World Gate Online / World Gate Online Volume 10 Prologue: World Apocalypse

Prologue: A New…Beginning?


“Alight class, remember to do your assignments! There will be a quiz next meeting! Dismissed!”

As the teacher dismissed the class, the students stood up one by one and packed their things before leaving the classroom.

Those who were sleeping were woken up by the noise or by their friends and lazily stretched their bodies before following the other out.

One of them is a certain black haired youth.

“Lucas, wake up. The class’ over.” (???)

“Mmn, Mii~ five more minutes…” (Lucas)

“What five more minutes? Hurry up, it’s lunchtime already.” (Mii)

“Lunch!” (Lucas)

Seeing as her beloved woke up at the word ‘lunch’, Mii let out a giggle and pulled Lucas away.

“So…the prof didn’t notice I was asleep…right?” (Lucas)

“Oh he did but just didn’t care.” (Mii)

“Good, that means I can sleep anytime I want on his classes!” (Lucas)

“Idiot, you’re not the kind of genius that gets to pass while sleeping! You should really study!” (Mii)

Mii elbowed Lucas and reproached him but Lucas just laughed it off.

Mii sighed and simply held his arm as they walk to the cafeteria.

They have been going out for seven years now and had never once broken up or had a fight. Whatever happens, they always have each other’s back as they live happily together.

Even after their graduation in high school, Lucas followed Mii in college as they’re now in Mapua Institute of Technology which specializes in courses like IT or CS. Lucas didn’t even like being an IT but he didn’t want to force Mii to follow him because he knew that Mii’s future is better than his. So he can only follow him reach her dream.

Even if it meant losing his.

No, it can be said that his dream is to make Mii happy so he still wins in the end.

Even though he didn’t tell Mii about this, Mii already knows it quite well but didn’t force him to separate. She knows as well that she can’t bear to separate with him as do he so she just decided to respect his decision thinking she won’t complain or reject him in anything he wants.

They already had their first night the day they decided to live together in a dorm near the school and everyday has been a bliss for them.


“Mii! Lucas! Over here!” (???)

Having reached the cafeteria, the two heard an angelic voice call them and instantly knew who that person was so they walked to their table and sat down.

“Angela, Jason. You guys were let out early?” (Mii)

“Haha, yeah. It seems the professor had something going on and he left in a panic.” (Jason)

“Lucky~ Your class was Biology right? Seriously, why does a CS student need to learn Bio? This world is really bizarre.” (Lucas)

Hearing Lucas laugh, Angela pouted and complained.

“What lucky? You’ll probably just sleep anyway no matter what class it is.” (Angela)

“I can’t help it. Mii didn’t let me sleep the whole night las- mph?” (Lucas)

“Mou! Can you not bring that up here!?” (Mii)

Lucas just shrugged and kissed on her hand that covered his mouth.

“Geez, look at you two lovebirds. Sigh, I wonder when someone’s going to ask me out~?” (Angela)

“W-well, you’re beautiful and smart. There’ll definitely be someone!” (Jason)

“…Right…” (Angela)

Lucas and Mi secretly laughed on their exchange. It’s basically already known to them and to Angela that Jason is madly in love with her but still couldn’t find the guts to ask her out.

Even though Angela’s been dropping off hints here and there that she also likes Jason, it just can’t get through his thick, dense, brain.

One time, they even stage for Lucas and Angela to go out to induce Jason’s jealousy but…well, Jason was fully aware that Lucas is only crazily in love with Mii so he only thought that Angela and him were simply having a friendly hangout.

Mii suggested she do it with other people but Angela was reluctant to use others because she will only break up with them in the end.

Angela also didn’t want to be the one who will confess because of her stubborn and prideful attitude. Hence, they’re now in a stalemate.

“Jason, just confess already!” (Lucas)

Having fed up with it, Lucas just snapped and decided to force him.

