheated Mii with someone who looks like her…” (Angela)

“I-I didn’t!” (Lucas)

AARGGGGHHH!!! The order is messed up that I didn’t know how to respond!!!

Damn, it was wrong of me to actually predict a woman’s thoughts! And this Angela! Damnit! It’s because she suddenly butted in from the start!

“…Lucas, don’t even think of saying you’re not the Lucas I know. I can clearly sense your body having divine sense.” (Mii-1)


Sigh, there goes my plan…might as well come out clean…

“Now look here. Before you guys judge me and talk, let me say the facts.” (Lucas)

The three girls quieted down while the others looked at us with curious gazes.

“First of all. Lucas is dead.” (Lucas)

I said that but Mii-2’s only blinking while staring at me as she didn’t understand.

“Mii, uhh, black haired Mii. The Lucas that you knew is dead. I’m Lucas who came from a parallel world. It was by chance that your Lucas died at the same time my soul accidentally wandered in this world. Uhh, do you get what I’m saying?” (Lucas)

Mii-2 frowned, still unable to understand. Well, you can’t really blame her as even I would find it hard to believe what I just said. And that’s something coming from me.

“Uhh, anyway, my soul possessed your Lucas’ body after he turned into a zombie, hence, I possessed a zombie body while still able to think properly.” (Lucas)

Mii-2 was still frowning, probably, she already understand what I’m saying but refuses to believe on it.

I sighed and continued.

“Mii, uhh, violet haired Mii. I didn’t get her pregnant, it was the other Lucas who did it before this zombie apocalypse started.” (Lucas)

“…I know.” (Mii-1)

“Eh? Then why were you mad?” (Lucas)

“…You don’t want me to be mad?” (Mii-1)

Uhh…right…we’re not even in a relationship so why did I…why did I not want her to misunderstand?

…Am I still in love with her after all?..No, I just don’t like being misunderstood…I think…

I looked towards Mii-2 who had the personality of the past Mii-1…the Mii that I fall in love with all those years ago yet…yet she feels like a stranger to me.

But to this cold Mii…strangely, I am more at ease to be with her. Maybe it’s just because we’re from the same world.

Or maybe it’s because I don’t want to cheat on my parallel self.

Or maybe…

I looked at Mii-1, not knowing what to say for a while as I stare at her cold eyes looking at me with expectation and longing.

“Mii, I…” (Lucas)

“Th…” (Mii-2)

As I was about to say something, Mii-2’s voice trembled from the side, shaking and full of tears.

“That’s not fair!” (Mii-2)

She shouted, and ran outside while crying.

“Ah, wait! There are still zombies outside!” (Lucas)

I tried to stop her but Mii-1 stopped me and shook her head.

“…Let me talk to her.” (Mii-1)

“…Okay.” (Lucas)

Seeing the two Miis disappearing from my view outside, I let out another sigh.

I’ve already expected this much to happen but I really don’t know what to do in this kind of situation.

I’m lucky that Freya and the other girls get along so well together otherwise…I’ll be torn apart if I am made to choose sides…

I turned around and saw Angela and Jason looking at me strangely and sighed again.

“So…you’re from another world…” (Angela)

“Technically I’m from another parallel world but yeah.” (Lucas)

“You make it sound as if there are other worlds separate from us?” (Zeal)

“Well, yeah. I’ve been to a lot of worlds myself. This is my first time in a parallel world though so I still have no idea how to get back.” (Lucas)

“O…kay…Then, when you met us before, you knew who we are, is that because you know our counterparts from your world?” (Zeal)

I laughed and told him that his counterpart has an automata girl harem while Lowy had a homunculus girl harem.

“No way…homunculus…that’s like, zombies or something right? Ughh, I don’t want to meet my counterpart self at all…” (Lowy)

“Automata…robots!? How can he even do it with a robot!?” (Zeal)

The two brothers were shaking as they tried hard not to imagine their own counterparts in their head.

“Then? What about me and Jason?” (Angela)

Angela asked, full of expectation. She’s probably hoping that their counterparts got together so that she’ll have a chance herself.

I hesitated a bit then asked.

“Before, you called Jason crow…why is that?” (Lucas)

“Eh? Well, that’s just his nickname. I mean, look at his appearance. Messy black hair and those sharp thug like eyes. Ehh, it kinda reminds me of a crow so I went and gave him that nickname.” (Angela)

Such a simple reason?…Forget it, it may not be him…

“Why did you ask?” (Jason)

“Nothing, it’s just that there’s a wanted criminal in our world who calls himself Crow and wears a mask. I already killed him though. Anyway, I don’t know any Jason from my world.” (Lucas)

When I nonchalantly said I killed someone, they all had complex expressions in their face.

“You…killed him?” (Jason)

“He killed, well, almost killed, someone important to me. Not only that, he’s threatened to destroy worlds. There was no other way around it.” (Lucas)

“…Then, how about me?” (Angela)

“You…I only saw you once. We went on a date.” (Lucas)

“Ah? We only met once and you already took me on a date!? How am I supposed to face Mii now!?” (Angela)

I laughed wryly and explained to her that it was program in TV where a celebrity goes on a date with a fan and she ended up the one chosen.

