Yume Nikki

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Kikiyama launched an RPGMaker game that became a basic of Yume Nikki story. It retells about Madotsuki who sees various dreams every night in the same room. Her dreams are weird and far away from reality. She sees unique creatures and magical subjects that try to inform Madotsuki about important events and her vocation. Join the novel to find out who Madotsuki is and what wrong with her mind is.

Madotsuki isn’t ego to go out. She is a hikikomori who feels safe in her room. Her hobbies are gaming and sleeping. She isn’t a diversified person but she likes to unravel the meaning of her dreams. She goes to bed to observe a new vision and wakes up to predict a path according to a dream. Madotsuki enjoys loneliness and doesn’t need the company to feel happy.

This story is an official Light Novel product of a widespread game Yume Nikki released by Kikiyama. It was announced on 28 August 2013 by FreeGameNovel.

Though Kikiyama is automatically engaged in the situation, Akira is an independent author who explained the novel in his manner. It signifies that no writer is restricted to construe the heroes’ actions and behaviour. Every version has rights for existence.

Yume Nikki