Yuusha No Segare

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Should the peaceful atmosphere in a particular family be valued higher than the peace in the whole world? Another fantasy tale in the slice-of-life category is presented to your attention! There’s nothing extraordinary about the Kenzaki – a family residing in the city of Tokorozawa.

But one day, every family member in the Kenzaki residence is called to an urgent meeting. Shortly before that, a person from a parallel world had appeared in their living room. It’s a stunning blonde named Diana – Dianaze Krone. She introduces herself as an envoy tasked to summon the Salvation Hero known under the name Kenzaki Hideo.

For his son, Kenzaki Yasuo, that’s an overwhelming piece of news! He’s your typical high school student who’s always seen his father as a completely ordinary middle-aged man. It blows Yasuo’s mind that his old man was the hero to save a world in his youth. And now Diana is referring to Yasuo as the Hero’s Son and her gaze is full of longing.

Noticing that, Yasuo’s sister gave him a cold-eyed stare. Thus, before peace in the other world can be established once again, the family needs to restore peace in their daily life.

Yuusha No Segare

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