After hearing that explanation, she laughed so hard she started tearing up.

“Ahahahaha! I can’t believe it! Lucas? A celebrity!? Ahahaha! Oh god! Ahaha! I- I can’t! Hahahahahaha!” (Angela)

Because she couldn’t stop her laughter, she unconsciously leaned on Jason as she tries to control her laughter, causing Jason’s face to blush beet red.

At first, she was about to remove herself when she noticed she was leaning on Json but then she saw Jason’s blushing face and a mischievous glint in her eyes shone.

No one noticed it but me though…

Immediately, she laughed louder and took advantage of Jason to clung onto him even more under the guise that she was controlling her laughter.

She made full use of her womanly body and rub it on Jason’s arm in an attempt to seduce him.

Jason however, tried so hard to suppress his feelings. To him, Angela’s actions weren’t on purpose at all but were purely accidental so he didn’t want to take advantage of her.

Seeing this two acting like this, I’m at a loss whether to cry or laugh.

Angela noticed Jason wasn’t going to do anything to her so she can only separate from him naturally as if she didn’t notice her actions just now, thinking it would be embarrassing if others noticed that she failed.

But this only led Jason to even more believe that she didn’t cling onto him on purpose and thought that it only happened because he was the closest one.

Thinking this, Jason sighed looked like he secretly thought it was good that it was him who was near her and not someone else.

“A-and then? What happened? You didn’t make me pregnant too did you?” (Angela)

“Oi, don’t even joke like that…after that, you revealed that you were chosen on purpose and told be some things that other normal people shouldn’t know. When I checked up your name afterwards, records say that you were supposed to be dead years ago. And now, I, who already have loads of problems, am even more troubled because of you. Well, your counterpart.” (Lucas)

“Oooh, seems like I’m mysterious huh? Neat.” (Angela)

Towards Angela’s amazed voice, I only shook my head and sighed.

“Well, that’s about it.” (Lucas)

“Then, what’s your relationship with your Mii?” (Angela)

“Uhh, complicated.” (Lucas)

“You cheated on her!” (Angela)

“No, I didn’t!” (Lucas)

“Then, do you have a girlfriend now?” (Angela)

“Uhh, yes…” (Lucas)

“Then, other than your girlfriend, are you sleeping with other women?” (Angela)

Well, I have a lot of girlfriend though…as for sleeping with someone that isn’t my lover…ah, there’s Misty huh?

When I thought of that, I unconsciously blurted out yes…

“So you are cheating!” (Angela)

Uhh, I guess that really is cheating…

“Well, the girls already know about it though…” (Lucas)

“…Girls? Girl-S!? How many are your girlfriends!?” (Angela)

“…Why am I even answering these questions? *Cough* anyway, I’m going to destroy zombies!” (Lucas)

“Ah! He ran away!” (Angela)

…I ran away…

I ignored Angela’s shouting and ran outside and killed all the zombies I met as soon as I went to the second floor.

Hm? Where’s the two Miis? I already stretched my divine sense and covered half of the school building? Are they on the other half?

I moved forwards while my divine sense is stretched.

Having reached the other half, I still haven’t found the two…is Mii-1 hiding from me?

…Well, it’s not a man’s job to eavesdrop in a girl talk so I guess it’s natural…

But I still need to look for them as I am worried that they might be in trouble instead.

I know it’s unlikely since Mii-1 is there but still, it won’t hurt to be more cautious.

After a while, I finally saw them and sighed in relief.

“Mii, I know you don’t want me to hear whatever you two discussed but I’m still worried that I can’t find you until now.” (Lucas)

“…Thanks…” (Mii-1)

“Uhh, right. I’ve cleared out all the zombies now so…it’s safe now anyways as long as you’re in the building…” (Lucas)

“I-I see…thank you…” (Mii-2)

And there’s the awkward silence once again…

“Mii, uhh, black haired Mii…I really didn’t mean to lie to you. I will eventually tell you about it. It’s just…I don’t really know how to say it without hurting you so…” (Lucas)

“It’s fine. I…I understand. Even if you told me, I’ll probably not believe it anyway. All this talk about parallel worlds and stuff…if I didn’t see the other me, I’ll probably think that you lied to me because you hate me instead and that will break me even more…” (Mii-2)

Mii-2 smiled weakly.

“…Hey…when…when the child is born…is it alright for me to be his godfather?” (Lucas)

I asked shyly, feeling weird that I’m becoming the godfather of my counterpart’s child…

“Y-you know, since his father isn’t around anymore…and I’m his counterpart in another world and all…I…well, I just want to look after him as well…can I?” (Lucas)

“…Pft-…being the godfather of your own counterpart’s child…this is really too funny. And you’re also seem to so sure that it will be a boy. Using ‘his’ or ‘him’. What if she’s actually a girl?” (Mii-2)

“Uhh…well, it will definitely be a boy!” (Lucas)

“Then, how…how about becoming his foster father instead?” (Mii-2)

My whole body flinched upon hearing her suggestion. At the corner of my eyes, I think I saw Mii-1 do the same…

This…eh…no way…eh???