“W-what? I didn’t do anything wrong?” (Jason)

“No, I didn’t mean it like that! I’m not the police!” (Lucas)

“Then?” (Jason)

“…Angela, good luck.” (Lucas)

“…Thanks…” (Angela)

Mii just giggled and brought out the lunch she cooked for Lucas and herself.

“Sigh, it would be nice if someone also cooks for me~” (Angela)

“…Isn’t it supposed to be the girl who cooks?” (Mii)

“No way, aren’t men better in cooking? Jason, cook for me!” (Angela)

“Oi, aren’t you just forcing him now!? Also, I’m a man and I don’t know how to cook!” (Lucas)

“And you still call yourself a man? Pft-” (Angela)

“Of course I am! All you need is ask Mii about last night!” (Lucas)

“Wawawawawa! Mou! I said stop bringing that up!” (Mii)

“Riajuu should explode!” (Angela)

As if this kind of exchange had happened before, Jason wryly smiled and laughed like always.



“No! No! Stay away from me!!!”

“Noo!!! Uwaaahhhh!!!”

“Blood! Blood! My arm’s bleeding!!!”

All of a sudden, cries of panic resounded outside and some pale faced people came running inside the cafeteria, hurriedly blocking the entrance.

Those that didn’t manage to get inside pounded the door in panic and hate.

“Hey! Let us in!”

“Noooo! T-they’re coming! Open the door!!!”

“Bastard! We were friends! Open the door!”

“Shut up!”

“Don’t open the door!”

“Let them in! What are you guys doing!?”

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!”

“What is it? What’s happening!?”

“Oi! Don’t block the entrance!”

“You guys shut up! Some people are eating here!”

All sorts of shouting were heard which became jumbled up from mixing in other people’s screams.

“What’s happening here!?” (Lucas)

“T-them! T-they…they-!”

“Say it properly!” (Angela)

“Zombies! There are fucking dead walking outside!”

Lucas and the others were dumbfounded at such a ridiculous reason. However, before they can complain, the ones outside suddenly screamed and some were even bleeding from pounding on the door hard.

The door had two glass panes which quickly shattered on such pressure and the people blocking the door pushed away the hands that grabbed them.

Then, from behind the people outside, more bloodied people came…no, judging from their injuries, they shouldn’t be alive!


“No! No! Let me in!!!”

“Bastard! Open the door!”

“You! You’re my girlfriend! We love each other right!? Open the door now!!!”

“Fuck off! You only want to sleep with me! Don’t think I don’t know about the other girls!”

“And you still let me sleep with you! You’re just a slut!”

“I was giving you a chance to explain bastard!”

Some couples or friends who were separated by the door began to quarrel and shout at each other with extreme hate.

But there were other who weren’t like them.

“Open the door! Let them in! My friend is still in there!”

“It’s no use! Bro, please…please tell my parents I love them! Live on and tell them that I died happily! Please!”

“No! No! Let him in! Fuck! You guys! Open the damn door!”

“Also, delete all the files in my computer inside the ‘project’ folder!”

“You…you can only say that if you’re about to die! Live on so you don’t have to delete it!”

“Sigh, my time is up…take care bro.”

“I will avenge you! I will kill the zombie bastard who kills you!!!”

As if everything has only sunk in, Mii finally panicked and held Lucas’ arm tightly.

“L-Lucas! W-what are we going to do!?” (Mii)

“Shit, shit! Why are there zombies!? Fuck, this isn’t a dream right!?” (Angela)

“It’s going to be okay Mii. No matter what, I won’t let you get hurt.” (Lucas)

“A-Angela, calm down. Help will definitely arrive okay?” (Jason)

“Jason…I’m scared…” (Angela)

“Me too…but we have to hold on okay? We still…we still have each other…” (Jason)

“Jason…” (Angela)

“*Cough* Guys, if this was any other time, I’d say go get a room but right now, we really don’t have the time.” (Lucas)

Angela and Jason blushed but quickly returned to normal because like Lucas said, they really don’t have the time for idle chatter.

