Zhu Xian

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It seems that this world was made for skeptics. Nobody here believes in God, mysticism, superstitions, or anything similar. Dwellers don’t take into consideration weird stuff that usually appears around. They didn’t think there might be a ghost until regular disasters occurred. They eventually realized it wasn’t impossible always to be a coincidence. Now they guess calamities might be retribution from the heavens and a reason of 9 Gods being in anger. They now also think about phantoms that inhabit at hell.

Time by time people started imagining Gods’ look and power, praying to them in a hope of salvation. They knew one day they would pass away either by illness or occasionally. The locals aspired to find a remedy against death to beat a fear of Yama.

Such activity was useful as people developed their logic, skills, and patience, but the worst thing is that most sacrificed their lives in a search of infinite life. The effort didn’t bring any benefits. A remedy against immortality hasn’t been discovered. There is only an opportunity to prolong life by accumulating spirit. One of them is espers that can cause a wonderful impact on the whole planet. It blocks unwanted impulses and spreads its influence at a far distance. People who own such power easily compete with death and enlarge their life term for thousand years. When others decided to achieve espers, they faced both difficulties and moral enhancement.

This world also contained Shenzhou – a prosperous land of colorful plants. This place was tricky. Its forests attracted tourists. Many travelers planned to spend time there, but they didn’t know about ugly aborigines that used flesh as food. They especially were active in the central part. Travelers described nature, breeze, perfect aura that was just a psychological illusion of beauty around. Adventures indicated a lot of advantages in their notes until they were not caught and murdered. Aborigines aren’t the only danger. Shenzhou now more looks like a jungle with plenty of entrances but no exit.

Even if you are lucky not to meet the mad locals, you still can be injured by intoxicated trees or fruit. Don’t eat or touch anything here. Better don’t even breathe!
As people still try to find a source of living forever, maybe there will be someone brave who investigates a thorny Shenzhou plain? Anyway, to get rid off of this place, somebody should check Jadeon, Skysong, and Incense. Men act separately as their intentions mix between Good and Evil. Right in this minute, the Good prevails, so no need to lose time. Join the journey! It starts in Jadeon.

Zhu Xian

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