“Fufufu, look at you being so embarrassed. I was just joking. It’s fine for you to be the godfather. But that means you’ll also have to visit a lot okay?” (Mii-2)

“A-ah, sure…” (Lucas)

“…Then, I’ll be the godmother. It’s decided.” (Mii-1)

“E-eh?” (Lucas)

“What?” (Mii-1)

Shocked, I looked at Mii-1 dumbfounded but was only stared back coldly.

“Haha, then it’s decided! You two better visit frequently!” (Mii-2)

Like that, the three of us went back to the cafeteria where I told them what to do now that the building has been cleared out.

After everyone has moved out and began searching through the school to look for anything useful, me, Angela, Jason, and the two Miis went to the dean’s office and talked about what to do next.

Well, not after Angela had her fill in teasing me…

“So…now you have a twin harem?” (Angela)

“They’re not-…I’m not-…It’s not like that!” (Lucas)

“Then, is the love triangle over?” (Angela)

“Like I said, it’s not like that!” (Lucas)

“Hey, hey, which do you like more? Black hair or violet hair?” (Angela)

“What does that have to do with anything!?” (Lucas)

“Did you tell Mii that you went on a date with my counterpart after meeting once?” (Angela)

“”What!?”” (Miis)

“Like I said, that wasn’t an actual date! It’s something I had to do because of a stupid TV program!” (Lucas)

“How about the fact that you have a lot of girlfriends?” (Angela)

“What!?” (Mii-2)

“…” (Mii-1)

“…Eh? Sister Mii, is that true?” (Mii-2)

“Also, you the fact that you slept with someone that isn’t your girlfriend?” (Angela)

“…Angela…you hate don’t you? What did I even do to you!?” (Lucas)

“What!?” (Mii-2)

“…” (Mii-1)

“…Eh? Mii, you knew about Misty too?” (Lucas)

“…Everyone knows it.” (Mii-1)

“Kh-!?” (Lucas)

“…Or more like, Misty brags about it all the time.” (Mii-1)

“WHAT!?” (Lucas)

Ehh, well, that kind of conversation went on and on before I finally managed to get back to the original topic at hand.

I’ll deal with that Misty once I get back…

So, here’s the situation. Me and Mii-1 are both stuck in this world. Turns out, the [World Key] doesn’t send us back to our [Earth] but it still works.

Why do we know? Because apparently, before coming here, Mii-1 tried to go to [Harus] but…she ended up in [Harus-2]…

Right, as it turns out, now that we’re in this world, we can only go to the parallel worlds of other worlds!

Mii-1 thought it’s useless to seek any help there so she came back here and searched for me.

After that, I already know what happened.

As for the zombie apocalypse, Mii-1 has seen it from the outside and since her divine sense can reach half of the planet, she also found out that there’s only around 20-25% left of the human race.

However, she still wasn’t able to find out where it started so we still can’t do anything about it.

Our goal for now is to help this world until we find a way back or wait till the guys from the other side figures out a way to come back here.

Till then, we can only survive in this world and search for survivors.

“Sigh, for now, everyone should get a good night’s rest. Tomorrow, we’ll first deal with the food problem.” (Lucas)


Everyone chose different classroom to sleep in. With the help of Mii-1, we were able to carry the zombies and pile them all in the basement so every room is already relatively clean.

I also chose a room myself and slept, making sure to avoid going in the same room as the two Mii or anyone else.

It’s been a while since I felt sleepy so I took this opportunity to sleep. After all, as a cultivator, I didn’t need to sleep.

Sleeping, I allowed myself to be submerged in my dreams…in my dream, I saw myself leaving my body. After a while, my body suddenly stood up and started moaning and growling…eh…wait…

This isn’t a dream!

M-my soul is…it’s outside my body!!!

Author’s Notes

Boom, another cliffhanger! Wahahaha!

Sorry again for being late, this chapter was supposed to be finished last Sunday but things came up and I was only able to write again now…I can’t even write a Back Again chapter…

On the other hand, while I can’t write, and was sleeping…I dreamt of a good story to write…well, it isn’t unique though since it’s a story about game system in real life kind of apocalyptic thing. It’s just a dream but I feel like writing it…well, I probably won’t release it here first and just write it in my gdoc to see if it will go well.

Also, I already told myself not to include Mii-2 in the harem but somehow…while writing…their relationship has turned ambiguous and confusing…

Well, hopefully, I can write faster but…while I’m still in school. I really doubt that…well, I am confident that I can finish college this December…hopefully…probably…maybe…damn, I really have to since I don’t want to keep extending my time there TT_TT

Next chapter, Lily-2 will make an appearance!

Till the next chapter!

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