“The door won’t hold, we need to think of a way to get out of here.” (Lucas)

“Yeah but…how?” (Jason)

Jason and the others looked at the door that is being barricaded by some students and on the other side, people are trying to get in and behind them, there are zombies.

This kind of three layered wall…how were they supposed to get out?

Lucas sank in deep thought then finally resolved himself.

“We need to open that door.” (Lucas)

“What!? Are you crazy!?” (Angela)

“But it’s the only way out! We’re in the third floor and it’s a one way trip down if we use the windows! There’s no other way! If we open the door and have everyone ran outside, we can overwhelm the zombies and if we’re lucky, we can slip out!” (Lucas)

“Lucky!? You want to leave it all to luck!?” (Angela)

“Then what are we supposed to do!? Do you have any bright ideas!?” (Lucas)

Seeing as the two began to shout at each other, Mii held Lucas back while Jason did the same to Angela.

“Lucas, calm down. Let’s not fight amongst ourselves okay?” (Mii)

“I…I know…but I really can’t think of a way…” (Lucas)

“…How about we just say here and wait for the police? This is the cafeteria, there will be plenty of food here.” (Jason)

“That won’t work. There are other people here and there will definitely be fights on who gets the food. Also, the stock here won’t last for a month. If the police aren’t here by that time…” (Angela)

“That’s right. In this kind of scenario, it’s always unreliable to count on the police. Plus, if we do wait, the zombies outside will only multiply even more. Now, they had just began to spread so there won’t be much. The problem here is the mass panic.” (Lucas)

“That’s true…we don’t know what people will do for their own safety. And in this kind of situation, I doubt they’ll still care about the law…” (Mii)

As she said that, she looked around the cafeteria and saw that some men are already looking her way with frenzied eyes.

Like them, they had thought that most people will choose to stay here for safety and that the strongest will gain control of the food. As long as they control the food, they can do whatever they want with the beauties that are currently here.

Seeing this, Mii hurriedly hid behind Lucas and Lucas also glared at them.

“See? No matter what, it’s also not safe here.” (Lucas)

“Then…what now?” (Jason)

Lucas was quiet for a moment, looking at the door, then to Mii, then finally decided.

“…There’s an axe in the fire emergency box by the stairs to the right…if we could just get it…” (Lucas)

“Lucas! Are you crazy!? How are we supposed to pass through that wall of people!?” (Angela)

“No, not we. Just me. The glass panes are wide enough to fit me and they’re already broken. There’s some space above which I can slip through, I just need to step on some people and go out then ran to the fire emergency box.” (Lucas)

“What!? No! No way! I won’t let you go!” (Mii)

“…I’m sorry Mii, but this isn’t a suggestion.” (Lucas)

With that, Lucas pushed Mii to Angela and immediately ran to the door.

“Lucas!” (Mii)

Lucas did his best to ignore Mii’s desperate screams as he jumped on a chair and stepped onto someone’s shoulders.

The people he stepped on yelped but Lucas ignored all of them and just slipped through the hole where the glass pane was once placed.

“Oi, is that guy crazy or what!?”

“He actually left this place!?”

“What is he doing!?”

They saw as Lucas ran away from the people that was trying to get inside and met with the zombies.

He kicked and punched those that got near him and finally made it to the stairs.

“Good…good, now, the axe is…” (Lucas)

Lucas panted crazily, thinking this is definitely a dumb move and decided to let Mii scold him all she like later on.

The glass on the fire emergency box was already broken from the mindless’ zombies clashing on each other so Lucas was able to easily get the axe.

“Got it!” (Lucas)


Having rejoiced, Lucas momentarily let his guard down and then…a zombie already bit his neck from behind.

Lucas collapsed and everything went blurry.

“Mii…I’m…sorry…” (Lucas)

Author’s Notes

Huh? What? What just happened!?

Lucas died!?

Mii isn’t a kuudere anymore?

Why is Angela here!?

Why is Jason/Crow a friend of Lucas!!!???

Till the next chapter!

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